WPOnepager Pro Review PROS & CONS (2023) – WordPress Landing Page Builder

WPOnepager Pro


Easy to use






Overall quality



  • Affordable price
  • Very easy to use with no learning curve
  • Great looking templates, layouts, and blocks
  • Quickly create landing pages
  • 7 days money back guarantee


  • Works only on pages
  • Needs more available templates and blocks
  • Not for those who want more customization freedom

In the past, it was often difficult for users to create landing pages and WordPress sites. Fortunately, things are a lot easier now. Now there are many page builder plugins and tools which make it possible to design effective and appealing landing pages without having to know anything about coding.

Page builders’ simple drag and drop interface eliminates the need for hiring developers to help set up pages on WordPress sites. Now the only real challenge is selecting the right page builder that best meets your needs.

The team at Themesgrove has created a WPOnepager WordPress landing page builder to provide the best possible website development experience. It’s one of the most popular plugins for creating landing pages. You can use it to customize the website in minutes. No coding knowledge is required.

WPOnepager can help you design beautiful lead generation pages, sale pages, event and webinar signup pages, landing pages, and all kinds of other pages rather quickly. It’s also completely mobile responsive, so the pages that you create will look great on any device.

Each page that you create using WPOnepager is highly optimized and build according to web standards.


WPOnepager Pro Review

WPOnepager’s intuitive drag and drop interface makes designing layouts for your pages very simple. There are over 100 landing page templates and content blocks that can be utilized to customize your landing pages any way that you want.

You can choose font and background colors, customize footers and headers and pick from over 900 available Google fonts to make pages match your brand and company. The templates use both CSS and HTML and are compatible with all WordPress themes.


wponepager premade layouts


The versatile, fully responsive templates can help you make amazing landing pages that are sure to increase awareness and drive sales. WPOnepager’s design controls are perfect for novices.

The landing pages are optimized for web performance, so you can rest easy knowing that your conversions won’t be affected.


WPOnepager FREE vs. PRO

The main difference between WPOnepager free and the pro version is in a number of available templates, layouts, and blocks. There is a decent number of options in the free version of WPOnepager, but the pro version adds many more layouts, blocks, templates, “coming soon” pages, etc. The pro version also includes several very appealing animation effects.

The free edition is essentially the core of the WPOnepager plugin, as you will need to have both free and premium versions installed and activated for the premium version to work.

PRO version comes with the premium blocks, features, and landing pages. The pro version also includes multiple scroll animations, animation for elements, full-screen sections, form templates, pre-designed premium templates, a large assortment of blocks, and much more. The free version includes 58 blocks and seven different layouts.

Some of the PRO version’s features include:

  • 17 premium templates
  • Over 20 “coming soon” pages (blocks)
  • Over 120 premium blocks
  • Over 900 Google fonts for better typography control
  • A wide variety of animation options
  • Full-screen blocks that are ideal for presentation layouts
  • Support for shortcodes
  • The ability to create your own customized headers and footers
  • Translation ready
  • Import and export option
  • Automatic updates
  • The ability to add videos in your backgrounds
  • Full compatibility with any WordPress theme


Blocks & Templates

WPOnepager’s templates can help you craft an impressive landing page in minutes. Once you open the dashboard, you’ll find an excellent selection of ready-made templates in different categories. There are not many templates for now, but I am sure more will be added in the future (currently 23). You can also start from scratch and create a landing page using available blocks.


wponepager templates


Each template allows you to build your site quickly. When you decide which template you wish to use, just click to import it.

Once the template has been imported, you can click on the text and images that you want to replace. You can use WPOnepager further to edit or integrate any additional content as you see fit.

WPOnepager includes over a hundred block and template options. Each of them is unique. There are templates for specific niches such as agency, app presentation, business, charity, corporate, fashion, restaurant, book, law, education, etc.


WPOnepager plugin comes with the following block types:

1. Call To Actions – You can add “Buy Now,” “Sign Up,” or other call to action blocks to trigger specific actions from your site visitors.

2. Coming Soon – Adding a “website under construction” or coming soon block can be used to make announcements or advertise upcoming features or new products on your site.


WordPress Landing Page Builder


3. Core Blocks – Some examples of core blocks include testimonials, product, and service information, about us sections, contact us sections, and more. They are an essential part of almost every website.

4. Blogs – If you have a blog section on your website, then you can easily integrate that with the blog blocks.

5. Contact – Contact block allows you to include your contact information to allow for quicker feedback and interaction with your site users.

6. About – You can use about blocks to tell people more about who you are and what you do. You can add information such as your achievements, values, mission statement, specialties, and more.

7. Clients – Client blocks can show how much you value repeat customers. They can also help attract new customers. Here you can also show companies that you have cooperation with or which products you offer on your site.

8. Features – The features block can briefly describe the features, functions, products, and services that you provide.

9. Footers – This section is used to add information to your page footer.

10. Navbars – Navbars help your site users successfully navigate through different portions of your website.

11. Hero – Hero sections can be used to attract more traffic to your site and improve sales conversions.

12. Portfolios – Portfolio blocks are a great way to highlight your accomplishments, past projects, or provide general details.


portfolio blocks wponepager


13. Pricing – Pricing blocks can be used to advertise particular products with selling prices or to compare different pricing plans. You can also include a brief overview of each product’s features in each pricing block.

14. Sliders – Eye-catching slider blocks can be used to emphasize deals, discounts, or new products and services.

Teams – Team blocks can showcase your employees. You can add photos, titles, and other relevant information.

15. Testimonials – Testimonials from previous customers are an excellent way to build trust and loyalty. They can also help to increase conversion rates and overall sales.

16. PRO Blocks – Various blocks only available in pro version. 

17. Forms – You can use forms blocks to add shortcode from contact form plugin like Contact Form 7 and form will be displayed on your page.

18. WooCommerce – WooCommerce blocks can help you create new product pages fast. A nice option for when you want to advertise new products or run promotional offers. You’ll need to have the WooCommerce plugin installed before you can access this feature.

19. Videos – Video blocks are very good at grabbing viewers’ attention. They help people to understand your story much better than just text content.


How WPOnepager Works?

After you install and activate WPOnepager plugin, you will be able to edit existing pages or create brand new pages from scratch. You just need to enable WPOnepager in page editor so you can start designing your site.


how to use wponepager plugin


After you enable WPOnepager, at the bottom of the page editor you will see OnePager section. Here you will se all available layouts. You can choose to create from scratch (Start Blank) or select one of the layouts (templates).


how to create one page website in wordpress


You will then be redirected to OnePager editor screen. You can now add blocks to your pages or edit existing layout. Select the “Add Block” option to add blocks. You can also delete blocks or rearrange.


one page landing page wordpress


The nice thing about the “Add Block” feature is the fact that you won’t receive the prompts about column sizing and various other settings that need to be managed as you would from other popular page builder plugins. WPOnepager’s templates and blocks are already pre-customized so that you can create your website quickly.


wordpress one pager


WPOnepager’s customization options are minimal but impressive and essential. If you want to change content, just click on the desired block section and make your edits. You can also add animations to give your site a more polished look.


wponepager settings wponepager styles


The plugin’s animations are smooth and won’t slow down your site. It was created with the intent of allowing users to have the best possible visual output without sacrificing site performance or speed.

WPOnepager offers you different input types like input image, link, text, audio, etc. Therefore, you can add whatever you need to add. There are also options for adding background videos in your WPOnepager landing page.


WPOnepager Pro Pricing

WPOnepager has a free and paid version. The free version can easily be downloaded from the WordPress repository. The free version includes a nice amount of templates, blocks, and features. But the pro version has even more templates, blocks, functions, etc.


wponepager free vs pro


There are three pricing tiers for the pro version. Those are Personal, Agency, and Unlimited. Each plan has the same features. The only difference is on how many sites you can activate. The Personal plan can be used on a single site. The Agency plan is good for five sites, and the Unlimited plan provides a license for an unlimited number of websites.

WPOnepager offers a 7 day money-back guarantee. That means if you are not satisfied with your purchase, you can request a refund. I would usually say that seven days is not much for a money-back guarantee, but in the case of WPOnepager, it is enough time to use if plugin fits your needs.


WPOnepager PROS & CONS

Here are advantages and disadvantages of using WPOnepager plugin:


  • I was surprised by how easy it is to use.
  • Available templates, layouts, and blocks look amazing.
  • Create landing pages in a couple of minutes without messing with too many settings.
  • Support via email and chat.
  • Seven day money-back guarantee.
  • No learning curve.
  • Works with shortcodes.


  • Works only on pages (not on posts).
  • There is a Demo button under each block in the Blocks section of the plugin, but clicking on it doesn’t show demo preview or anything. It doesn’t do anything which brings question what its purpose is.
  • Not for those who want more customization freedom that Elementor, Visual Composer, and other page building plugins offer.
  • There is a good amount of blocks, templates, and layout options, but it needs to be more to provide more options to users.
  • No option to save created landing page as reusable so that if you wish to create similar, you don’t need to create all from scratch.


WPOnepager Pro Review Conclusion

With so many free and paid page builder plugins available, it can be difficult finding the right one for your needs. The most popular page builder plugin is Elementor (check Elementor review). But there are many more like WPBakery (see WPBakery review), Visual Composer (what is difference between Visual Composer free vs Visual Composer premium), Brizy, Oxygen, Thrive Architect, etc.

It can be very time-consuming deciding which to go with. You might wind up with a plugin that’s either too expensive or doesn’t adequately perform the tasks that you want.

The Themesgrove team designed the WPOnepager WordPress landing page builder plugin to help you create beautiful websites fast. While other mentioned plugins are great and offer a vast amount of options and features, WPOnepager is very different. This is not a full-page builder plugin. There is no learning curve like with other plugins.

WPOnepager’s templates and blocks are already pre-customized, so you just add blocks, edit content set a few typography and other tweaks, and you are done. WPOnepager is for people who don’t have coding skills and want to create amazing landing pages fast without messing with various settings. And WPOnepager does exactly that.

The plugin can be used to create effective landing pages without coding. It’s an intuitive drag and drop, landing page, and “under construction” page builder. It allows you to design unique landing pages to help you draw more traffic and improve sales. The entire process is straightforward and doesn’t require any coding knowledge or experience.

DISCLOSURE: Posts may contain affiliate links. If you buy something through one of those links, I might get a small commission, without any extra cost to you. Read more about it here.

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