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Article Forge


Easy to use






Overall quality



  • Videos, images, external links, etc. are added to the articles
  • Create unlimited number of articles
  • Can be integrated with WordAi
  • It has trial option
  • You can schedule articles and publish on your WordPress sites
  • Easy to use


  • Needs more improvement
  • Generates sometimes unrelated content to the topic

I recently stumble upon a promising website content writer tool and decided to use the trial option to write this Article Forge review. You may already hear content is king phrase. It is well known that quality content is essential if you want to rank in Google and other search engines.

Sites that get regularly updated with top quality content tend to rank higher as their content is shared more often, backlinks start pouring, and all-mighty Google recognizes it as a valuable website.

Creating top-quality content has always been a challenge for bloggers and website owners, as it can take lots of research and time. Most bloggers do research and write their own content. Bigger companies and webmasters with more money hire other people to write content for them.

Some even outsource it to freelancers using services like iWriter. Each one of mentioned is standard and efficient methods. If you are running a website or websites and want them to rank higher in SERP, you need content. A lot of content. And writing content takes time.

But people always search how to stay ahead of competitors and adopt future technologies for content writing, saving time and money. This is where tools like Article Forge come in. They promise us shiny new things. But we all know it is not always so peachy.

Article Forge is presented as a website content writer tool which writes whole articles for you. You just need to input keyword, and a few moments later, you have freshly “baked” content.

It uses fancy algorithms and gives you new articles within minutes. The articles are not just worded and placed to make sense but also pass Copyscape and other plagiarism detectors.

So, Article forge is not just a spinning tool, but your personal writer. This all sounds amazing. Is Article Forge really the next big thing? Can it be the best tool for high-quality content in minutes without the need to write anything or hire expensive writers?

I have tested for five days extensively using their trial option, and you can check below Article Forge review to see is it worth your time and money.


UPDATE: This article was originally posted in 2017, and now a few years later, I decided to test the newest version Article Forge 2.0.

Because of that, I will be removing some parts of content and images as some settings are no longer available, and some have changed.

If you see strikethrough content, that means feature was available in the older version but not anymore. Developers say they have improved generating high-quality, unique articles that look human written.

They even admit that Article Forge 1.5 did an ok job generating content before, but content generated clearly looked like a machine wrote it. But they say now it is no longer the case – “Article Forge 2.0 content is completely indistinguishable from human content!” Well, that is a bold statement.


Article Forge Review – Best Website Content Writer?

According to the sales page, Article Forge uses sophisticated deep understanding algorithms to automatically write and research articles from any niche in the same way that a human does.

When you put a keyword, Article Forge reads millions of articles, learning everything it needs to know about that topic to write content in its own words.

Basically, it scrapes content from the web and then spins that content, paragraphs, etc. and writes each sentence in its own words producing nonduplicate content.

Article Forge can automatically add relevant titles, videos, and images to every article it writes if you enable that option. It can also add links automatically. Using Article Forge article creator tool is very easy. It is web-based, so you don’t need to download or install anything.

Just register an account and start your 5-day trial. Be noted you will need to input your credit card details. If using PayPal, you will still need to put credit card details.

You will not be charged anything if you cancel while trial lasts. Also, it seems sometimes they ask for photo ID if they believe your info may be fraudulent.

So when you start the trial, don’t forget about it as later their system will recognize that you already used it If you try to create a new account (they check IP and other data).

When checking Article Forge 2.0, I see that regarding the account menu dashboard, nothing has changed. You still have a left side menu, which consists of New Article, My Articles, WordPress, Post Scheduler, API Information, and Affiliates.

What is new in Article Forge 2.0?

  • Article Forge can now generate content in English, Dutch, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, and Spanish.
  • You can Perfect Tense tool to check for spelling and grammar mistakes in content generated by Article Forge.

What is new in version 4?

  • Article Forge 4.0 writes more coherently, giving you a true article rather than a collection of semi-related paragraphs.
  •  You can now tell Article Forge what topics or talking points to avoid.
  •  Supports adding multiple user accounts to your subscription. And, you can control what level of access each user has

What is new in Article Forge 4.5?

  • Content is more fluent, accurate, less repetitive and more diversely structured.
  • You can now instruct Article Forge on exactly what you want it to write about.
  • You can now write infinitely long articles directly in the Article Forge editor.


Creating Article

When you want to create a new article, you just click on New Article where you will be presented with options to start content creation.

article forge 2 review
Article Forge 2.0 New Article options.


To create an article, you need to input the keyword. If you wish, you can also input sub-keywords, which is recommended.

Below you can choose your content readability. For money sites, it is recommended to use Money Site Filler setting and leave it at its default settings.

Article Forge also supports Tier 1 and Tier 2 content options with nested spintax that can be used across hundreds of sites.

If you wish, you can click Toggle advanced options to customize how your article gets written by setting additional options like Number of Sentence Variations, Number of Paragraph Variations, and to toggle on or off Shuffle Paragraphs.

Article length can be set to 50, 200, 500, or 750 words. Unfortunately, you can’t set to more than 750 words. This is something that hasn’t change.

You can also enable the option to add titles and headings, set image and video adding probability, or replace keywords with links.

Embedded videos are chosen from YouTube, and images will be hard linked to content at If you decide to replace keywords with links, you will need to create a new replacement group.

If multiple links (one per line) are given in one replacement group, the tool will randomly link a keyword to anyone on the list. If you want to link multiple keywords to the same link/link list, just list keywords (one per line) in one replacement group.


Keywords Links Replacement


If you wish to use Copyscape to check if the received article is unique, you can enter your username and API key. To use WordAi for additional rewriting, you can input your WordAi email and API key. For more information about WordAi, be sure t check my WordAi review.

Article Forge offers only integration with WordAi because it is a tool from the same developers’ team. Because of that, there is no option for Spin Rewriter (check Spin Rewriter review) or any other article rewriter and auto spinner.

When all set, click Create New Article button. Article Forge will then start to do its job gathering content and mixing it up to deliver unique and human-readable content.

Depending on which article length option you choose, this can take a while. Up to five minutes or even more. I always presume that it longer it takes the better. That should mean that the tool is really working hard to deliver quality content and not just spitting some crap in a few seconds.


Does Article Forge Scrape And Spin?

How does this even work? Is Article Forge just scraping and spinning articles? According to developers Article Forge does absolutely no scraping and spinning at all.

Article Forge 2.0 was launched with a deep learning model that is able to write high quality, unique articles from scratch that look like a human wrote it. But there were some flaws – for instance sometimes Article Forge 2.0 could be off topic or irrelevant.

So with Article Forge 2.5 they have added a second deep learning model that is specifically designed to learn new information very quickly. This second model can therefore handle obscure topics, new niches and events, longtail keywords, individual products, and more.

With Article Forge 2.5 these two models now work together to make sure your articles are high quality, unique, relevant, and up to date without requiring any spinning. Each article is written from scratch exactly like how a human would write it! At least that is what this tool claims. Let’s put it to the test.


Putting Article Forge To The Test

EXAMPLE1 – What kind of review would this be if I wouldn’t test this website content writer tool. I have used for the first example Winix 5300-2 Air Purifier as a keyword and added two sub-keywords.

I only know English, so I am only able to test results for English. I have enabled Titles and Headings options and set video and image probability to 60% to see how it will look.

Article length was 500 words. After about 2 min, I received my article.


article forge test
Article Forge 2.0 test. EXAMPLE1


Generated content is around 400 words and not 500 like I set. The image was added, but no video. Next time I will try increasing probability.

I must admit, though not perfect, this content is far better than the version I tested back in 2017. It still needs corrections, but it can be used. I will let you be the judge of the article provided.

I use Grammarly Premium (check Grammarly review) for proofreading and plagiarism checker, so I also tested this article. I was surprised they were not many mistakes found using Grammarly. You will also be notified by any mistakes in generated content via an integrated Perfect Tense tool.

For plagiarism, Grammarly showed only 2%. This is very good. Few corrections and this content could be used on site. You will also get spintax of your text, and you can export it or publish it on your WordPress site automatically.


article forge spintax


Article Forge can automatically post to self-hosted WordPress blogs if desired. You can add as many as you need.

You just add your site URL, login info and can publish your newly created articles to your sites. You can even schedule a post to be published using the Post Scheduler option.

You can opt to post manually after generating, reviewing, and manually editing an article, or choose to automatically post every n number of days based on a list of seed keywords.

Export options include plain text, HTML formatted, and PDF format. All your articles can be accessed through My Articles on the left menu tab.


Article Forge schedule posts


You can utilize Article Forge API if you wish. There is also a limit on API, as I can see. This is nothing strange, and it is often restricted to prevent abuse.

For me, it wrote: “With the current plan, you can create 200000 words between API, Bulk Generator, and WordPress Post Scheduler each month. You can create unlimited words with our web interface.”

After that, the cost of using these services is 25¢ per 1000 words. This is something that has not changed even in Article Forge 2.0.

EXAMPLE2 – Here is another example of text produced by Article Forge. This time I decided to test what will Article Forge generate about itself. The main keyword was Article Forge, and sub-keywords were advantages, disadvantages, settings, and languages.

I have enabled Titles and Headings options and set video and image probability to 100% to see how it will look. Article length was 750 words. After about 2 min, I received my article.


article forge alternatives



Generated content is around 559 words and not 750 like I set. The image was added but no video despite that I added a 100% probability. This time Grammarly showed more mistakes than in the first example. For plagiarism, Grammarly showed only 3%.

But provided content is far from usable. I mean, I am not even sure what generated content is about. I will let you be the judge of content quality and how much content is relatable to the topic (keyword inputted).


Quality Of Generated Content

I made extensive testing of Article Forge 2.0 and can say that it is better than the version I tested in 2017 but still doesnt provide good, quality content every time.

Generated articles are still sometimes unrelated to your keyword, and don’t make sense. Articles in many cases start good but end on entirely other topic or mix topics.

Often wrong information will be stated. This can be easily seen in product reviews that have various specifications, etc.

It all depends on the sub-keywords. I managed to get in 70% cases quality content when i used adequate sub-keywords (there is video tutorial about this when you log to Article Forge account).

You still need to add a few adjustments and corrections to the text in most cases. I must admit that Article Forge 2.0 is way betetr now. I highly suggest you take 5-day trial option and see if Article Forge is something you would have use of.

If you want to check examples of the content generated by Article forge back in 2017, you can check this links EXAMPLE OLD1, EXAMPLE OLD2, EXAMPLE OLD3.


Article Forge Price

Currently, the price for Article Forge is $324 if you go with the annual plan or $77 if you decide to pay monthly. These are new prices.

Before, the price for Article Forge was $297 if you go with the annual plan or $47 if you decide to pay monthly. But it seems despite that on the official page there is new pricing when I created a new account for testing purposes, I was still presented with old pricing plans.

There’s a five day free trial for ArticleForge, but you do need to provide credit card information upfront. You will be billed after the trial expires if you don’t explicitly cancel.

You can also use the money-back guarantee within 30 days. So, you can get your refund immediately if you don’t find this website content writer tool worthy.


article forge disadvantages


Be noted that the money-back guarantee works only if you used Article Forge to create less than ten articles.


Pros & Cons

Here are some advantages and disadvantages of using Article Forge.

Article Forge Advantages:

  • Videos, images, external links, etc. are added to the articles
  • Create an unlimited number of articles
  • Can be integrated with WordAi
  • It has a trial option
  • You can schedule articles and publish on your WordPress sites
  • Easy to use
  • Write articles with unlimited words

Article Forge Disadvantages:

  • Generates sometimes unrelated content to the topic
  • Still needs more improvement but it is far better than version from 2017.


Article Forge vs. SEO Content Machine

Article Forge is a web-based tool, and SEO Content Machine (check SEO Content Machine review) is software, which means it needs to be downloaded and installed.

SEO Content Machine (SCM) is on the market for a long time, while Article Forge is a new contender. Because of that, SEO Content Machine has far more features. Article Forge doesn’t have most options SEO Content Machine comes with.


  • NAME
    How many words can it write for article
    Post created articles automatically on added sites from tool dashboard
    Do you get spintax version of article
    Scraping content from other sources and not just Google
    Does tool comes with integrated free spinner
    Does it support integration with other SEO tools and spinners
    customizable templates for link building programs
    Scrap Google search results in any region/language
    Build your own thesaurus
    Special junk filter box that you can use to make sure that content contains a keyword -or- that content doesn’t contain a spam word
article forge vs kontent machine
  • Maximum is 750 words
    Article length can be set to 50, 200, 500 or 750 words
  • Export options include plain text, HTML formatted and PDF format
  • you can create 200000 words between API, Bulk Generator, and WordPress Post Scheduler each month.After that, the cost of using these services is 25¢ per 1000 words.
  • Not before scraping process
  • Excpept WordAI and CopyScape there is no other supported external tools integrated
  • 5-day trial
  • You can also use the money back guarantee within 30 days if you used Article Forge to create less than ten articles.
  • Monthly $47 or Annual $297
seo content machine vs article forge
  • It seems no max limit
    Though I pressume you cant go to some insane long articles
  • Bing or Google translate can be used
  • Content can come from online web sources (ezinearticles, articlebase, etc), articles on your hard drive, Article Builder or Big Content Search.
  • SEO Content Machine comes with a free spinner called soft spin
  • Autofill Magic, Bookmarks, FCS Network, GSA SER, HTML Article, Licorne AIO, Magic Submitter, No Hands SEO, Ranker X, SENuke, TurboWeb2.0 Submitter, Ultimate Demon, Chimp ReWriter, Spinner Chief, SpinRewriter, The Best Spinner, Article Builder, X-Spinner, Imgur, SpinnerBr, SistemaSpinnerBr, ArticleSpinnerFr, ESpinner, etc
  • SEO Content Machine can automatically solve simple reCaptcha events. The process is automatic, all it requires is that you have pre-purchased captcha breaking credits.
  • SCM is a multi-language content scraper and generator. It can scrap Google search results in any region/language and extract content from those listings. You have a choice of 48 different language choices.
  • The article creator has a special junk filter box that you can use to make sure that content contains a keyword -or- that content doesn’t contain a spam word
  • 5-day trial
  • You can use the money back guarantee within 30 days
  • Monthly $27, Quarterly $57, Annual $120, Perpetual $197


With SCM, you might be overwhelmed with all the features when you first start. Article Forge is more straightforward, with no learning curve.

Both tools provide generated content of the same quality though you have more freedom in SCM to improve the outcome of received content.

SCM is way cheaper than Article Forge. If you consider all those aspects, I would recommend you to get the SEO Content Machine. If non of those two mentioned tools if what you need, then check Kontent Machine which is another website content writer. For more info, check Kontent Machine review.

You can even use Anyword, 10Web Assistant or Jasper AI. Those are copywriting tools that use artificial intelligence to generate content. For more info, you can check 10Web Assistant review, Anyword review and Jasper AI review.


Article Forge Review Final Words | Worthy Website Content Writer?

In the age of automation, content generating tools and spinning programs are in demand. The users are increasingly looking for better and improved versions.

Article Forge combines snippets from multiple related articles into one post. However, the articles lack a cohesive intro, body, and summary progression.

Very often, content created using Article Forge is not related to keyword put or jumps to different topics. This is not strange as the content is generated from various articles scraped from The Web.

To me, it seems their algorithm needs more changes and improvements as Article Forge still doesn’t have human understanding and touch as they advertise.

Article Forge 2.0 definitely generates better content which can be used on website. But anybody who says that the articles generated by Article Forge require absolutely no changes or corrections is blind or lying.

I do like that it has the option to add relevant titles, images, and videos. Unfortunately, it all depends on the topic if Article Forge will find and add suitable images or video.

I recommend you give it a try using the 5-day trial option. Let me know in the comments below if you tried Article Forge or know better website content writer tool.

DISCLOSURE: Posts may contain affiliate links. If you buy something through one of those links, I might get a small commission, without any extra cost to you. Read more about it here.

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    1. Hi Andre,

      Tools like Article Forge are not perfect and results will depend. They are far from replacing people when it comes to generating content.

  5. Indepth article, no doubt about it!
    In my opinion though AI tools are not yet ready for the cognitive part of human intelligence. What I write is based on knowledge gained with experience.

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    1. I see many sharing their experience with Article Forge that is positive. Glad to see it. I was a little skeptical at the beginning when this tool just came out but seems that they are improving the tool with each update.

  9. it is actually a VERY GOOD TOOL, especially for low-tier content. You will have to run it on Grammarly premium and do some fixing, but still, it takes way less time to write everything by yourself. Sometimes you need to be specific to get results – Like I searched wedding bands(musicians) and article came back as wedding bands(ornaments.)

    However, if you use this right and want to work on bulk articles where quality is low-to-average the tool does wonders for you.

    You can even get a lot of information that you can use as research material and write your content.

    Overall I recommend this with 5 STARS!

    1. Hi Sohail,

      Thank you for sharing your experience with Article Forge. I agree with you. It is very good for low-tier content but you will need to do some content fixing.

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    1. I would agree that 50 – 60% of articles generated with Article Forge are usable. Thanks for sharing your experience in using Article Forge.

    2. Viney Bhatia, Thanks for sharing your experience. So have you got Google Adsence Approval on your website by content written by Article Forge.

  15. I highly recommend not using this product OR dealing with the company. The product is pretty bad, we spent more time fixing the articles generated than it takes to create an article from scratch. I tried the free trial, and attempted to cancel before the trial ended. However, in the account settings where there’s supposed be a link to “Cancel”, the link doesn’t work (how convenient…). I then emailed them several times, messaged them on Facebook and Twitter, and have gotten ZERO response. I was billed $247 and had to work with my bank and Visa to get the charge returned to me, and marked them as fraud. Buyer beware, stay away.

    1. Hi Brandon,

      Thank you for sharing your experience. I agree that you need to spend to much time correcting generated articles. The quality is not good.

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  17. Stefan Andonov

    They tried to charge me for the free trial on the 5th day, not happy at all from them, they seem like a scam

    1. They are not a scam you don’t need to be afraid of that. But are you sure they attempted to charge you before the trial ended?

      1. I’m in the same situation. They offered a 5 day free trial and required billing info. I put my info in and I want to end the free trial but cannot without paying the full $47/month in full. There is no “free trial” + free cancellation.

        1. That was not the case when I tested the tool. That is not legal. If this happens you can easily make payment reversal via PayPal or credit card.

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    very great articles! Actually, Articles Forge don’t answer any email and support.
    Are you still using it ? in 2019, what is the best tool for generate content ?

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    1. Hi Jools,

      I intend to check and review SEO Content Machine and Kontent Machine as they are top competitors to Article Forge. For now, I didn’t test them so don’t know how they perform.

      I received an email about WordAi release of version 4. I have already compared Spin Rewriter and WordAi. Looking at the new version of WordAi I don’t think they improved the algorithm. As I can see they just increase spinning speed.

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