Best Paid & Free WooCommerce Cart Notice Plugins

WooCommerce cart notice plugins are used to show messages on the checkout page and in the cart to your customers. They can be used to boost sales by informing or reminding your customers about special offers and promotions as they’re completing orders.

You can use them to, for example, encourage customers to add extra items to their shopping cart by offering free shipping based on the amount of their order. You can even create a sense of urgency using messages such as “your items ship today if you complete order in the next 5 minutes.”

You can create as many messages as you want based on various criteria, based on product categories or products in your customers’ shopping cart. Using WooCommerce cart messages is also a great way to reduce cart abandonment.


Paid WooCommerce Cart Notice Plugins

WooCommerce checkout messages can be added to display dynamic, actionable messages to customers as they complete orders on your site. This tactic can help keep your customers satisfied and improve overall sales, revenue and profit.

These methods can lead to better conversion rates and bring repeat clients. Customer overall shopping experiences can be enhanced with additional messages or special offers, especially if you let them know of sales and promotions.


Cart Notices

Showing unique messages is a proven method to keep customers interested. You can display special offers, suggest related items, or entice them into purchasing additional products. Cart Notices plugin comes with various available shortcodes that allow you to place these messages anywhere on your website.


WooCommerce cart messages can be used to show important messages to customers.



  • Custom messages can be shown on checkout and cart pages to customers.
  • Messages can be shown anywhere where you can add shortcodes. For instance, you can show notices for special promotions on the top of a product category or shop page.
  • You can encourage customers to buy more by providing additional benefits. This can increase sales and average order value. Providing clients with reasons to buy more can increase upsells.
  • Message variables allow you to show dynamic messages. For instance, setting a minimum amount needed for free shipping will trigger a message that will show your customers how much they need to spend to reach that threshold.
  • The “Product in Cart” notice can be used to set minimum and maximum quantities for price discounts.
  • The optional call to action URL/button can be added to encourage clients to perform certain desired actions on site.


YITH Woocommerce Cart Messages

YITH WooCommerce Cart Messages lets you create product category, related product, shipping, and discount-related messages that will be shown on the checkout and cart pages of your website.


WooCommerce message on checkout page.


The notices will only be visible to customers once they’re on the cart page. The plugin also comes in a free version.


Best WooCommerce checkout message plugins.



  • You can create messages about the minimum amount that needs to be spent to qualify for certain offers or incentives.
  • Messages can be created according to the source website where your users came from.
  • Messages can include a deadline to entice customers to buy products within a certain time frame.
  • You get to decide who can view cart messages (either Guest or Customers or Guest and Customers).
  • Messages can be shown only on checkout and cart pages or even on other pages of your website if you wish.


Woocommerce Dynamic Cart Notices

WooCommerce Dynamic Cart Notices plugin can create and show custom messages on checkout and cart pages.


Woocommerce Dynamic Cart Notices plugin.



  • Minimum cart order notice can be displayed.
  • You can create cart notices to entice customers to add more to use coupon code.
  • Product or product category-specific cart notices can be displayed.
  • You can add date or date based deadline notices. These notices can be used to encourage customers to place orders before a certain period of time expires.
  • Notices can be displayed if a site visitor arrives at your site from a particular URL.
  • Display cart notices for a certain time period.


Free WooCommerce Cart Notice Plugins

Every step of the purchase process can be used as an upsell. The checkout page is an important part of that operation. You can offer different incentives to encourage customers to place orders, such as offering free shipping, price discounts, and other options—what better way to do that than WooCommerce cart notice.


Cart Notices for WooCommerce

The Cart Notices for WooCommerce plugin will show notices on the cart page according to the customer referrer, cart cost, current date and time, products, and product categories of items in a customer shopping cart.


Best free cart notices for WooCommerce plugin.


These messages can be placed anywhere on your website using shortcodes. You can add a button to the cart message to encourage consumers to perform certain actions.


  • Cart price notices can be displayed.
  • Notices with specific time deadlines can be displayed.
  • You can show notices based on the selected referrer.
  • Product page, stock quantity, and sale price notices can be displayed based on predetermined conditions.
  • Notices can be added anywhere on site using shortcodes.
  • A button can be added to a cart notice that asks customers to perform a specific action.
  • You can use Widgets to show cart notices to customers.


WooCommerce Message On Checkout Page Conclusion

Encouraging customers to spend more money, buy related items, or spend more to qualify for free shipping or other special offers are goals of many online store owners. You just need a small incentive, and WooCommerce checkout messages are the best way to do that.

One problem that many of these stores face is that they sometimes offer discounts and other special promotions that aren’t visible to their customer base. That defeats the entire purpose of the attempt.

WooCommerce messages on the checkout page resolve this issue by allowing you to create your own unique, targeted messages that customers will see as soon as they reach the website’s shopping cart section.

For more checkout customization options, check WooCommerce product tabs, WooCommerce account funds plugins, WooCommerce checkout manager plugins, and WooCommerce frequently bought together plugins.

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