How To Set WooCommerce Weight Based Shipping In Your Store Using Plugin?

Shipping costs are essential for any online store. Stores that have products with different sizes and weights can’t rely on just Flat Rate Shipping option that comes with WooCommerce by default. You need a method to calculate the shipping cost in an advanced way. But how can you set your store WooCommerce weight based shipping easily?

Unfortunately, Vanilla WooCommerce doesn’t provide any built-in methods for shipping by weight. You need to install a plugin to do that. The problem is deciding which plugin to use.

The plugin you select needs to be easy to use and up to date. It needs to provide regular updates and support. WooCommerce is always changing, so having access to the latest options and features is essential for running your online store.


Best Paid and Free WooCommerce Weight Based Shipping Plugins

Here are some great plugins for setting shipping by weight in your WooCommerce store:



Table Rate Shipping puts you in control of your shipping rates. You can assign rates depending on product destination. You can also create zones for each shipping route. This plugin allows you to add rules based on product price, weight, shipping class, and the number of items ordered.


table rate woocommerce shipping plugin


The plugin looks at each order when a customer checks out. It will use the rates and rules you assigned to determine shipping costs. Each shipping destination can have its own set or sets of rules, depending on what you select. You just set shipping zones and rates. The plugin will automatically calculate total shipping costs for each order.



WooCommerce Weight Based Shipping plugin allows you to add multiple rules based on various conditions.


free woocommerce shipping by weight plugin



Conditional free shipping – There may be some orders that you want to allow free shipping on. Depending on total product weight, dollar amount ordered, or other categories.

Flexible price calculation – You can set your rules for either a progressive price (depending on total order weight, number of items ordered, etc.), a constant price (flat-rate) or both.

Order destination, weight and subtotal – The plugin lets you set as many different rules as you want for categories including order destination, order weight, shipping zones, subtotals and more.

Shipping classes support (only available in the Plus version) – You can override how shipping charges are calculated for each shipping classification.



Flexible Shipping for WooCommerce is a handy plugin that calculates order shipping costs based on cart total and/or total order weight. You can combine this with the PRO version to make it the best WooCommerce shipping plugin option for your online store.


best flexible shipping for woocommerce plugin


Possible shipping scenarios:

  • Adding handling costs for orders above a certain amount
  • Creating cash on delivery option (COD) with extra costs
  • Shipping costs based on the total amount or total order weight
  • Adding a price per product and order (PRO version)
  • Creating shipping costs for different shipping classifications (PRO version)
  • Different shipping methods for orders that match rules that you assign (PRO version)



WooCommerce Advanced Shipping’s interface lets you set shipping rates based on your own specific needs. It’s one of the easiest to use and most flexible shipping plugins you can get.

You can assign conditions to create your own table rate shipping. For example, you can use “state,” “country,” “volume,” and “weight” to set up your table rate shipping. You can use these and other conditions to create as many shipping methods and options as you need.


woocommerce shipping by zones


Common shipping rate use cases:

Shipping by order amount or subtotal. Here you can base shipping charges on the order’s total price. You can select to give shipping discounts above a certain amount.

Shipping by weight. This is one of the most common shipping methods. There are many ways to make this option as flexible as you need to be.

Shipping cost by product, category, or shipping class. This is a handy option for companies that offer a wide variety of products, or who have products that have separate shipping costs. Shipping costs can be added together, or you can decide that only the most expensive one is used if you wish.



WooCommerce’s Weight Based Shipping plugin is an easy and flexible way to determine shipping costs based primarily on order weight (but not limited to that alone). It lets you add rules based on shipping conditions that you define.

This option allows you to create as many shipping rules as you need for shipping to different countries worldwide. You can set rules based on subtotals, total order weight, and other criteria.


woocommerce shipping by category


You can override how shipping costs are calculated for different weight classes. This is handy in case you decide to offer free or reduced shipping rates for repeat customers, on order amount, order weight, or other conditions. It only takes a few seconds to make this adjustment.


WooCommerce Shipping By Weight Summary

Real-time shipping rules and rates can be a considerable obstacle for many companies with an online store. They usually lack the know-how to calculate or implement these rules by themselves.

That’s where shipping plugins come into play (see WooCommerce shipping plugins comparison). Website owners using WooCommerce may not know how to charge correct shipping rates for large orders or multiple orders from the same customers. This option isn’t available out-of-the-box in WooCommerce (check best free WooCommerce plugins). However, it can be activated with a proper shipping plugin.

Think about this scenario: Your online store charges $30 for a particular shipping product. One of your consumers buys 10 of these items, all shipped to the same location.

Logic says that shipping for this order should be charged per product group instead of per item. Most business owners would agree that the customer shouldn’t be charged $300 just for shipping.

Sometimes, you may decide to offer free or reduced shipping. Setting different prices for customers in WooCommerce store is an excellent way of building brand loyalty and establishing positive working relationships with repeat customers.

Charging shipping per product on bulk orders is a good way of losing a sale. People are more likely to shop with a competitor in that case. The online shopping experience needs to be just as enjoyable and realistic as shopping in a retail store.

That’s why applying shipping based on product weight or cost-based shipping rules to online orders is so important. The ability to offer discounts is a sure way to ensure customer satisfaction and repeat business. Even better is if you can offer free shipping in WooCommerce store.

When people are happy with their orders, they’re more likely to return and tell their friends and family about their experiences. When you ship items to customers no matter which shipping method you use, consider providing tracking number and option to see shipment progress. You can use WooCommerce shipping tracking plugin for this purpose.

For integrating FedEx shipping see best FedEx shipping plugins, for UPS see UPS shipping plugin with print label, and for DHL check WooCommerce DHL plugins.

And if you need if you need good WooCommerce print orders plugin, or WooCommerce backorder plugin, you can check my post where I mention the best plugins for that purpose.

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