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If you ever embed videos in your web pages, you should create WordPress video sitemap. It will help improve your site’s performance in Google and other search engines.

Video sitemaps are plain text files containing a list of videos that are either embedded or hosted on your website. During regular crawling, Google mostly ignores video content that’s embedded in web pages.

With the help of a video sitemap, you can easily inform Google about all the videos that are on your site. Video sitemap will help your site pages rank in both video search results as well as Google’s universal search.


Ultimate Video SEO Plugin

If you regularly publish posts with videos in it, you have probably seen by now that most of your videos don’t even show up in the search results. It can be frustrating for you since you spent so much time just to produce a video.

Sometimes the videos do show up but as general “video results”. But you want the videos to be part of the post/page content and display it in the search results accordingly.

Ultimate Video SEO plugin will help you with that by creating WordPress video sitemap. It will make it easy for the search engine bot to crawl through your videos and index them like normal post/page content.

You will get the following benefits:

  1. Search engines will show more interest in your post/page since there are videos embedded in it (obviously the videos need to be related to the content)
  2. When your post/page ranks in the search results there will also be a video thumbnail with it showing users that the post/page contains a video. It makes users feel more confident by giving you a higher click rate.

Ultimate Video SEO Plugin will add all your video and create wordpress video sitemap. Video sitemap will help you increase click-through as well as traffic.


How Is Ultimate Video SEO Plugin Different From Competition?

You have probably seen many various WordPress plugins for creating video sitemap. Difference between other WordPress video sitemap plugins and Ultimate Video SEO is in video hosting providers.

Most video sitemap plugins support only YouTube videos. If your videos on site are YouTube oriented then you have wide selection of plugins available. But what if you need to create video sitemap consisting of YouTube, Vimeo, Dailymotion, etc. videos? Then selection is very, very small.

This is where Ultimate Video SEO plugin comes in. It automatically fetches video SEO details from videos of all major video hosting providers and submits it to video sitemap.

It also supports self hosted videos with all WordPress supported video formats. It will notify search engines whenever sitemap is updated or generated. Ultimate Video SEO Plugin supports video embedded through shortcode or metabox (created by third-party plugins or theme).

Plugin will add schema.org videoObject markup to all your video post/pages. It shows snippet preview of video search result within your post editor. With this plugin you can easily rank for your videos into google search engines and receive good traffic from search engines.


WordPress Video Sitemap Plugin

You have probably seen many times videos showing in search results on Google. It is good way to increase click on your site as it is more appealing than only text. You can upload videos to your host or even better to YouTube, Vimeo….

In that way you are letting them do all the hard work and you just embed video link in your post.

And you should have something like this:

ultimate video seo plugin example


You probably heard for Yoast Video SEO plugin (you also need to have Yoast SEO plugin). I tried that one too, but after some time my videos disappeared from video sitemap.

Also I got error on google webmasters tools about missing html tag. I didn’t succeed to resolve that issue I decided to buy Ultimate Video SEO Plugin from Codecanyon. It is much cheaper too and does a great job.

As already mentioned, it supports videos from all major video hosting providers like YouTube,Vimeo, DailyMotion, Wistia, etc.

It also supports self hosted videos. It is standalone plugin so no extra WordPress plugins are needed. Very simple to use. You just activate it and configure few settings.

It automatically fetches video SEO details from videos and submits them to video sitemap. You don’t even have to manually write search engine details for video. You can change details as well as upload thumbnail of your choosing.

You can even choose to disable video seo plugin for particular post. For the price of $20 Ultimate Video SEO Plugin is must have WordPress video sitemap plugin. Great plugin, cheap, efficient, etc.


Tips For Getting Videos Indexed

1. You need to have a reasonably strong page for Google to bother crawling your video sitemap entry.

As with normal indexation, a lack of PageRank and a large number of pages with videos on is going to mean that a lot of them don’t get crawled frequently and your videos won’t all be indexed.

It can take a while for Google to recrawl a video sitemap, even for relatively strong sites. If you’re desperate for rich snippets on lots of pages, yet don’t have the domain strengh to back it up, keep your video sitemap restricted to just the most important videos.


2. Pages with additional content outside of a video tend to get video snippets more often. This is somewhat counter intuitive, but pages that only have video (and no supporting text) can seemingly often be viewed as low quality.

Pages containing videos that also have text and images will often both rank better and get crawled more often. Including text descriptions, stills or transcripts alongside the video is always worthwhile.


3. Google appear to be better an indexing flash files, Embeds, or videos embedded with the HTML5 video tag than iframes. Unfortunately, most video platforms use iframe as the standard embed method, as it’s lightweight, mobile friendly and flexible. I’m not saying that iframes can’t get indexed, but it’s typically slower to happen less surefire.

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6 thoughts on “WordPress Video Sitemap | Ultimate Video SEO Plugin”

  1. The plugin is interesting and in fact, I already bought it but it does not display the thumbnail videos in search results yet.

  2. The plugin is interesting and in fact, I already bought it but it does not display the thumbnail videos in search results yet.

    1. It should start showing after 3-7 days if you submitted video sitemap to google. Check in webmaster tools to see if there are any errors showing or did google even indexed videos.

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