My name is Matija and I love working with WordPress. I also have few WP sites of my own and manage few others.

As I use many different paid and free WordPress plugins and themes, I often seek the internet for advice on which hosting to take for my websites, which plugin or theme is best for my business, etc.

But when searching it is easy to get lost in so much provided options that you become more confused than when you started.

This is where Kasa Reviews website comes in. I will try to give advice, write tutorials, guides, provide tips, review plugins, themes and various other online products.

This site is mostly about WordPress but I will write about other helpfull tools and software. I am going to write reviews on products I have tested, been using some time or have knowledge about.

I will write products pros, and cons and mention available features.


Why Read Kasa Reviews?

On KasaReviews site you can read and learn anything related to WordPress.

Check product comparisons, see various deals for your website or business, read themes and plugins reviews, tips and most asked questions or even participate in giveaways.

For any questions feel free to contact me or follow on Facebook or Twitter and be sure to subscribe to a weekly newsletter or you could miss some top secret important stuff (ok, not that much important but still useful).

Don’t pay for themes, plugins, products which suck. Read Kasa Reviews and save your money and time with real product reviews written by a user with experience.

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