SEO Content Machine Review PROS & CONS (2021) | Article Generator Worth Paying?

Article generator tools are very popular these days so I decided to test and write SEO Content Machine review. Yes another product which promises lazy content generating.

Let’s be honest. Writing articles is sometimes boring and time-consuming process. Especially if you manage more than one site and you need to write dozens unique and engaging posts throughout the week.

Creating content for a website can be a pretty hard task to do. You cannot just generate content in a second. You need to make proper content and keyword research. Add images, videos and put it all in one informative and useful article.

It is no wonder people seek the easier way. In most cases, there are two options if you need extra help. Either hire a professional writer or purchase article spinner who will rewrite content, so you receive new unique content.

The first option demands a lot of money, and the second one does not guarantee grammatically correct human-readable articles (usually text generated needs a lot of corrections).

Putting aside moral and other aspects of using article generator tools I opted for a trial version of SEO Content Machine (SCM) and decided to put it on a test.

Below you will see what options and features SCM provides, what is the quality of content generated and which article generator is better. Article Forge or SEO Content Machine.


SEO Content Machine Review – Article Generator

SEO Content Machine is not a unique idea. There are few similar tools available to purchase.

The idea behind article generators is to create super spun articles that can produce a huge number of unique articles with different paragraph and sentence counts with words replaced with synonyms.

They scrape articles from Web which are already published based on keywords from search engines, blogs, article directories, web 2.0 properties, etc. Users can even provide their own scraped articles or PLRs.

This tools then combine all articles by mixing sentences and then generate paragraphs with synonyms. The process then gives spun articles with spin tax.

Article generator tools can insert images, videos, able to use different content formatting options, they can add spun links in various position of articles and many other options.

You can then export generated content into special format to fill the fields automatically for different SEO tools like GSA SER, SenukeXcr, Magic Submitter, Licorne AIO, Ultimate Demon, etc.

SEO Content Machine is one of those products. It can do all those functions and much more. But is the quality of content something you would publish on your website?


What SEO Content Machine Has That Others Don’t?

Here are some of SEO Content Machine features:

  • Content scraper
  • Content creator
  • Inject content into articles
  • Re-mix content
  • Works with public and private proxies
  • Translate articles back and forth
  • Tier 1 content creator
  • Scrape for images and videos to use with articles
  • Insert your own images and videos into content
  • Insert your own titles into content
  • Multiple sources of content
  • Built in tool for finding long tail keywords
  • Create “About Me” tool
  • Content Wizard (newbies friendly)
  • CopyScape integration
  • Comes with a free spinner
  • Works with all external spinners such as WordAI, The Best Spinner, and others
  • Posting content to WordPress sites

For the purposes of this review I have opted for 5 day trial. I recommend everyone to try before purchasing. SEO Content Machine is software, and it needs to be downloaded and installed to use.

Once opened after installation, you will see dashboard like in the picture below. It may look confusing at first, but it is in fact very straightforward.


article generator tool


SCM dashboard contains easy access to all the main functions of the program:

  1. Generate articles – From here you produce content. Insert your own custom paragraphs, links, images and videos using this tool. Content can come from online web sources, articles on your hard drive, Article Builder or Big Content Search. You can also spin content using article re-writers such as WordAi, SpinRewriter, etc. This is for advanced content generation. For faster and more beginenr friendly use Content Wizard.
  2. Insert content – Insert custom paragraphs, links, images and videos into already existing text articles on your hard drive, and apply a word spinner at the same time.
  3. Re-mix content – Re-combine content on your hard drive into new articles. Process articles and split content into sentences or paragraphs.
  4. Translate articles – Translate content from one language to another. Bing or Google translate can be used so you know it will not be best translation.
  5. Local SEO writer – Allows you to create content for local SEO needs. It does this by taking one template article, and reading a list of country-state-town information from a CSV data file to produce 100s of articles with specific GEO location information.
  6. Article downloader – Download content from the web onto your hard drive. You can download content from your own custom list of sites or from Google search results. Once the content is on your hard drive you can sort and filter it to use with your own content research.
  7. T1 content creator – Create unique articles by combining small text sentences found using Google for your article keyword.
  8. Image downloader – Scrape a list of image urls from Google or Flickr (creative commons).
  9. Find long tail keywords – Generate a list of long tail keywords using the Google suggest engine (works suprisingly good).
  10. Create about me – Create a super spun about me paragraph that you can use in article resource boxes.
  11. Schedule posts – Automatically upload posts in the Blog Manager to your WordPress or Blogger blogs.
  12. Content wizard – A step by step wizard to help you generate articles. This is a friendlier introduction to the much more complex “Generate Articles” feature.
  13. Application log – Displays the status messages of all content tasks while they are running.


How SEO Content Machine Works?

If you are an advanced user or just want more options when generating content to have more control, you can use  Generate Article option (Article Creator) task button.

Otherwise, use the Content Wizard button (wizard for beginners) that auto starts when you first start SEO Content Machine article creator. Below I will show images and steps from Article Creator so that you can see all options and features with which you can play with.


Article Settings

The first tab is the article settings tab. This is an important area as you tell the program the keywords for finding content, the output and location of the final article.

Selecting content rich keywords means your generated articles are of higher quality. Where possible input keywords that will return lots of editorials, articles, and reviews.

The article creator will search for content using each keyword that you place in the keyword box. If you paste in 200 keywords, the article creator will search all 200 keywords one at a time.

Make sure all your keywords are related. Otherwise the final article will contain content that is from many different keywords all mashed together.


seo content machine article settings


You can choose from two quality options. Readable or Unique.

Using unique option content will be scraped and split into sentences. This creates highly unique content (up to 90% according to Copyscape) but can be un-readable with broken phrases and lost narrative flow.

Using readable option content will be created to maintain paragraphs. Readability is higher. However your article will not be unique (50%~ according to Copyscape).

The more variations you select, the less readable the article will be. The amount of variations you select determine how many time the article can be reused.

Recommended settings here are:

  • Article Type: HTML Article
    You can also select a different format such as “GSA SER” if you want to use articles for that program.
  • Quality: Readable
  • Paragraph count: 5
  • Paragraph variations: 1
    If you want to create 1 article that can be re-used many times, set the paragraph variations to 5+
  • Article Count: 1+ (As many articles as you need)

Select spinner to use on scraped content if you wish. Available spinners are Soft Spin, The Best Spinner, SpinnerChief, WordAI (see WordAi review), Spin Rewriter (check Spin Rewriter review), ESpinner, Chimp Rewriter, X-Spinner, SpinnerBr, SistemaSpinnerBr and ArticleSpinnerFr.

If you are scraping more than 10,000 words of content be aware that some spinner services will take a long time (30+mins) to complete.

You can use the free spinner that SCM provides, Soft Spin, if you don’t have a paid content spinner. Spinning content in foreign languages is supported in some spinners such as X-spinner, SpinnerChief, etc.


Content Sources

You have access to four sources to load your content for the article creator. Those are Scrape Content, Local Files, Article Builder and Big Content Search:

  • Scrape Content – Scrape your own list of sites (via BING) or scrape the Google results for your region. You can set Google to [None] if you don’t want any Google scraped results.
  • Local Files – Load articles stored on your hard drive. Great way to re-use PLR content.
  • Article Builder + Big Content Search – Both are paid content services. Fill out your login details in the options if you wish to use one or both of them.

Set the Google country to for example USA. You can change the country and language if you need content in a different language like French or Spanish.


article generator review


SCM comes pre-installed with its own list of article sources to scrape content from. You can add to this list and customize it. Outside of the Bing/BingCache/Google options, you can add your own Custom Search Engines.

There are many sites who have their own search boxes which you can use to find content which may not appear in Bing’s or Google’s search listings.


Custom Content

You can insert your own titles, categories and paragraph content into the article generator in Custom Content tab. Custom paragraphs allow you to insert your own footers, intros and heavily spun content into generated articles.


SEO content machine custom content


To add a custom paragraph of content, use the “Add Content” button. SEO Content Machine will insert any custom content “as is.” It will not try to filter content, insert links, or convert spintax.



SEO Content Machine gives you control over how you insert links into existing content:

  • You can insert links or tokens anywhere in an article
  • You can customize the exact link code that gets inserted
  • You can use spintax anywhere there is text
  • Spintax can be used in format strings to reduce the possibility of footprints
  • You can insert a link “contextually” ie it will randomly pick some words and turn them into a link

For each link, you can enter the URLs and keywords. Set a percentage chance that SEO Content Machine will use a generic anchor text instead of your specified keyword.


seo content machine insert links


You can customize the generic anchor text by clicking on the drop down box next to the percentage slider. Generic anchor text comes pre-filled already with generic keywords. You do not have to enter any if you don’t want to.



You can insert your own images into articles. The settings are limited, and there is no advanced customization of the insert code (unlike links).

If you are using WordPress, you can insert images as post thumbnails (featured images). Just enable the “Insert Post Thumbnail” setting. For SCM to scrape images, you can choose image source from Google, Creative Commons or Custom.


seo content machine insert images


If you want to scrape your own list of images for better relevance, set image source to “Custom.” You can right click anywhere on the custom textbox to open up the image scraper tool.

Under the “Image Source” panel, click on the drop down box and select “Custom.” This will enable the custom URL text box where you can paste your links to your own images.

You can also access two vital tools here. Image Finder and import images on your hard drive.

The image finder is a quick way to find images for your keyword (or you can leave it up to the article creator to find it for you). This can be useful if your keyword doesn’t return usable images in Google search. You can instead use the generic term to find images.



As mentioned you can insert links and images into content generated using SCM. But you can also add YouTube videos. Or insert your own video code by choosing “Custom” in video settings.

SCM will use your article keywords to find relevant videos from Youtube to insert into your article.


insert videos article generator tool


You can customize what videos to insert. Use your own Youtube username, use a Youtube channel ID or insert a list of your own video embeds.

Once all the settings have been fine tuned, you can click on “Article” tab and click on “Save Task.” Don’t forget to check the “Run Immediately” checkbox.


SEO Content Machine Test

I am going to use Content Wizard for generating articles as it is intended for beginners and has less features to choose from. If you want advanced features use Article Generator as mentioned above. I will purposely use same keywords I used in Article Forge review so that I can compare the text received.

NOTE: I purposely used Content Wizard option as most people just want to get the text as soon as possible and don’t want to fiddle with advanced settings.


EXAMPLE 1 – keyword “WordPress booking”

Following our example from Article Forge review, I am going to use  “WordPress Booking” in the primary keyword textbox.

I will choose that it scrapes Google USA (you can set another country or another language). You then click NEXT, and SEO Content Machine will find related keywords which you can add.


testing seo content machine


You need to pick at least one related keyword. For article settings, I will use recommended settings mentioned above.


customize length or articles seo content machine


Click NEXT, and now you can choose to use a spinner. I will not use any spinner because I want to see what content will I get using just SEO Content Machine.


seo content machine soft spin


After that, you can choose how many images and videos to insert (if you like to insert them). Then you can decide to add links to your articles.

After clicking NEXT, you can click Finish to create your article or click on Advanced Settings to see and set more options and features. It took 1 min to generate content. You can see the whole process from the application log.


seo content machine application log


EXAMPLE 1 result = Here is the link to text generated.

As you can see text generated doesn’t have any natural flow. It scraped descriptions from several booking plugins with no order. Just mashed up together like a bad soup. This is not content I would use on any site. I would be better off just scraping content by myself and reordering a little.


EXAMPLE 2 – keyword “WordPress themes”

This time I selected only one related keyword. I selected WordPress themes as a related keyword. It is even strange it offered me that taking into consideration that this is my main keyword.

But ok, I picked it so that I hopefully get best results. I again picked article quality readable and only changed paragraph count to 10 so that I get an article of around 1 000 words (each paragraph is approximately 100 words).

This time text was generated in 2 minutes. EXAMPLE 2 resultHere is link on generated content image 

This generated content is not bad. It sticks to WordPress themes but it only mentions 6-7 themes while title says 50 free responsive themes. Image scraped is terrible but content after little arranging would be ok. Though I doubt it would pass Copyscape test (haven’t tried).

Also, it seems in nine paragraph SCM added content which is not WordPress themes related. It more looks like MyThemeShop TOS page. Not exactly content which can be used on the site. In this case, you are also better copying and rearranging someone else content by yourself.


EXAMPLE 3 – keyword “iPhone price”

Here is an example not WordPress related. I again selected one related keyword. I again picked article quality readable and only changed paragraph count to 6 while picking that it gets me two images and one video.

The video was added, but it didn’t show. Probably because it was added using an iframe and I have it disabled on my site. The content was generated in 13 seconds. EXAMPLE 3 resultHere is a link to see text generated.

Inspecting generated content, I can see it starts good (though I would change the title). First two paragraphs are ok. But then cold shower again. The third section is about repair shops in Tennessee from what I can see.

Then 4 and 5 paragraph is about iPhone camera. The text received doesn’t stick to the topic. Again, not text I would put on my site. Not even test website.


SEO Content Machine Price

The best thing about SCM is that it offers 5-day trial. With no obligation and no need to give credit card or any other payment data.

Pricing plans are affordable. Way cheaper than Article Forge. If you decide to pay monthly, the price will be $27. Annual plan costs $118. There is also perpetual pricing model.

seo content machine price



  • Autofill Magic, Bookmarks, FCS Network, GSA SER
  • HTML Article, Licorne AIO, Magic Submitter
  • No Hands SEO, Ranker X, SENuke, TurboWeb2.0 Submitter, Ultimate Demon



  • Copy Scape, Chimp ReWriter, Spinner Chief, SpinRewriter, The Best Spinner
  • WordAI, Bing Translate, Google Translate, Article Builder, Big Content Search
  • CopyScape, X-Spinner, Imgur, SpinnerBr, SistemaSpinnerBr, ArticleSpinnerFr, ESpinner


SEO Content Machine Support

I must admit SEO Content Machine is regularly updated and fixed. It is enough to see the changelog, and you know this project is heavily invested in.

Also, I always check blog section. If the product has content on their blog regularly posted with tips and advice how to use features of the product, then you know it is legit.

That is what SEO Content Machine has. The blog is full of various guides and documentation is vast. Though some guides are from 2014. or 2015., they are still helpfull.

There are also links to guides in SCM software, and I found videos. So you don’t need to worry that you will not be able to follow the steps correctly. You can also contact support for assistance. In this part SCM has you covered.


SEO Content Machine Advantages & Disadvantages

Here are some pros and cons of using SCM article generator.


  • Works with most SEO tools
  • Extensive documentation and guides
  • The developers keep adding new features
  • Can solve Google captchas – $10 for 3500 captchas
  • No limit on amount of keywords (as I can see)
  • Free trial without need for credit card or other payment preset
  • No installation limits. However, simultaneous logins are not supported
  • Insert your own titles into content
  • Multiple sources of content
  • Built in tool for finding long tail keywords
  • Schedule posts
  • Bulk add and import WordPress blogs
  • Has customizable templates for link building programs
  • SEO Content Machine is integrated with the spinners and article re-writers
  • Fast content generating (in minute or less)
  • User-friendly interface
  • Price is reasonable
  • Translate content from one language to another
  • Scrape for images and videos to use with articles
  • Insert your own images and videos into content
  • Comes with free spinner
  • Subscribe to any ATOM/RSS feed and download the content automatically
  • 30 day money back guarantee
  • Many features



  • Content titles are usually not good
  • Created content is far from usable
  • It ‘d be nice if trial period is longer
  • Translate content feature uses Google or Bing service
  • Scraped images and videos are not of best quality


SEO Content Machine Alternative | Compared to Article Forge

If you read my posts, you know that I wrote a review about Article Forge. It is a web based tool and direct competition to SEO Content Machine.

Article Forge is web based, and SEO Content Machine is software which means it needs to be downloaded and installed. Article Forge is simpler as you don’t need to install anything and just log in whenever you want to use.

While SCM is on the market for a long time, Article Forge is relatively new. This is why SCM has far more features. Article Forge doesn’t have most options SEO Content Machine comes with. But Article Forge is because of that simpler to use, and there is no learning curve.

With SCM you might be overwhelmed with all the features when you first start to use it. Regarding generated content quality, I think they give approximately similar results. Though you have more freedom in SCM to improve the outcome of received content.

SCM is also cheaper than Article Forge. Taking all that into consideration, between those two I would recommend you to get SEO Content Machine.


SEO Content Machine vs Article Forge Comparison

  • NAME
    Content for money site
    How many words can it write for article
    Post created articles automatically on added sites from tool dashboard
    Do you get spintax version of article
    Scraping content from other sources and not just Google
    Does tool comes with integrated free spinner
    Does it support integration with other SEO tools and spinners
    customizable templates for link building programs
    Scrap Google search results in any region/language
    Build your own thesaurus
    Special junk filter box that you can use to make sure that content contains a keyword -or- that content doesn’t contain a spam word
article forge vs kontent machine
  • Maximum is 750 words
    Article length can be set to 50, 200, 500 or 750 words
  • Export options include plain text, HTML formatted and PDF format
  • you can create 200000 words between API, Bulk Generator, and WordPress Post Scheduler each month.After that, the cost of using these services is 25¢ per 1000 words.
  • Not before scraping process
  • Excpept WordAI and CopyScape there is no other supported external tools integrated
  • Poor
  • 5-day trial
  • You can also use the money back guarantee within 30 days if you used Article Forge to create less than ten articles.
  • Monthly $47 or Annual $297
seo content machine vs article forge
  • It seems no max limit
    Though I pressume you cant go to some insane long articles
  • Bing or Google translate can be used
  • Content can come from online web sources (ezinearticles, articlebase, etc), articles on your hard drive, Article Builder or Big Content Search.
  • SEO Content Machine comes with a free spinner called soft spin
  • Autofill Magic, Bookmarks, FCS Network, GSA SER, HTML Article, Licorne AIO, Magic Submitter, No Hands SEO, Ranker X, SENuke, TurboWeb2.0 Submitter, Ultimate Demon, Chimp ReWriter, Spinner Chief, SpinRewriter, The Best Spinner, Article Builder, X-Spinner, Imgur, SpinnerBr, SistemaSpinnerBr, ArticleSpinnerFr, ESpinner, etc
  • SEO Content Machine can automatically solve simple reCaptcha events. The process is automatic, all it requires is that you have pre-purchased captcha breaking credits.
  • SCM is a multi-language content scraper and generator. It can scrap Google search results in any region/language and extract content from those listings. You have a choice of 48 different language choices.
  • The article creator has a special junk filter box that you can use to make sure that content contains a keyword -or- that content doesn’t contain a spam word
  • Poor
  • 5-day trial
  • You can use the money back guarantee within 30 days
  • Monthly $27, Annual $118, Perpetual $147


NOTE: The information stated in the comparison table may be inaccurate because, as time goes by, tools get changes and updates. For the most accurate information, check official sites.

Also, in comparison tables, not all features that each tool offers are mentioned. One or more tools might offer far more options than mentioned in the comparison table. Another great content generator tool is Kontent Machine (see Kontent Machine review).

You can even use Anyword which is a copywriting tool that uses artificial intelligence. For more info, you can check my Anyword review.


SEO Content Machine Review Summary

Content creator tools create content for you. Typically they allow you to download content, mash content together to make new articles, insert links/images/videos into existing articles, translate content in bulk, upload and post to your blog and spin your content in bulk using spinners.

SEO Content Machine is one of those content creator tools. It has many options and features. So much that at first, you might feel overwhelmed.

New features are continuously added. By adding more features, it means developers are keeping up with latest trends and technology to make this software better.

SCM is a multi-language content scraper and generator. It can scrap Google search results in any region/language and extract content from those listings. You have a choice of 48 different language choices.

SEO Content Machine comes with a free spinner called “soft spin.” For a free spinner it works really well, and maybe enough for your needs. Although you can get slightly more natural results with something like WordAi. You can also build your own thesaurus.

SCM also allows to create articles that are uploaded with custom fields and optionally with meta tag information which is often beneficial for WordPress users.

It is one of the few content scrapers that can use Google to find and download content for you. However, automated scraping eventually means you will trip up Google anti-bot systems and trigger a captcha event.

SEO Content Machine can automatically solve simple reCaptcha events. The process is automatic, all it requires is that you have pre-purchased captcha breaking credits.

You have all the control in the process of generating content. You can use the option to quickly generate content which has fewer options or use advanced settings when generating content.

In that case, you will have more control over generated content. Of course, SCM is not perfect. A common problem you might have when trying to scrape content is getting irrelevant and not useful content, images and videos.

Unfortunately, SEO Content Machine has the same issue like other article generator tools. The article generated doesn’t have natural flow and it often skips from topic to topic.

Text is unrelated to topic so you often need to edit. A lot. Best way to solve this is to provide your own list of images to the article creator. That way you can ensure images are relevant. For better text quality, you can use the article creator content filter.

The article creator has a special junk filter box that you can use to make sure that content contains a keyword -or- that content doesn’t contain a spam word.

If you want very relevant content, the best place to start is to use the Tier 1 content creator to pick and choose sentences.

While taking above mentioned steps to improve content will work, it still takes time. Most people want generated content based on input keywords ASAP. Without much fiddling with settings. That is the point of content generator tools. To save time.

For me, SCM still needs a lot of work. The software just cant replace human and create human readable content. Between content generator tools and spin rewriters, I would rather choose spin rewriter.

In any case, I suggest you to take advantage of trial option and test SCM. If you have used SEO Content Machine or any other article generator, let me know your opinion in comments below.

SEO Content Machine


Easy to use






Overall quality



  • Extensive documentation and guides
  • Multiple sources of content
  • integrated with the spinners and article re-writers
  • Fast content generating
  • User-friendly interface
  • Insert your own images and videos into content
  • Comes with free spinner


  • Scraped images and videos are not of best quality
  • Content titles are usually not good
  • Created content is far from usable
  • It ‘d be nice if trial period is longer
  • Translate content feature uses Google or Bing service

DISCLOSURE: Posts may contain affiliate links. If you buy something through one of those links, I might get a small commission, without any extra cost to you. Read more about it here.

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  1. Gautam Sharma

    For Good ranking Unique content is most important. Such as good optimized content keyword density and interlinking like 2 outbound and 1 inbound link is must

  2. What is the current status? I think it was written 2 years ago. You said the software is constantly being updated. I’m thinking of getting a perpetual. Would you recommend.

    1. I have not tested it if anything changed from the time I have written post. But they offer 30 day money back gurantee so there is nothing to lose by testing.

  3. Hi there….
    I fail to see the point, when in the cons you write “content created is far from usable” is a deal breaker!

  4. Thanks Kasa for the info about seo content machine.
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  5. Hello, kasa good informative article. I have few questions
    1. Is this article you had posted is it written or generated by any software.
    2. Will i be able to generate content for descriptive topics like eg diabetes.
    3. Will i be able to generate content for review of products.
    4. Can i post it as draft. Then do edittings, and update with videos later

    Any help will be great.

    1. Hi Kosh,

      To answer your questions:

      1. No. I write content by myself. I haven’t find tool or software which I think would be worth to post content on my main sites.
      2. Yes. Using SEO Content Machine you can generate content on any topic. Content quality will mostly not be best.
      3. Yes.
      4. Yes.

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