WordAi Review PROS & CONS (2024) – Worthy Or Overrated?

WordAi Auto Spinner


Easy to use






Overall quality



  • Simple to use with no learning curve
  • You can use WordAi with many other third-party tools
  • Bulk rewrite option
  • You can test before paying
  • Comes with three spinning options
  • You can access it from any device
  • Produces somewhat unique human readable content


  • Doesn't always produce human readable content
  • In latest version many options were removed in effort to simplify tool for users
  • There is still required to check and edit generated content

If you have many blogs or niche websites and you need new content every day, I am sure at some point you searched for the auto spinner or similar terms in Google. Well, WordAI is such a tool. In this WordAi review, I will show what this tool offers, its pros and cons and how it compares to its competitors.

Many website owners don’t have time to publish new content regularly. Yes, writing content is a time-consuming job, especially if you work alone and have many sites under your command.

Paying someone to write content for your sites may be a good decision. But you probably don’t have money to afford something like that. Article spinner tool or auto spinner probably crossed your mind at least once.

In this situation, tool to automatically rewrite content can come handy. Who would not want to take some text found on the web, put it in automatic spinner or content rewriter and get the unique text?

But is WordAi really that good? Does it produce quality spun content? I have purchased and tested WordAi for some time now, and I am ready to share my opinion.


WordAi Review

WordAi is an automatic spinning tool that rewrites entire sentences and paragraphs so you can get new unique content. It supports only English language and is one of the most talked-about tools for rewriting content.



According to the official page, WordAi can tell the difference between words and make sure each synonym that it picks makes sense. Not only that it understands what each word means, but also how each word interacts with the others.

It looks for possible ways to rewrite your article based on what the article truly means. WordAi will often completely rewrite sentences, so they share nothing in common with the original sentence.


How WordAi works?


Before WordAi even starts spinning, it checks the entire article to understand what the content is about. This allows WordAi to create advanced paragraph and document-level spins based on its incredible understanding of the content. This makes your content look human-written.

When you log into your WordAi account, you will be introduced to what WordAi is and what it can do for you. This way, you can test the tool before committing to pay anything. Three days will be enough for you to judge if WordAi will be a worthy investment.

WordAi can also be integrated with many other tools using API. WordAi used to have three spinner styles: Standard, Turing, and Foreign Language Spinner. But with the newest version whole interface was drastically simplified.


WordAi Auto Spinner Features

If you ever used content spinning software, you know the perks they usually come with. However, WordAi has a few features that most other article spinners don’t (at least according to its authors):

  • Knows that one word can have several meanings – One word in the English language can have several meanings depending on the context in which it is put. WordAI recognizes that and produces far better content in the end as a result.
  • Automatically rewrites entire paragraphs and sentences – Most content spinners offer this functionality, but not many are good at it. WordAi tries to understand not just the words in the sentence but also the entire meaning of the phrase and its connection to subsequent sentences in the paragraph.
  • Understands not only the words but the interaction between them.
  • Understands concepts and ideas – Before this tool even starts doing its thing, it will first read the entire text to understand it in both a general and a specific way. That allows the software to create much better sentence and paragraph spins, generating much more unique versions of the content for you to use.
  • Write titles – by reading the content before spinning it, WordAi can also generate high-quality titles by knowing what the article actually means.
  • Enrich text – WordAi can identify and add LSI keywords that make each rewrite more unique.
  • Eliminates spelling and grammar mistakes – As WordAi rewrites your text, it automatically fixes any spelling or grammar mistakes.
  • Split sentences – WordAi takes long sentences and splits them naturally, so they are short, clear, and effective.

NOTE: Protected Words and Custom Synonyms features are now back. They were removed for some time.

Lot of people use Protected Words and Custom Synonyms to:

  • Prevent WordAi from changing any specific words or phrases (think keywords, products, company names, etc.)
  • Prevent WordAi from changing quotes
  • Automatically replace place-holder text with your own information (think merge tags)
  • Automatically replace one name or phrase with another

You can also use these features in the bulk rewriter and via the API.


How WordAi Works?

You have 3 spinning options. Those are More Conservative, Regular, and More Adventurous.

I would say choose More Conservative option if you need content that will be highly readable after spinning. Keep in mind that this type of spinning will generate much less unique versions of your content as fewer synonyms will be used for the words.

Use the Regular option to create unique versions of your content while still keeping a high level of readability. This should be the best setting as it gets a good balance between human readability and the uniqueness of the content generated.

More Adventurous setting will provide the most unique rewritten content, but readability might suffer.


WordAI Older Version Settings

WordAi had many settings and options in the older version, and you could adjust spinning quality settings.

The first spinning quality setting allowed you to choose the quality of the content you want WordAi to produce. It had options like Extremely Unique, Very Unique, Unique, Regular, Readable, Very Readable, and Extremely Readable option.

The second spinning quality setting allowed you to choose whether or not you want WordAi to rewrite entire sentences for you automatically.  The third spinning quality setting allowed you to choose whether or not you want WordAi to automatically/remove/rearrange sentences.

The fourth spinning quality setting allowed you to choose whether or not you want WordAi to spin paragraphs for you automatically.

Now you won’t find anything from that. Everything is simplified so that you can quickly rewrite content. This is good in some ways, but many users would prefer to have more control over the process and choose which settings to enable.


Is WordAI Any Good? Testing

After you have a basic understanding of the spinner options, I will rewrite some content to see the results. I have picked text with more technical terms to see how WordAi will deal with it.


Testing WordAi performance.
This is the original text I will use for testing WordAi spinner options.


More Conservative

For this test, I will use the “More Conservative” setting to see the final result compared to the original text. Be noted, the text will be slightly different each time you spin original content.

The spinning process can take several seconds. It all depends on how long your text is. After putting text and choosing the spinning quality, you click “Rewrite.”

The content that WordAi generated in this example is calculated to have an average of 81% uniqueness. Here is what I got with More Conservative spinning option:


Is WordAi worth it?


The spun content looks very good. Overall, in this case, WordAi has produced readable content.



Now to see what content WordAi will generate if I use the “Regular” setting. Here is what I got with the Regular  spinning option:


WordAi rewriting quality.


Here you can see that uniqueness is 92%. But you can notice that produced content is shorter. It is because WordAi removed some sentences, which is part of its features to generate unique content. Personally, I’m not too fond of this, and there is no way to turn off that setting. Overall, the content produced is good and readable.


More Adventurous

Now let’s test the “More Adventurous” setting option to see what content will WordAi produce. Here is what I got with the More Adventurous spinning option:


WordAi More Adventurous setting.


More Adventurous option produced content looks good, but its uniqueness score is less than with Regular with this example. Also, I don’t see much difference compared to More Conservative and Regular options.



WordAi starts by rewriting each sentence from scratch multiple times. Then, it rephrases each sentence variation on the phrase and word level. This creates nested layers of variations that allow WordAi to generate up to 1,000 high-quality, unique rewrites from a single article.


WordAi spintax option.


When you spin content with WordAi, there is an option to see the full spintax. Below spintax, you will see a few spin versions generated from that spintax.

If for whatever reason, you don’t like a particular part of the spun content, you can easily edit the source (spintax) to fix any mistakes.

You can do the same thing for inappropriate words or phrases until the content looks like you want. But in my opinion, if you manually need to edit spintax, then what’s the point of WordAi.


Bulk Rewrite

The Bulk Rewrite feature works just like a standard rewrite. The only difference is that you use the bulk import feature to add your articles in batches. You can upload a .csv or .zip file with your articles.


WordAi bulk rewrite feature.


Saved Articles

From the “Account” menu, you will find the “Saved Articles” sub-menu, which will take you to a page with all of your saved articles.


WordAi save articles option.


As you can see, there are files from before. If you click on the name itself, you will be taken to the rewrite page, where you can continue editing your content.

Besides that, you can perform three other actions on saved files: Delete, Export, and View.


WordAi Integration With Third-Party Tools

Using WordAi API, you can integrate WordAi with many third-party tools out of the box like WP Robot, Kontent Machine, WP RSS Aggregator, Ubot Studio, Licorne AIO, GSA Ser Ranker, Article Forge, and many other tools.

You can also integrate it with your own tool or product following instructions on the API info page.


Avoid AI Detection

WordAI has released new feature that “humanizes” your content to help pass as human in AI detectors.

With WordAi, the process of converting machine-generated text to human-like language takes only a matter of seconds, resulting in high-quality content that can pass for being written by a human.

WordAi will work with various AI-generated text, including content generated by ChatGPT, Jasper, Article Forge, Copy.ai, Writesonic, and more to rewrite their output so that it passes as authentic and natural on tools like Originality and similar tools.


WordAi Pricing Plans

WordAi offers two pricing plans. The monthly pricing plan costs $57 per month and yearly $27/month billed annually. No matter which pricing plan you choose, you will get the same features.

There is also a 30-day money-back guarantee, so in case that WordAi doesn’t fulfill your expectations, you can always receive a refund.

There is also a Custom plan which includes all standard features plus some additional perks. The most interesting feature here is customized rewrites which I think is an option to enable/disable certain rewrite options.


WordAi Pros & Cons

Here are the advantages and disadvantages of using WordAi as an article spinner.


  • Easy to use – Simple to navigate and straightforward.
  • Third-party implementations / API – You can use WordAi with many other tools.
  • Free 3-day trial (but you are required to enter billing info).
  • It is a web interface – You can access it from any device.
  • Produces unique human readable content (in most cases).


  • No lifetime license – While many competitive tools for spinning content offer lifetime license, WordAi has only monthly and yearly plans.
  • Internet connection required – To use, you need the Internet as it is browser accessed application.
  • The tool has received huge changes in the latest version, where many options were removed and everything simplified. Having more options allowed users to enable/disable certain rewrite features, which are now automatically applied, and you have no control over it.


WordAi vs. SpinRewriter vs. Spinner Chief

There are a lot of spinners available on the market now. Some are good, some are OK, and others are just junk.

Below I have compared the 4 most popular spinners (SpinnerChief, TBS, SpinRewriter, and WordAi) based on features they provide for the price. I have not taken into account the quality of their spinning content results.

For more info, you can also check my Spin Rewriter review and detailed WordAi vs Spin Rewriter comparison. And if you need a WordPress spinner plugin, then check WordPress Auto Spinner.

For more info about SpinnerChief, you can check my WordAI vs SpinnerChief comparison.

When comparing WordAi with Spin Rewriter, I would say that WordAi is better for getting human-readable content. But if you want a unique article, have more setting options, and if the price is your main focus, then go for Spin Rewriter as it offers more affordable pricing plans and more features, plus integration with WordPress.

    You access via your browser
    You need to download and install
    At no extra charge
    Compare your original and spun articles so you can immediately see the difference.
    Add relevant public domain images to your article
    Add nested spintax to your articles.This multiplies the number of variations you can get from a single article
    If you want HTML, ability to get fully marked-up content
    Does the tool have extensive documentation or video tutorials on how to get most out of spin rewriter
    Detects unordered lists and puts the elements in a completely new order, increasing the uniqueness of your article.
    Connect your CopyScape account to get an assessment of whether your article is unique
    Which languages spun rewriter support and can provide spun content for
    Allows you to add your own synonyms for certain keywords and then force spin rewriter to use your synonyms when it comes upon a word from your list
    Add keywords that you don’t want the software to touch at all
    Save all your work and edit later if needed
    Spin more than one article at the same time
    Option to download saved files
    Submit article(s) to your blogs and many article directories directly from tool
    Scrapes videos from ( for example) Youtube according to your keywords and you can insert these videos into your article
    Check the density of your project keywords
    Highlight a selected words in article, and make them all anchor text for any URL
    Choose selected sources and scrape articles based on your keywords, then import them to start spinning
    Does the tool have only paid version or free version also
    Do you have option to try product before paying
    Time in which you can ask for refund if not happy with product
wordai vs spin rewriter vs best spinner
  • WordAi
  • English
  • Three day trial
  • 30 days
  • $57/month and yearly $27/month (billed annually)
spin rewriter vs wordai vs spinner chief
  • Spin Rewriter
  • Collection of more than 10 video tutorials plus guides
  • English
  • Five days trial
  • 30 days
  • Monthly pricing plan $47 per month, yearly $197 a year and lifetime $497
spinner chief vs wordai
  • SpinnerChief
  • 100 spins per day with pro version
  • Only couple YT videos
  • Cloud thesaurus supports more than 20 languages
    English gives best results but for rest of languages I am not sure if they provide good results.
  • Very limited.
  • You can use free version to test
  • There is option for refund request but there is nowhere mentioned what are the terms
  • Per month, per year and lifetime pricing plan. Starts from $57/month to $307 one time plan


How Does WordAI Compare To ChatGPT?

WordAI and ChatGPT are different types of language AI tools that serve different purposes. WordAI is a text rewriter tool that can rewrite content to create unique and plagiarism-free articles, while ChatGPT is a language AI model that can generate human-like responses to text inputs.

In terms of their capabilities, WordAI specializes in rewriting text while retaining its original meaning and structure, while ChatGPT is designed to generate natural language responses based on the context of the input.

While ChatGPT is not designed specifically as a text rewriter tool, it can certainly generate new text based on the input it receives. But the focus of the model is on generating responses that are contextually appropriate, rather than rephrasing existing text.

Both tools are language AI tools that utilize advanced algorithms and machine learning to process and generate text.


Is WordAi Worth It? Review Verdict

The automatic spinning features of WordAi are great. But the tool does have its limitations when it comes to altering the spintax by hand.

As you saw, WordAi actually does generate decent content for software. I mean, there’s a lot of room for improvement, but until computers get to a whole new level or until we learn how to gather the power of consciousness, I can’t see a machine getting an A in human language.

Content will generally maintain a good quality, but there are times when it looks spammy and needs manual editing. If WordAi “understands” content, then the tool can produce some pretty impressive output.

Spinning an already published article and expecting it to be readable and unique is, in most cases, still a step too far currently. But it all depends on the content of your source.

It is straightforward and intuitive to use WordAi and is integrated to work with all top online marketing tools. My opinion is that WordAi provides human readable content.

But the content is not very unique. Yes, it will show you an 80 or 90% uniqueness score, but you can still see that they are not so different when comparing original and spun articles.

WordAI can also be trained to rewrite content for specific niches and industries, resulting in content that is more relevant and useful for your target audience. It can also generate content in different formats, such as articles, blog posts, and product descriptions, depending on your needs and preferences.

Of course, as with any language AI tool, the quality of the output depends on the quality of the input. It’s always a good idea to review and edit the rewritten content before publishing



Here are some of the most frequently asked questions about WordAI.

1. What is WordAI?

WordAI is an advanced tool that uses artificial intelligence and natural language processing to rewrite or paraphrase text, creating unique content.

2. How does WordAI work?

WordAI uses a complex algorithm that analyzes the text and then rewrites it in a way that is grammatically correct and semantically meaningful.

3. What are the benefits of using WordAI?

Using WordAI can save you time and effort by automatically generating high-quality content that is unique and readable.

4. Is WordAI suitable for academic writing?

WordAI can be used for academic writing, but I would advise against using it for that purpose.

5. Can WordAI rewrite content in multiple languages?

No, WordAI currently only supports English language content.

6. Can WordAI be used to rewrite entire articles?

Yes, WordAI can be used to rewrite entire articles, but it is important to review and edit the content before publishing to ensure accuracy and readability.

7. Is WordAI easy to use?

WordAI is relatively easy to use, with a user-friendly interface and a range of helpful features.

8. Can WordAI rewrite technical content?

WordAI can rewrite technical content, but it may require additional editing and revision to ensure accuracy.

9. How does WordAI compare to other text rewriting tools?

WordAI is one of the most advanced text rewriting tools available, with a range of features and a high degree of accuracy.

10. Does WordAI offer a free trial?

Yes, WordAI offers a 3-day free trial for new users to test the product and explore its features but you will need to enter billing details.

11. How does WordAI ensure the quality of the rewritten content?

WordAI uses advanced algorithms and natural language processing to ensure that the rewritten content is accurate, readable, and grammatically correct.

12. Can it be integrated with other tools?

Yes, WordAI can be integrated with a range of other tools and platforms.

13. How does WordAI ensure that the rewritten content is not plagiarized?

WordAI uses advanced algorithms to ensure that the rewritten content is unique and not plagiarized, providing a safe and reliable way to generate content.

14. How long does it take to rewrite content?

The time it takes for WordAI to rewrite content can vary depending on the length and complexity of the original text.

15. Is WordAI free?

No, WordAI is not a free tool. It offers a range of pricing plans that vary based on the features and usage limits.

16. Is WordAI legit?

Yes, WordAI is a legitimate and trustworthy tool for rewriting content. It has been around for quite some time and has become one of the leading text rewriter tools on the market, used by individuals and businesses alike.

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48 thoughts on “WordAi Review PROS & CONS (2024) – Worthy Or Overrated?”

        1. Hi,

          There is no definitive answer to that. Spun article can rank but also sometimes don’t. But the same thing is with original content.

  1. Good review ^^ just want to know so many ai-content tools ( such like nichess , copysmith, content bot, writesonic, go copy , peppertype , rytr , closers copy……etc ) at the LTD markets, do you think it still worth to pay for a monthly subscription base for the ” re-write ” tools like WORDAI or SPIN-REWRITER?

    I started from spin-rewriter past few years after GPT-3 launch, a lot of ” ai content-tools ” suddenly pop out in the LTD market, I bought some of it, after using I never go back to ” re-writing ” tools anymore.

    1. Hi,

      The tools like WordAI and Spin Rewriter still need a lot of improvement to reach the human level. Though I doubt they will be able to do that. But, in some cases, they even provide solid content so I wouldn’t rule them out. You can always test them and see if rewritten content is something you can use.

  2. Hi, Kasa,, I just want to that Spin rewriter is bad for seo?? And what rewritter is the best?? Just give me short answer,,, Thank you brother…

    1. Some articles that you get using Spin Rewriter might not be unique or quality articles so if you use them on your money-site it might be bad for your SEO efforts. But in overall I would not say that Spin Rewriter is bad for SEO.

      What is the best article rewriter? Taking into consideration features and price, I would say Spin Rewriter.

  3. What do you think about http://www.wpeasycontent.com

    Seems like an easy way to supplement content as we all know creating consistent content is not easy.

    They offer 6/daily 300-500 words stories for their base package of 59$/month and 9/daily for 99$/month.

    Just tried out the free trial and I’m pretty happy.

    Would love to hear what you guys think of it.

  4. Hello

    i have been victim of wordai once i paid for the monthly package i have not a single article spinned through them system will go on spinning giving no result for hours. its totally waste of time they are cheating people so guys do no go for it.

    This product is misleading and dumb.

    They have advertised on the website that original sentence goes:

    “Today I talked to Alex and Joe about WordAi.”

    WordAi’s Automatic Rewrite:

    “I spoke to Joe and Alex about WordAi today.”

    You will not get this output with any combination of options you use. I challenge anyone who says this product is good to prove me wrong.
    I opened a complaint 3 months back, and they just act dumb.

    Please note that you do not have a phone number to directly speak to them.
    big fraud BEWARE!!!! BEWARE!!!! BEWARE!!!! BEWARE!!!! BEWARE!!!!

    1. I agree that there is still no tool that can replace human and plugins like Spin Rewriter and WordAi can sometimes provide awful rewrite sentences.

      1. Kasa, thanks for the reply. The main problem is none of these software’s are able to convert active voice in to passive voice. In other words, they can’t reverse a sentence, and claim to be AI(!). Word Ai is brave enough to still advertise that they can do it. This what annoy me most. This can be a legal issue, such as wrongly selling a product.

  6. I am extraordinarily dissatisfied with WordAI. They are happy to take your money – we spent a good chunk of coin, but also sent in two support requests that were never answered. In the end, we told them that we had to like their AI and their humans before we’d continue trying their service, so this article, which is a great analysis of the products shows that there are other spin services our there and we will definitely be trying out the competition.

  7. You have listed the spin rewriter has CUSTOM SYNONYMS option in the comparison between 4 spinners. I am using spin rewriter. But There is no option for CUSTOM SYNONYMS in Spin Rewriter.

    1. Products get updates all the time. Some features get added while some removed. It is possible that feature got removed. I always recommend checking official page, asking support or taking advantage of trials before any purchases.

  8. For the love of GOD Dont buy WordAI unless you want to wait 30 minutes for a turin spin… Spinrewriter does it in 15 seconds.. Max what WordAi does in 15 minutes + (I’m not joking around here)

        1. Well SpinnerChief has more features and their pricing is affordable but I never tested SpinnerChief liked I did with Spin Rewriter and WordAi so don’t know about its spun quality much.

          Products get updates and changes. You have to use it constantly to notice changes.

        2. Hi Laamra,

          I tested Spinnerchief, and I believe that you need to find a good thesaurus or you can also take time to build your own thesaurus (which you can also sell on their Thesaurus directory market).

          In fact, I tested to spun some good number of article in English with their “Cloud Thesaurus” and also with their “Miracle thesaurus).

          Well, most of the time the results with Cloud thesaurus : average quality of spinning and not so unique. I tried all options and setting and honestly, I was decieved.

          I also tried Spinnerchief in french : Just useless (unreadable at all).

          So, the interface is however cool, compare to The best Spinner (which I don’t recommend).

          I am actually also testing WordAI in Turing plan (3 days trial free) :
          The result is by far far away better than any other spinner tool available. I am completely honest and I believe that the price is justified. When you analyse deeply the spinning results, you can see the Artificial Intelligence power.
          Concerning the speed, I guess that it is because their server and programm need first to understand the whole meaning of the whole article, and also the specific meaning of each word to choose the true right synonym which will match better with your sentence and its deep meaning!

          I personnaly want to buy it now. I think personnaly that If people want to build some good ranking sites or long term, WordAI is a must have.

          All the other one could only be interresting for some manual spinning. But, Should not every entrepreneur look and invest in the best efficiency tool and target long term ? (this is another subject…)

          Fnally, if you start with little budget, I advice you to look for curation technique. It is for me the best fairplay marketing technic, and combined with some good spinning strategy, it will lead you to succeed!

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