How To Set Up Amazon OneLink? Universal Amazon Affiliate Link

I was surprised when I received an email from the associate’s program introducing Amazon OneLink. Universal Amazon affiliate link. As a long time Amazon affiliate, this is an exciting new feature for me. And a significant step from Amazon.

As most affiliate marketers know, Amazon is an excellent choice for promoting affiliate products. It is a massive store covering almost any product. With a global market, Amazon is great for affiliate marketers from any county. But there was always one major problem with its affiliate tracking links.

Amazon links are country-specific. As you might know, Amazon operates several online stores across the world with different domain name endings. If you were promoting .com version products, you might be missing some revenue from international visitors.

For example, Guiseppe from Italy might click your Amazon US affiliate link but purchase from Amazon Italy locale. You’ll get zero commission from that purchase. It would only count if Guiseppe is from the US and made a purchase using the Amazon US store.

Various link shortening services and WordPress plugins have emerged over time, looking to solve this problem. Some successfully while some failed. But this is all gray area as it is not confirmed nor disconfirmed if Amazon approves that kind of service.

It is well known that Amazon doesn’t like other third-party shortening services and highly recommends using its own link shortening tool (which is excellent by the way).

Up until now, affiliate links have only worked for the regional store it was generated for. But finally, on July 3, 2017. Amazon has provided its own free solution. Amazon OneLink.

You can now monetize international traffic from the United Kingdom, Canada, Italy, France, Spain, Germany, and Japan by automatically redirecting them to their local Amazon storefront to complete their purchases.

Be noted that in the steps, I will mention some things related to WordPress. If you don’t use WordPress, you can still follow the steps mentioned below.

UPDATE: Be noted that from April 21, 2020. Amazon changed commission rates drastically.


What is Amazon OneLink?

Amazon OneLink is a tool in the Amazon Associate dashboard that allows you to link your different Amazon Associate accounts, providing geo-localized redirection from your affiliate website to a relevant Amazon product. Amazon affiliate links localization was previous possible only using third-party tools like Geniuslink.

This will help you earn more affiliate income by converting website visitors from multiple countries at once.

OneLink is backward compatible. Once configured, it will work for all your new and existing Amazon affiliate links. It also works with Amazon’s short links. Be noted, it does not work with third-party link shortening services.


amazon one link review


Amazon OneLink currently only works for the US, United Kingdom, Canada, Italy, France, Spain, Germany, and Japan Amazon associate accounts and can currently only be set up from your US associate account.

Hopefully, in the future, this will be expanded to more Amazon stores. So, for example, UK visitors will be redirected to, and Canadian visitors will be redirected to

After you link different regional accounts together, that will take care of redirecting users to the correct regional Amazon website with the correct sales tracking code for that region.


Why Should You Use Amazon OneLink?

If you want to utilize traffic from other countries, then Amazon OneLink is a way to go. You can either set up the links manually (register and grab the affiliate id for each country) or use a 3rd party Amazon affiliate plugin/service for creating Amazon affiliate links.

The first one is obviously time-consuming. Using 3rd party plugins or services makes the job a lot easier but also brings potential issues.

Like compatibility problems between plugins, nor redirecting visitors correctly, hijacking commissions, mess affiliate links, etc. However, these all are slowly starting to change thanks to OneLink.

In short, if you have traffic from UK and CA coming to your site on which you have US Amazon affiliate links, then it is a good idea to take advantage of Amazon OneLink and see if you will earn extra cash from those locales.


How to Set Up Amazon OneLink?

If you use Amazon text links, you can now monetize international traffic coming to your website. OneLink enables you to configure this functionality on your website.

Step 1 – Sign up an account for other Amazon locales like Amazon UK and Amazon CA if you didn’t already

Step 2 – Once you have signed up, log in your Amazon Associates US account, click on “Tools” and select “OneLink.”


amazon onelink not working


Step 3 – Click on “click here to link” (a new tab will open) to start mapping your Store ID for proper traffic redirection.


how to use amazon onelink


Step 4 – Verify and map accounts for each locale you wish to use by logging in respective accounts.


universal amazon affiliate link set up


Step 5 – And that is all. Back in 2017. there was an additional step where you had to copy and integrate oneTag code into the footer of your site. But this is not needed anymore. You just link accounts, and it will work.


Step 6 – Optional

You have the option to set ‘Close Product Match’ (default) or ‘Exact Product Match’ as your redirect preferences. If you choose the Close Product Match preference, your visitors will be redirected to, for example, or in case exact or similar product is found.

Or to the search results page in the absence of a similar product on and If you choose the Exact Product Match preference, visitors will be redirected only when there is the same product on or

In the absence of an exact match, visitors will be redirected to By default, Close Product Match is set to increase monetization.


amazon onelink redirect preferences


Let’s understand this further with an example. John is a website owner who writes about the latest mobile phones and uses Amazon’s text links in his posts.

He uses US affiliate store links and mostly targets US visitors. He also gets 12% of his overall traffic from the UK, 10% from Canada. He chooses ‘Exact Match’ as his OneLink preference.

When a UK visitor reading post clicks on the link for Samsung Galaxy S8, he will be redirected to showing Samsung Galaxy S8 with price in GBP if the exact same product is available on

If Samsung Galaxy S8 is not available on, the visitor will be led to the Amazon US store. The same applies if the visitor was from Canada.

If John chooses ‘Close Match’ as his OneLink preference, then the same visitors in the example above will be redirected to the same product or a similar product on the relevant Amazon store (CA or UK).

In the absence of a similar product on and visitor will be redirected to the search results page.


You can now monetize your international traffic from Europe and Japan using OneLink. OneLink now monetizes traffic from United Kingdom, Canada, Italy, France, Spain, Germany, Japan, and neighboring countries.


Amazon OneLink Javascript Code (oneTag)

The suggested deployment method on the Amazon Associate dashboard is to include a JavaScript to your site footer.

This JavaScript code goes through every link to detect Amazon links. Including in banners and Amazon widgets (as I understand) to replace them with a special redirect link.

The script will update existing Amazon links without the need for website owners to update existing links.

The redirect service detects your Amazon Associate “tag” in a link, figures out where the user is located using an IP address, and then replaces the associate tracking tag with the appropriate linked tag for the region before the user is redirected to their local Amazon store.

It also works with Amazon’s short links as long as they contain an Amazon associate ID tag. However, some may question if oneTag script will slow down the site and add to the page size.

While it surely adds a few KB, after implementing oneTag and testing, I didn’t notice a significant slowdown of the site.

UPDATE: Amazon oneLink doesn’t use oneTag anymore.


Check Matching Products

If you want to check which products appear on the UK and Canada storefronts, you can use Check matching products tool to verify. Just put the link for the product in the ‘Enter the URL’ box and click on ‘Check.’

The table will show you the corresponding and links. This is an excellent way to test the difference between Exact match and Close match forwarding.


Check matching products in amazon onelink


Try this use a few times to see if links are forwarding correctly. You can also up- and down-vote the results, which presumably helps Amazon’s algorithm learn how to generate more relevant results.

You’ll be able to view your earnings report in your UK/CA account. It will reflect under the ‘Redirected traffic’ section of the Link Type Performance report. The commission rates will be as per standard rate card prevalent in the UK and Canada.


Does Amazon OneLink Work With WooCommerce, Shortcodes, and Third-Party Plugins?

After testing, it seems Amazon OneLink works with banners generated from Amazon Associates program as well as with native ads.

It works with content links and with links on images. I also noticed it works with links made with shortcodes from the REHub theme (didn’t test on other themes). For more info regarding ReHub theme, check my posts where I mention best Amazon affiliate store builder WordPres themes.

Amazon OneLink also seems to work with no issues with shortcodes and buttons made using Content Egg plugin (see ContentEgg review). But it seems it doesn’t work with WooCommerce or some WooCommerce plugins like YITH Compare.


Amazon OneLink PROS and CONS

Here are some advantages and disadvantages I noticed with Amazon OneLink service.


1. It doesn’t work with third-party link shortening services. This may be a huge bummer for people who oriented their entire affiliate links on site using third party shortening plugin or tool.

2. It can currently only be set up from your US Associate account.



1. Works with all existing Amazon affiliate links and short links created using the Amazon shortening tool. This is, for me, most important. Imagine having to reapply all links again to utilize the Amazon OneLink tool.

2. Easy to set up. It is straightforward and well explained how to configure OneLink.


FAQ About Amazon OneLink

Q: What about the traffic my site(s) get from other countries?
Traffic from other countries will continue to get directed to pages.

Q: Does OneLink work for all Amazon text links?
Yes, as long as you have completed the one-time setup and use Amazon full links or Amazon short links on your site. Shortened links created by third-party link shorteners are currently not supported and will not be redirected.

Q: Does it work for readers on mobile devices?

Q: How will my earnings for the redirected traffic be calculated?
Your redirected earnings will be calculated based on the standard fee table applicable for the locale programs.

Q: How would I get paid for my redirected traffic?
Your redirected earnings will be paid through the payment method you choose in your locale account settings.


Will This Work With Native Shopping Ads?

In short, yes. But currently, you can only monetize traffic from the United Kingdom (UK) on your website with Native Shopping Ads. With this feature, your visitors from the UK will be able to see ads for Amazon UK products and complete their purchases on

The products will have prices in GBP, and details will be as per the Amazon UK catalog. When your UK visitors click on these ads, they will be redirected to product detail pages on

This solution currently works only for Recommendation and Search variants of Native Shopping Ads. The feature will be soon extended to Canada also. For Recommendation Ads, the engine tries to find the closest matching products on to product recommendations for any given page.

If an ‘exact match’ for a particular product on is not available on, it selects a ‘best match’ from the UK catalog, which is reasonably similar to the US products.

For Search Ads, the engine uses the search phrases and category specified by you and searches the catalog in to select the ads to be shown. For both the variants, the ad unit will be hidden in case a sufficient number of products are not found in the catalog.

Since exact matches for the US products might not always be available in the UK, this feature is currently not available for Custom Ads for which Native Shopping Ads only show the products that have been specified by you.

All you have to do is map your US store ID with your UK store ID. If you have already mapped your US/UK stores (for OneLink), your UK traffic on Native Shopping Ads will start getting monetized on its own. You don’t need to do anything further.

Native Shopping Ads will now show ads from to users from the United Kingdom (UK). Until this change, Native Shopping Ads displayed products only from, irrespective of the country which the visiting user was from.

If you map your US store ID with your UK store ID, UK visitors on your site will see ads from the UK, and upon clicking these ads, they will be re-directed to For more information, visit UK traffic monetization FAQs.


OneLink Universal Amazon Affiliate Link Summary

Amazon took a step in the right direction by launching their OneLink tool. Associates can choose between “direct matches” where product links must link to an exact copy of the product, or “close matches” where a very similar product or search results may be displayed instead.

Before the introduction of OneLink, Amazon Associates would either have to come up with their own geotargeting solution or buy a tool that can redirect users.

OneLink is a fast and straightforward way for Amazon associate partners to unlock affiliate revenue from users in markets they typically don’t reach. In my opinion, this feature should have been released a long time ago. But better later than never.

This solution, for sure, is a step in the right direction. But still far away from what most Amazon affiliate partners would like to see.

Option to use just one link for all Amazon locales without the need for third-party service, plugin, or tool. As always, be sure to follow Amazon’s affiliate rules, check Amazon affiliate WordPress guide, and I wish you many earnings.

If you need good Amazon product research tool, then check my AMZScout review as it is one of the best resources around for Amazon sellers. Its product and market data research tools can help your business succeed.

DISCLOSURE: Posts may contain affiliate links. If you buy something through one of those links, I might get a small commission, without any extra cost to you. Read more about it here.

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  1. I am from CA. I have set up Onelink from Amazon US and linked CA and UK stores. Did the things mentioned in the post. Now I have confusions about linking products from various countries. Can I create product links from any of these three stores just like I publish a usual Amazon affiliate link?
    For example, imagine a scenario like this- I select product X from CA store, create link on Amazon CA and add on my website- then find another product Y on US store, create link and publish- and similarly promote another product Z on UK store. Is this the way I have to do or any other steps to do?

    1. Hi,

      I am not sure regarding your scenario how it works. Before it was that you can only redirect to other locales via US link. I don’t know how it is now as I don’t use Amazon affiliate program anymore because of low commissions.

  2. Thanks for the informative article you wrote, but I had a question. We lose commission when affiliate links shared on Youtube are opened by phone users through the browser. Is it possible to open these links directly through the amazon app? Can we open it through the application, especially with onelink?

  3. Hi, Am Really happy learn all the info in one go..I am from India and would love to start promoting amazon products..can you help me with TAX ID …stuff..

    As am facing problem signing with one link ..I have read other Indian’s facing the same issues..thanks once again for the wonderful write up

  4. Super helpful, thanks. I use OneLink as I find this to be the easiest way of managing all of my international stores, plus it doesn’t require any extra plugins. I try to keep my site as plugin-lite as possible for speed reasons. Hence OneLink.

  5. Thanks for the article, I would like to know where exactly to put the onetag code on wordpress step by step, if you can put a video about it, it would be awesome.
    Thank you

  6. Precious Nkomo

    Hello. I need your help. I’ve connected these countries on my US account (Amazon Onelink)
    Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Spain,
    United Kingdom

    My question is that do I need to make 3 sales within 6 months to be approved?

  7. Hello i decided to use onelink but i have bounties in UK which are payed in uk(pounds) giftcard but if i link it to my us account will i be payed in Dollars? please clarify this >>.

  8. On Link does not seem to be available for UK.
    I’ve signed up from UK and there is no One Link option so I think they might have decided to remove it

  9. hi, i just set up Amazon OneLink. I’m using links and image with links for months before setting up amazon onelink. Now I will start earning from the other markets or I need to change the old links?

    Do I need to RECREATE the links to make them work(redirect) or the old ones are ok?

  10. Hello Kasa,

    Thanks for this well written article. I signed up with one year ago and today with the UK store and set up the OneLink from my US account. However it doesn’t work when I create a short link with my track ID which I used to link to the UK account. I’m based in Switzerland and tried to VPN to UK and also private browser window. I use best match.

    Does Amazon need some time until it is set up?

    I have some affiliated links in my blog posts.

    1. Hi Edy,

      Unfortunately, I don’t know why this is case for some users as many have stated that they have the same issue. Maybe try contacting Amazon support and see if they are able to identify the issue.

  11. hi Kasa, that was a great guide, thank you! I was able to follow it and install the OneLink code on the footer of my website.

  12. I’m late to the party and kicking myself for not setting this up sooner. I’ve been running affiliate links for 3 years and just discovered this. I activated it yesterday, and I get a fair decent amount of traffic from overseas.

    How do I see the earnings? Amazon’s FAQ made it sound like it gathers all in one place, but I can’t figure out how to tell if it’s working.

    I checked each of the individual store fronts and didn’t see any clicks despite having 250 visitors from Canada and the UK yesterday. I find it hard to believe none of them click any links as I usually run about 300 clicks a day on 1,000/users a day traffic.

    Any advice?

    1. Hi,

      You should be able to see all stats from one dashboard in Amazon. But if you don’t see clicks, it might also mean that OneLink is not setup correctly.

      1. Hi Kasa, It’s a great pleasure for me to find your blog and readout. I have setup one link and linked to my us account. I have some uk and ca traffic in my site and also have some FNF members who live those country, I already talked to them and tell them to if they buy something from amazon they can go to my site then buy somethings. They said they will and I checked my site traffic after setup one link and it’s shows there some traffic from those country but my amazon Uk and Canada reports says no click. I’m wondering is there any mistake by me in one link setup? I don’t know. I’m giving my site name below , would you please check and tell me what to do?
        K M Haque.

        1. Hi,

          I have checked your site and clicked few links but I am redirected to US store each time despite that I am located in the EU. You can also always check links by yourself using VPN service.

  13. Hi, thanks for the article. I have set up one link and linked my UK account, I’ve tested it with links but it still takes me to the US amazon. I’m in the UK. I’ve tested there is the same product on both sites.

  14. Detailed guide on OneLink but one important thing is missing and I hope everyone knows this. I signed up for UK associate account via OneLink and the store ID got mapped automatically on my US account. It started showing clicks and earnings but after two months the UK account got closed. Reason – they didn’t find any UK Store ID tags on my site and they could not determine the source of the traffic. Yes, I didn’t create or use any of the tags from my UK Account. All the traffic was redirected from my US account tags/links. So, if you are using OneLink do use tags from all your accounts otherwise they may close your account.

    Anyway here’s the help I need-

    My UK Amazon Associate account was closed but it’s still showing clicks and earnings on my US account’s ‘Global Dashboard’? I’m thinking of applying for new UK account and removing the closed UK Associate Store ID from OneLink dashboard. How do I remove it? It’s mapped by default (via OneLink) and I can’t find any option to remove the UK store ID. I don’t think I can add the new UK Store ID if the old, closed one isn’t removed from OneLink dashboard?

    Any idea, Kasa? Your insights will be really helpful.


    1. Hi,

      Tags from different Amazon locales will not be automatically mapped. You need to connect them manually. You can alway disconnect tag. First create new tag, disconnect current and then connect with new one.

      Be noted that you can’t create new Amazon account as it is against rules and you will be banned if you have multiple accounts. You need to use your existing account.

  15. I use thirsty affiliates plugin. I don’t use it cloak my affiliate links but track clicks, what I observed after trying onelink is that some clicks don’t get registered. Sometimes I get 40 clicks a day (according to ThirstyAffiliates) and only 30 get registered on my affiliate account.
    I don’t really know why this is happening, sometimes I feel like closing all other accounts I opened just to go back to normal.
    Even after checking every other account I opened, I don’t see the clicks reflecting there.

    1. Hi,

      That is old article despite that they have 2020 year in date (which is just a tactic for blog posts to look like they are up to date while they in fact are not). You can see that they are describing former method where you had to install ‘OneTag’ Javascript code to site in order for OneLink to work. This is not needed anymore.

  16. Hi! Great post! It certainly helped me set up my affiliate accounts. But now I am facing issues with Onelink.
    I have set up the Onelink mapping with UK and Canada stores (verified both stores) but it does not redirect to either store. I have selected a close match setting for both stores but it still does not redirect to the other stores. I tried both full links and shortened links without any positive results in terms of redirection.
    Any help is appreciated! Thanks!

    1. Hi Anyaa,

      I have checked your site and I was redirected to US locale despite that I am from Croatia and should be redirected to Amazon UK.

      Unfortunately, I can’t help you much here. I don’t have access to your account or anything. I suggest you contact Amazon Associates’ support. They were very helpful whenever I had any questions.

  17. Hi! It is difficult to get information about the Onelink tool so thank you very much. Sorry if this question has been asked before but it is not very clear to me.

    I work with (Spain) but I get traffic from the US so I created an affiliate account on I did the basic step and link my Tag ID of Spain with the Onlink tool. so far everything is verified and perfect.

    Now my question is, do I have to replace all the links on my website that I have created from with new links created from

    Or, the Onelink tool should already be working?

    Thanks for your time!

  18. Hi: I live in Canada and I have a review website with over 3000 Amazon links (OneLink). But, when I try to update my links and then check them, I’m always directed to while 99% of my customers are shopping on I’ve tried using a VPN but that just bungs up my computer and often stops me from even getting online.
    Is there a way to disable OneLink while I’m updating (temporarily) or some other solution so I can check all my US Amazon links while working from Canada?
    Thanks so much
    Pete S.

  19. Hi, I have verified my UK store ID with US store, but still, my UK traffic doesn’t get redirected to Amazon UK, can you please help me? I am not able to find any solution.

    1. Hi Sammia,

      I have just checked your site and by clicking on affiliate URL I was redirected to Amazon UK. As I am from Croatia, I was properly redirected to Amazon UK.

  20. Hi, I need your help after reading your blog I create an account from UK, Canada Italy, etc and verify all. But still, I can not able to redirect amazon UK.
    Are we need to replace all previous links that i create before the online process?

        1. In that case it should work. Maybe it would be best for you to contact Amazon associates support and see why it isn’t working.

  21. Hi there.
    I have issues with my link. when I copy a short link from the main center I mean amazon America and then paste it shows instead of can you please help me with this.

      1. Ok, I am using amazon onelink option and when I copy the short link of the product. And copy it on Facebook page or group it shows instead of the reason why I am asking this question is all traffic goes to one store ( UK store ).

      2. As I mentioned when I copy the link from the central amazon( amazon America)
        and then paste it. It shows instead of from which my traffic is not distributing according to the onelink option and I am using onelink option that’s my issue.

  22. Hi and thanks so much for the guide! I started using onelink and in the ”Check matching products” in amazon oneline dashboard works great. So sent a few affiliate links from .com to friends oversees (france and UK) to see if they get the .fr link, and that wasn’t the case. They got the product .com page with a possibility to ship internationally. Is that normal? I thought the plugin is supposed to look for similar LOCAL products.

      1. thanks, Kasa, I checked again, and I get the exact same products on .uk. But when I test my .com links from different UK IPs, there is no redirect. I am a little confused, do I have to install a code on my website to manage the redirects? FI, I don’t use shortened Amazon links.

        1. No, you don’t need to install any code on your site. You are not only one that experiences similar issues with using OneLink.

  23. Hi there,
    Thanks for such a great article. I just want to ask that if I have an Amazon US account and my traffic comes from India and it goes to and purchases product from there. Will I get commission for an Indian Sale or I can only get commission when somebody buys from US?

  24. I am in Canada with a Canadian Amazon id; I created an American ID, and used OneLink to link to my Canadian account. On my site and youtube channel, do I always just use the .com link for the product, and it should redirect to the .ca page assuming there is a matching product?

    I tried testing this – I checked the matching products page, entered the US url for the product, it found it, and it found the correct .ca product. But if I test that .com link in a browser, it just takes me to without even taking me to the .com product page.

    Very confused, any advice would be much appreciated!

      1. When I paste the US (.com) affiliate link for my product in a new browser window or click on it from a webpage to try and test that link, I was expecting (since I am in Canada) for it to take me to the matching product on Instead, it takes me to the home page (as if I had just opened a browser and manually entered “”) I’ve tried it with a couple of different products, both of which I checked first on the product matching page and they were correct.

        1. It seems to me you have set Exact Product Match preference. If you choose the Exact Product Match preference, visitors will be redirected only when there is the same product on In the absence of an exact match, visitors will be redirected to

      2. Hi there; I posted a reply that seems to have disappeared – I did include a link to one of the products I was having an issue with, sorry if that caused the reply to get deleted or something.

        Anyhow to clarify – if I take one of my affiliate links for a product and try to test it by clicking on it from a test web page, or email or whatever – I was expecting that to take me to the matching product on (since I am in Canada). Instead it takes me to the home page (as if I had just opened a browser and typed in

        I’ve tried text only (full link not the shortened one), and I’ve tried the image and text, and I’ve tried inserting the complete html, all give the same result. And I’ve tried it with a couple other products as well.

        Any advice would be super appreciated – and thank you for this article it really is super helpful.

          1. Hello, I am having the same problem. I have selected Close Product Match. When I use the check products tool, Amazon correctly finds the associated product in the CA store. However when I paste the link into a browser window it never redirects to the Canadian store (I am located in Canada as well).

          2. Hi Tristan,

            Try contacting Amazon affiliate support. They might be able to help you out and have a closer look. There is not much I can do to suggest or help.

  25. Thanks for the great article.

    My site started with a UK audience, so we opened an Amazon UK affiliate account. We are now targeting US audiences, so we have opened a US Amazon Affiliate account and set up OneLink. We have linked our UK Amazon Tracking ID to this.

    Going forward, when we create the links, should we be using our US Tracking ID or does it matter if we use the UK one? We are creating links using the US store to make sure the products are available there, but I just need to know if it matters which Tracking ID we select in the link.


    1. As far as I know OneLink only works with links (or links that were built from and can only translate to seven of the 17 total Amazon storefronts.

      So if you want to target both UK and US using same link, you will need to create those links using your US tracking ID.

  26. great article, I’ve a few questions
    1- does the one link work on Youtube
    2. I tried shortening my commission link with I used the shortened link to check matching product in another market place, it didn’t (work it says server error) but when i used the full link it works the full link.. is that how it works or ?

    1. Hi,

      To answer your questions:

      1. Yes, OneLink should also work on YouTube.
      2. I must admit I have also noticed that sometimes. But it should work with short link (if created via Amazon shortlink service) and full link.

  27. I used amazon onelink because it is a free tool then found out that it somehow affected my earnings and conversion rates. So i ditched it and started using genius link plugin. It eanbled me get an extra $50 per month which is a plus.

        1. This is a good question, unfortunately, I don’t know the answer. I have also tried that some time ago but never find that option in the Amazon Associates account.

  28. Great article simple to follow

    Quick question though

    I use my UK Amazon Affiliate links do I now have to use the US Amazon Affiliate links going forward or will they work in both directions?

    many thanks

      1. Sure thing Kasa

        If have a link using my affiliate & a US user clicks on it will it send them to the site or do I always have to use my affiliate account to generate the link?

        example below is to an Asus 168B portable laptop monitor on the site, will a US user be redirected to the US site?

        1. I know that in past you had to create using affiliate link. I didn’t try lately and not sure if something changed. As Amazon started drastically reducing commission fees I slowly stopped using it.

          The best way to check this is by using a VPN. There are also free VPNs if you don’t have paid. So you set, for example, in VPN country as the US and click on your link. You will see if it will take you to the US or UK store.

          1. Yes, that worked OK.

            However, the drawback is that if other items are being purchased once redirected then you don’t earn that commission.

            Many thanks for your assistance it was immensely helpful.

          2. Amazon commissions every item purchased no matter if buyer lands on product page for mobile phone, but ends purchasing lawn mower.

  29. Hi Kasa,
    I have few questions related to your article. I stay in India and run a website which have 60% traffic from India, 20% from US and 20% from UK.
    1) If somebody from India clicks on link which is US affiliate link and purchase any other product from Amazon India within 24hours then should I get any commission??
    2) If someone from India purchases on US affiliate link or US visitor purchases from India affiliate link then should I get commission on that??
    3) How can I cater to US, UK and INDIA visitors with affiliate links? Can you please help me in this.


    1. Hi,

      To nswer your qustions:
      1) No, you will not get commission in that case.
      2) Yes.
      3) You can by utilizing Amazon OneLink.

      1. Thanks for Reply
        Amazon OneLink is not available in India. So If I create an account in Amazon US, will it work for 60% of Indian Audiences on my website???

  30. Hello KASA, I have a question about a simple topic. I had set up OneLink with US account. BUT, I have some link to “Bounties” in Amazon.ES.

    I know that that kind of link won’t be redirected but, what will I continue to earn from .ES links or using OneLink disable that? I ask cause my reports are showing few data but I know that my posts receives visits. (always talking about bounties).

      1. If I continue using my affiliate link will they still work now that I´m using OneLink account?

  31. It’s hard to find information regarding OneLink, especially as Amazon’s own “Integration Guide” and “FAQ” links just send you to a “No information found” page, so I do appreciate the article.

    However, I assume that despite the “September 17, 2019” date at the top of its article it is really from 2017, given the comment dates. And it looks like some of the information is no longer valid.

    Specifically, I do not have the “Step 2 – Copy the Code” link on my OneLink page (which your image shows as “OneTag”. Just the “Link your accounts” (which I have done) and “Start Earning” links. So I am unsure as to how to add this to my WordPress-based website.

    Any chance of getting some current information on this? It would be most appreciated!

    Thank you

    P.S Also, it is now not only US, Canada and UK, they have added France, Germany, Spain, Italy and Japan as well.

    1. Hi Bill,

      Yes, you are not the first person which has a problem regarding mentioned step 2. This post is from 2017, and while I did some updates to it over time, some information is outdated.

      It is hard to keep up with all changes and update accordingly but as many people have issues with setting up Amazon OneLink I will try to update the content soon.

  32. Hi, a few months ago, I created 4-5 accounts by going through the page that tells the 3 steps for one link. But I don’t exactly remember if I used the code on my website.

    Question 1: I don’t see the 2nd option that tells “Get the code here”. What can I do for that or is there any alternative for that?
    Question 2: Is it possible that the accounts that I created for one link can be canceled for not getting 3 sales by other countries?
    Question 3: Is there any range of dates for getting approved for one link account?

    1. Hi Alamin,

      To answer your questions:
      1: It is possible that they changed steps as this post was written some time ago.
      2: I dont think so. I have locale accounts which didnt generate single sale and they are still active.
      3: I dont understand what do you mean by that. Could you elaborate?

    2. I have updated the article. “Get the code” option was removed from setup. It is not needed anymore and it is enough to just link accounts.

  33. Hai I am from india and I have created a usa amazon associates account along with UK,Canada,Germany,France,Spain and italy ( Germany to Italy accounts created after creating uk account as it asked.

    I have verified all my accounts by linking it to my usa account but I have not shown the linking code for onelink will it take time to get it or it won’t.

  34. Hello, I hav one query that when I register on Amazon’s all countries sites will my name or tax information be same or would be different for different countries account?

    1. You need to register for each of them. You can use same login details and all information can be same. I am not sure if data is automatically applied for all.

  35. Hello, I have successfully linked my UK site to my USA account. However, I am thinking of setting up a new ID for tracking a different website. I can’t see options of linking a new USA ID with a new UK ID. There only seems to be the option of linking my USA account with a single UK tracking ID. Any suggestions?

    1. I’ve been trying to figure this out as well…

      What I find weird is that OneLink has been around for a long time now. On top of that, there’s probably like 100,000 affiliates by now, if not more, and none of them has faced this issue for some reason. It’s like the solution is ought to be right there on my nose, but I simply can’t see it anywhere I look…

  36. Thank you so much for this post. It just helped me to get this fixed. I’m wondering what happens to old affiliate links on your site, assuming you already have some links on your site before the setup. Should one go back to replace the links or simply leave everything at that and that would take care of links that earlier existed on the site?

  37. I have been looking for a detailed article about OneLink and I finally found one. However, I have a question to ask.

    Per what you stated in this article, payment will be recieved in various Amazon accounts ( Amazon UK, DE, CA, etc). Is there a way to receive all payments in just one amazon account?

  38. Hi,

    I installed OneLink yesterday and it works fine for products. However, I also added a banner for the Prime Free Trial but that doesn’t seem to redirect the visitors to their local Amazon shop. Any idea how I can work around this? Or is it really only to be used with products? I did check the link in Genius as well but they also don’t seem to redirect this.

    Thanks in advance!

  39. Hello,
    I’m trying to add onelink code to my site. My site has links that are generated dynamically at runtime in different tabs.
    When I load it first time, it works fine. But when i switch to different tab (i.e. new links are generated in the tab) it doesn’t work.
    Do I need to reload the onetag script or is there any other way to solve this issue?

      1. Let me explain. I have a tab structure in my html. When clicked on tab, set of links are rendered in div i.e. each anchor tag is generated at that time. I guess, for 1st tab links, it works properly since the Amazon tag code gets called after the anchor tags are created. But when I clicked the second tab new set of links are generated in div set. hence the links do not work.
        While testing, I found that reloading the Amazon script file helps to sort the issue. But then I have reload the file on every tab click.
        Another way is generate all the links set before loading the onejs script which again gonna increase my page load.
        Hope I’m clear now. Is there any way, I can call some function from Amazon onejs file which recheck for the links available in page?

        1. Thank you for explaining. This is unfortunately beyond my knowledge regarding Amazon OneLink.

          Maybe it is better to ask Amazon associates support regarding this.

  40. I have a question that I hope you can help me with and that is not too rudimentary. I have built a WordPress site with normal Amazon links. I built the page before registering for Amazon Associates, so as placeholders I just put the normal links on the website.
    After this, a few days ago, I registered with Amazon US, UK, DE, FR, IT and ES. My question is, if I create and insert the footer code, will that correctly insert my relevant tracking ID when someone clicks on the normal amazon links or do I have to use the associates dashboard to create an associates link to the product and replace all of the ‘normal’ links on my site for the footer redirect to work correctly? Thanks

  41. Good and informative article. I have one question:

    Currently I use Amazon affiliate to recomment particular products to visitors of my niche-info website. The way I do it now is the following:

    I want to recommend “SomeCompanyName ProductModel2233” as the best for a given (explained) application. What I do is make the link for Amazon search using those exact company and model names.

    In my experience, this gives more relevant results, than linking a particula product from a particula shop. Shops tend to run out of stock, or cease support, but this method is more time-proof in my experience.

    So when users click on my affilate link, they go to the Amazon site and see the search keywords already entered and executed in the amazon’s search box, with a list of given results. Then they can choose the preffered shop, based on price, shipping cost, previous experience etc.

    If i add on-link code to my website, will this work the same, just sending visitors to their local amazon website version (uk, de, etc…)?

  42. I like your detailed post on Amazon Onelink. I have affiliate account for about 4 months now and I think it’s time to monetize my international traffic as well.
    Thanks for sharing!!

  43. Hi Kasa, Thanks for the article. I have set up Onelink successfully. It’s working as well as it can but I’ve noticed limitations in a good proportion of cases. Sometimes the product match isn’t intelligent enough. For example, if a book has a different US publisher and UK publisher I want to be sure that the amazon link directs visitors to the best version in each market (so far this hasn’t happened in testing). Also if I am talking about a product e.g. coconut oil. The variations across markets will be completely different. Even if the brands operate in both markets, the packaging, volumes and names could be completely different. I would much rather choose for myself which version of a product is shown in each market. Do you know if that is possible using Onelink or any other plugin?

  44. Thank you for this informative guide.
    However, I am currently on the trial period for Amazon’s USA associates program. If I sign up for UK and Canada, would I be on trial for those two, as well? If so, would I need three purchases on all three accounts? I am very confused about this. Or would I still just need to get three purchases overall…

      1. This is a good question I have been wanting to know th answer to. As this was asked and answered a year and a half ago, do you know now if we link .com and accounts are they considered the same account when a commission is paid and will the probationary period be over for both if a sale os made through one?

        1. Hi Tom,

          They are still considered as separate accounts. But now you can see commissions for all locale accounts from same dashboard.

  45. I have implemented One-Link on my site, but after that my site is getting slower, there too much request I check on Pingdom and GTMetrix.

  46. Hi Kasa;
    Thank you so much for explaining one link. I am trying to add the code to Blogger but can’t find where to put it..any suggestions? I’ve been struggling with this for a while now.

  47. Dear Kasa,
    Thanks so much for your information. I am new with affiliate marketing with Amazon. I signed up affiliate account ( I think this is U.S account. So, I can only get commission when the people in US purchase via my affiliate link? If other countries purchase like Vietnam, Australia…, I will not get commission? that make me so confused, I appreciate your reply.
    Thank you

    1. Correct. If you registered for Amazon US affiliate program and used affiliate links from there you will only get a commission if someone from US purchases through your link.

  48. Hey Kasa, I’m brand new to using affiliate links. I’ve signed up with, .ca and UK’s affiliate programs and Onelink-ed them. But I want to use the affiliate links for a Facebook page. I’m thinking that this is not possible because of having to put oneTag on a website – which Facebook page is not. Am I right there? Is there another option for using one link for my FB page followers from US, Canada and UK? Or do I have to list them separably in each post when I want to use aff links?

    1. As I am aware this is not possible. Your best option is to include links for all three in the Facebook post and let visitors decide which they prefer.

  49. Hello There,

    I am using Astute Links for quite a while now and it is working great for me. It also has Amazon OneLink Support. I have used Easy Azon Pro before but I prefer Astute Links as it does not affect the loading time of the blog.

  50. Hi Kasa, thank you for the post about OneLink !!. I have two questions:

    1-I am testing OneLink with a VPN (IP of Germany), and there is no way to redirect to to
    I tried with several international famous products and “close match” setting,(I suppose that its exist in Germany) and always show the products in
    In the address bar of browser, I can see the several redirecctions (aax-us…) but retrun to
    Do you have any suggestions ?

    2-When chosse several countries to use with OneLink, do you know if is possible to remove one country from OneLink ? I do not see any link o point to remove in the OneLink page.

    Thanks for your help.

    1. Hi,

      Are you sure you have registered as an affiliate to affiliate program and set OneLink correctly for Germany?

      If you want to exclude the certain country from OneLink, just don’t set OneLink for that country.

      1. Hi Kasa, thank you for your response.

        Yes, I have an Germany affiliate account, and in the “OneLink” page, the link with USA account is VERIFIED.My VPN is using this option in Opera browser.

        About second point, I chose 4 countries to link with OneLink, and in step 2 of OneLine page, I see one unique code to add at tobmy site ( thist should include the 4 countries), and don´t see options to remove one country and get a new code in step 2.

        Any suggestions?

        1. Yes, but in Link Your Accounts section you have option which store (country) to link. You dont need to link store that you dont wish to use.

  51. Hi i have a question related to this. I just signed up for Amazon Canada .ca affiliate but i received an email saying that i should make three sales within three months. On the other hand i already make sales on my U.S account on almost daily basis and U.S account is already fully approved. I have a question will my U.S account also terminated if i don’t make 3 sales from .ca account within 3 months. As .ca account is also associates to U.S now

  52. Thank you for this article! I have a question – Does OneLink work if I use shortened links from the Amazon Canada affiliate site, or do the original links need to be US/.com?

  53. Hi Kasa Thanks For The Great Article. So I Have This Problem when i insert the OneTag Code in The footer of my website i Get A Error message and it dosen’t save the code on my website

    1. I need more info. In which file exactly you put footer or you used plugin or your theme custom code option?

      And what error message you receive?

  54. Hey great article! I set up onelink successfully and tested it via a vpn.

    On one page it successfully redirected to the right amazon domain. However on another affiliate page, it didn’t direct.

    Any ideas why that would be?

        1. I have also done testing regarding close match and for me too not everytime is redirected to or (at least to search page as it should).

  55. I’m new to affiliate links and have added the OneLink. Is it still worth me paying for EasyAzone Pro Plugin as it makes it easy to add links from within my site. I haven’t managed to set it up yet as I can’t get an AWP account set up for some reason.

  56. Idk why but one link is not working for me in the case of UK visitors, it is working fine for people clicking my US Amazon links from Canada. My store ids have been verified and everything fine but I tested by asking some UK people and they are redirected to only. In the “check matching products” options as you have shown in this post, I cannot see my matching links for column US links are shown and Canada links in the other, just like your screenshot. Any suggestions?

    1. I wish I could help but without actually seeing your site and checking I can’t tell. I suggest you also test links by yourself using VPN.

  57. I have few questions for u as I just opened my us Amazon affiliate account and that’s it account no or what to do next should we hire some one to do seo or Google Adsense or should make my own Amazon website affiliate is same commission 10 percent
    Can u kindly help me in the program as I am in need of urgent and can help me my email

    1. Well, I would suggest that you start your website where you will pick one niche and write about products from that niche. In each post include Amazon affiliate links in text and images. Also, put Amazon native ads.

      You could also start YouTube channel and put Amazon affiliate links in video description or focus on any other social promotion like Pinterest, Facebook, Google plus.

  58. Thanks for this, what do you think of easyazon plugin is there any difference if I use easyazon compared to this new one amazon one click?

    1. Amazon OneLink only works with US, CA and UK for geo targeting. If you need anything other than that you can use Easy Azon plugin.

      1. Hey kasa, awesome post! I used easy azon links on my site. should I remove it and use amazons own link?

  59. It’s useless.

    Only available payments are check (which has a much larger minimum payment) or a gift card (why would I want to buy something thru Amazon UK?)

    Started to complete the registration process and gave up. There are much better ways to monetize international traffic than this. As usual, Amazon is about 10 years behind the times.

    1. Well, many find checks acceptable as well as gift cards. You can always buy something for others and then they pay you in another way.

    2. I agree. It’s perfectly valid to expect for international purchases to be a minor part (especially for countries with language barriers). Having to request payment at 2-6 different sites, in gift cards or by checks in 2-6 different currencies hardly seems to have been the right way to approach this. I imagine this will turn off a lot of people.

  60. Great write up! From what I understand, this should work as a free tool. If so, what’s the point of GeniusLink? Also, I imagine this will get more people to use the Amazon Associates Link Builder WP plugin just for the sake of feeling confident about those redirects.

    1. The point of GeniusLink and other similar tools is that they provide redirection for all Amazon stores while Amazon OneLink currently only for US, CA and UK and links need to be US as it seems. Also, people with UK links cant set to Amazon US and CA for example.

  61. Sukanta Rakshit

    Glad to see Amazon released this most wanted feature for affiliate marketers. Can you confirm that Onelink works with all regional sites or only with US/CA majors?
    Thanks for this useful info.

  62. Thank You Kasa for the great review and tips…
    i have an issue and i want your help ( my english isn’t good enough to be clear .. may god help you to understand my issue 😀 )
    first of all : i have a wordpress website and i use google tag manager …. to manage all scripts and i think that this can helps to avoid high load time of website when using a lot of tag script… and i use direct amazon links in posts
    second : in the store website i’m using woozone plugin and he integrate his own Geo localization for CA and UK.
    my question is when i’m testing all posts links with a vpn they take me to the default amazon country …. is it a problem of compatibility with the plugin or its a problem of google tag manager because this works great with other plugins ?!!

    1. I don’t exactly understand the issue. Do you have a problem with WooZone Geo targeting or you also used Amazon Onelink with WooZone and now you experience issue?

  63. Hi, is there any way to put Amazon one tag scripts on AMP website? Because javascript makes invalid in AMP.

  64. Hi,

    I run a UK based product review blog, where the Amazon affiliate links inside it are linking to Amazon UK.

    Over 50% of my traffic is from US customers, so just having UK amazon affiliate links is a waste. I want to fully monetise my website.

    I heard of Amazon OneLink, however it seems this only allows me to turn links into CA/UK, but since my links are already there is no conversion happening after adding the script.

    Are there any ways to get this to work with OneLink in the way I wanted? If not, are there any free ways to achieve this with other tools?

    1. exact same problem I was encountering. Could find no information telling me that it would not convert Uk to USA links. So only after getting told by US Amazon that I need to make sales or they will close my US account down did I realise something was up. I really do not fancy changing all links on my site to USA now.

  65. Thanks for the article, I would like to know where exactly to put the onetag code on wordpress step by step, if you can put a video about it, it would be awesome.
    Thank you

    1. Hi Amine,

      Well if your theme doesn’t have a section for adding the external code you can use the plugin I mentioned (free).

      If you don’t want to use a plugin you can add code to the footer.php. Footer.php can be accessed within your site dashboard Appearance -> Editor. There under Templates on the right side look for Theme Footer (footer.php) and click on it.

      Copy oneTag code and paste it before END BODY.

      Now it all depends on WP theme you are using so sections could be different. You can also access footer.php by using FTP client like FileZilla or through your hosting File Manager (cPanel if hosting use it). In this case, you can find it in wp-content -> themes -> yourthemename

      Be noted that when your theme gets updated the code will be removed. This is why you need to use a child theme if you don’t already.

      But if reading this you just think what the heck am I talking about, then I suggest you use the plugin. Also using plugin, when theme gets updated you will not lose code.

  66. Actually, adding on to my previous comment, I am finding that some links are geo-working and others are not. I wonder if anyone else is facing the same issue

    1. Natalie, did you use Exact Match or Close Match? Are your links in text links or generated via a plugin? Do you use WooCommerce?

      I tested my links via VPN and they are working great for both Canada and UK. But I noticed that they don’t work on WooCoommerce buttons or with some WooCommerce plugins.

      This is actually good from one side as you can get a cookie on visitor browser for both his store (UK or CA) and US store. Maybe he even decides to buy from US Amazon store rather that his own if wished product is not sold on his locale.

      NOTE: Sorry, I sometimes forget that people who don’t use WordPress might be reading this (as this is a WordPress oriented site). If you don’t disregard most questions.

      1. I used Close Match and all are text links that I manually picked up from Amazon. Some are amzn shortened links, many are the long version. And yes, its a wordpress site 🙂

        1. Well if it is closed match it should at least always show search field with term already inputed and related products shown if there is no exact match.

  67. hi Kasa, that was a great guide, thank you! I was able to follow it and install the OneLink code on the footer of my website.

    However I found that it doesn’t seem to be working, I had someone in Canada click on a link and it still sends them to Amazon US. Any insight into that?

  68. Thanks for the overview. I wasn’t totally clear based on what you said – will the OneLink still work and redirect traffic appropriately if you are using third party affilaite links services?

    Right now I am using Thirsty Affiliate and I am unsure whether this chance will actually help considering the links in my content are ‘’

    Thanks again!

    1. I last used Thirsty Affiliates long time ago so I don’t know. The set up is easy and you need few minutes. Then you will see if it works.

      My guess would be that it doesn’t work with Thirsty Affiliates. But if I am not mistaken they have their own geo-targeting addon.

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