Trinka AI Review PROS & CONS (2023) – Trinka vs Grammarly Comparison

Trinka AI


Easy to use




Costs & Fees





  • Free plan available
  • Easy to use
  • Comes as extensions for browsers
  • Can work with Word
  • Various enhancements for publication-ready writing
  • Grammar & spelling checks
  • Great tool for academic and technical writing


  • Only English language supported
  • Free Basic plan includes only 10,000 words/month

Misspellings and grammatical errors are bound to happen from time to time, even when you are writing in your native language. These mistakes are bound to catch visitors’ attention. It can detract from the message that you’re trying to convey in your posts.

There are plenty of errors in many published pieces, including those written by people who read, write, and speak the native language in question. Fortunately, there are trusted grammar and spelling checkers that can easily detect those mistakes.

Misused words, phonetic mistakes, typos, and major spelling mistakes are commonly found spelling errors. Grammatical mistakes can be using the wrong tense, the incorrect singular or plural form of a word, etc.

If you want to improve your writing, there are several ways to accomplish this task. You can take the time to learn as much as possible about grammar, spelling, and all other aspects associated with writing. You could hire a person to proofread your work, or you may consider using a plugin or tool.

There are a few tools that can help you craft amazing blog posts that are free of spelling and grammatical errors. One such tool is Trinka AI. In this Trinka AI review, I will show you how this tool will improve your writing and all features it comes with.


Trinka AI Review

Trinka is a popular language and grammar correction AI tool for technical and academic writing. It identifies the mistakes that other resources miss.


Free advanced grammar and spelling tool for academic and technical writing.


Trinka can detect and rectify more than 3,000 complex grammatical mistakes, including scientific tone, style, and grammar. It can help improve your syntax, tone, vocabulary, and grammar to help you become a better writer.


Why Trinka?

Trinka performs all of the advanced writing checks that many writers need. The AI-powered language correction and grammar checker tool was created with technical and formal writing in mind.

The resource’s advanced options will review your punctuation, spelling, and grammar. They can aid in making your writing clear and mistake-free.

Some of the features include:

  1. Subject Area & Document Type – Trinka can be customized to only receive suggestions according to manuscript type and subject area.
  2. Style Guide Preferences – Your manuscript’s word and grammar can be aligned to conform with those found in many academic style guides.
  3. Auto File Edit – Microsoft Word documents can be uploaded for Trinka to edit and fix what is needed automatically.
  4. Publication Readiness Checks – Your writing can be evaluated based on more than 20 different checkpoints, such as Ethical Compliance and Journal Selection.
  5. Consistency Checks – This feature will evaluate information to detect six kinds of writing inconsistencies. A single click of the mouse is all it takes to remedy those issues, regardless of how long the document is.
  6. Download Track Changes File – The Trinka editor will create a file containing all changes made in a particular document. You can download this file for review at any time.
  7. Accept & Ignore All – Trinka simplifies corrections that need to be made across an entire article. One-click allows you to either ignore or accept suggestions that will be applied to the whole document.
  8. Personal Dictionary – You can create your own custom writing dictionary for a more personalized experience. Trinka will save and remember all words that you add to your dictionary.
  9. Trinka Cloud – You can use your preferred web browser to edit and access writing via Trinka Cloud. You can write anywhere at any time. All corrections are made in real-time. Your writing is saved automatically. Trinka Cloud has many robust features, including the ability to export and import documents whenever you want.


Trinka AI features.


Grammar & Spelling Checks

All academic writing should be readable, objective, formal, clear, and concise. The following Trinka features allow you to communicate your messages more effectively:

  • Advanced grammar – Trinka can identify and amend more than 3,000 advanced grammatical errors that other comparable solutions don’t always identify. Your documents will be clearer and easier to read.
  • Sentence structure – The tool has your subject matter in mind when it properly structures sentences. It improves the readability of your documents.
  • Word choice – Incorrect word usage is addressed and amended promptly. This makes it easier to express your intent cohesively.
  • Usage and style – Trinka will allow your writing to have a more formal tone by implementing proper phrases. Specific, bold language can attract your audience’s attention.
  • US/UK style – You can select either UK or US English style.
  • Advanced spelling – You don’t need to worry about people judging your works based on spelling mistakes. The tool can help you choose the perfect words for your articles with its contextual spelling check.


Enhancements for Publication-Ready Writing

The phrasing, delivery, and tone of your writing can be enhanced to follow best practices and academic guidelines. You can then concentrate on the ideas that you want to convey. Some of the enhancement features are:

  • Style guide preferences – Trinka recommends phrasing found in APA and AMA style guides. This can help prepare each article or post that you write for publication in print or online.
  • Word count reduction – Wordy phrases are made more concise, and redundant words are eliminated.
  • Unbiased language – Insensitive and biased language is removed. You can make your point without being judged for the language that you use.
  • Vague language – Unclear passages are also refined. This makes your writing more direct and to the point.
  • Technical phrasing – Trinka recommends words that are relevant to the subject matter.
  • Academic tone – The formal tone that Trinka suggests can make you seem like an expert in a particular subject.

Trinka’s Publication Readiness Checks will use more than 20 checkpoints to evaluate your writing. Ethical Compliance, Journal Selection, and other categories can improve the chances of your works being published.


Trinka publication readiness checks.


The readiness checks include:

  • Journal Scope Match – Your articles can be reviewed to determine whether or not they comply with the scope of matching journals. Trinka will suggest complementary journals to reduce the risk of your manuscript being rejected.
  • Technical Compliance – Trinka checks abstract, word count, and manuscript section headings.
  • Ethical Compliance – Trinka will check conflict of interest, financial disclosures, ethical approval, informed consent, and other required disclosures.
  • Authorship Detail – Trinka checks contribution statements, affiliation, correspondence, author name, and other authorship information. Many journals insist on having these details included.
  • Reference Detail – Checks references and lets you know if any of the references are obsolete.
  • Figures & Table – Table and figure captions and their corresponding citations will be evaluated.
  • Clinical Trial Information – Checks if you mentioned any clinical trial ID information and then fetches information so that you won’t have to worry about inaccurate or incomplete data.
  • Keywords & Summary – Trinka will create a summary of your writing that draws attention to vital concepts and topics. It will also recommend relevant keywords based on the subject.


Trinka for Microsoft Word

The Trinka plugin for Microsoft Word can make writing less stressful. The tool will check what you’ve written and then will suggest certain corrections while you use the Word application (the plugin is not yet released).

The Auto Edit Feature makes corrections even easier. If enabled, Trinka will automatically make edits and corrects. You can then re-check the final work and download the file.


Trinka AI extension for Word.


You can see a revision table according to the language category to know what kinds of changes were made. You can also receive a language quality score on your document, see how many revisions were made in each category, etc.


Trinka Browser Plug-Ins

There are Chrome, Firefox, and Safari extensions for Trinka. These extensions can help to improve your writing anywhere. As of right now, the Chrome plugin and Firefox plugin are available. The Safari version is coming soon.

Trinka’s AI for Chrome plugin nad Firefox plugin will fix content created on, Authorea, and other well-known academic writing platforms. It can also be used on Twitter, Gmail, WordPress, LinkedIn, Facebook, and other similar sites.


Trinka AI Chrome browser extension.
Example of Trinka Chrome extension showing alerts on Fiverr site.


Trinka browser extensions.
You can enlarge editor and make changes.


All information is processed in an extremely secure environment. Data is encrypted according to the latest and safest security methods. No information is shared with any third parties. Sending data back and forth between Trinka servers and your web browser is also secure.

Trinka will change the copy as it’s being written. You don’t have to edit your writing manually. Trinka won’t make spelling error notifications to any words that have been added to the “My Dictionary” feature.


Trinka Citation Checker

Trinka Citation Checker identifies citations that can weaken your research premise and argumentation and helps you cite credible, authoritative citations for your paper.

Each citation is assessed based on various quality risks:

  • Retracted Citations – Identify studies that have been recalled after publication and avoid peer review critique.
  • Non-standard Citations – Improve your citation credibility by eliminating non-peer-reviewed works.
  • Low Visibility Citations – Identify citations that have not been frequently cited by other authors to avoid weakening the strength of your claim or argument.
  • Old References – Easily identify papers published long ago to ensure high relevance and validity of your citations.
  • Journal Overuse – Identify unintentional bias toward a journal and avoid negative peer review by diversifying your citation sources.

This feature is currently available for Premium users only.


Testing Trinka Editor

You can use Trinka in Word document (coming soon) or using extensions for browser like Chrome. When using browser extension Trinka will alert you on any mistakes found during your writing online.

You can also use Trinka cloud editor which you can always access from their site. In editor you can change paragraph format, font size, font format, allign text, add bold, italic, add bullet list, table, change style guide (AMA, AGU, APA, ACS, IEEE, set document type (general writing, or academic writing), etc.


Trinka cloud editor.
Example of Trinka Cloud editor.


Trinka suggestions alerts.
On the right you can find sidebar with all alerts.


As you can see from example above, Trinka will alert you if there are any mistakes, and show you correct form with explanations.


Trinka Pricing

Trinka has three pricing plans: Basic, Enterprise, and API. Individuals can use the Basic plan for free. Basic plan is free for up to 10,000 words/month. Currently with Basic plan you get all premium features for free but be noted that is limited time offer.

Enterprise plan has unlimited access to all of Trinka’s features and functionality. This edition is geared toward organizations that regularly work with content, publishers, localization businesses, and academic institutions.

Adding a minor JavaScript (JS) section of code to any app or browser will allow all of your team members to use your Trinka Enterprise plan. This simple task eliminates the need for any difficult connections.

TrinkaJS doesn’t save any information on its servers. It works in real-time, and all data is secured in a highly encrypted environment.

Trinka’s impressive API can easily be added to any application that you own. Their API is intuitive, scalable, and reliable.

Trinka On-Premise is an intriguing option for anyone who works with highly sensitive information. Trinka can work for you to make your enterprise infrastructure better. Your IT department will work with a dedicated Trinka support staff who are committed to providing a smooth connection. Trinka can easily scale with your company as it continues to expand.

There is also Send for Professional Editing service option inside Trinka editor, which is paid extra and is performed by the Enago website.


Trinka AI vs Grammarly vs Ginger vs WhiteSmoke

How does Trinka AI compare to other spell check and grammar correction tools like Grammarly, Ginger, WhiteSmoke, etc.? When comparing Trinka vs Grammarly and other tools, the main difference is that Trinka is the writing assistant suited for academic and technical writing where it covers a wide range of writing issues.

It is also best suited for handling journal or book publication requirements, which options you can’t find in other spell check tools. For more detailed comparison with examples you can check pdf document found on Trink site.

blank image 500 x 300
  •    Product Name
  •    Vocabulary Suggestion
  •    Office Extension
  •    Browser Extension
  •    Desktop App
  •    Plagiarism Check
  •    Proofreader
  •    Sentence Rephraser
  •    Upload Documents
  •    Paste Texts
  •    Mobile Apps
  •    Free Version
  •    Spelling Check
  •    Grammar Check
  •    Wordiness Check
  •    Explanations
  •    Incorrect Use of Numbers
  •    Punctuation
  •    Confusing Modifiers
  •    Supported Languages
  •    Academic Style Guides
    Such as APA, AMA and more
  •    Subject Area Based Corrections
    Medical, Life Sciences, Engineering and more
  •    Technical Spelling & Phrasing
    Spelling corrections based on the subject
  •    Publication Readiness Checks
    Evaluates on 20+ checkpoints for publication success.
  •    Price
Trinka vs Grammarly vs Ginger vs WhiteSmoke.
  • Coming soon
  • Chrome and Firefox
  • English
  • Basic free plan, Enterprise and API paid plans
grammarly vs white smoke vs ginger
  • English
  • Monthly, Quarterly, Annual Plan
    Monthly Plan $29.95 per month, Quarterly Plan is billed in one payment of $59.95 and Annual Plan is billed in one payment of $139.95
ginger vs white smoke vs grammarly
  • English
  • Free and Premium plan
    Monthly – $19.99/month Annual – $149.76/year Two Years plan – $239.76
white smoke vs jetpack vs ginger
  • English
  • Chrome Extension, Essential, Premium, and Business plan
    Depending on which plan you choose you will have access to more or less features.

If you don’t need writing assistant for acedemic, technical writing or publications, then other grammar checker tools are also good choice. Be noted that Trinka has plagiarism checker tool integrated like Grammarly and Ginger have feature is currently not live.

For more info about Trinka alternatives, you can check my ProWritingAid review, Grammarly review, Ginger review, Grammarly alternatives, and WhiteSmoke review.


Trinka AI Review Conclusion

Trinka AI was designed for technical and academic writing. It’s a next-generation language enhancement and grammar correction writing assistant. The team of data scientists, engineers, and linguists behind its development focused on developing a future without cumbersome communication barriers.

The writing assistant can help with everyday conversations, academic communication, personal communication, etc. It’s your own personal writing assistant. It goes beyond traditional grammar checkers in locating and identifying difficult writing mistakes that many other applications may miss.

Your writing’s phrasing, delivery, and tone can be enhanced to academic publication requirements with Trinka. It can help enhance your content by offering writing tips, making helpful suggestions, and offering detailed explanations. Trinka AI is definitely a valuable tool to have.

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