How To Create Affiliate Price Comparison Website With WordPress?

WordPress and WooCommerce don’t really have effective price comparison tools out-of-the-box. If you want to create affiliate price comparison website with WordPress, you will need to reach out for a plugin.

If you are promoting affiliate items, it is best to provide visitors with more than one price source. They need to know that they’re getting the best possible price. A single price source just won’t cut it.

Providing your visitors with price comparison is the ideal way to assure them that you’ve found the best price for those products. Otherwise, they might go looking for cheaper options elsewhere and buying from someone else’s affiliate link.

Monetizing a site with price comparisons is an excellent way to increase earnings. You can provide options such as filtering items by features, reviews, pricing, and other attributes so that visitors can compare products.

Keeping product price information updated regularly is the main problem when showing price comparisons. Anyone who owns or operates a website that has affiliate items and pricing information can understand the challenge.

Being able to integrate product price comparisons from various stores and update price information automatically is important. Fortunately, WordPress has several plugins and themes that can help you accomplish those goals. These tools allow you to promote products found on Affiliate Window, Amazon, ClickBank, eBay, Rakuten, Zanox, and other similar sites and earn affiliate commission fees.


How To Compare Products & Prices From Different Websites?

Below I will show you several WordPress plugins and themes which you can use to create an affiliate price comparison website with WordPress.



Datafeedr connects to affiliate networks, and downloads data feeds. The DataFeedr Factory is the central information area where this data is pulled. The information can then be used to configure the categories and products within those specific sections that you want to add to your site.


datafeedr affiliate store builder


An editor is included in the factory that allows you to change the shop’s appearance on your WordPress site. There are several variables and other elements that can be altered to create the kind of online affiliate store that best meets your needs.

Several default widgets are included with Datafeedr. They allow you to show product search forms, store categories, product tag clouds, various products, and associated store links anywhere your theme permits.

Your site will automatically update after it’s been configured. You can update the interval daily, or it can update a few days a week. Product information will also update when the site updates. You’ll have the latest affiliate product links as well as product description and prices.


Datafeedr price comparison example.
Datafeedr price comparison example where you can see that more than one price source is displayed.


You no longer need to worry about adding items to your store manually one by one. New products are added to the site automatically when a merchant adds an item that matches one or more of your product criteria.

It’s easy to find the ideal products to add on site. Negative word searches and exact word searches, along with phrasal, multiple word, and single word searches, can help you locate the ideal items for your customers.

One way to help visitors find the best prices on the items they want is by offering comparison sets. People are usually looking for the best prices for their favorite products before they finish their online shopping.

Many customers may become frustrated or exhausted because of all the time and effort spent visiting various sites, paying attention to price differences, and then completing their orders. This is where you come in to provide visitors everything they need in one location.

You can quickly create a WooCommerce affiliate store using Datafeedr. Clients can go to your site to see prices for popular items from various sellers simultaneously. You can improve revenue and sales conversions by being the premier place to find the items your customers are searching for.

There’s also a handy spinning tool that’s included with Datafeedr. But if you don’t feel it is up to the task, you can use third-party tools like WordAI (check WordAI review), Spin Rewriter (check Spin Rewriter review), or WordPress auto spinner plugin.

Datafeedr makes it simple to organize items from different networks and merchants. For example, if you sell phones, you can show iPhone models sold at eBay, Wal-Mart, and Best Buy on your online store under the same product category.


datafeedr affiliate networks.
Example of some of the affiliate networks supported by Datafeedr.


You can set your own unique, highly curated, organized online store with Datafeedr. You can offer the best product selections to encourage repeat business.

You can take advantage of the plugin’s advanced browsing features. Product lists can be ordered by popularity, price, name, and other important attributes.

The Advanced Search widget is another way that visitors can use to find products. Site visitors can look for the brand, product name, price, keyword, and other parameters to find particular items.

Every aspect of the site can be customized. The drag and drop features can add prebuilt snippets as additional content for site pages and to arrange the layout. Datafeedr even provides built-in store templates.

Merchant coupons are also supported. You can show coupons and encourage visitors to make purchases while a particular discount code or coupon offer is available, which increases sales. You can show all available merchant or product coupons.

You can use your WordPress site to find, choose and import affiliate products. These items can then be displayed via WooCommerce. The Datafeedr WooCommerce Importer plugin must be installed and activated before this can be achieved. For more info, you can check my Datafeedr review.



  • It’s simple to create a price comparison site that works with WordPress and WooCommerce.
  • Product data updates automatically regularly.
  • When merchants add new items, those products can be quickly added to your site.
  • Advanced search options make it easier to find products.
  • The “drip” feature lets your site be updated continuously to search engines and people who visit your site.
  • Pre-built store templates are included.
  • Many popular affiliate networks are supported.
  • Coupon integration.



  • You can only pay per month. As of now, there are no one-time or annual payment options.
  • Before you can add products to the site, you need to apply and be an affiliate for affiliate networks.
  • There is no Amazon affiliate program available.


Affiliate Theme

Affiliate themes already have several helpful features for affiliate websites. In most cases, they offer integration with different affiliate networks out-of-the-box. You don’t need to add other plugins to be able to integrate with the affiliate networks that you want. The theme dashboard already has that option.

Products can be imported easily from different sources. You can also include product features comparison, updated product photos and prices, price comparison, and other important elements.


comparion tables wordpress affiliate theme


The WordPress theme was developed with affiliate marketers in mind. It currently includes integration with Adecell, Afillnet, Amazon, Belboon, eBay, and Zanox affiliate programs. Additional interfaces are on their way, according to the developer.

The ability to connect with different affiliate networks allows you to import hundreds of different items in a matter of minutes. From the front end, you’ll be able to see the product images, descriptions, reviews, titles, and all other relevant information that is automatically imported.

Several widgets are also included. There’s an interactive product filtering widget that site visitors can use to find products quickly. Another widget lets you list various products.

All of your site headers, footers, colors, widgets, fonts, and other important parts can be easily customized. The Affiliate Theme makes it easy to create a unique look and feel for your site.


affiliate theme review WordPress


You can also show similar products for each item. This can help visitors locate items related to their product searches. It also improves site visitors’ length and interactions.

Certain products can be linked with their corresponding accessories. If you have bicycles, you can link to helmets, knee pads, and other kinds of associated equipment. Those accessories can be found in a tab underneath the product details, just like similar products.

If you want to use a filter, you will first have to create a page for product selection. You must then assign the template filter for that page.

You can activate the old price feature. This will display the old price next to the product along with the current price for that item. You can use the price comparison feature to show prices for the same items from different merchants.

This feature s based on Shops. You’ll need more than one Shop to use this feature. You can add prices from as many shops as you want. Save the product, and then it will be sorted automatically by price. The lowest price for that particular item and the shop that it’s in will be shown first.

For more info, you can check my Affiliate Theme review or if this theme is not what you are looking for, then be sure to check more price comparison themes available.



  • A convenient comparison feature.
  • Pricing information is updated automatically.
  • Links can be cloaked.
  • Price drop notifications.
  • Rating system integrated.



  • Very few affiliate programs are supported.
  • There’s a bit of a learning curve required for configuration.
  • Little pricey.


Content Egg Plugin

Content Egg WordPress plugin can create product review sites, deal sites, store comparison websites, affiliate sites, and profitable store sites with ease. You can add products, messages from social networks, affiliate links, news content, videos, and images in a few simple steps.

The plugin was created by the same people who created the Affiliate Egg plugin, Cashback Pro, and External Importer Pro (check my External Importer review).


content egg review


Many of the most used affiliate networks are supported by Content Egg. It can automatically populate your posts with manuals, product offerings, videos, photos, text information, news from social media sites, and much more.

The free version modules are Amazon, Pixabay, Google Images (deprecated), Youtube, Commission Junction Links, Freebase, Coupons, Related Keywords RSS Fetcher, Admitad Products, Offer.

You might want to start with the free version first to see if it has all the features and functionality you need. The PRO version is helpful for people who want more modules. Content Egg PRO also has more affiliate networks than the free version. New networks are being added to the Pro version regularly.


Content Egg price comparison example.
Content Egg price comparison example where several price options are displayed.


The plugin will add a search option to your page and post editor content sections. Then you type in your keyword and click on “Search.” Content Egg will look for items that match your keyword and show you the search results. You can choose what will be added to the post or page and alter the results if needed.

Autoblogging can also be set. Content Egg will create posts based on your schedule with information that relates to your topics.

The affiliate program modules have many options. For example, select to import only the products with good conversion, specify filters for the minimum commission, lowest price, seller rating, etc.


Content Egg price alert feature.
Content Egg also comes with price alert option which can notify users on price drops.


Keeping product descriptions updated is essential. Content Egg will use keywords to automatically look for new products and update product title, price, description, etc.

You can create sites that run on autopilot with Content Egg. Just type in the keywords that you want. The plugin will locate products, videos, images, and other related information based on your schedule. The plugin will find and show all content related to the search. The information that is found is a combination of various modules.

The plugin’s performance is enhanced even more when integrated with the REHub theme. For more info, you can check my Content Egg review and Content Egg vs Datafeedr comparison.



  • Product prices are updated automatically.
  • Many different affiliate networks are supported.
  • Content modules option.
  • Items from different affiliate networks can be compared.
  • You can activate the autoblogging function.
  • Integration with Affiliate Egg plugin.
  • The price is very reasonable.
  • Support for all Amazon store locales.
  • Price drop alert option.
  • Price history information can be displayed with graphs.



  • No live preview or image example of each output template
  • Requires a lot of manual work when importing products


ReHub Theme

ReHub is a high-end multipurpose WordPress theme. It can create unique deal sites, coupon sites, affiliate sites, comparison sites, and other kinds of niche websites. WordPress power users can take advantage of all that this theme has to offer.

The theme options panel allows you to design effective and appealing layouts for site visitors. There are several integrations with third-party plugins provided. This WordPress theme supports BuddyPress, GeoMyWP, MyCred, S2Member, WooCommerce, and WC Vendor.

ReHub WordPress theme has 14+ amazing Demos with 6 Categories like e-Commerce, Multi-Vendor, Price Comparison, Coupon site, Deal Site, Review Site, Community.


Rehub theme offers various features for comparison sites.


To create your own custom site, start by selecting the demo you want and importing it to your website. You can then replace the demo content with your own information. Any demo can be customized however you prefer.

REHub supports the child theme. Child themes are easy to edit or add. They offer advanced integration for Dokan, WCFM, WC Marketplace, and WC Vendor.

All product templates are customized to display an infobox special to the vendor. They are also other unique instruments, such as top tables, top list builders, dynamic comparison (including multi-group comparison), and many special post templates and layouts.




Your site can serve as a review or directory website. No paid plugins are required. The WPF plugin that’s used for creating custom search filters and the RH Frontend PRO plugin for frontend submissions come with the theme.

ReHub also provides support and import tools for many popular third-party plugins. Affiliate Egg Pro and Content Egg Pro both work well with the REHub theme.

The theme also offers advanced integrations with the Geo My WordPress plugin. This allows you to create any type of location searcher.

There’s also a table builder that can be used to create unique tables. Additional features include help or not buttons, review functions, rating sorting, special review blocks, user reviews, criteria, and much more.

You have complete control of back-end operations with the ReHub theme. You can manage your theme’s look and feel and make changes at any time.

Currently, the theme supports different methods of how to create a price comparison site. All of them depend on the affiliate networks you use, sources of offers, and the type of site you want to build. Unfortunately, there is no best way and the universal way which fits all, so different scenarios can require different solutions.


Rehub theme comparison example.
Rehub theme price comparison table example.


Content Egg is one of the best plugin to use combined with the ReHub theme for comparison price display. The ReHub theme has deep integration with the Content Egg plugin, along with more functions and templates.

For more info on creating a price comparison with the REHub theme, you can check this and this article. It is best to pair the theme with WP Import Pro and Content Egg (the free versions can be used).



  • A huge amount of useful features.
  • Create “Best Lists” easily.
  • It integrates and is compatible with many popular third-party plugins.
  • The design is very smooth and professional.
  • There are lots of child themes and demos to choose from.



  • The options can be overwhelming
  • Significant learning curve


Price Comparison Pro Plugin

Price Comparison Pro plugin integrates with WooCommerce to let you add third-party URLs to scrape, provides shortcodes to add price comparisons anywhere, and even adds multiple price comparison boxes to each page.

The plugin can either function by itself with shortcodes, or it can be integrated with WooCommerce. You can compare prices for different items or show customers where to find the lowest price for the items that they want.

Price Comparison Pro fetches live prices from other sites, and it works with any product on any online store which has a price. This means that people don’t have to leave your site to find pricing information. Images can also be scraped from third-party sites.


Price Comparion Pro plugin example.
Price Comparion Pro plugin example of showing prices for same product from different sources.


It also lets you add your own affiliate links. Adding affiliate text links from any affiliate network to the price comparison box is simple. There are two methods in which this can be accomplished for specific pages. You can add shortcodes to the page or do it through WooCommerce.

You’ll have to tell Price Comparison Pro where it can find prices so that they can be scraped. CSS selectors are typically used for this task. You don’t need to reconfigure the selector per product because the information is gathered on a per-website basis.

All you need to do is to configure it once per site. The scraper will then use the appropriate CSS selector to scrape all URLs entered into product pages.


Price Comparison Pro selectors.
Plugin works based on CSS selectors.


If you have a large number of products, it makes sense to automate it. Price Comparison Pro doesn’t have that option. If you want to automate this process, you will need to use WP All Import or another similar plugin to import all of your product URLs.

The Update WooCommerce Prices/images features allow you to update external product URLs and the WooCommerce product price. This makes it easier to show the lowest prices for the products.

Price Comparison Pro can pull images from merchant sites and save them to your media library. Those images will be pulled automatically, which allows you to update your product information promptly. For more info about the plugin, be sure to check Price Comparison Pro review.



  • You can automatically retrieve product pricing information from other websites.
  • You can set the price cache age. This is the length of time that you want to keep scraped prices before automatically searching for that data again.
  • You can add Skimlinks ID if you want.
  • Proxies can be used.
  • It’s an impressive resource at a great price.



  • You have to add each store link that you want by hand, which can take a lot of time.
  • You have to set CSS selectors for each store from which you want to scrape content.
  • You can only have a maximum of ten product URLs per product when using WooCommerce when adding links.
  • Web Scraping Service is charged separately if you wish to use it.
  • You’ll also have to install the separate WP All Import plugin if you want to import products automatically.


Affiliate Price Comparison Website Conclusion

Visitors are always looking for the best deals around. They want to find the best prices on the items they want, and they want to compare prices immediately.

Consumers have never had more options when it comes to price comparison sites. Assuring them that they’ve found the best price can increase sales, revenue, and overall profit. The best way to do this is by allowing them to compare prices for products from various stores at your own site.

Creating effective affiliate price comparison website with WordPress was never easier. Giving customers more than one price source is a no-brainer. It increases the likelihood of them purchasing the items they want using your affiliate link instead of a competitor. It also improves the odds that they will stay on your site longer and become a repeat visitor in the future.

DISCLOSURE: Posts may contain affiliate links. If you buy something through one of those links, I might get a small commission, without any extra cost to you. Read more about it here.

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  1. I want to create an affiliate comparison website that pulls prices from other woocommerce stores. How can I do that without having to use Price Comparison Pro?

  2. First of all, thanks for the great content
    Secondly, I am a beginner and I want to build a local site to compare prices, and I do not know what is the maximum number of products in Content Egg or other plugins that you mentioned in your posts, and if there is a way to reduce the pressure on the site’s space due to a large number of images, as well as the way to delete products that are not available for sale to reduce the load on the website.
    Please give me your instructions on hosting specifications and plugins.
    Thank you very much for your great content and sorry for the long post.

    1. Hi Ahmed,

      There is no limit in how many products you can add. Content Egg will not display out-of-stock products. What exactly do you want to know about hosting specifications and plugins?

      1. Thanks for the answer, I understand from your answer that ContentEgg displays images with an external link and not by uploading them to my server. Is this correct?
        As for hosting, I want to know your opinion, for example, about Vultr Company, and any plan that you would recommend to me. In other words, what is the minimum server specification for Hard, RAM, Core, Port Speed, and Bandwidth from your point of view?
        I know my question is a bit long, but because your content, which indicates a great personality, encouraged me to ask these questions.

        1. Hi Ahmed,

          You can set that Content Egg saves images on your server or that it pulls images from external link. I would recommend you to go with Cloudways and choose Digital Ocean droplet. Pick premium option for $12/month and if in future you need more resources you can easily upgrade. It will have everything you need. For more info you can check my Cloudways review. I use Cloudways Digital Ocean droplet on this site and other sites that I own that use Content Egg with comparison and I am very satisfied.

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