Woosuite Sales Agents Review – WooCommerce B2B Sales Agents Plugin

Woosuite Sales Agents


Easy to use






Overall quality



  • Sales agents have dedicated dashboards
  • Allow sales agents to create new customer
  • Enable referral links
  • Sales agents can purchase on behalf of customer
  • Central location allows you to manage and create sales team
  • Set commissions per product and sales agent


  • No option to create coupons
  • No advanced features
  • No multi site plans
  • No free version

Staying on top of sales agents’ activities can be challenging for businesses. Monitoring customer information and automatically calculating sales commissions are features of an essential sales management structure that good WooCommerce B2B sales agents plugin needs to have.

The Woosuite Sales Agents plugin can simplify everything related to sales agents. Admins can set commission percentages and monitor agent information, orders, etc., from the admin dashboard.

There are also specific dashboards for sales agents from which agents can see statistics such as accrued commission, orders that have been placed, and details about each client.


Woosuite Sales Agents Review

Grow your WooCommerce store business with the help of sale agents with a dedicated agent dashboard, order and customer management, and much more.


  • The same central location allows you to manage and create your sales team.
  • Your sales agents will have their own dedicated dashboard to manage their customers.
  • Each sales rep can see all of the clients assigned to them. Sales reps can even add customers if the site admin enables that option.
  • Agents can also log in and place orders for clients, as long as the site admin has enabled that option.
  • Upload your own logo to reflect your brand identity and manage your sales agents.
  • The settings page has added fields for the commission.
  • Saved data to order when creating a new order.
  • Add fields setting commission in the user edit page.
  • Add fields to set the commission value for each product
  • The admin section will have a Commission page. You can view all eligible orders for commissions to be paid out. Commissions can be set as unpaid or paid.
  • The Commission amount and Sales agent user will appear in two new columns in the Orders list.
  • Show top accounts widget.
  • Display pending commission widget.
  • If the admin enables the “Let users choose” option, users can choose a sales agent to which they can be assigned on registration. Options are “none”, “random” or “select a specific agent.”
  • Assign Sales Agent option on existing customers in wp admin.

Once you activate the plugin, you will have a new option under Woosuite called Sales Agent.


Woosuite Sales Agent general settings.


There you will find settings:

  • Dashboard Logo – Upload the logo you want to display in the sales agent dashboard.
  • Allow sales agents to create new customers – Sales agents can add new customers, and that agent will automatically have that client assigned to them.
  • Extends new customer form – When a new user is added, additional billing field information will be available to the Sales agent if the site admin has enabled this option.
  • Enable referral links – Allow customer association with referral links.
  • Only Direct Orders – Only orders placed by a particular sales agent will be visible to that agent. Any orders placed directly by their clients won’t appear in commission calculation, stats, or counts.
  • Apply Commission to – Choose what to apply the commission to. By changing this option, only the next orders will be affected. You can customize this option for each order on the order edit page. Options are Products, Fees, Shipping costs.
  • Default Sales Agent – Assign customer automatically to a sales agent on registration.

Under your pages, you will also see a new page that is automatically created called “Sales agent dashboard.” The plugin will add a new user role called Sales Agent.


Sales Agent Dashboard

Sales agents have dedicated dashboards. From the dashboard, sales agents can manage information about their customers, orders placed, and other statistical data.


Woosuite Sales Agent dashboard.


Dashboard allows your sales agents to make purchases on behalf of their customers with just one click and add their customers.


Woosuite sales agent customers.


They can always see orders received, managed customers, total orders value, and pending commissions. They can also see top accounts and latest orders with all the info such as order number, customer, amount, date, status, payment method, who created order (customer or sales agent), etc.

Under commissions, sales agents can see all orders and associated commissions. There will be displayed order info and how much commission was earned for a particular order and when a certain commission payment was made.


Woosuite Sales Agent commissions section.


In the Dashboard section, sales agents can find their affiliate link. They share this link with customers, so when they register will be automatically assigned to that sales agent, and all orders placed from that customer will bring the commission to the sales agent.


Sales Agent Orders

As a site admin, under the WooCommerce Orders section, you can see if an order was placed through a sales agent.


Woosuite sales agent orders.


You will also be able to see that under each order info. Here you can edit options for each order for what will commission apply. Options are Products, Fees, Shipping costs.


Woosuite Sales Agent order details.


You can set commissions per product and sales agent. For each WooCommerce product, you can go to Product Data > Commissions and set the commission value for each Sales Agent. Leave blank to use the global setting.

Under the WooCommerce Commissions section, as the site admin, you will be able to see all sales agents’ commissions.


Woosuite Sales Agent commissions.


You can bulk mark selected commissions as paid or unpaid.


There are three pricing plans for the Woosuite Sales Agents plugin. Basic plan can be purchased for $79/year for use on a single website. Professional plan costs $139/year. With the Professional plan, you also get these plugins:

  • Dynamic Pricing and Discount Rules
  • Minimum/Maximum Quantity Rules
  • User Registration
  • Restriction Rules
  • Wholesale Pricing Pro
  • Product Table

If you want to use all 14 Woosuite plugins, you can buy the All Access plan priced at $349/year for a single site. There are no multi-site plans at this time, which can make purchasing expensive if you want to use it on more than one site. You get a 30-day money-back guarantee with each plan.


WooCommerce B2B Sales Agents Plugin Conclusion

Woosuite Sales Agents is a good WooCommerce sales agent plugin and comes with useful basic features. I would like to see more features added, such as a messaging system for communications and queries, agents can raise prices and receive a commission on the difference, create, delete, share coupons, etc.

If you go with the Professional plan, you will get additional plugins. Using those additional plugins, you open doors for more features.  Woosuite Sales Agents as a standalone product can be enough for basic needs but not for advanced needs.

For that, you either have to go with Professional or All Access Plan to get additional Woosuite plugins and combine their features with Sales Agents plugin or consider another WooCommerce B2B sales agents plugin like SalesKing which is packed with features.

Be sure to also check other Woosuite products like Product Table, Wholesale Suite, and Dynamic Pricng & Discount Rules plugin.

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