Maximize Store Potential With Woosuite WooCommerce Wholesale Suite

Woosuite Wholesale Suite


Easy to use






Overall quality



  • Set dynamic pricing for wholesale clients
  • Create custom registration fields
  • Create wholesale order forms
  • Tax management
  • Hide pricing to guest users
  • Set price, discount, rules, etc. according to user role


  • It is a set of plugins instead single plugin
  • No multi site plans
  • No free version

For many, WooCommerce is a great choice that doesn’t cost anything. However, it wasn’t designed with wholesalers in mind. A reliable WooCommerce wholesale plugin can help to address some of those issues.

The challenge that many users often face is the lack of a reasonable platform for small to medium-sized wholesalers. The majority of existing software is SaaS solutions which are aimed at bigger companies. They are also costly for average users.

WooCommerce’s current features can be expanded with the WooSuite WooCommerce Wholesale Suite. It lets site owners create their own wholesale order forms, varied pricing, and much more.


Woosuite WooCommerce Wholesale Suite

You can create wholesale pricing forms, registration forms, have tax management, order management, and perform other functions with WooSuite Wholesale Suite. There are also features geared toward B2C and B2B clients. You can use those capabilities to serve both groups effectively.

Be noted, this is a suite of plugins. This means you get several plugins that, when combined, allow you to create a powerful wholesale site.

Plugins included in this suite are:

  • Dynamic Pricing and Discount Rules
  • Minimum/Maximum Quantity Rules
  • User Registration
  • Product Table
  • Restriction Rules
  • Wholesale Pricing Pro

Some of the primary features that these plugins offer are as follows:

  • Set dynamic pricing for wholesale clients. Offer them lower prices compared to retail prices.
  • Product categories, minimum order amount, or user roles can determine wholesale prices.
  • Each item in your product catalog can have minimum and maximum quantities for wholesale purchases.
  • All orders can be placed and processed on the same page.
  • Wholesale client/distributor registration is fully supported. You can use your wholesale platform to decide whether to reject or approve different users.
  • One central location allows you to manage product inventory.
  • Create various order forms.
  • If you want to obtain more data from users, you can create custom registration fields.
  • Enable/disable payment methods according to the person that’s placing the order.
  • Create custom fields for business clients in your checkout, billing, and registration sections.
  • User groups or certain users can be exempted from any taxes that are usually applied to customer orders.
  • Control your stock levels by allocating them to the certain users group.
  • Allow clients to ask for quotes.
  • Hide pricing to guest users and prompt them to log in to view the price.
  • Password protect your products or categories with protection rules.
  • Multiple choices for managing coupons.
  • Your whole store site can be set to private mode.
  • Customers can be organized and divided into different customer groups as you see fit.
  • Certain groups, users, or items can have free shipping.


Woosuite Wholesale Suite Plugins

Let’s check more about the plugins you get with Woosuite Wholesale Suite.


Product Table

Customers won’t have to spend a lot of time placing orders with the order forms that are created using Woosuite Product Table. They can view your complete product catalog from the same page and complete orders easily.

You can quickly create wholesale order forms, product bundles, product comparison tables, and restaurant menus.


WooCommerce product table plugin.


There’s no limit to the number of products that can be displayed in a simple and intuitive format for customers. Customers can add products to their shopping cart and complete the checkout process quickly.

Product Table can help improve conversions and order values. The form layout is fully responsive, so it will look great on any device.

Your site can have its own unique product table lists or views that are very customizable with filtering and sorting options. For more info, check the Woosuite Product Table review.


Dynamic Pricing & Discount Rules

Woosuite Dynamic Pricing & Discount Rules plugin allows you to set conditions and price variations. Product discounts can be applied based on item categories, minimum orders, and user roles. You can offer discounts for limited periods to entice customers to buy more products on your site.


Woosuite Dynamic Pricing plugin.


Set rules for when, where, and how each active discount will be added to clients’ orders. You can decide that only particular customers or customer groups will receive discounts on their purchases.


  • Different customers can have different pricing and special offers for the same product.
  • Assign minimum order quantities for shopping carts.
  • Per-item costs can be reduced when a customer buys more.
  • A discount can be triggered for a certain product when another product is purchased at full price.
  • Price discounts can be applied as a percentage or a fixed amount.
  • All currently available offers can be viewed by site visitors displayed in easy to understand way.

For more info, check Woosuite Dynamic Pricing & Discount Rules review.


Minimum/Maximum Quantity Rules

Quantity increments, defaults, spending rules, maximum and minimum order quantities, and other options can be configured using the Woosuite Minimum/Maximum Quantity Rules plugin.


Woosuite Minimum Maximum Quantity Rules.



  • Set maximum order value to limit the amount a user can spend or set a minimum order value a user needs to spend.
  • Set minimum, maximum, quantity rules whenever you need them.
  • To have better control over your store, you can assign quantity defaults on the product or global levels.
  • Any items that you want to sell in batches can have order increments.
  • Assign more than one rule. For instance, you could have one rule for B2B clients and another for your B2C customers.


User Registration

Using the Woosuite User Registration plugin, you can create custom registration forms and custom fields that are added to your user registration forms and allow you to gather additional information about your clients.


Woosuite User Registration plugin.


For instance, you may want to find out how customers found your website or create your own unique wholesale forms with additional information that can be collected. There are no limits on the kinds or number of forms that you can create.


Restriction Rules

Using the Restriction Rules plugin, you can create certain criteria that trigger different restriction rules. For example, you can hide products from particular users, place restrictions on menu items, set password protection, or place the store in private mode.


  • Hide products based on certain users, tags, categories, or user groups.
  • Password protect certain products based on user roles, categories, tag, or specific customers. Set password expiration date and notice.
  • Force users to login before accessing your site by enabling private mode.
  • You can decide what content will be visible to each user group by creating unique menu display restriction roles.
  • Enhance user experiences by developing more than one rule at once. You can have one rule for B2C customers and another for your B2B customers, for example.


Wholesale Pricing

Wholesale Pricing plugin comes with Tax Exclusion Rules which allows creating tax exclusion rules for specific customers. Those user roles or users will not be required to pay tax on selected items after those rules have been set up.


Woosuite Wholesale tax exclusion rules.


Categories, products, certain users or user groups, and customer’s country of origin can be used for setting tax exclusions.

The plugin also adds new choices on the product edit page. Scroll down and search for the Wholesale Pricing section under the General Tab. Below the Sale Price option, you will find a new area called Wholesale Pricing.


Woosuite WooCommerce Wholesale Suite.


Wholesale Suite Price

Woosuite Wholesale Suite comes in three pricing plans. Basic plan costs $139/year for usage on one site. In the basic plan, users get access to these plugins:

  • Dynamic Pricing and Discount Rules
  • Minimum/Maximum Quantity Rules
  • User Registration
  • Product Table
  • Restriction Rules
  • Wholesale Pricing Pro

With a Professional plan for $199/year, you get additional plugins. Those are Request a Quote, Shipping & Payments Rules, and B2B Sales Agents.

All Acess plan grants access to all 14 Woosuite plugins. The price is $349/year. Unfortunately, there are no multi-site plans, which can become expensive if you intend to use on more than one website. Each plan comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee.

If you need WooCommerce B2B sales agents plugin, then check Woosuite Sales Agents.


Wholesale Suite Conclusion

Instead of selling directly to clients, some prefer business-to-business selling. It’s a different approach that may need to be personalized at times. Business customers are usually looking for bulk discounts and may agree to negotiate to get the prices that they’re looking for.

There can be different price catalogs, discount options, payment, and shipping methods for wholesale clients. Those elements can be based on company size, order size, and current business relationships.

Wholesale companies need to have a website that has more flexibility and freedom and features such as pricing levels, discounts, orders, and shipping rules.

You may also need to have custom checkout, and billing fields, support for multiple buyer accounts for corporations, the ability to hide prices for guests, company registration forms, VAT number or other tax ID information support, tax exemptions, and quote requests.

Woosuite WooCommerce Wholesale Suite can be an important tool for WooCommerce wholesalers sites to effectively own and operate wholesale or private WooCommerce stores.

As alternative option, B2B King is packed with features and worthy option for WooCommerce B2B and wholesale needs.

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