How To Create WooCommerce Coupon Code For Your Store Products?

The goal of any discount, voucher, or coupon is to encourage the consumer to purchase. It acts as an incentive. In this post, I will show you how to create a WooCommerce coupon code for your WooCommerce store without the need for any additional third-party plugin.

Although we would want the buyer to purchase just because the product or service looks amazing, the truth is the consumer needs an incentive.

Coupons are often a powerful tool that converts unsure buyer into a sale and maybe even into a lifelong customer. In 2013, 92% of consumers reported using coupons, up from 63.6% in 2007.

Coupons work. It is a well-known fact. Many of us have bought something simply because we had a coupon.

Creating coupons is an interesting function, and it has been integrated into WooCommerce. It is a great way to offer discounts and rewards to your customers and can help promote your brand.

WooCommerce includes simple yet powerful coupon functionality that fits most stores’ needs right out-of-the-box. This means you can start offering coupons with WooCommerce easily.

But if you need more features when creating compelling coupons, I suggest you check WebTofee Smart Coupons plugin or StoreApps Smart Coupons plugin. They allow you to create coupons targeted at new customers, existing ones, people in a specific region/country, using specific payment methods, and more.


WooCommerce Coupon Code

Here is how to create a discount code for your products and services:

Enable the use of coupons

If you want to create coupons for WooCommerce, you first need to enable this function in WooCommerce.

  • Go to:  WooCommerce >> Settings >> General to enable coupons.
  • Tick the checkbox to Enable the use of coupon codes.
  • Save Changes.


woocommerce discount code


Adding a coupon

To add a coupon, go to WooCommerce >> Coupons. You can edit existing coupons or create new coupons by selecting Add Coupon.

At the top, you need to fill the two fields:

  • Coupon codes: This is the code that you will be sharing with the customer.
  • Description (optional): Describe the coupon. This doesn’t appear anywhere, but your administration page, it mainly helps you distinguish and manage the coupons better.


add new coupon woocommerce


There are three tabs below you can use to add restrictions and limits for your coupon: General, Usage Restriction, and Usage Limits.


General Tab

  • Discount type:

Fixed cart discount – A fixed total discount for the entire cart. For example, a cart worth 200$ with a coupon for $10 off will give a discount $10.

– Cart % Discount – A percentage discount for the entire cart. For example, a cart worth 200$ with a coupon for 5% off, will give a discount of 5%.

– Product discount – A fixed total discount for selected products only. For example, a cart with two * a $20 T-shirt and three * a $30 dress with the coupons are consecutive that $3 off for each T-shirt and $5 off for each dress will give a discount $21.


coupon discount type


  • Coupon amount – A fixed value or percentage off depending on the discount type you choose. Entered the number without the currency unit or a percent sign since these will be added automatically.
  • Allow free shipping – Check this book if the coupon grants free shipping.
  • Coupon expiry date – The date that the coupon can expire and no longer be used.


Usage Restriction Tab

Here are options under usage restrictions tab:


woocommerce coupon usage restriction


  • Minimum spend – This field allows you to set the minimum spend (subtotal, including taxes) allowed to use with the coupon.
  • Maximum spend – This field allows you to set the maximum subtotal to spend (subtotal, including taxes) allowed to use with the coupon.
  • Individual use only – Tick this box if you don’t want the coupon to be used in addition to other coupons.
  • Exclude sale items – Tick this box if you don’t want the coupon to apply to products on sale. Per-item coupons will only work if the item is not on sale. Per-cart coupons will only work if there are no sale items in the cart.
  • Products – Product which needs to be in the cart to use the coupon.
  • Exclude products – Product which must not be in the cart to be able to apply coupon.
  • Product categories – A product must be in this category for the coupon to remain valid.
  • Exclude categories – A product must not be in this category for the coupon to remain valid.
  • Email restrictions – List of allowed emails to use with coupon when an order is placed. Separate email addresses with commas.


Usage Limit Tab

Here are the settings under usage limit tab:


coupon usage limit per user woocommerce


      • Usage limit per coupon – How many times a coupon can be used before it is void.
      • Usage limit per user – How many times an individual user can use a coupon. Uses billing email for guests, and user ID for logged in users.


Creating WooCommerce Coupon Code Conclusion

Many buyers say they would not have purchased without a coupon. Furthermore, most consumers agree that voucher codes often finalize the decision if they are undecided about a purchase.

Creating a great coupon is only half the work. You need to spread the message out and put coupons into the right hands. Advertise coupons on social media and make sure you get the most out of your promotional campaign.

If you employ a sense of urgency and value into your offers, you can get new, happy customers that you might not have had otherwise. You can do this using scheduler for WooCommerce plugin.

Creating coupon code for your WooCommerce store is just one way to increase sales and conversions. You also need to reduce cart abandonment, add additional payment gateways to your store (see which is best payment gateway for WooCommerce), you can allow deposit payments (see best WooCommerce installment payments plugins), etc.

If you would like to hide add to cart button, prices for particular user role, products or categories, then check my post on how to hide prices in WooCommerce.

DISCLOSURE: Posts may contain affiliate links. If you buy something through one of those links, I might get a small commission, without any extra cost to you. Read more about it here.

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