How To Start WooCommerce Print Shop Business?

Starting your own online printing service from the ground up may appear tough at first. We’ll walk you through all of the procedures you’ll need to know to set up your online WooCommerce print shop services from the bottom up.

The popularity of printed products is growing, as is the demand for print shops. By print shop, we mean online printing services that meet all printing needs, i.e., anything from apparel, bags, homeware, mobile covers, and more can be custom printed, customised, and ordered utilising specialised web to print WooCommerce solutions.

Although there are plenty of print shop options, for example, Printify, with the current pandemic situation and online buying becoming the new normal, online presence is becoming more of a necessity than a trend. Investing in a print shop now appears to be a wise decision, and we are ready to assist you in getting started with WooCommerce.


Why WooCommerce Print Shop?

Of course, there are plenty of web2print WooCommerce/ WordPress plugins on the market so it can be hard to choose the right tool. DesignO online design tool WordPress plugin is the latest innovation from the world’s leading web-to-print solutions. For more info, check DesignO review.

WooCommerce is a robust and adaptable plugin that is the most popular choice for adding a store to WordPress websites. So, without further ado, let’s get started with setting up your WooCommerce print shop on WordPress website.


What Can You Sell With WordPress + WooCommerce?

Online selling entails more than just shipping actual goods. There are numerous ways to make money online with WordPress and WooCommerce. WooCommerce supports to sell both physical and digital products and connects with the majority of payment providers.

Here is the list of WooCommerce product personalization that you can sell with WooCommerce:

  • Physical products – products that you can physically poke and prod.
  • Virtual downloads A product might be a single file or a collection of files. Ideal for people looking to sell items such as e-books, music, and movies.
  • Selling simple services – Similar to virtual downloads, but without the choice to download. This product type can be used to provide access to a single payment paywall or a SaaS product. This option makes it simple to sell your services, such as a website audit or logo design.
  • Online auctions – Auctions can be used to sell physical, virtual, or downloaded goods. You have an option. Everything you’d expect from an auction is available, including start and end times, bidding increments, and starting and reserve prices. In addition, there are other methods to examine the products, including “My Auctions,” “Ending Soon,” “Latest,” and “Auction History.”
  • Amazon affiliate store – Maybe you’re an author who already sells your e-books on Amazon. If this is the case, you can use the WooCommerce Amazon affiliate plugin to integrate your Amazon products into your own website.
  • Sell time – WooCommerce makes it simple to sell time or date-based services such as dog walking, appointments, or any other form of service.
  • Sell rooms – You can be even more specific and expand on the previous setup by using WooCommerce booking plugin.
  • Subscriptions – You can offer basic subscription-based content with the WooCommerce subscriptions plugin.
  • Online courses – Using LMS plugins, we can extend membership setup to sell courses online.
  • Print cards letterheads – You can sell printed cards or letterheads for business.


How To Build Online WooCommerce Print Shop?

You can utilise a print on demand shop to build a new online business or to sell t-shirts and other stuff to supplement your existing brand.

Print on demand is a manufacturing technique in which a design is printed on a product only when a consumer orders it. This is similar to drop shipping, except that the products are created just for you.

It can be used to make garments, bags, homeware, and other items.

Print on demand isn’t as cheap as mass production processes, but it has a lot of advantages for small firms and can still be highly successful.

You don’t pay anything until a consumer pays you with print on demand, which makes it much easier for small enterprises to get started.

There is no need to purchase product in advance, and no storage space is required. Furthermore, you may easily experiment with several designs to find which ones are the most popular.


Design’N’Buy’s t-shirt designer.


There are several WooCommerce print-on-demand options available. Printful is one of the well-known and readily interacts with WooCommerce.

Printful, in addition to printed designs, offers embroidery for specific products, such as baseball caps and backpacks.

It allows you to effortlessly sell custom-branded clothing such as t-shirts, sweatshirts, shorts, hats, backpacks, wristbands, phone cases, keychains, coffee cups, blankets, and over 250 more items.


Pick Niche & Name

People may not remember a complex print business name, thus a print shop with a basic but catchy business name is essential. Instead of a monotonous name for your print shop, use a name that is simple and easy for people to remember. It will also come in handy when creating online printing services stores.


Purchase Domain Name & SSL Certificate

First decide domain name such as, etc and use SSL certificate such as Let’s Encrypt.


Purchase Hosting

You’ll need to set up a hosting account where you can save all of your website’s files. When selecting a hosting package, consider factors such as uptime, speed, customer service, security, and the size of your organisation.


best free wordpress hosting


WP Engine, Bluehost, Kinsta, Cloudways, HostPapaGreenGeeks10Web, SiteGround, WP EngineHostArmada or InMotion.


Product Customization

If offer product personalization, you can use PrintCommerce which is great WooCommerce product designer plugin.

With Product Designer for WooCommerce, your users can build and personalize a product to meet their specific demands, resulting in increased customer satisfaction and revenue growth on your site.


visual product configurator wordpress


You can use PrintCommerce as a WooCommerce T-shirt designer plugin or as a WooCommerce visual product configurator plugin allowing your visitors to customize various products and have a full-blown business.


Choose The Right Payment Gateway

As the owner of a WooCommerce store, you can offer your customers the payment methods like Paypal, credit cards, etc. Using multiple payment gateways increases conversions and reduces cart abandonment.


cons of multiple payment gateways


If one of your customers decides to pay using PayPal, it doesn’t mean all other customers will prefer that payment gateway.


Choose The Right Shipping Platform

The capacity to deliver the purchased product in the shortest amount of time has increased the frequency of online purchasing.

Customers want to be able to touch and feel their newly purchased product as quickly as possible. As a result, buyers choose to order from companies that offer fast shipping.

If you want to keep your clients happy, you must provide them with the finest shipping experience possible. As a result, you can choose a shipping platform based on the products you transport and the size of your online business.


aliexpress dropshipping plugin wordpress


Decide whether or not the chosen shipping carrier platform offers international shipping services based on your consumer base! Customers desire quick delivery and the opportunity to follow the status of their orders in real time. As a result, if consumers have any reservations about the product they purchased, they can contact the suppliers.

Also, choose a shipping platform that will make your life easier. If you have a busy day, the shipping carrier might come to your warehouse and pick up the deliverables.

Consider FedEx, DHL or another platform that can meet your business needs.


Make Your eCommerce Print Store Design User Friendly

There are several free and paid themes available to help you add colour and design to your website. You can select whether to install a premium or free theme based on your company’s needs.

There are themes with excellent functionalities, design, and support, but there are also themes with dangerous code. As a result, it’s a good idea to double- and triple-check the theme you’re considering purchasing. It is always suggested to pick an SEO-friendly WooCommerce theme, which means it should load quickly and be amp-optimized.

Additionally, test the responsiveness of your chosen theme in several browsers.


Promote & Market Print Shop

Choose the marketing platforms you want to use to advertise your company and the products you sell. You can choose which platforms to use for marketing and promotion of your business based on your budget.





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