17 WordPress Frequently Asked Questions For Begginers

WordPress initially started as an open-source software primarily suitable for blogs. However, today it can be used for almost any use case. Executives, charitable institutions, businesses, and students use WordPress.

There are many WordPress users worldwide, and there are still people who are considering this open-source software as an option and have questions about its functions. We collected the most frequently asked questions about WordPress.


WordPress FAQ

Here are some of the most frequently asked questions about WordPress and its conceptual basics vital for users.


What is WordPress?

WordPress is a multifunctional tool that allows creating various types of sites for such purposes as studying, business, blogging, social networking, online stores, and much more. Thanks to the native interface, the platform allows the creation of user-friendly and highly customized websites in any area.


Does WordPress work only for bloggers?

It is true that initially, WordPress was created as a blogging platform. The code of the first version of WordPress was different. Today, thanks to changes in the code, the venue had widened its functions, becoming multipurpose. Now you can use it for any website, from e-stores to online courses.


How and when was WordPress created?

The WordPress platform began its life in 2003. It was initially created as free, open-source software. The founders of WordPress are Matt Mullenweg and Mike Little.

They both have other projects in the information technologies area. Some of those projects are connected to modern versions of WordPress. For example, Automattic maintains WordPress.com (the paid service, an alternative to WordPress.org).

Today WordPress has a huge community of users and contributors. Many people appreciate its functionality and wide possibilities for website creation.


What are the differences between WordPress.org and WordPress.com?

There are many differences between WordPress.org and WordPress.com.


wordpress differences


However, the core differences are the following:

  • org is what people mean more commonly when they talk about WordPress. This platform is free and open-source. WordPress.org allows installation to your website. In this case, you need to manage all aspects of the site by yourself.
  • com is a paid service. The service uses the software of WordPress.org. Here you don’t have to mess with the technical parts of website managing.


Can I use WordPress for free?

Being a free, open-source platform, WordPress is completely free to use. However, if you want to build a website on WordPress, you have to pay for hosting services.


wordpress site hosting guide


The price for hosting depends on the chosen hosting provider and the hosting plan you select. The cost for hosting may vary, but there are many affordable WordPress hosting providers as well as free WordPress hosting options.


How many customization options does WordPress offer?

The customization possibilities of WordPress are endless thanks to its huge library of available plugins and WordPress themes.


Do I have to be a programmer to maintain my WordPress website?

Of course not. The larger part of WordPress users are not professional coders or developers. WordPress allows any user to create and maintain a website without learning coding basics.

The purpose of WordPress is to ease the process of website development and make it simple. To start using WordPress, you only need to dedicate some time to learning the basics.

But if you feel overloaded with various tasks that do not let you dedicate enough time to creating content on your site, it is natural to seek help, especially in programming and coding, because these areas are not easy to understand when you are a beginner.

By opting for professional coding homework help, you would ease your life and save your GPA. Skilled coders would gladly help you with any assignment in any computing area, including WordPress issues.


Can I install WordPress on my laptop?

Sure, you can easily install WordPress on your PC. For some users, it is more suitable to use the platform from their laptops, especially for those who build their websites from scratch. Several specific tools allow easy installation of WordPress on any computer.


What are themes and plugins?

WordPress allows users to customize their websites in a thousand ways. For customization, there is a system of plugins and themes:

  • Themes give users the ability to change the visual of the website—for example, fonts.
  • Plugins allow changing websites’ functions, for example, ordering forms.


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Can I change the style and colors of my website?

Of course, WordPress allows changing color schemes, themes, fonts, adding pictures, and more. You can customize your website the way you want in terms of the needed concept.


best woocommerce store customizer plugin


There are various modifications of menu bars, pages, types of posts, various widgets, and more.


How do I update the menu on a WordPress website?

The menu section is an essential part of any website. When you want to make changes to the menu, you have to enter the Dashboard and then navigate to the Menus section.

This section allows you to update, add, and assign elements of the menu section:

  • To create a new menu, you need to press the “Create a new menu” button and name the menu.
  • To assign an item to the menu, you need to enter the Settings section and add the link to the particular item location (the exact location would depend on the theme you select.)
  • To exclude or include new items to the menu (pages, posts, tags, etc.), you need to use the left side of the menu section following the names of the buttons (“Remove,” etc.)


How can I edit my WordPress website sidebar?

When you start using WordPress, you will learn a lot about widgets. The sidebar contains various widgets for the content. To make changes, you have to open the Dashboard and find the Widgets section.

In the Widgets section, you can make any manipulations with widgets to change the look of the sidebar following your needs and concept.


remove sidebar in wordpress page guide


For the deepest customization of your website sidebar, you can enter the Customize section from the Dashboard. In the Customize section, you can change color schemes, fonts, etc.


Is it possible to change the WordPress account password?

Of course, you can change the password for your WordPress account any time you need.

To make changes, you need to log in to an account, enter the administrator toolbar, and click on the username  (it is on the top right corner). Then you choose the option to change the password.


How to change the footer?

You have to follow an algorithm similar to the way you change sidebars. You need to enter the Appearance section and then select the footer widgets option.


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You will get to choose from several options to customize columns, fonts, colors, and the overall style of the footer. You can also add a copyright mark to the footer.


Can I use Google Fonts?

Sure, you can customize your website on WordPress with Google Fonts. There is an option to integrate the fonts you need within the Appearance section, leading to the Fonts/Typography section. Note that you can also install additional plugins.


What does the CDN abbreviation mean?

CDN means Content Delivery Network. It optimizes the speed of the WordPress website. When visitors enter your website and see images and videos, CDN restores the stored copies on various servers, which are closer to the visitors.




There are free CDN services available to use for your website, and you can try them if you want to speed up your WordPress website.


What if I lose the site account password?

You can reset your password if you have lost it. This requires clicking on the “Lost password” button and then follow the instructions to restore the password with the help of your email.


use strong passwords wordpress


Note that when registering, you need to provide your email.




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