How Can WooCommerce Checkout Location Picker & Google Address AutoFill Plugin Help Your Store?

Location Picker at Checkout


Easy to use






Overall quality



  • Free version available
  • Easy to use
  • Shipping cost by region and distance
  • Autocomplete and save adress feature
  • Restrict places for autocomplete
  • Show or hide map based on various criteria
  • Various options for customizing map


  • Some useful features only available in pro version

Delivering a product to a customer’s home is a straightforward process in theory. Receive payment and deliver the merchandise to the designated location. But there are scenarios when houses don’t have numbers or streets don’t have names adequately displayed.

As a result, identifying the customer’s location and delivering the product can become a problem. The ability to get the actual position from Google Maps would be a huge help in these instances.

This is where the WooCommerce checkout location picker plugin can be handy. One of those plugins is Location Picker at Checkout & Google Address AutoFill for WooCommerce, enabling customers to share their precise address on Google Maps when placing an order.

This plugin is ideal as it allows stores to get more accurate location information without calling customers for guidance or information.


Location Picker at Checkout for WooCommerce

With Location Picker at Checkout for WooCommerce (LPAC), shop owners can let customers choose the precise location where their product(s) will be delivered. This plugin is ideal for shops with delivery staff transporting items to clients.


Google address autofill for WooCommerce.


Using the location picker at checkout plugin, customers can specify their precise location on Google Maps during the checkout process.


How Does The Plugin Work?

After the plugin is installed and set, WooCommerce’s checkout page will have a Google map that customers can use to select their preferred location. Another option is to set the plugin to automatically detect the customer’s location on the checkout page and allow customers to make corrections if necessary.

To help customers find their exact location, the checkout page includes a filterable “Detect Current Location” option.


Location picker at checkout detect location feature.
This is how checkout page looks before customers clicks button to detect location.


Be noted that customers will need to grant permission to access their location for this. Once a customer has permitted your website to detect location, they won’t need to do so again during future orders.


Shipping Cost by Distance

LPAC is a powerful WooCommerce checkout location picker plugin that lets you calculate how much it will cost to ship an order to a customer based on how far away they are from your location.

You only need to set the cost per kilometer or mile and let the plugin do the rest. You can set LPAC so that customers can only place an order if their geolocation is within the maximum distance you have set for shipping.


Cost by Region

You can draw shipping regions using Google Maps, set the name of the region and how much it costs to ship to that region. Shipping regions can have a name, a price, and a background color.


WooCommerce set shipping cost by region.


You can also show the shipping regions on the Google map on the checkout page so customers can see how much it costs to ship to different areas. During checkout, if a customer’s location is in a shipping region, the shipping fee for that customer will automatically be set to the cost for that shipping region.


Shipping cost applied at checkout based on region.
Shipping cost applied at checkout based on region.


You can set the plugin so that customers can only place an order if they are in one of the shipping zones or regions that you made.


Autocomplete Adress

Map-based location selection isn’t the plugin’s primary goal, but it’s still an important feature. Location Picker at Checkout for WooCommerce also offers an address autocomplete option on address fields at checkout.

As the user types in their address, this function displays address predictions.


Google address autofill WooCommerce plugin.


When a customer selects an address from a drop-down menu, the remainder of the checkout fields can be filled automatically.

As a result of this functionality, users no longer have to spend time filling address information during the checkout process. This, in turn, dramatically simplifies the checkout process and reduces cart abandonment rate.

You can restrict autocomplete results to only show results from certain countries or locations.


Saved Addresses Feature

Every time a particular customer puts an order from your shop, he hates having to type in the address every time.


Select location on Google Maps WooCommerce.


Saved addresses option is convenient feature that will allow customer to store multiple addresses and instantly choose the one he wishes to use during checkout.


Show/Hide Maps

There are also plenty of choices for customization of maps that customers see. You can hide the map for customers who have not signed. You can also choose to display the map depending on the shipment method or shipping class.

Using the table provided, you can set the map visibility rules by just drag & drop. The ultimate state of the map’s visibility is determined by the last rule in the list. Additionally, you can require customers to choose a delivery location from an interactive map before they can finish their purchase.


Order View History

Customers and store owners can check the location of current and past orders on a Google Map from their dashboard.


Pick location for shipping on checkout for WooCommerce.


Plugin Settings

Here you will find all of the plugin settings.



Plugin will not function properly without the Google Maps API key. In order for the map to appear, you must input the API key.

The Location Picker at Checkout for WooCommerce plugin will attempt to locate the customer as soon as the checkout page loads if this option is enabled. Customers who haven’t used the checkout map and granted the website permission to access their location will be prompted to do so.


Location Picker at Checkout plugin general settings.

Location Picker at Checkout map behaviour settings.

Location Picker at Checkout places autocomplete feature.
Location Picker at Checkout plugin general settings.


Here you will find settings such as:

  • Force Use of Map – Choose this option if you want customers to always use the Google Map before finishing checkout. As a result, customers who try to checkout without picking their location on the map will be greeted with a message warning them that they need to set the location.
  • Default Coordinates – To set the map’s default coordinates, type in the latitude and longitude you want the map to use each time opened.
  • Default Zoom – To adjust the zoom level of the default map display, you can use this option.
  • Enable Clickable Icons – Customers will be able to click on the places icons.
  • Remove Plus Code From Address – Plus codes are automatically sent back by the Google Maps API. If you check this option, the plugin will attempt to strip it from the returned address.
  • Autofill Billing Fields – Google Maps automatically fills up the shipping fields when a customer picks their location. However, the billing fields will not be filled since a user’s payment data could be different from shipping details. Turn this option on if you want the billing fields to be automatically filled in as well, but keep in mind that a transaction might fail if the billing address provided by a client does not match what the bank has on file.
  • Show Map on the Order Received Page – You can choose to show a map on order received page.
  • Show Map on View Order Page – Allow customers to check the location of their previous orders.
  • Add Map Link to Order Emails – Use this option to add a link in the form of a button, barcode, or Static Google Map in the order emails sent to customers and admins after the order is placed.
  • Places Autocomplete (Google address autofill) – Customers will receive address recommendations provided by Google when they begin typing their address.
  • Saved Addresses – An address can be saved for future usage, so users don’t have to type in each time they want to place an order.



In this section, you can customize the map container’s background color, set where tthe map will be placed (4 different locations), the map’s height and width, the map’s Map ID, the symbol used to represent the map’s marker, and many other aspects of how the map appears on the checkout page.


Visibility Rules

Here you can set options such as:

  • Hide map for non loged in users
  • Hide or whow map for particular shipping method, zone, and shipping class
  • Show the map every time one of the chosen coupons is used in an order
  • Set a minimum and maximum amount for the cart total before showing the checkout page map
  • Set the order in which you want to run and check the different visibility rules. The last rule will decide map visibility


Location Picker at Checkout visibility rules.

Location Picker at Checkout rules order.
Location Picker at Checkout visibility rules.



Location Picker for WooCommerce plugin has an export feature that lets you create and export a .csv file with the order ID, user ID, customer name, phone number, order date, and link to Google Maps location.

It is useful if you have a lot of orders that you want to export.



Here you will find shipping settings based on cost by region and distance.


Location Picker at Checkout for WooCommerce cost by region.

Location Picker at Checkout for WooCommerce cost by distance.
Location Picker at Checkout shipping settings.


Free vs. Pro Version

Here are the features you get in the free version:

  • Detect current location of customer at checkout automatically or on click of a button.
  • Customers can pick their exact location using Google Maps.
  • Google Maps data can be used to automatically populate checkout fields.
  • Show or hide the map depending on the shipping method, shipping class, or coupon applied.
  • Hiding map for guest checkout.
  • WooCommerce order emails can include a QR code, static map, or button link to the customer’s selected location.
  • Admin can see the precise delivery location by clicking on the “View on map” button.
  • Customers can see the delivery location for past orders.
  • WooCommerce Google address autofill capability can be enabled or disabled.
  • Customizable map container.
  • Based on a website’s language, map buttons will be automatically translated.

Some of the features you get in the pro version:

  • Create custom map designs
  • Place custom marker icons
  • Export orders
  • Customers can add multiple addresses
  • Set shipping cost by region or distance
  • Show or hide map based on shipping zone.
  • Hide the map when the minimum or maximum cart total is reached.
  • More map visibility rules.
  • Restrict Places Autocomplete feature (Google address autofill) to selected countries.



The plugin comes in a free and paid version. You will need a Google Cloud Console account in order to access the Google Map APIs. The process is easy but requires adding a billing method.

Google gives a $200 monthly credit for API use (upwards of 15,000 orders in a month).

The pro version of the plugin has the same functionality as the free version but with more added features.

The pro version comes in annual pricing plans. The plans only differ in the number of sites on which you can use the license. Single site license price is $39.33/year, 5 site license $89.99/year and unlimited sites for $259.99/year.


WooCommerce Checkout Location Picker Plugin Verdict

Do you have a WooCommerce store that would benefit from getting more specific geographic location from customers? This plugin will save time by quickly locating the exact address and customer location.

The Location Picker plugin for WooCommerce is an easy-to-use yet powerful tool. Website owners and customers will find it useful when identifying and sharing delivery locations. Even shipping costs can be calculated exactly thanks to the geolocation data stored by the plugin.

This WooCommerce checkout location picker plugin is a must-have for running an online business.

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