Free WooCommerce Cart Upsell Plugin – J Cart Upsell & Cross-Sell Review

J Cart Upsell & Cross-sell For WooCommerce


Easy to use









  • Free version available
  • Statistics tab
  • Dynamic bar
  • Option to exclude pages
  • Create and offer gifts
  • Easy to use


  • No advanced rules for upsells
  • No upsell A/B testing option

Most WordPress online store owners understand the importance of drawing site visitors, displaying various WooCommerce items, and guiding them to buy products.

However, this isn’t always the end of the process. You may be missing out on additional revenue if you concentrate on the next customer as soon as the previous one starts the checkout process.

A customer who is about to purchase represents a wealth of opportunity, both for upsell and cross-sell. You can control what customers purchase by cross-selling and upselling merchandise. This can increase overall sales, revenue, and profitability.

There are great WooCommerce cart upsell plugins that can help you improve sales figures. One such resource is J Cart Upsell and Cross-sell for WooCommerce.


J Cart Upsell And Cross-Sell For WooCommerce

Owning and operating a successful online business usually starts with an appealing website and products that customers want. You can influence consumer purchasing decisions by cross-selling and upselling items.

J Cart Upsell and Cross-sell WooCommerce plugin uses a modern, modal shopping cart that can be quickly customized to boost sales.


  • A carousel can be used to display more than one upsell option at a time.
  • The plugin’s customization backend allows you to alter plugin behavior, text, and colors.
  • Clients can see targeted upsells with custom text in the checkout recap table or in the modal cart.
  • You can configure and change upsell trigger conditions. They can be a predetermined product list, product attributes, and/or product categories or cart subtotal.
  • When clients’ shopping cart reaches certain predetermined conditions, they can receive gifts.
  • You can alter and assign different conditions that trigger customer gifts. They can be cart subtotal, products categories and/or attributes, a defined list of products.
  • Set a goal and display on top of the modal cart a dynamic bar synchronized to the cart total

After you install the plugin, you will have several tabs available. Let’s discuss each of those tabs and what options they offer.



Here you can see J Cart Upsell base settings. These settings consist of:

  • The modal cart button trigger position can be hidden, right or left.
  • You can activate or deactivate the choice that will open the modal cart automatically whenever a client adds certain items to their cart.
  • The single-page product uses AJAX.
  • Page scroll when the modal cart is opened can be enabled.
  • Propose upsell products in the checkout order recap.
  • Display in the WooCommerce order table a column about upsells.
  • Currency can be displayed either before or after the price for a particular item.
  • Display standard Default theme or the Logo theme (your site logo in the modal cart header).
  • The top right-hand portion of the modal header can display text that you specify.
  • Modal cart with items settings like Checkout order, Go to cart button, Go to cart text, etc.
  • Settings for a modal cart when empty
  • Display different upsell choices.
  • Labels for various product types in the modal cart.
  • Cart fragments created by other plugins can be ignored or not.
  • If the cache is preventing cart updates, you can force cart totals to be recalculated.
  • Cart totals can be shown without VAT.


J Cart Upsell settings.


Style & Colors

Here you set fonts, colors, and background for modal cart, buttons, gifts, upsells, etc.


J Cart Upsell style options.



The modal cart is where clients will see your upsell products. All upsell items are evaluated on an individual basis. An upsell item will be shown if it meets specific requirements. If that item didn’t meet the criteria, then the next upsell product will be evaluated.

Upsell is skipped if that same product is already in a customer shopping cart. Customers can only add upsell items to their shopping cart once. Upsell item quantity can’t be changed.

To create upsell, click on the “Create a new upsell” button. Then you will have additional options to create upsell.


J Cart Upsells plugin creating upsell.


Those options are:

  • Product – The product that you want to add to upsell.
  • Discount type – You can offer a percentage discount, flat discount, or no discount.
  • Discount amount – Here, you can enter your discount amount.
  • Required subtotal for a particular product trigger.
  • Cart must have – Options are no conditions, one of these products, and at least a product with category/attribute.
  • Heading – Your upsell items can be defined with a brief text section.
  • Description – Long text for upsell.


Free WooCommerce upsell on checkout plugin.
Based on above upsell settings, you can see that upsell was triggered.


Under Upsell tab, you can see all active upsells with the option to pause certain upsell, delete or edit.



After specific predetermined conditions are met, gift items are added to a customer’s shopping cart automatically. Gift will be automatically removed from their cart if the client decides to take something out of their cart, resulting in the gift requirements no longer being satisfied.

Some store owners may want to hide gift items from the store so that customers can’t view them. This can be accomplished by protecting them with a password. Customers won’t be able to see gift products, even though they are available on your site.

To create gifts, click on the “Create a new gift” button. Then you will have additional options to create gifts.


J Cart Upsell creating gifts.


Those options are:

  • Product – Here, you can select the gift which will be added.
  • One per order – If you don’t want gifts to be limited to one per order, you can unlock this option so that gifts are given according to the item quantities in a client’s online shopping cart.
  • Subtotal needed to trigger the product – The necessary subtotal for a specific gift to be triggered.
  • Cart must have – Gift product if cart contains one of the specified products. Options are no conditions, one of these products and at least a product with category/attribute.
  • Heading – Short text to define gift.
  • Description – Long text to define gift.


J Cart cross sells.
Based on the above settings for when the free gift will be triggered, you can see that gift was succesfully automatically added to the cart.


You can see all active gifts with the option to pause certain upsell, delete or edit.


Dynamic Bar

Set a goal and display on top of the modal cart a dynamic bar synchronized to the cart total.


Dynamic bar example.
Dynamic bar example.


Here you will find settings such as:

  • Set the order amount from which the goal is reached
  • Set the order amount from which the goal is reached
  • Text displayed after price, when goal not yet reached
  • Text displayed when the goal is reached
  • Dynamic bar-style settings


J Cart Upsell dynamic bar.


Shop Pages

Sometimes you may want to show directly in the shop pages if a product triggers a free gift. A label will appear on the top of that item when this feature has been enabled.

Unique text can be applied to each gift item. The gift page is where you can modify gift item text. If you enable Loop labels, Single product labels, and Single product text, you will have new options under the Gifts tab.


J Cart Upsell shop pages.


If you want to make badges match your design, you might need to make customized changes to your CSS.


Excluded Pages

You may not want the modal cart to be seen on every page of your website. You can exclude the cart on certain pages. Select a page with the dropdown and click “Add” to add that page to the exclusion list.

Click “Remove” to remove the page from the exclusion list. Checkout page and Cart page are excluded by default.



Here you will find counter shortcodes which you can use in any part of the site.



Here you will find basic statistics for upselling based on time intervals.



The plugin comes in a free and paid version. The only difference between the free and the pro version is that free doesn’t have options like Checkout upsell and Recap order table in settings. It also doesn’t have a “Cart must have” option when creating upsell or gifts and no “One per order” under the gifts option.

Price for the pro version:

  • $24.99 – single annual license
  • $44.99 – annual two sites license
  • $129.99 – unlimited yearly licenses

You can check the demo site to see the plugin in action.


WooCommerce Cart Upsell Plugin Summary

WooCommerce product bundling is popular way to increase sales. One key aspect of many online stores is the ability to cross-sell and upsell various items. You need to have an appealing site and a strong customer base before this can be undertaken. Solid user experiences and a trusted site can make these added sales easier.

You can pursue your upsell and cross-selling options once you have repeat business and are assured that clients will keep coming back regularly for the items they want.

J Cart Upsell & Cross-sell WooCommerce upsell on checkout plugin is nice, but it lacks some features.

When creating upsell, you have only two conditions available. Those are “One of these products” and “At least a product with category/attribute.” There are no advanced rules to create complex rules to trigger upsell.

I would like to see the option to show upsell offers based on the coupon code, shipment method, payment gateway used, offers for first-time buyers or specified user roles, and even use customers’ country of purchase, day/date/time of purchase to show custom upsell offers.

There is no upsell A/B testing to determine which upsell works for a given product.

But for simple usage, J Cart Upsell is an excellent addition to your store and useful WooCommerce checkout upsell plugin. It offers a nice statistics tab, option to exclude pages, dynamic bar, creating gifts, and customization style options.

Creating upsells is easy, and everything looks nice. The interface is easy to use. The free version is available, but the pro is recommended to get all features.

As alternative options to J Cart Upsell & Cross-sell, check UpsellMaster review, UpStroke review or WISDM Custom Product Bundles plugin.

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