Gleam vs Rafflecopter vs PromoSimple – Create WordPress Giveaways FREE

Gleam vs Rafflecopter vs PromoSimple – Create WordPress Giveaways FREE

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Running a WordPress giveaways is not only a great way to promote your blog/site or a product, but it’s also useful for increasing your social sites followers.

Every successful WordPress site owner knows that publishing engaging material on a regular basis is a must if you want to grow reader base and retain the existing one.

One of the easiest ways to keep your existing readers interested and bring in new ones is to run a contest or a giveaway.

Running contests on site can do wonders for building reputation and establishing brand.

When you are a beginner, this may seem like a hard task. But don’t worry, there are plenty of WordPress giveaway tools and plugins available.

They will make hosting a contest on your blog seem like childs play.

You can use a wide range of tools to set up a contest, run it for its duration, promote it, and select a winner from within the WordPress dashboard for the most part.


Benefits of WordPress Giveaways

Contents can provide huge benefits to your company or site. When you run a contest on WordPress (or on any website), it’s going to be shared across social media.

More exposure means more business attention and more visitors to your WordPress site or blog.

Giveaways when properly done can bring you:

  • More followers and fans – All it takes is promoting your contest on social media and you’ll see follower count increase. People love contests and free stuff. Might as well take advantage of that fact, right?
  • More comments, likes and overall engagement – If entry methods is to make a comment, like Facebook Page, tweet or engage in some other way, you’ll see your likes and comments skyrocket.
  • A bigger email list – As people enter your contest, you can collect email addresses in the process.
  • Expand your brand’s reach – As word spreads about contest, you will be more visible to a wider audience.


You need to ask yourself is what do you want to accomplish? Do you want more followers on social media? More site visitors? More email sign ups? More paying customers? Or even all mentioned?


Gleam vs Rafflecopter vs PromoSimple – WordPress Giveaways FREE

Most popular giveaway tools are currently Gleam, Rafllecopter and PromoSimple. They can be used on WordPress websites too.

All three tools come in free versions but also have paid plans with additional features.

Big advantage of this tools is that you don’t need plugin in order to host giveaway on your WordPress site.





Popular free giveaway tool which provides a simple and easy way to run and manage a giveaway.

You can set tasks for users to perform in exchange of entries into the giveaway.

These tasks include sharing content on social media channels, making comments, joining mailing list, etc.

Each task spreads the word about your website and keeps your users engaged.

You don’t need to edit any code or even install a plugin to add a Rafflecopter giveaway to your WordPress site.


How to Create a Rafflecopter Giveaway?

First you need to sign up for a Rafflecopter account. The basic account is free, but they do have paid plans with additional features.

The business plan does not have Rafflecopter branding in the widget, and it also has some features to boost the viral reach of a giveaway campaign.

Paid plans go from $13 per month for basic to $84 per month for premium pricing plan.

After sign up you will be taken to Rafflecopter dashboard. Click on +New Giveaway to create your first giveaway.

On the next page, you will see a form to create your giveaway. First thing you need to do is give a title for your giveaway. This will help you organize your giveaways on the Rafflecopter dashboard.

Next, add the prizes you want to include in the giveaway. With the free account you can’t add  image of the prize. But in most cases you don’t need to do that.

You can still have images on your WordPress giveaways page just by adding the list of prizes on post or page where you are hosting the giveaway.

The next option is to choose how people can enter the giveaway. Option to Refer a Friend is available for business accounts only.

Click on Add an Option to see a list of options that you can add. These are tasks that you can ask the user to perform to enter your giveaway.


Create Giveaway On WordPress Site With Rafflecopter

Create Giveaway On WordPress Site With Rafflecopter

Rafflecopter Giveaway Widget Example

Rafflecopter Giveaway Widget Example


You can add multiple options and give your users opportunity to maximize their chances of winning while also spreading the word about your website.

You can “choose your own task” option. It can be used for many things. For instance you can enter your Google+ URL and allow users to add you to their circles.

Or maybe you may want to enter RSS feed URL and require users to subscribe. The possibilities are only as limited as your creativity.

With Rafflecopter you can choose a winner or let Rafflecopter choose it for you. Each giveaway has detailed report (in a spreadsheet format) of each user and entry methods.

That comes in handy when checking validity of entries.

When the giveaway is over Rafflecopter will display the winner(s) on the widget. So anyone that goes back to the widget after the giveaway has ended will be able to see winner.


Free account options:

  • Tweet about the giveaway
  • Like a page on Facebook
  • Follow an account on Twitter
  • Leave a comment on a blog post
  • Create your own option

Paid account options:

  • Create a poll / Survey
  • Join a mailing list
  • Users can pin an image on Pinterest
  • Follow on Pinterest
  • Add image to giveaway
  • Refer a friend option
  • Remove branding


After adding the entry options, the final step is to choose the start and end dates of your giveaway.

Lastly, you need to enter terms and conditions of the giveaway and you are set.


Adding Rafflecopter Giveaway in WordPress

Once you have created your giveaway, click on the Get Widget button. Rafflecopter will give you a code which you can paste into WordPress to display the giveaway widget.

Copy the code and go to your WordPress admin area. Create a new post or page for your giveaway. Switch to text editor mode and paste the code.

If you want to edit your giveaway, log in to your Rafflecopter account and edit wanted giveaway. There is no need to update code after changes to giveaway are made.

Changes are automatically applied..

If you are using visual editor to create your posts, then you need to switch to text editor before you paste the Rafflecopter code. If the widget does not appear on your page or post, then refresh the page.




If you enter a lot of online giveaways, you have probably encountered Gleam giveaways widgets. They’re used on blogs, websites and Facebook pages.

Gleam is an online application designed to help you drive more action and value out of website. You can create complex campaigns for any business objectives.

To get started signup for an account and add your site. You can add more than one site. Each site has its own sections so it is easy to be organized.

Gleam giveaways have one or more entry tasks, which can be mandatory or optional. When the giveaway has ended, Gleam chooses a random winner from all entries.

Promoter then contacts the winner via email and can choose to display the winner’s name and photo on the widget.

Gleam giveaways are much quicker to enter than Rafflecopter- Tasks like tweeting or following on Instagram can be done with a single click, rather than copying and pasting links or waiting for pop-ups to load.

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Although this makes life easier for the entrant, it does make it harder for the giveaway organizer to check if entries have been completed.

The promoter can choose from various log in methods. Those are usually email, Facebook and Twitter.

Entrants can connect with a social media account and then Gleam will have permission to access social account. When log in, entrant can see the tasks needed to complete.

You can even put option that entrant needs to put name, email address, postal address etc.


How does Gleam giveaway tool work?

In order to use Gleam apps, you will need to add a site to your account. You should have already added a site during sign-up which will be your default.

Gleam makes it easy to switch and add more sites. To add a new site simply click the drop down in the left navigation and select “Add Site.”

If you have multiple sites added to your Gleam account, then you must pay separately for each site for wish you want to upgrade package plan.

Here are some of examples of giveaways you can create using Gleam. I must admit, they look amazing!


Gleam is made up of a number of different apps that you can build campaigns on:

  • Capture: Create opt-in forms that get triggered by user behaviour
  • Competitions: Create great looking combinations with various numbers and ways how you want people to enter
  • Gallery: Build social media galleries
  • Rewards: Let users unlock a reward for completing some predefined actions


Gleam is very easy to use whether you’re a small business or a large corporate.

Gleam integrates with this social networks: Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, Google plus, Eventbrite, SoundCloud, Tumblr, Twitch, YouTube and Vimeo.




Gleam integrates with this email providers: ActiveCampaign, AWeber, Bronto, Campaign Monitor, Constant Contact, Emma, MailChimp, Mad Mimi, Sendy, iContact, HubSpot, GetResponse etc.

It also integrates with Shopify, Google analytics, Bitly, Zoho etc.

Where possible Gleam always attempts to track whather or not a user has completed the action that is required.

This means that in the end you will be getting much more data from campaigns even if  many entrants haven’t completed the action you asked them to.

There is also Gleam WordPress plugin available in order to create Gleam WordPress giveaways.

You may choose to host your WordPress giveaways using gleam plugin or if you already have too many plugins, then copy/paste code to your site from Gleam dashboard.


Adding Gleam Giveaways to WordPress Site

There are several ways to include Gleam made WordPress giveaways in your WP site.

1. HTML Widget – Widget allows you to embed your competition into any page that supports HTML.

This can be a blog post, static page or wherever else you can think of. If you are a Shopify user you can automatically embed Gleam inside a page during install (provided you have added the Gleam Shopify App).

2. Javascript Overlay  – This is only available in Business Plan. Users can click to enter the competition from any page you include the java script snippet on.

You can also automatically trigger this overlay by using #gleam as the link.

The beauty of this flexibility means that you can create your own competition landing pages then trigger Gleam on a button, or however you want.

3. Facebook – You have the option to embed automatically in Facebook during installation.

4. Gleam WP Plugin – Host giveaways on WordPress blog using Gleam plugin. It is free to download from WordPress repository.





Most competition widgets let users earn entries for completing actions, but once completed… that’s it. There’s simply no sticking power.

Gleam allows you set certain entry actions as repeatable every day. Tweets, sharing to Facebook, visiting site… You can continue to bring users back to the competition (and potentially, the rest of your site), day after day.

Gleam forms are responsive and look good on  mobile devices when served directly. When embedded on the page, they’re still subjected to the whims of site.

Providing a quick link for mobile users is all that’s needed to take them to a perfectly formatted mobile entry form.

Except free plan there is Pro package for $39 a month and Business pricing plan for $149 a month.


Choosing The Winner

When the giveaway has ended, you have an option to generate a random winner. The winning entry will be a single task. For example, it could be a YouTube channel subscribe or a Facebook page visit.

You should check that specific winning task was done correctly. Also check any other mandatory tasks completed by that person.F

or example, the winning entry might be a tweet, but if the entrant didn’t also leave a mandatory blog comment, they wouldn’t be eligible to win.

If the winner didn’t enter correctly, you can invalidate that winning entry. Then just click again to choose a new winner.

But this is little complicated and tricky if you are using free plan. Except manually checking if entries are really done, free plan users only have access to the winning entry.

In order to bypass that problem simply set all tasks to optional  or have a single, easy to check mandatory task like a blog comment.

You can choose to display the winner’s name on the Gleam widget. This is usually done when winner has responded to the winning email and all is set.




PromoSimple is a self-service application that provides brands, websites and bloggers the tools to easily setup, launch and track the results of online sweepstakes and promotions.

In order to use PromoSimple giveaway tool, you will need to create account.

With the PromoSimple platform you can create custom designed giveaway entry forms and integrate actions on social media networks.

They offer a Basic (FREE) version for those looking to access features such as integrating social networks and running promotions on Facebook.

There are also a variety of additional plans available for those with specific requirements. Paid plans start at $15 per month (Blog) to run an unlimited number of giveaways.

Features such as customizing Facebook ‘Like’ gates or running white label campaigns with more advanced features are included in Business and Agency pricing plans.

All plans are available on a monthly or annual subscription basis.

If you are adding a giveaway to a WordPress website you can use Promo Simple Plugin which decreases the chances of conflicts with WP website’s code or other plugins that are installed on site.

PromoSimple giveaway WordPress plugin will add small PS icon in your post/pages visual editor.

Clicking on that button will allow you to add a campaign ID (which you previously made using PromoSimple account dashboard) and automatically generate ‘shortcode’ within content.

This shortcode will render the entry form’s code when the post is published or viewed.


Creating Giveaway Using PromoSimple

You can create your own customized sweepstakes or contest and have it live on your website, Facebook page or blog.

Gather insights by collecting demographic data or including polls and surveys.

Increase your social media presence with Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and Facebook by offering additional chances to win.

Grab the attention of every visitor to website by adding the PromoBar.

PromoSimple integrates with several email service providers like MailChimp, MadMimi and Constant Contact.

Very popular feature of Refering A Friend is also possible. Each entrant is given a unique URL that they can promote on their social sites and directly via email.

The referer gets an extra entry into the giveaway for each person who comes through their URL and enters.

You can choose from a variety of templates and themes or add your own image and select colors and fonts. No graphic design experience is needed.

It takes a few minutes to create your campaign. PromoSimple guides you through a five-step process which begins on the first step where you enter the core information about your contest/giveaway.

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PromoSimple Giveaway Creation

PromoSimple Giveaway Creation

PromoSimple Entry Options

PromoSimple Entry Options


In the second step you enter more specifics about the entry mechanism for your contest like required information for participants, entries awarded per entrant, entry frequency etc.

There is decent number of call-to-actions that you can include:

  • Newsletter subscription – built-in integration with Constant Contact, MailChimp, and Mad Mimi. For others you need to include a link to a sign-up form.
  • RSS Feed subscription
  • Refer a friend option – Allow participants to help spread the word about your contest.
  • Social media followers – Facebook Likes, Twitter Follows, Pinterest Follows, and Instagram Follows
  • Social media engagement – Asking for Pinterest Pins, Instagram Likes, Twitter Tweets, and Blog Comments
  • Custom Entry – Make your own custom entry option
  • Other ways – Multiple Choice questions, Checkbox surveys, Drop-Down question…


Every above call to action option is customizable to a large degree.

Once you’ve determined what is required for entering your promotion it’s time to take advantage of tools to modify the layout and design of your entry form.

Add images and prize descriptions to generate excitement. Select a template and theme or create your own uniquely designed entry forms and microsite landing pages for your promotion.

WYSIWYG editor allows you to design Facebook and Microsite pages with absolutely no design experience.

You can create your own content to show within a Facebook Page Tab using HTML/CSS and/or our WYSIWYG editor.

For every entry you can choose to display a custom design or message to users once they’ve completed the required entry section.

Entry forms work across all devices.


Publishing Your Social Media Contest

When done you can add entry forms to your websites, blogs and Facebook pages or even run a single campaign on multiple websites simultaneously.

Once you’ve finalized everything, publishing your contest is as simple. You are given a variety of publication options:

  • Code to embed into your own website
  • Add an entry form to your Facebook Page
  • Link to a hosted version on PromoSimple


As soon as your campaign starts you can access reports to monitor performance.

Reports that display daily and geographic trends of your entrants including automatically collected data like IP address and entry timestamps.

You can export any report at any time to analyze your data in spreadsheets.

All data for your campaign can be exported to spreadsheets, containing email address, time stamp and IP address as well as any additional data that users entered.


WordPress Giveaways Tools Comparison Gleam vs Rafflecopter vs PromoSimple

  • Name
  • Unlimited giveaways
  • Embed anywhere
  • Random winners
  • CSV exports
  • Add a image
  • Referring friends via Viral Sharing Entries
  • Email List Integration
  • Analytics
  • Custom Designs
  • Remove Branding
  • Visit a fan page
  • Tweeting a message
  • Following on Twitter
  • Pinning an image on Pinterest
  • Follow account on Pinterest
  • Polls & Surveys
  • Comment on a blog post
  • Invent your own entry
  • Start and end date
  • Adding Terms and conditions
    Pre-fill TOS with ready made templates and text is available in paid plan
  • Duplicate a giveaway
  • Run on a Facebook Fan Page
  • WordPrress plugin
  • Hide total entry count
  • Fraud filter
  • Restrict users by country
  • Different languages
  • Add custom fields
  • Enter by writing blog post
  • Download app
  • Evenbrite actions
  • Facebook entries
  • Google plus entries
  • Instagram entry options
  • SoundCloud entry options
  • Steam entry options
  • Tumblr entry options
  • Twitch entry options
  • Upload file entries
  • Watch a video on Vimeo
  • Youtube subscribe,watch,submit
  • Visit a page
  • API Integration
  • Display Winners in Widget
  • Auto Popup Campaigns
  • Google Analytics Integration
  • Custom CSS,HTML etc.
  • Gleam
  • But you need to manually click to pick random winner
  • Only in paid plan
  • Only in paid plan
  • Only in paid plan
  • Only in paid plan
  • 14
    Chinese, Danish, French, German, Greek, Italian, Norwegian, Persian, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Spanish, Sweedish, and Vietnamese
  • Only in paid plan
  • Only in paid plan
  • Only in paid plan
  • Only in paid plan
  • Only in paid plan
  • Only in paid plan
  • Only in paid plan
  • Rafflecopter
  • Only in paid plan
  • Only in paid plan
  • Only in paid plan
  • Only in paid plan
  • Only in paid plan
  • Only in paid plan
  • Only in paid plan
  • Only in paid plan
  • Only in paid plan
  • 6
  • Possible using custom entry field
  • PromoSimple
  • Only in paid plan
  • Only in paid plan
  • Only in paid plan
  • Only in paid plan
  • Only in paid plan
  • Only in paid plan
  • Only in paid plan
  • Only in paid plan
    Like option is available in free plan
  • Only in paid plan
  • Only in paid plan


NOTE: With custom entry option on each contest tool mentioned above, you can make various entry options possible. Comparison table was made taking into consideration entry options originally provided by giveaway tool.


Other Free WordPress Giveaways Plugins and Tools (which are regularly updated)

1. Giveaway Tools is a free Web application that creates an embeddable entry form for contests and giveaways.

It is extremely easy to use. All you have to do is choose the settings and options for your giveaway and you will receive a small piece of code to place wherever you want your entry form to appear.

Giveaway Tools offers a number of different built-in entry forms like blog comments, RSS subscriptions, Twitter follows and Facebook page likes.

There is also an option to create a custom entry type. It comes with option to share the same Giveaway Tools widget code with others, which is useful for group giveaways.

NOTE: It is in beta.


2. Golden Ticket Plugin – This is something different than above mentioned tools and it is not really a giveaway plugin. But it has an interesting concept so I decided to mention it.

The idea behind the Golden Ticket plugin is to incentive interaction on your WordPress site.

Essentially, the golden ticket is like a prize the user has to hunt for in order to win the reward. You can create multiple golden tickets and hide them throughout your content.

The golden ticket will pop into view after triggered by an action, which you can define in the settings.

It’s not your traditional giveaway plugin, but it’s likley more accurate at rewarding those who are truly interested in your content, instead of randomly selecting from visitors who are only interested in the prize.


WordPress Giveaways Plugin /Tool Final Words

Contests are an excellent way to promote your site especially when you’re trying to build up an audience quickly.

Working with a WordPress site means you need to think about plugin and external contest solutions. You need to think of how a contest would be presented on your site and how it would be integrated into social media.

Running a contest on WordPress is so much more than just gathering entries to give away a prize. It’s about laying the foundation to build a solid brand reputation. That’s worth much more.


With so many tools available, it’s hard to go wrong. Here are few tips to keep in mind when creating WordPress giveaways:

1. Keep it Brief – Set the contest duration to a short period of time. Between a week and a month is typical. Make sure the entry options are brief and to-the-point.

There’s no need to write a book. Just tell people how to enter and trust they’ll do it.

2. Follow Through – Dont stop your efforts as soon as the promotion is done. It’s vital that you keep up the hard work and continue to engage with your new followers.

3. Site Related – Your contests or giveaways need to be related to your industry and what you’re offering as a brand for them to be effective.


Hope above content helped and now you have some ideas to create giveaways. If you have used any of above mentioned tools/plugins or know better ones let me know in comments below.


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