8 Best Paid & Free WordPress Two-Factor Authentication Plugins

Security matters a lot while accessing and navigating any website. This aspect can be ensured thanks to applying advanced measures. Two-factor authentication is among the measures that are cost-effective and can boost security well at the same time. That is why you need a good WordPress two-factor authentication plugin.


What Is Two-Factor Authentication?

Two-factor authentication is an advanced measure of protection for any website. This approach requires passing two steps where two or three proofs of identity are applied before providing access to a website visitor.

The two stages usually comprise inserting a password (something usual in this course) and any external tool you possess (this may be your email account, QR code, push notifications, phone call, SMS, etc.).


 Why Is Two-Factor Authentication Required?

Two-factor authentication prevents widespread cyber threats associated with malware, spyware, and hacker attacks. The scope of benefits from using this approach is greatly extended:

  • Ensure compliance – In some spheres, full compliance is crucial, for instance, if we discuss ensuring GDPR compliance. Protecting the rights of consumers is the most widespread example. In any case, the application of concrete two-factor authentication measures depends on the specifics of a concrete business case.
  • Reduce the risk of malicious actions and fraud – Applying extra security measures enables to eliminate or remove entirely of all major cyber risks. It becomes too complicated for cybercriminals to break the accounts of users on a large scale. Of course, additional actions are also expected from the users who visit a website.
  • Increase loyalty and customer trust – Customers always appreciate their data and experience being secure. If you apply extra measures in this course, this always adds points to your project. Respectively, this measure impacts the future decision to return to a certain project again.


Best WordPress Two-factor Authentication Plugins

If you are lost among the variety of WordPress two steps authentication plugins, look at the suggested plugins.



iThemes Security provides many features, and one of them is two-factor authentication. It can provide an extra layer of protection for your website thanks to a password and a one-time code forwarded to a secondary device, like your smartphone.


iThemes Security 2 factor authentication feature.


Using Google Authenticator App is also possible. The plugin has proven to be a convenient and effective way to prevent malicious attacks.


  • Easy registration and installation procedure.
  • Monitores security-related events in a real-time mode.
  • Suitable for any site.

For more info, check my iThemes Security review.


WordPress Google Authenticator

Google Authenticator – WordPress Two Factor Authentication is a plugin that uses a Google Authenticator app. Users of this tool get instant and secure access to effective and diversified backup solutions that can protect their experience.


WordPress free Google Authenticator plugin.



  • Both admins and users can activate two-factor authentication
  • It is possible to carry out authentication using SMS, email, push notifications, QR code, and software tokens
  • Shortcodes are available to customize the login page
  • Language translation features are provided as well
  • Supports basic TOTP

Extra premium features are available in the pro version.


Duo Two-Factor Authentication

Duo Authentication is another useful 2-factor authentication WordPress option that is widely used among users. It is very straightforward, and the installation can be done in a few minutes.


Duo Two-Factor Authentication for WordPress.


The plugin provides an advanced level of security boosted by the means that prevent data theft and account takeover. No extra hardware, directory synchronization, and servers are needed


  • The tool supports phone calls and SMS
  • Keys such as YubiKey and SolidPass are supported as well
  • One-tap authentication is also possible
  • Free and convenient to use

Still, this tool has some minor drawbacks:

  • It doesn’t provide an option of support for multisite WordPress websites
  • It doesn’t support QR code authentication
  • Shortcode functionality is not envisaged


Rublon Account Security

Rublon Two-Factor Authentication is another workable plugin that is fast and effective. It ensures one-click download and activation. This straightforward process ensures fast two-factor authentication for a WordPress website.


Rublon Two-Factor Authentication plugin.


If you wish to start using Rublon, it is required to click the link forwarded to your email. All subsequent logins from the same device will be carried out without requesting any confirmation.


  • Email two-factor authentication
  • It is not required to carry out verification if you work from the same device
  • Remote log-out is possible thanks to withdrawing an authorized widget from the checklist of available widgets

Still, this tool also has some drawbacks:

  • There is a limitation of only one user per website
  • It doesn’t provide authentication through phone calls, SMS, push notifications, and various hardware keys
  • Shortcodes are not supported


Wordfence Security

Wordfence is one of the most widespread security plugins that ensure diversified security features for website users. This becomes possible thanks to country blocking options and built-in firewalls.


Wordfence security plugin.


For instance, the tool can easily detect and block malicious IP addresses and malware signs. Such features ensure an advanced level of security for website content.


  • TOTP-based authentication
  • CAPTCHA provided
  • Tracks and blocks effectively security alerts
  • Firewall

Still, this tool has numerous disadvantages:

  • Advanced features are available only to premium members

For more info, check my Wordfence vs iThemes Security comparison.


Shield Security

Shield Security offers two-factor authentication using an email address and YubiKey. The good point is that its email-authentication option is available using IP addresses and cookies.


Shield Security plugin.


Users are allowed to choose the most preferred method for them. An IP method can be chosen if the IP address is not changing frequently. Still, the definite disadvantage of this tool is that it doesn’t support phone calls, SMS, push notifications, QR codes, and Google Authenticator.


  • Advanced security measures formed in strategies
  • Limits and prevents attacks and spam
  • Antibot detection
  • Advanced firewall security rules



WP 2FA is a WordPress authentication plugin with excellent performance. The tool supports diversified protocols, like HOTP and TOTP. Administrators are granted the right to ensure the flexibility of customizing the user experience. This is a secure and fast-working tool with many advantages that are customized according to the project’s specifics.


  • Easy to use
  • SMS and push notifications
  • Boosted by a variety of advanced security features



Two Factor Authentication is another free and well-working two-factor authentication WordPress plugin. It is boosted by advanced security options.

One-time time-based passwords are provided through the Google Authenticator app. An option of using backup codes is also available.


  • Advanced security features
  • Supports classic HOTP and TOTP protocols
  • Flexible customization



Adding an extra portion of security to these options is always desired. Two-factor authentication feature can maximize the security and the user experience.

Such measures can’t prevent all possible cyber risks as those are permanently evolving but can make things a lot more complicated for intruders.




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