My name is Matija, but everybody calls me Kasa. I am 27 years old and love working with WordPress. I also have few WP sites of my own and manage few others.

As I use many different paid and free WordPress plugins and themes, I often seek the internet for advice on which hosting to take for my websites, which plugin or theme is best for my business and so on.

But when browsing the web it is hard to find real, working products. Also many reviews are paid by product owners or people who just want to earn affiliate commission.

Reviewer or writer praises product like we will die if we don’t buy it instantly. Not sure if they even purchased or test product they are writing about. Not all do it, but let’s face it a lot of them do.



From all that reviews average user can’t find out is product good or it just sucks. Good reviews on products are hard to find.

Don’t get me wrong I endorse affiliate links. In fact, when buying on the internet I always buy through someone’s affiliate link.

If there is something on eBay I want to buy, then I just pick some random affiliate link found and buy using it.

I even always click at least once on Adsense ads found on websites.

Why not? You don’t have anything to lose. It takes a moment of your time. Let the owner earn for his hard work.


What is this site all about?

This site is about WordPress. Its themes, plugins and all related questions. I am going to write reviews on products I have tested, been using some time or have knowledge about.

If the product is bad, I will write that it sucks or even tell you to avoid it.


You are a hypocrite! You are using affiliate links too. Why should we trust your advice?

Ok, breath slowly. Don’t get infarct now. Yes, on some reviews I will put my affiliate links. But that will not affect my judgment. If you want you can buy through the link, if not then go on official sellers website.

Links are there to help me improve this site, pay hosting, buy products to test them and so on.


To summarize:

On KasaReviews site you can read and learn anything related to WordPress. Check product comparisons, see various deals for your website or business, read themes and plugins reviews, tips and most asked questions or even participate in giveaways.

For any questions feel free to contact me. If you like follow me on Facebook or Twitter and be sure to subscribe to a weekly newsletter or you could miss some important stuff (ok, not important but useful).

No paying themes, plugins, products which suck.

Read Kasa Reviews and save your money and time with real product reviews written by a user with experience.