WP Fluent Form Review (2023) | The Most Dynamic Modern WordPress Form Builder Plugin

WP Fluent Form


Easy to use






Overall quality



  • Free version
  • Very easy to use with no learning curve
  • Smart conditional logic feature
  • Responsive
  • Option to integrate with various email marketing tools
  • Option to create multi-step forms
  • Form scheduling and restriction feature


  • For some options you need to purchase pro add-on

Contact forms are a great way to make communication throughout the business community. It has a great impact on the global marketplace. If you are a WordPress user, you don’t get any default option to create a contact form on your website. Here WordPress plugin comes in place to fill up the gap of form creation.

Using a quality form plugin can do a lot in this regard. There are many benefits of  using WordPress form builder plugin. The most complex thing happens when it comes to choosing a quality plugin in WordPress as there are a ton of options out there in the market.

It is very tough to figure out which form plugin is best suitable for you. Hence, to make things easy, I am writing this review article about WP Fluent Form, a popular form builder plugin.

In my humble opinion, WP Fluent Form is one of the fastest-growing form plugins for WordPress users. The users are increasing enormously day by day. Read on to find out why.


WP Fluent Form is dynamic WordPress form builder plugin.
Dynamic modern WordPress form builder plugin.


WP Fluent Form is a freemium WordPress plugin with tons of advanced features and functionalities. In today’s article, I will cover a review, and you are going to learn everything you need to know about WP Fluent Form.


WP Fluent Form Review

WP Fluent Form is a smart quality form builder freemium plugin for WordPress users developed by WPManageNinja team. You can get the free version of the plugin from WordPress.org, and it offers a pro-addon with a heap of advanced functionalities for diverse use.

The best part of WP Fluent Form is it covers the maximum features in its free version that other plugins keep as premium. The plugin is the most user-friendly, and it will allow you to create unlimited online forms on your site.

You can create almost all types of online forms. For instance, you can create single forms, multiple forms, subscription forms, payment forms, any type of creative forms in a matter of minutes.

The plugin is user-friendly and supports several pre-built form templates to make things easy for the users. Moreover, WP Fluent Form is fully responsive and very optimized for performance.


WP Fluent Form Features

As I stated above that the plugin is a feature rich and you will find a number of advanced features and functionalities. Though the free version of the plugin provides you with lots of them, you can purchase the pro-ad-on for having the maximum features for serving your purposes.

It’s drag & drop feature makes the plugin more easy to use and provide flexibility with smoothness simultaneously.


WP Fluent Form features.


To have all these features, you don’t need any coding knowledge to operate the plugin. Another most important aspect of the plugin is that the plugin is extensively documented, complete with graphical tutorials, so that users can get a helping hand whenever they face any problem.

Let’s take a close look at the core features of the plugin:


Easy to use interface

One of the key aspects of using WP Fluent Form is its beginner-friendly interface. A novice user can use the plugin very easily. The design layout of every part is designed in such a way that it is accessible to all types of users, regardless of their coding expertise.


WP Fluent Form form creation.


WP Fluent Form drag and drop form builder.
WP Fluent Form drag and drop form creation.


Developers of the plugin developed the plugin keeping a user-centric mindset. That’s why the plugin gets its pick in terms of user-friendliness.


Pre-built templates

WP Fluent Form allows you to have versatile pre-built form templates to make things easy for you. The basic package includes a whooping 25+ prebuit form template that covers all your basic needs.

By default, you will get all the standard pre-built templates attached to the plugin including a basic contact form, support form, an event registration form, etc. And if you upgrade to a pro version, it expands to 60+ form templates.


WP Fluent Form pre-built templates.
Currently available form templates in WP Fluent Form.


The developer team is working on this to increase the number of pre-built form templates and constantly new prebuilt form templates are being added. You can already check the variety of form templates here.


Drag & dropable input elements

WP Fluent Form allows you to use the drag and drop feature to effectively add input fields to your online forms. There are 45+ drag & dropable input fields supported by the form builder. All the input fields are used to add different features to your online form.


WP Fluent Form general input fields.

WP Fluent Form advanced input fields.

Fluent Form container fileds. Fluent Form payment fields.


Input fields are divided into four sections, and they are General Fields, Advanced Fields, Container, and Payment Fields.


Adding smart conditional logic

Conditional logic is a dynamic feature that allows users to use only the required input fields that they only need. This is triggered by the users’ actions on a previously filled input field. It is a wonderful way to retrieve data from the users.

This awesome feature will allow you to create specific rules to dynamically hide/show the input field based on the values from some other fields. Hence, you get to exhibit tailor-made forms to users and reduce unsubscribes rates.


Creating multi-step form

Multi-step forms are a modern way of creating and using contact forms on a particular website. Basically, in this way, a large form splits into different sections to make things easy for the users.

Usually, this type of form helps to keep the users on track without making them bored. WP Fluent Form allows you to create this type of multi-step form on your website.

Using multi-step form can be a great option while it’s needed to create a large form for a particular reason. Without creating this type of form, it may create boringness to fill up a large form on your site.


Multiple integrations

A great product comes with different advanced integrations with renowned platforms. The same is true for WP Fluent Form. The plugin comes up with a bunch of integrations and it even includes generous options in the free version.

For instance, the plugin is successfully integrated with different email marketing platforms like MailChimp, Slack, GetResponse, ActiveCampaign, Campaign Monitor, iContact, etc. Moreover there is Webhook integration for the devs to get more creative and through the Zapier, users can connect to 2000+ more tools.

This plugin is also integrated with the amazing form builder plugin Ninja Tables that enables users to create beautiful WordPress datatables and display their products in a more fashionable manner.



One of the most astounding features of WP Fluent Form is its responsiveness with different devices. Using WP Fluent Form, you can create any kind of responsive form for your website that is compatible with different types of devices.


Ensuring security

WP Fluent Form provides protection while creating and adding forms to your websites. It will save you from all types of spamming. To make the security, WP Fluent Form provides Google reCaptcha facility while creating forms on your website.


Adding recaptcha to form plugin.
Prevent spam form submissions by adding reCaptcha.


By dragging and dropping, you can add this amazing feature to your form. This is pretty easy and highly configurable to integrate into your website and ultimately makes your site safe and secure.

Moreover, you can enable Honeypot to protect your forms from spambots. This is exceedingly popular among the users, and handles spam with finesse. There is also WordPress’ very own Akismet integration.


Advanced post creation

Creating a post and editing data on your website can be a time-consuming hassle for you. Advanced post creation is a smart feature that takes away the trouble from you without bothering you with any coding.

With WP Fluent Forms, you can transfer all your data entries directly into a WordPress page or post. This includes any massive feature or metadata that the entry might include. Moreover, the file upload field will help you attach images, audios, PDFs, etc. as well. The opportunities are endless with WP Fluent Forms’ advanced post creation.


Form scheduling and restriction

Sometimes you need to schedule your created online forms to keep up with your busy routine, and you may need to allow only certain user form submission that comply with specific conditions.


Scheduling form WordPress plugin.
Schedule your created online forms.


WP Fluent Form allows you to implement those form scheduling and restriction feature into your online forms. This feature makes your form more authentic to the users.



Oftentimes, you may find yourself in a situation when you have to deal with sensitive data. An eSignature feature helps a great deal in these cases.

An exclusive signature addon for WP Fluent Forms can help you in this regard. Once you install this pro addon, you will have an extra signature field among the advanced fields. This will allow you to collect eSignatures across any browser or device.


Payment gateways

Donation forms, payment forms are some of the most widely used webforms in the world right now. Hence, allowing payment gateways is an absolute must for form builders. But alas! A lot of form plugins keep them out of reach and you will need to spend a lot even to avail these integrations.

However, if you are a WP Fluent Forms enthusiast, that’s none of your concern. This WordPress form builder offers PayPal and Stripe integrations with all of the premium versions. Which means, no matter which package you choose depending on your need, and you will get payment gateways with all of them.


Support and documentation

Another important aspect of WP Fluent Form is its dedicated support to its users. Users usually get instant support when they get stuck while operating the plugin.

There are extensive documentation and visual guidelines of WP Fluent Form that makes the plugin usage more easy and comfortable. Furthermore, the expert support engineers respond to each support ticket with the most utmost urgency.


WP Fluent Form Pricing | Pro Add-on

Though WP Fluent Form covers all the basic features it still offers premium licenses for its users to extend the functionalities. Maximum features are provided in the free version of the plugin but using a pro version can help you in the long run.

Here are the pricing plans that WP Fluent Form offers to its users:

  • Single Site License – $59.00
  • 5 Site License – $129.00
  • Unlimited Site License – $199.00

The pricing mentioned above seems pretty cost effective knowing that you can get a quality WordPress form builder plugin for your purposes.

The licenses do not differ in terms of functionality, but only in the number of domains allowed, and the period of validity. Additionally, there are also available lifetime pricing plans.


WP Fluent Form Review Conclusion

Creating online forms could be an easy task if you use a quality form plugin in WordPress. WP Fluent Form plugin allows you to make this happen in a handy way.

It’s easy to use interface allows you to create and add any kind of online forms on your website. If you need to find out the right WordPress form builder plugin, you can give the WP Fluent Form a test drive with a free version. Then if everything goes well,  you can take a further decision to have a pro-add-on.

When you are about to create online forms, there are a ton of options out there. The marketplace is enough to make you confused while choosing the right one. That’s why this article is intended to make thing easy for you. WP Fluent Form can be an excellent option for serving your purposes.

If WP Fluent Form is not form builder plugin that you need, great alternatives are Gravity Forms (see best Gravity Forms addons), Formidable Forms, and WPForms (check WPForms vs Gravity Forms comparison). It si also worth checking best Typeform alternatives for WordPress.

I hope this review article help you choose a quality form builder plugin. If you still have any query regarding WP Fluent Form, let me know in comments below.


Author Bio:

Sazzadul Bari is the digital marketing strategist at WPManageNinja, specializing in content writing and lead gen. He is also the man behind BlogCD, a blogging resource site for bloggers.

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