11 WordPress Plugins That Add Interactivity For Students

One of the best ways to get the most out of the experience of having a website for educational purposes is by installing WordPress and adding plugins that add interactivity. When you set it up, the advantages will keep coming your way. You have the chance to browse interactive WordPress plugins and install the ones you think will serve the best.

When it comes to interactive formats, it is not only that they make the whole experience more fun. The purpose of such content is to motivate the consumers, in this case, students, to engage actively.

That said, it means that students won’t be just passive viewers – which is always the case when no interactive formats are included. They will be a part of it all. With the plugins, you will have a two-way street experience.


WordPress Education Plugin

These days, students have so many opportunities online. This is truly an amazing time when students who have internet access can do many great things. Whether it’s having a website for educational purposes, finding inspirations for learning, or gaining new knowledge in one’s field of study – everything is way closer than before.

One can get everything on the Internet and buy even essays online in case it is needed to expand knowledge on any topic. There’s no better way to look for help these days than doing it online.

Every student who has a computer can set up a website on WordPress and install some of the many education plugins to reach the desired results. After all, student life is all about dealing with challenges, but they become a lot easier when one knows where to look for solutions.


learndash adding instructors


WordPress offers so much. Every plugin, especially the education-related one, is interesting in its way. Some are designed for learning. Others are designed to spark creativity in students.

Some will allow students to take a break, relax, and do something fun, like playing a board or a memory game. Installation is pretty simple, but more important than that, you’ll manage the content like a pro, and everyone in the virtual classroom will benefit from it.


How To Make Interactive Site With WordPress?

Creating an interactive website is not complicated at all, especially when you know what plugins to install. WordPress features thousands of plugins. You can get the majority for free and buy the others.

Below are some of the best and most interesting ones you can consider adding. You can add as many plugins as you want. Every plugin has its purpose and options that will provide certain perks to the users.



LearnDash is a WordPress learning management system (LMS) trusted by companies, universities, training organizations, and entrepreneurs worldwide for creating (and selling) their online courses.


learndash group management


The structure and delivery of LearnDash courses are based on instructional design principles used in learning programs. For more info, you can check articles such as how to handle increasing students on LearnDash, allow other students to create courses in LearnDash, best LearnDash themes, best LearnDash addons, and why to use LearnDash specific theme.


MasterStudy LMS

Have you ever dreamed of your own online learning platform with the ability to quickly and efficiently assemble a full LMS website?


MasterStudy LMS plugin.


MasterStudy LMS will give you this opportunity. Moreover, you can take advantage of dozens of additional addons to increase the capabilities of this multifunctional e-Learning system.

Want to quickly create your own unique sample certificate? No problem. Want to integrate MasterStudy with Udemy or Google Classroom? You can do it.

In addition, several types of quizzes, lessons, and courses are available in grid and list format.

MasterStudy supports PayPal and Stripe. Moreover, there is a WooCommerce integration option you can configure on your own. For more info, you can check MasterStudy LMS review.



H5P is one of the best free plugins. It provides so many possibilities and options, including creating and sharing interactive content. In addition, the plugin gives you access to fantastic interactive elements you can add to your websites, such as memory games, board games, and flashcards. You can also create interactive videos, presentations, collages, audio recorders, and more.

It is essential to mention that H5P is HTML5, it is open-source, and it is responsive. You can expect to get updates frequently, and updates mean many new features. The plugin allows you to share the content with ease.



Are you looking for a way to communicate with your students? BuddyPress is a plugin that allows you to do just that and more. It is social network software that’s robust and modern where members can register, create profiles, communicate with each other, create connections, and more.

BuddyPress brings a sense of community to the website. It features the built-in support for bbPress and Akismet, and both of these are super powerful plugins that many use.



Here’s a plugin that students will find super helpful. BuddyMeet will allow them to be part of virtual conference rooms that feature audio and video capabilities. This plugin can serve as a classroom base where group members can meet each other, create on-demand groups for specific members, and do many other things.

It is a BuddyPress plugin. Allowing the community members to be part of the conference rooms is possible through Jitsi Meet. You can use Jitsi Meet API to customize all the parameters according to your liking easily.



LearnPress is another plugin worth installing. It is reliable and regularly updated. It allows you to create lessons, courses, and quizzes to get the most out of it. Even if you are not too experienced with plugins and WordPress in general, you will find that creating courses and managing them doesn’t have to be complicated.

LearnPress LMS is one of the most active installs on the LMS market, and it is used in over 30 000 online schools. It is reliable, and it represents an excellent platform for teaching. Getting it is beyond simple, and you’ll have the option to choose the course page. Many fantastic designs are available, and you can select the one that works for you only.


Tutor LMS

Tutor LMS is a completely UI-based WordPress LMS plugin. It supports your entire course creation journey. Whether you’re a single instructor, an educational institute, or a training center- there’s something for you in Tutor LMS. For more info, be sure to check the Tutor LMS review.


Tutor LMS example.


Quiz Maker

Within minutes have your own advanced-level and fully customizable quizzes, tests, and exams with the Quiz Maker plugin. With the plugin, you will have no limits for creating quizzes. You are free to add to your multi-page or multi-slide quiz as many questions as you need, also randomize both the quiz questions and answers.


Quiz Maker plugin.


The Quiz Maker plugin provides you with different quiz-type options. The Personality Quiz is a perfect way to enhance the list of your emails.

It is not a secret that all of us love to make money. The plugin again has an option for your passive income; Paid Quizzes.

It is not a secret, that students are prone to cheat especially during online exams. The Timer-Based Quiz’s option of a countdown timer is a perfect way to make students concentrated on exam questions.

Other quizzes type options which you are able to create are; Exam with a Certificate, Trivia Quiz, Scored Quiz, Assessment Quiz, True or False Quiz, Multiple-Choice Quiz, Test Your Knowledge Quiz, IQ test.


Captain Up

In the world of plugins, the ones designed for gamification can create a more exciting experience for all parties. With gamification, you can incorporate gameplay elements to the website and reward the viewers each time they complete a task, motivating the students and encouraging collaboration and communication. Still, it can also educate and inspire them.

The Captain Up plugin allows you to add gamification elements to your WordPress site. When you download and install it, you will automatically enable the option for rewarding the viewers.



A bbPress plugin is an excellent option if you want to create a classroom forum. With this option, you will have a streamlined and elegant discussion board where students can discuss various topics, from book reviews, assignments and more. The best part about it is its simple integration and the fact it is effortless to use.

Creating a classroom forum usually means a lot of work, and it does require attention and dedication. But, you have the option to assign some of the students as moderators. The plugin supports BuddyPress and Akismet.


Image Hotspotter

Displaying the information about images you are sharing can be super interesting with Image Hotspotter. You can use it to create an interactive, user-friendly, responsive photo map. When the visitor looks at the images and hovers with the cursor over each, a little box will show up, containing more information about the photo.

It is the perfect plugin for a website that is about art, photography, or something similar. It comes with a fully customizable stylization for hotspots, popup modal box, and mouse hover box. In a single interactive map, any number of hotspots is possible. The only flaw is that the plugin is not available for free.


Adding Interactivity WordPress Conclusion

In the world of computers and the Internet, students have many opportunities to finish their tasks faster, become better at what they do, and be even more productive. There’s just about anything, from writing services to excellent interactive blog sites with amazing plugins that make everything more accessible and fun.

You can find various plugins for online courses, distance learning, and some of these plugins could be a perfect addition to your WordPress website. If you need WordPress theme for this purpose, then be sure to check best WordPress education themes, WordPress themes for high school and WordPress university themes.




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