12 Best Plugins To Convert WordPress Site Into Mobile App

Organizations need to develop mobile strategies to deal with the growing trend of smartphone usage. Creating a mobile app is one of the key decisions of a mobile strategy, so it is recommended to convert a WordPress site into a mobile app.

The mobile application can become an effective way to increase online followers. If a business is looking to create a mobile app, there are three different routes for converting a website into a mobile app.

  • You can hire organizations, which will do the work for you, but it requires more than three months and is an expensive route.
  • There are DIY tools through which you can create a mobile app, but you must know developing apps as it requires writing your own code.
  • The last and best option is WordPress plugins for starters and beginners, plus you will get your app in very little time and cost compared to the first two options.

The mobile app creation process involves programming knowledge of backend and frontend interface. Many people are not developers and require an external development team for creating a mobile application.

The traditional process of getting a mobile app made is lengthy and costly. But if your website is made on WordPress, you have an easy, cost-effective solution, which will get you a mobile app in much less time.

The solution discussed is the WordPress plugins, which help you convert a WordPress site into a mobile app without a developer’s help.


Best free WordPress plugin for creating website mobile app.


When a blog, newspaper, or any company has a mobile responsive website, then what is the need for a specific mobile app. Some benefits of a mobile app are as follows:

  1. The presence of a mobile app lets you skip many steps of opening a website into a browser; with a mobile app, it is a matter of simply clicking on an icon.
  2. The content loads quickly on a mobile app as compared to a website.
  3. A mobile app has tighter control, and no issue arises due to the screen size.
  4. A mobile app can be configured to work with other features of the smartphone.

It can be summarized that a mobile app is essential along with a mobile web page. 


How To Convert WordPress Site Into Mobile App?

This article will detail some of the best plugins that can be used to convert a WordPress site into a mobile app.


1. APPExperts

Businesses can easily convert their WordPress site into an iOS or Android app with the help of APPExperts, a sophisticated and robust application builder plugin. The design is highly flexible, and you may make as many pages, menus, and other features as you like, just like with WordPress.


APPExperts review.


APPExperts’ mobile solutions improve the efficiency of a wide range of companies. This WordPress mobile app builder plugin for iOS and Android apps is future-proof, safe, and secure, fostering businesses to tackle everyday difficulties with enhanced scalability and mobile app solutions.


  • Social Sharing
  • Push Notifications
  • WooCommerce Integration
  • Custom App Menu
  • Search Functionality
  • Content Management
  • Third-Party Integration
  • Splash Screen
  • Multilingual Support
  • Social Login
  • Customization
  • Member Access


2. WappPress

If you want a mobile app created in a few simple steps by a plugin that is a cost-effective and easy-to-use platform, then WappPress is the option for you.


WappPress – create android mobile app for any WordPress site.


You can customize your app with a variety of theme and screen designs and icons. This plugin will monetize the mobile app features and also increase its effectiveness.

Small non-profit organizations and bloggers are ideal users for this plugin, and they can get their mobile app running in a brief time.


3. Wiziapp

Another cost-effective plugin, which provides paid and free services, is the Wiziapp plugin. It is quite simple to use. First, this needs to be added in WordPress, and then you can follow the steps and create a mobile app.

Notifications can be enabled, and there is the option of using banner ads. It also offers multiple themes which can prove to be mobile-friendly. 


4. WPMobile.App

WPMobile.App plugin would make your customized mobile app look just like your website. The main advantage of using this plugin is that you can mention your brand name, display your brand logo in the application, and have no restrictions on displaying the plugin developer’s name.


WPMobile.App is Android and iOS mobile application for WordPress.


The user is at ease while using this plugin as developers do most of the technical work and complex manipulations. It also allows publishing the app in the Apple store and Google Play.

WPMobile.App plugin is 100% adaptable to every smartphone, and it would allow content to be published whenever the mobile app is updated.


5. MobiLoud

MobiLoud provides a service that allows a user who is a non-developer to create a mobile app. Also, the plugin helps you to connect your site to the application for data usage.


Convert your WordPress website to native mobile apps.


If you pay additional money, you get access to pre-installed apps. The plugin’s additional features would help you select from multiple categories of notification items and provide offline access.

You can also use video in publications as this plugin supports JavaScript and HTML5. The service of MobiLoud is available for both iOS and Android operating systems.


6. AppPresser

The business model of AppPresser is similar to that of MobiLoud, as its easy-to-use interface lets a non-developer user create a mobile application.


Mobile app framework for WordPress.


The additional feature that this plugin offers is that it allows its user to access their WordPress dashboard and create the frontend interface of the mobile app.

Using the phone gap, you can transform your iOS, Android, and HTML5 site in 30 minutes. The key benefit is that the app’s code is with you, and you will be able to host your application.


7. AndroApp

Looking for a cheap alternative as compared to premium plugins? Then AndroApp is that alternative. It charges a subscription fee, and you can also use its free version (in which you have to display ads).


Native Android mobile app for WordPress site.


The tradeoff of low cost is that this plugin works only for Android and the iOS version of it is in beta version. You will get multiple themes to design for your mobile app and take advantage of reporting metrics and monetization tools of AndroApp.


8. Blappsta

Blappsta is compatible with iOS and Android operating systems. Blappsta provides an option to preview the app before publishing, and it is free of cost (be noted it has not been updated for more than 3 years).

You can customize your home page and navigation bar’s design, and the plugin gives the flexibility of organizing the mobile app’s content as per your requirement. You can also do deep linking of the index for Google and provide share buttons for social media and email.


9. Web2App

Web2App is a WordPress plugin that helps you create a full native app and convert your responsive website into a mobile app quickly. The mobile app quality is not compromised with the easy setup process.


Web2App WordPress plugin.


It provides several customization capabilities, which make this WordPress plugin an affordable and suitable replacement. You have a variety of display and navigation options through which you can design the mobile app layout.

You can also add social sharing and rate my app notifications by using Web2App. The process of mobile application creation is made much easier with the availability of video tutorials.


10. Worona

Worona helps create mobile apps from WordPress websites for iOS and Android operating systems. The developers are creating new features of Google AMP and Instant Articles for Facebook.

The Worona team can help manage your setup in-app store if you register for a premium account. Other features of the plugin include push notifications, multiple themes, and Google analytics.

The distinguishing feature of this plugin is its online dashboard which operates separately from WordPress and can be used to publish and configure your app.


11. Appmaker

Looking for a DIY approach to WordPress plugin? Then Appmaker is the best choice which provides a 9-step process. Appmaker is a pioneer builder of the mobile app in e-commerce and provides stunning creation of native apps.


How to create WooCommerce mobile app?


The main focus of Appmaker is to facilitate people and businesses in creating successful and strong apps. The plugin would help create an app in a step process and has connections with 1000+ WooCommerce stores and support of 2000+ plugins.

Along with that, if you have created an online store using the Woocommerce platform, it is recommended to integrate SMS for WooCommerce plugins.

It will help boost your eCommerce store’s productivity after you convert your site into a mobile app. Whenever you receive an order or any other user activity, the plugin would notify your customers regarding it through SMS alerts.

13. Appful

Appful is WordPress plugin that makes it easy to convert site to app. You can connect it for free in your WP-admin dashboard and then login on dashboard.appful.io. Then you can create your native app with drag and drop and test it completely for free and within minutes on your iPhone and iPad and Android device.


Appful WordPress plugin.


The Dashboard is your companion once the app is live in the store. You can update your app, send push notifications, chance the design, color, menu structure and so much more. Appful Apps are synced to your WordPress every 5 seconds and are always live.


Final Remarks

The technology of plugins has made the life of many non-developers easy. They can now create a mobile app without the help of developers and in less time and money.

Creating a mobile app should be a worth-while process for your audience and you, as you are not only providing a platform to increase connection but also demanding memory space in smart devices.

So try creating a sophisticated mobile app that adds value to the user experience. You can choose from the list of plugins listed above.



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