Thrive Leads vs Convert Pro Comparison | Which is Better?

If you’re looking for the perfect WordPress plugins to help grow your mailing list, Thrive Leads and Convert Pro are very similar options. In this Thrive Leads vs Convert Pro comparison post, I will compare features of these two plugins.

Thrive Leads is a list-building plugin that is designed to integrate fully with WordPress. Through Thrive Leads you can design and implement various opt-in forms that can be displayed on your page in many ways. This plugin does more than collect email addresses. For more information about it, see Thrive Leads review.

Convert Pro is very easy to use lead generation plugin for WordPress. The simple drag-and-drop interface of the builder has a plethora of styles and templates.

Developed by Brainstorm Force (developer of Astra – see Astra theme review, one of the fastest loading WordPress themes), Convert Pro is one of the easiest to use opt-in and lead generation plugin for WordPress. For more information check Convert Pro review.


Thrive Leads vs Convert Pro Comparison

Both rely on front-end visual editors to build opt-in forms that are conversion-focused, which will significantly benefit your WordPress site’s reach. Let’s first assess the differences between these two plugins in general, and then get into the fine details so you can decide which one would be perfect for you.

On the topic of opt-in forms, Thrive Leads according to some tests performs faster than Convert Pro. Convert Pro provides an option to white label. That is, to rebrand software, which is a feature Thrive Leads does not have.

When it comes to options like A/B testing setup features, opt-in form triggers, and visitor targeting options, Thrive Leads and ConvertPro are well-matched.

When A/B tests are conducted with Thrive Leads, users are given a full report that is easily found on their WordPress dashboard. Convert Pro, for the same purposes, will require setting up Google Analytics to oversee and access A/B test reports.

While Thrive Leads does not allow scheduling start and end dates for opt-in forms, Convert Pro does allow for such scheduling. Convert Pro allows users to customize their opt-in forms for both desktop and mobile, while Thrive Leads enables desktop, mobile, and tablet customization for these forms.


block based visual editor thrive leads

Thrive Leads enables desktop, mobile, and tablet customization for forms


Thrive Leads and Convert Pro are both plugins that rely on front-end drag-and-drop visual editing to give users design options without scrolling through endless lines of code.

However, they do differ in their approach to utilizing the style of visual editor. Convert Pro uses mouse movements for precise element positioning anywhere on their opt-in pages.

Thus, while customizing design is easier, responsive scaling to various screen resolutions becomes more difficult and needs more work to look consistent across various devices.

Thrive Leads uses an editor that is consistent with the Block Model of HTML and CSS. So while initial positioning is a bit more tricky, scaling elements across devices is much more responsive.

Thrive Leads also features more conversion-focused templates than Convert Pro. Thrive Leads comes with 561 templates versus 62 that are included in Convert Pro.

  • Name
  • Price
  • Email Marketing API Integrations
  • Connect With Any Custom HTML Form
  • Live, Front-end Visual Editing
  • Block Based Visual Editor
  • Absolute Positioning Visual Editor
  • Drag and Drop Editing
  • Customizable Layouts
  • Design Freedom
  • Desktop View Editing
  • Tablet View Editing
  • Mobile View Editing
  • Lightbox Animations
  • Custom Confirmation Messages
  • Custom Confirmation Pages
  • Templates
  • Lightbox (Modal Popup)
  • Sticky Ribbon (Info-Bar)
  • Before Content Forms
  • In-Line Content Forms
  • After Content Forms
  • Opt-In Widget (Widget Box)
  • Slide-In
  • Sticky Slide-In
  • Screen Filler (Full Screen Popup)
  • Scroll Mat (Convert mat)
  • Content Lock (Content Locker)
  • 2-Step and Multi-Step Opt-In Forms
  • Yes/No Forms
  • Multiple Choice Forms
  • Social Media Lightbox
  • Mobile Specific Lightbox
  • Asset Delivery
  • Evergreen Countdown Timers
  • Custom HTML
  • Multiple Form Fields
  • Phone Field
  • WordPress Multi-Lingual Compatible
  • White Label
  • A/B testing design
  • A/B testing different opt-in types
  • A/B testing triggers
  • Advanced automatic A/B test winner options
  • Automatic traffic optimization during tests
  • Integrated Analytics
  • Intuitive A/B Testing Results Reporting Suite
  • Exit intent
  • Smartexit
  • Targeting by category
  • Targeting by page/post
  • Targeting by tag
  • Targeting by referral domain
  • SmartLinks
  • Time triggered opt-in form
  • User Inactivity (60 second time trigger)
  • Scroll % triggered opt-in form
  • Reaches specific content triggers opt-in form
  • Load when you reach ID/Class
  • On click optin form
  • After reaching the bottom of the page or post optin
  • Campaign scheduling
  • Adblock Detection
  • Hide Lightboxes for newsletter subscribers
  • Hide all opt-in forms for newsletter subscribers
  • Show different offers to newsletter subscribers
  • Show or Hide forms to logged in users
  • Show opt-in forms after "X" number of days
  • Mobile and Desktop display toggle
thrive leads vs convert pro vs optinmonster vs sumome
  • $228/year
    You get access to all Thrive products.
  • 39
  • 561
convert pro vs thrive leads vs optinmonster vs sumome
  • $99 / year (unlimited sites) or $399 one time payment for lifetime updates and support (use on unlimited sites)
  • 30
  • 62
  • Connect to GA

NOTE: Be aware that as plugins get updates, some features are removed or new added so for most accurate information visit official plugin sites. I have also compared Thrive Leads vs Sumo, and Thrive Leads vs OptinMonster.



Features are vital, especially when it comes to examining what best determines lead generation and what can best integrate with your email marketing tools. Through API integration, both Thrive Leads and Convert Pro allow for support for the most popular email marketing services online.


thrive leads marketing integrations

Thrive Leads marketing API integrations


But Thrive Leads offers nine more options in that department than Convert Pro currently does.


Visual Editor

This is one category where Thrive Leads and Convert Pro differ significantly. While both offer a mouse-driven, front-end, drag and stop style of visual editing for users, the number of available templates is leagues apart in scale.

Thrive Leads’ pro-design template library features way more templates and is steadily adding cleaner, crisp designs to choose from.


thrive leads templates

Thrive Leads templates examples


Convert Pro, on the other hands, only has 62 templates currently available to choose from for building your opt-in forms to your specifications.


convert pro templates

Convert Pro templates examples


While both Thrive Leads and Convert Pro give you plenty of freedom to rework and customize these templates as you please (or create your own), their visual editors work very differently from one another.

And both have their benefits and drawbacks as a result. Thrive Leads’ editor is based on the block model that CSS and HTML use. This allows you to select, drag, and drop elements where you please, and then modify each element as you wish.

The benefit of Block-based Visual Editors is that your opt-in forms will be much more responsive across devices, so both desktop and mobile devices will feature fully-functioning opt-in forms with clean, concise designs. Convert Pro uses Absolute Positioning rather than a block-based model for its drag-and-drop visual editor.


creating form in convert pro

Convert Pro form editor


You can be very exact with where elements are placed compared to the block-based model, and setup of forms is much easier.

It is comparable to assembling a PowerPoint slide in execution. While this method is much more simple and straightforward, it does not always lead to easy scaling across desktop and mobile devices and can cause display issues.

This is because, instead of relying on a block-based model, the position is based on specific coordinates, and cannot be easily automatically converted across devices.

To address this, Convert Pro allows users to access desktop and mobile views of their forms for better customization. However, Thrive Leads offers both of those as well as tablet view customization to maximize compatibility across devices.


Opt-in Forms

Once again, Convert Pro and Thrive Leads are quite evenly matched when it comes to forming types and features that you can use for your website and opt-in forms.

You can use anything from pop-up lightboxes to slide-in boxes, and even utilize content locks to show opt-in forms. However, the approach is once again different.

Thrive Leads has an instant asset delivery tool that lets subscribers download your lead magnet upon signing up with you, which is a feature Convert Pro currently does not offer.


convert pro pop up templates

Convert Pro pop up templates examples


Convert Pro does offers a white labeling feature that proves incredibly useful for agencies and firms. This feature allows agencies to rebrand Convert Pro software as their own when addressing clients, and Thrive Themes does not currently offer this.


A/B Testing

When it comes to lead generation, A/B testing is a vital process that allows businesses online to optimize their outreach strategies.

Both Thrive Leads and Convert Pro offer A/B testing features that include options like testing opt-in form designs, triggers, and types against one another to see what performs the best on your site.

The differences come down to the details. In this case, both plugins’ ability to monitor and report testing and select winners.

What Thrive Leads does to address this is to provide real-time reports that can be easily accessed from the WordPress dashboard itself and include several different types of reporting for your A/B testing results.

These reports include:

  • Conversion Reports to show how many leads you’re getting
  • Conversion Rate Reports to examine how well you’re converting.
  • Cumulative Conversions Reports display total conversions over time rather than rates.
  • Comparison Reports examine which opt-in forms provide the most leads for your sites.
  • List Growth looks at total growth across all lead and form groups.
  • Cumulative List Growth shows form group opt-ins over time.
  • Lead Referral Reports will tell you exactly where your leads are coming from.
  • Lead Tracking Reports will give you real-time reporting on the success of your campaigns.
  • Content Marketing Reports figure out what content will give more leads and better growth.

Convert Pro needs to be integrated with Google Analytics to examine A/B test reports instead of making them accessible right away in the WordPress dashboard. This can take a little bit of extra setup and might make A/B test monitoring a bit more complicated.


thrive leads optin forms testing

Thrive Leads A/B testing


The automatic winner settings are also different between Thrive Leads and Convert Pro.

Thrive’s “set it and forget it” feature takes three specific benchmarks into account when looking at A/B testing data and determining results:

  • Statistical Significance: This is vital for ensuring that the data you’re getting isn’t random. The default setting on Thrive is 95%.
  • Minimum conversion numbers: If you want statistically significant data, you will need data to analyze, and the default number of conversions examined on Thrive is 100.
  • Minimum testing period: Variations in data can be seen in weekly cycles, but by default are set to 2 weeks to mitigate the randomness of weekly cycles.

Once these three requirements are met, Thrive Leads will end an A/B test, pause losing variations, and keep the winning model running. Convert Pro’s automatic winner setting only considers one factor before ending any A/B tests, and that is time.

Users will be required to set an end date at the beginning of any A/B testing and will pause any variations that are under-performing regardless of other factors in testing.


Triggers & Targeting

In terms of opt-in form targeting and triggers, Convert Pro and Thrive Leads both have quite a bit to offer. Both plugins offer many different ways, based on visitor behaviors, trigger actions, and device viewing, to launch opt-in forms. As a result, their differences in this department are more minute and up to preference.

One feature Convert Pro offers over Thrive Leads is the ability to schedule start and end dates for individual opt-in forms, which is perfect for things like limited-time offers, seasonal sales, and other offers contingent on specific time frames. Thrive Leads does not have such a feature at the moment.


convert pro rulesets

Some Convert pro rulesets


Convert Pro also features optional Adblock detection that will automatically prompt site visitors to turn off Adblock before they can use your opt-in form. Thus, visitors will have to disable their Adblock and/or whitelist your site to use your opt-in forms.

Something else you can do is design your forms so they comply with Google’s ad-blocking parameters, which will prevent your opt-in forms from being interpreted as ads to be blocked.

Thrive Leads form templates are built with these compliance guidelines in mind so you can reach visitors without making them disable Adblock to use your opt-in forms.


Thrive Leads vs. Convert Pro – Pricing

In terms of prices, Convert Pro and Thrive Leads are entirely different from one another. When it comes to site licenses, Thrive Leads uses purchase model where you can buy it only as a part of Thrive Suite membership. For $19/month, you get all Thrive plugins and themes.

Thrive Suite comes with option to install the tools on up to 25 websites. If you need more, then you will need to buy Agency plan.

Convert Pro offers unlimited licenses that are accessed using an annual subscription fee of $99 per year, or a one-time lifetime fee of $399.

With both these licenses, you can use the plugin on unlimited websites. The one year license provides updates and support for one year while the lifetime license offers lifetime support and updates.

This model is more tailored to web design firms and marketing agencies that manage dozens of sites. You can also choose Agency Bundle plan if you want to get Astra theme pro addon, Astra starter sites, WP Portfolio WordPress portfolio plugin, Schema Pro WordPress schema plugin, all future plugins and Ultimate Addons for Elementor (see best widgets for Elementor), and Beaver Builder plugin (see best Beaver Builder extensions).

This plan also has an annual option or lifetime updates and support. There is no free trial for Convert Pro, but you can take a test drive to see how the plugin works on a WordPress setup.


Thrive Leads vs Convert Pro – Who is The Winner?

While Thrive Leads and Convert Pro share many similarities, Thrive Leads comes out ahead in terms of value for online entrepreneurs and sole proprietors looking for conversion-focused templates with a pro-design emphasis, easily accessible A/B testing reports, and better performance in terms of load times for opt-in forms.

Convert Pro is a fantastic option for agencies operating 30 sites or more, with its unlimited site licensing and white labeling feature.

If you need SaaS product which can be used on any website (not just WordPress), then Getsitecontrol (check Getsitecontrol review) is a good choice with affordable pricing plans.

DISCLOSURE: Posts may contain affiliate links. If you buy something through one of those links, I might get a small commission, without any extra cost to you. Read more about it here.

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  1. You’re wrong about Thrive Leads pricing. All the licenses include LIFETIME updates (support is limited to 1 year, but the updates are forever.) This is an important thing to take into consideration.

    1. Hi Andrew,

      You are right, I have corrected that in the post.

      But it is also important to know that you are not able to activate their products anymore when your license expires.

      Though already activated will receive lifetime support. Read more about it.

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