21 thoughts on “Easy Social Share Buttons For WordPress Review PROS & CONS – Most Feature Packed Social Sharing Plugin”

  1. Hello,

    Thank you for the solid review. Where can I find the Easy Social Metrics Pro module that you mention. I’m a little confused about the click counts versus the number of actual social shares. My understanding was that ESSB uses an API to retrieve the social share counts from the actual social networks.

    Included below is the quote from your review that refers to the Easy Social Metrics Pro module

    “NOTE: Total number shows how many times the buttons have been clicked.
    Not how many times content has been shared. For that, you have Easy Social Metrics Pro module which can be bought separately. “

  2. Hey, I am using Easy social share button plugin 4.3.4. It works good but my Google+ button is not counting properly.

    It is always showing 0. Please tell me solution.


    1. Hi,

      You are using very old version of the plugin as the current version is 5.0.1.

      Google+ share is showing 0 because Google depreciated that function. But ESSB authors managed to solve that issues in a newer version of the plugin.

      Please update your plugin or contact ESSB support. But I guess you would already done that if you had a legit (purchased) copy.

      1. Hey thanx for reply
        And yes I will contact ESSB support but I have no solution so please tell me the solution. And one more thing the g+ count is automatic hide and show now it is not showing.


          1. Hey now i have update version easy social shear button 5.0 but i have same issue the google+ count is not showing me and 2 another issue before some time the twitter count working well but not it working not good on page it not showing me count on pages when i shear.and one more issue is when i shear post on twitter it showing me same description on every post after twitted can please tel me solution. Please help me


          2. ESSB plugin has many options. I cant know what is causing your issue. Contact plugin support and they will be able to assist you.

  3. First of all thank you for posting. The plugin I am looking for is the one you are having on your website. Could you please let me know what plugin are you using.???

    1. Yes, it is so easy to get lost in all options this plugin offers. If you need simple share buttons plugin, ESSB probably is not the right choice.

    1. Hi Mirian,

      Thanks for drawing attention on Open Social Share plugin but I also see many negative reviews and it doesnt come even close with ESSB features.

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