Swift Security vs Hide My WP Which Is Better In Hiding WordPress?

Swift Security vs Hide My WP Which Is Better In Hiding WordPress?

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WordPress is well-known content management system (CMS). More than 23% of the top 10 million websites on the internet use it. Because of that popularity, WordPress has become a common target for hackers.

Every year, thousands of WordPress websites are hacked. Reasons vary from vulnerable templates, plugins or easy passwords.

Why is it so when WordPress itself is a very secure platform?

  • 41% of sites are hacked via their hosting provider. This means hackers exploited a vulnerability, or took advantage of insecure hosting provider configuration to be able to hack into the WordPress blogs and websites.
  • 29% of sites are hacked via a vulnerability in the WordPress theme. This means a hacker identified a vulnerability in a theme that was installed.
  • 22% of sites are hacked via a vulnerability in a plugin that was installed on WordPress website/blog.
  • 8% of sites are hacked because account on that WordPress installation is using a weak password.


Once a hacker gains access to a WordPress blog or website, he/she mostly makes following changes to hide the traces and retain access to the WordPress installation:

  • Create a new account with admin privileges
  • Reset a password to ensure other users cannot regain access
  • Change the role of an existing account
  • Change the content to inject it with malicious code
  • Tamper WordPress source code
  • Make redirects in htaccess files


Hacking a WordPress is very easy, but so is securing it.

There are various plugins available, free and paid, to secure your WordPress website. Most popular are WordFence Security, BulletProof Security and iThemes Security.

But what if you could completely hide the fact you are using WordPress on your site/blog for even more protection?

If you have the budget and if your WordPress is the hub of your business, it is recommended to further beef up the security of your WordPress to ensure you are also protected from targeted attacks.

Most popular plugins oriented in hiding WordPress are Hide My WP and recently new, Swift Security.

I have already wrote about Hide My WP so I will not repeat myself. If you are interested check previous posts:

1. How To Hide The Fact That Your Website Runs On WordPress

2. Stop Spam Registrations with Hide My WP WordPress Plugin


Swift Security – Hide WordPress

Swift Security is plugin that puts a bulletproof vest over your website. It comes loaded with features such as CSS/Javascript minifier, IP/GEO filter, Anti Brute Force, Email/Push notification, Comment spam blocker, HTML Comment Remover, Custom Logout, Automatic Troubleshooting…

With the Swift Security plugin you can make your WordPress website more secure. A great advantage of the plugin is that you don’t need any special technical knowledge.

 Swift Security WordPress Plugin  


It has 3 modules:

1. Hide WordPress module – you can hide the fact that your website uses WordPress. The Hide WordPress module will not change the original file structure, it will only hide it.

From a security perspective this is very useful. Malicious users can exploit known plugin or theme vulnerabilities to hack your WordPress website.

In the Hide WordPress menu you can rename your original file path. For example: you can rename your wp-content/uploads/ directory or your wp-admin directory.

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By default, the module blocks the direct PHP script access.

You can rename your installed plugins, change any text in your HTML, CSS or Javascript source (will not change the original file, only bypass it), minify CSS and Javascript files and remove comments….


Swift Security WordPress Plugin Dashboard

Swift Security WordPress Plugin Dashboard

Swift Security Plugin General Settings

Swift Security Plugin General Settings


2. Firewall module – you can prevent most common attack attempts such as SQL injection, XSS, File path manipulation and malicious file uploads.

Prevent the common attack attempts:

SQL injection – In case of vulnerable plugins or themes you can prevent attackers to exploit eventual SQL injection security vulnerabilities.

Cross-site scripting (XSS) – Prevent attackers to exploit eventual XSS injection security vulnerabilities.

File path manipulation – Prevent attackers to exploit eventual file path errors

Malicious file uploads – With the Firewall File upload filter you can prevent an attacker from uploading executable, malicious scripts.

You can easily set the security level of the Firewall with the help of the slider, and if you are an advanced user, you can provide custom settings under the Advanced settings tab.

IP/Geo Filters – Set filters based on IP addresses or specific countries. For example you can set a filter so that the WP admin can only be accessed from the USA. Also, you can block visits from specific countries.

Push notifications – With the help of pushover.net you can get real-time updates about actions related to your website.

Anti-Brute Force – With the anti-brute force feature you can protect site from different brute-force attacks.

Comment spam blocker – The built-in comment spam blocker.


Hide WordPress Module Swift Security

Hide WordPress Module Swift Security

Swift Security Firewall Module

Swift Security Firewall Module


3. Code Scanner module – you can scan all files and find all previously uploaded malicious files before the installation of the plugin.

Code Scanner can be run automatically at certain time intervals. If an attacker succeeds in uploading a malicious code to your server, code scanner will automatically quarantine it.

Also, you will receive a report with the results of the scan.

Besides these, the Code Scanner checks the security of certain basic settings and provides useful advice should it find any problems.

Certainly, it may happen that the Code Scanner gives a false positive alert for a legit file.


 Swift Security WordPress Plugin  

Swift Security Features

1.With the help of pushover.net you can get real-time updates about actions related to your website.

Such as successful login, unsuccessful login, hacking attempts, and receive scan reports from the pre-scheduled Code Scanner.

2.The plugin hides your WordPress and important features such as meta tags, original file structure, login ids, admin url etc.

3.The plugin comes with a built-in firewall that filters and blocks malicious requests and even sends an email notification to you about the issue.

4.You can setup a login IP filter so that nobody can break into your account even if a malicious user steals your password.

5.You can rename any file and also rename the original readme. HTML without having to physically modify it.

6.The plugin lets you run scheduled code scans on your website, find vulnerabilities in your plugins and systems. You also have the freedom to schedule scans at different time intervals.

7.The plugin automatically quarantines files that are suspicious and sends an email report about it.


Swift Security FAQ

Will everything return to normal when Hide My WordPress module is deactivated?
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Yes. Swift Security does not rename directories and files, it only masks them, so if you deactivate the module or the plugin, everything will return to its original state.

Is Swift Security compatible with other security plugins?

Swift Security is compatible with most security plugins. Conflicts may occur when both plugins rename the admin URL or two firewalls are activated at once.

Is plugin compatible with cache plugins?

Yes. Clear the cache after activation or modifications.

Is it compatible with other minifyer plugins?

Yes. Swift Security offers its own solution for minifying, so it is best not to use other minifying plugins.

Is it compatible with multisite?

No, the current version is not compatible with multisites.

Does the plugin influence on the speed of website?

No, the plugin does not affect the speed of website/blog.

Does it affect SEO?

You won’t have any SEO problems if you’re not going to change the content URLs (post, tag, category, author, feed).


Swift Security vs Hide My WP

  • Swift Security
  • $26
  • Pushover notification
  • Scanner Module
  • Name
  • Price
  • Free Version
  • Export/Import Options
  • Trusted User Roles
    Choose trusted user roles.
  • Hide Login Page
    Hide wp-login.php.
  • Hide Admin
    Hide wp-admin folder and its files for untrusted users.
  • Spy Notify
  • Remove Meta
    Remove auto-generated feeds from header.
  • Remove Version
    Remove version number (?ver=) from styles and scripts URLs.
  • Hide Other Files
    Hide license.txt, wp-includes, wp-content/debug.log, etc.
  • Compress Page
  • Hide PHP Files
  • Replace in HTML
    Replace words in HTML output.
  • Replace URLs
    Replace or rename URLs in HTML output.
  • Anti-Spam
    Comment spam block
  • Change Theme Paths
  • Change Plugin Paths
  • Scanner
  • Change WordPress queries
  • Change upload URL, wp-includes folder, AJAX URL
  • Disable WordPress archives, categories, tags, pages, posts, etc
  • Firewall
  • Anti-Brute Force
  • Multisite Compatibility
  • Compatibility With Cache Plugins
  • Login IP Filter
  • Scheduled Code Scans
  • Automatically Quarantines Files
  • WooCommerce Compatibility
  • Child Themes Support
  • Nginx Support
  • Hide My WP
  • $22
  • Intrusion Detection System


Swift Security Summary

Swift Security – Hide WordPress, Firewall, Code Scanner is priced $26 on Codecanyon. It is fairly new plugin with initial release in January 2015.

It has already sold in more than 200 copies with average rating of 4.7/5.

Free version of plugin is also available on WordPress repository. Lite version is very limited in settings and features.

This plugin is really useful and combines many options that are managed individually by many other free or commercial products. It allows you to significantly reduce the number of active plugins.

The customization possibilities are very high and potentially can offer an enviable bulwark for every user.

This plugin offers many critical security features that users need to secure their Word Press, best of all it is a one click set up for the basic features.

The Updated GEO block allows you to prevent certain countries from viewing your website, this is priceless and allows you to control your content much better.

Which is better from those two? Well, I would say that both do the job very good. It is up to you to decide based on features you need and plugins provide.

Have you used Swift Security or Hide My WP? Do you think there are worthy investment?

Let me know in comments below!

Review Summary

4.9 out of 5
Easy to Use
4.5 out of 5
Options and Settings
4.4 out of 5
4.6 out of 5
Overall Quality

This plugin offers many critical security features that users need to secure their Word Press, best of all it is a one click set up for the basic features.

4.6 Good 4.6 out of 5

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  1. L.A
    May 07, 23:54 #1 L.A

    This was a very useful post. I liked the fact that you took the time to compare and contrast both plugins. I’m still on the fence about which one to use, considering I’ve read a few negative reviews on Hide my WP. And plus many people complain about the support which is a big issue when it comes to purchasing a plugin. At the end of the day, one or the other is a must for the type of site I’m building.

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    • Kasa
      May 09, 22:33 Kasa Author

      I am pleased to read when someone appreciates work and time put into post and creating comparison.

      Yes, support is very important. I think you cant go wrong no matter which plugin from those two you pick.

      Good luck!

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  2. am
    July 18, 05:30 #2 am

    I just wanted to thank you for this well written post. I appreciate the thorough review of both plugins as I research the best choice for my website. I believe I will be using the Swift plugin.

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  3. Tom
    July 24, 14:51 #3 Tom

    Very helpful review. I have triad both but I choose Hide My WP. It’s more compatible with premium themes and plugins.

    HMWP IDS is also an advanced kind of firewall which you do not consider it!

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  4. Senela
    July 28, 18:59 #4 Senela

    It looks like hide my wp failed :/


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    • Kasa
      July 28, 19:07 Kasa Author

      I didnt notice it,

      Thanks for letting me know Senela.
      I dont know the reason for that nor will it come back to Codecanyon. It seems Swift Security doesnt have any competition for now.

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  5. Dean
    March 10, 18:33 #5 Dean

    Thanks for your great article. For those who search a bit more, see the WP Hide & Security Enhancer https://wordpress.org/plugins/wp-hide-security-enhancer/ This one completely hide old login urls, all other solutions appear to redirect to a 404 error page which indicate the initial url existence.

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  6. _M_A_C_
    June 27, 11:43 #6 _M_A_C_


    nice post but swift-security-lite is´nt available anymore ?


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