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Not only products are sold online. Services are too! With many options such as freelance writing, content marketing, website designing, the online services market has witnessed a boom in the last few years. And why not? It is as easy as selling products online, and there is no geographical barrier.

Did you know that eCommerce sales are predicted to hit $6.5 trillion by the year 2023, according to Statista? This means your audience is online and is waiting for you. You can sell your services online by building a website or an online store for your services.

Additionally, you need to promote it and market it well so more, and more potential customers can be redirected to your website. The first step is to establish a concrete online presence.

Some other ways you can establish your authenticity online include adding testimonials and customer reviews to your website. It is also a good idea to share all of this on your social media.

If you receive negative feedback or customer complaints, it is always good to resolve them and help your clients. Show that you care about your customers, and then you can facilitate trust with your clients.

It is essential that you build a good reputation that only improves over time. There is a pool of other things you can do when selling services online, but today let’s focus on the ‘how.’

However, how do you go about selling services online? In this Woo Sell Services review, I will explain how simple it is to sell your services online without hassle.


Woo Sell Services Review

We don’t have to introduce WooCommerce to you. It is easily the most used plugin out there when it comes to building an eCommerce store.

WooCommerce is one of the most popular eCommerce plugins in the market. It is used to create an online store. However, some functionalities of WooCommerce are limited.

But you can extend the same using different premium add ons. For example, you can add Woocommerce advanced ajax product filters, create B2B and wholesale marketplace, add WooCommerce visual product configurator, etc.


Woo Sell Services pros and cons.


For professions where you have to design a website, perform SEO, design logos and write blogs – and sell all this online, Woo Sell Services is a great plugin. It is designed to make the entire process of selling services online easier and to reduce the stack of emails for both the parties – the vendor and the customer.


Why Woo Sell Services?

Woo Sell Services is an excellent plugin that lets users sell services and accept payments with WordPress + WooCommerce. All one needs to do is add the ‘My Services’ section on the WooCommerce store to sell services just how a product is sold.

Woo Sell Services can be used for 100+ digital services online. Some of them include programming and tech, digital marketing, video and animation, writing and translation, music and audio, graphics and design, business, lifestyle, etc.


Woo Sell Services features.


The single license for Woo Sell Services starts at $59/year. It also provides you with extensive documentation and has a great support system.


What Features Does It Offer?

Let’s check out the different functionalities of the addon and how it benefits the vendor and the customer:

  • Service as a product: As mentioned before, with this plugin, you can sell your services online in the same manner as selling a product. You just have to add the new product type called ‘Services,’ and you are all set! Additionally, the setup is pretty easy.
  • Service requirements: The plugin allows vendors to add service-related requirements and questions that the customer can answer. This aids in ease of fulfilling the order.
  • Order email notification: When the customer places an order, the vendor receives a real-time email notification. Furthermore, another email notification will be sent once all the steps of the order have been completed.
  • Vendor-customer chat section: A dedicated conversation channel lets the customer and vendor chat with one other and clear all doubts related to the services. This means no more long and confusing email threads.
  • Review and ratings: Vendors and customers can review and rate one another after completing the order. You can sync these reviews with your WooCommerce reviews.
  • Customer and vendor options: Once a service has been published, the customer can just purchase the service just like a product. Then the customer will be redirected to the requirement page, where all details can be entered. Once this is done, the order officially begins!
  • Order management: Customers and vendors can easily manage their services through the order management feature provided by the Woo Sell Services plugin. Both the customer and vendor can then manage their orders effectively with the help of this feature.


Woo Sell Services order management.


  • Final delivery: Once the whole order has been processed, the vendor can checkmark on the final delivery box, and the delivery will go to the customer for approval. The order will be fulfilled only when the customer is satisfied with the services, and if they do not approve the final delivery, it stands unfulfilled.
  • Easy vendor management: Services can be managed with ease with the plugin. Customers can see all the services purchased in one place, and vendors can view all the services sold in one place. Both can then take respective actions.


How To Create Service?

Now let’s go through the whole process of how to create services:

1. Installation: You need to purchase the plugin and upload it on your WordPress website. Go to plugins > add new > upload the zip file and activate the plugin. Easy!

2. Configuration: This process includes major settings such as general settings, images, and emails. Let’s go over each of them quickly:

  • General settings include service email notifications, conversation email notifications, conversation notification, enable conversation notification tab, enable review sync with Woo reviews, redirect to conversation page, and selection of seller roles.
  • Image settings give you options that allow an admin or vendor to set up requirement page images for different aspects such as order started, order requirement, final delivery of the service, etc.
  • With email settings, you can configure email notifications sent from WooCommerce.

3. Creation of your service: From the backend, you can start creating services. You just have to go to the products and add new services.

This will work exactly like a product description page. Once you checkmark the service box, you can add the requirements and different questions you want to ask your customers to ensure the smooth delivery of services.

4. Service status widget: The last step is to set up a service status widget that will display the status of service purchased and sold for both parties – the vendor and the customers.


Woo Sell Services service status.


You will need to add the widget: go to dashboard > appearances > widgets.


Woo Sell Services Review Verdict

Now that we have understood the importance of selling services online, the features of Woo Sell Services, and how you can go about it, let’s see if Woo Sell Services as an addon is actually worth it.

Woo Sell Services is pretty simple to set up and easy to use. It works like a breeze when you already have a WordPress site. If you want to sell digital and physical services and are looking to find an online service-selling space, Woo Sell is perfect for you. Additionally, the cost is affordable and economical.

And not to forget, some features are exceptional, such as the chat option and the rating option. This can help you figure out which vendors and customers are the best to deal with. Moreover, it does not lead to any disagreements concerning the payment and services terms in the future.

Another great thing is extending its functionality and customization by simply talking to their development team.

With Woo Sell Services, you give your customers an enriched experience. The whole process is customer-focused and personalized. In addition to the same, the whole operation functions on full transparency.

To put it simply, Woo Sell Services is an all-in-one plugin that lets you sell services online without any hassle! It is everything your online store needs.

Overall, the plugin deserves a positive response! It is a thumbs up from our side. Hope this Woo Sell Services review was helpful. Plugin is definitely an option to consider for your online store.

We hope this article has helped you understand how you can sell your services online. We suggest you establish your credence online if you want your audience to take you seriously and trust you.

Whether you are a doctor, photographer, real estate agent, or writer, showcase your best qualities online and deliver every promise you make! We guarantee you will be on the path to success. All the best with your online services store!



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