In order to review your service or product effectively, I need access to the product or service in question. Note that a paid review is no guarantee of a positive review, it is only a guarantee that I will review your product or service fairly and objectively.

If something is bad, I will say so. If it is good, I will say so. Additionally, I will make suggestions on how I believe the product or service can be improved.

Why charging for review?

Because I often receive requests for reviewing product, theme, plugin in my email. I choose only ones I found to be interesting, worthy and beneficial to my readers. To separate serious requests and to reward my time and effort, I decided to charge small amounts.

You can see that I really don’t charge much. Compared with many other sites which ask for couple hundreds, and those who think serious will not have trouble paying. You have to keep in mind that I have my own costs too.


The Benefit of a Review on

There are many benefits to having your product or service reviewed on You will obviously generate exposure to my readers when the article is published.

However, there are many other benefits:

  • You will give your potential customers an honest look at your product or service
  • You can reference the article on your promotional material and quote any part of the review to enhance social proof
  • Since the review will be listed in search engines, you will create another way of people finding your product
  • You will receive honest criticism about your product or service and suggestions on how it can be improved


There are few ways you can promote your product on KasaReviews:

1. Paid Review $89 

Do you have a new theme or plugin and want the WordPress world to know about it? Or maybe you just want a third-party to write an honest review of your work.

Let me review it and promote on my site. For only $89 I will review your product and write a non-biased article about it (links will be do-follow).

This means that I will try out your product as a user would and write what I really think about it in an impartial way. If your product is really great, I will definitely say so.

If not, I will explain why I don’t like certain features and possibly suggest ways of improving it. So a review usually consists of all the pros and cons of your product.

Product review will be from 1 500 – 3 000 words (it depends if product is simple then it could be less or more than 3 000).

Please allow up to 7-12 days to make content ready. If you agree with terms be sure to send copy of product/s. Also if you have some coupon for my readers to use upon purchase, you are welcome to add (long-term coupon).

For any queries regarding sponsored posts or paid reviews be sure to contact me. All submissions will be reviewed and subjected to a quality test, as I strive hard to bring the best resources to my readers.

After approving I can send you invoice or you can make payment. Payments are done via PayPal. You can see how I write reviews and how review will look by checking my review section.

NOTE: I don’t guarantee any specific amount of traffic or leads.

Use contact form to get in touch.


2. Run A Giveaway

Giveaways are a great way to give something back to the WordPress community while also attracting a high degree of interest in your service/product.

I will run a giveaway of your product for free. More information and giveaway conditions will be agreed through correspondence. I reserve a right to decline product if I don’t find it valuable enough.

Use contact form to get in touch.


If you have any other way of promotion in mind, I am open to suggestions.

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