How To Automatically Localize Amazon Affiliate Links In WordPress?

As Amazon affiliate, you have probably encountered the problem as how to automatically localize Amazon affiliate links on your website.

For quite some time I have been receiving questions like: “How can I localize Amazon Affiliate links? I am not receiving commissions for sales I make in other countries” and “Do you know best free WordPress plugin to localize Amazon affiliate links automatically?”

In case you are new to Amazon affiliate program, you earn affiliate commission only from Amazon store to which you redirect visitor (if he makes the purchase).

That means if you put a link on your website for some product on but your visitor is from the UK, and he goes to his local Amazon store to purchase (, you get nothing.

You might be missing on big profits if your readers make Amazon purchases from a store located in a different country than the one you are linking to.

That’s why it’s important to localize your affiliate links so that each visitor is automatically redirected to the nearest Amazon store depending on their country location.

You could solve that by setting individual links for each country and let the user choose the desired one. Ideally, you will want to show one Amazon link.

If you already have many Amazon affiliate links on your site, you will also need a tool to localize links that already contain affiliate links. It would be too much work to make manual changes.

The Amazon Associates program is one of many affiliate programs bloggers and content publishers rely on to earn money these days.

Adding affiliate links for Amazon products to WordPress is pretty easy. But unless you are localizing your links, you will lose on sales made on Amazon stores for other countries.

UPDATE: Amazon has released its own tool which you can use to target multiple Amazon affiliate stores using one Amazon affiliate link. For more info check my tutorial how to set up Amazon OneLink.


Automatically Localize Amazon Affiliate Links in WordPress

The idea is to show different content, in this case, links, depending on the country the person is located in. In this way, the visitor is redirected to the country with the nearest affiliate program to purchase a product or service.

This is a problem I also face on my Amazon affiliate oriented sites. I usually pick US Amazon and direct my visitors there.

I then optimize my site and keywords based on Google searches for the US and set in my Google webmaster tools that my preferred audience is for the US. But what if you receive many visitors from different countries.

You will probably want to target them too by setting Amazon affiliate link that redirects the visitor to their local store rather than being fixed to one particular store.

The disadvantage of using free plugins for affiliate localization is that countries need to be listed inside the shortcodes at all times, possibly creating long and messy lines of code inside your content.



Unfortunately, many free WordPress plugins for Amazon affiliate link localization are no longer supported, or they are outdated.

There are other paid solutions in the form of plugins, but also themes. I will mention some worthy premium solutions along with free ways to set Amazon links to direct visitors to their local store for desired product.

Firstly you need to find out from which countries your website receives most of its visitor. To maximize profitability, mainly target visitors from those countries. You can either use the web analytics data of the whole website, or even better the exact page that you are going to monetize.

Below methods are intended for Amazon affiliates, but some can be used for other programs like iTunes store affiliate program and eBay partner network because they also have aff programs separated by countries.


How to Localize Amazon Affiliate Links For Free In WordPress?

There is free WordPress plugin to localize Amazon affiliate links which are currently updated and supported. I am talking about Amazon Link Engine plugin.

The Amazon Link Engine plugin is a way to convert all Amazon links within your WordPress site into globalized links that work across all Amazon storefronts. By “Localizing” links, you ensure all clicks from international viewers are redirected to the appropriate item in their local storefront.


 Localize Amazon Affiliate Links wordpress plugin


Most link “localization” plugins only translate a link for an international click when the same product ID exists in both storefronts.

But many times the same item in different storefronts has an entirely different product ID. Even if the ID does match, the product may be an overpriced “import” item or may never be in stock.

The Amazon Link Engine plugin uses Geniuslink’s five-step algorithm to dig deep into Amazon’s stores to find the best possible result.

This algorithm uses the metadata available from each product to match across storefronts and ensure that the User is sent to the most relevant product instead of sending your users to blank search results.

Also, connecting your Geniuslink account to the Amazon Link Engine gives you access to reporting on clicks and commissions. These reports allow you to review your link’s performance.


How Does The Amazon Link Engine Plugin Work?

When downloaded, the ALE (Amazon Link Engine) inserts a JavaScript Snippet into the header of each page on your WordPress site, to automatically convert all Amazon links to links.

As soon as the plugin is installed, your Amazon links are instantly localized every time a user loads the page. Even if you add new links to your WordPress site, each will be automatically converted without any additional work from you.

To earn affiliate commissions from different Amazon locales, you must create a Geniuslink account, and connect it to your plugin. Next, add and manage your Associates IDs for each of the Amazon affiliate programs you’ve signed up for within the Geniuslink Dashboard.




Once your IDs are added, the Amazon Link Engine will automatically add the correct Associates ID per country for each click.

NOTE: By default, Geniuslink’s Associates IDs will be used until you have connected your account and added your own via the Geniuslink Dashboard.

Also by default, the plugin will overwrite any IDs within your site with the ones you’ve added in your GeoRiot account. You must select the “Honor Existing Associate IDs” checkbox to keep existing IDs.


What Makes the Amazon Link Engine Different From Other WordPress Localization Plugins and Tools?

  • Most plugins only try to match based on ASIN (product ID) across different storefronts. The Amazon Link Engine uses a patented algorithm to get your users to the best possible destination.
  • It will work with existing affiliate links on your site.
  • No need to build links manually. All of your Amazon links are automatically converted to localized links when the page loads.

Amazon Link Engine is ideal for creating Amazon, iTunes or Microsoft Store links and all links will be automatically globalized. However, you can also include all three stores with a single link!

Using Advanced Targets, you can set up dynamic links that send your users to different destinations based on their device type, operating system, country, date of click, or any combination of the above.

Another feature is the ability to add pixels to your link. Also known as custom audiences, remarketing pixels, and just “pixels,” these small pieces of code help you create pools of audiences interested in your products so that you can re-market to them again.

Amazon Link Engine supports Facebook Custom Audiences (see how to set up Facebook pixel in WordPress), Twitter Audiences, Google Adwords, Google Tag Manager, and Xaxis pixels.


Amazon Link Engine Setup Process

Install and activate the Amazon Link Engine plugin. If you don’t have an account already, create a Geniuslink account. After signing in, navigate to the Account tab and create a new API token.

Access the Amazon Link Engine Settings through the “Settings” tab within your WordPress dashboard. Copy the API Key and API Secret into your Amazon Link Engine plugin.

Go to your Geniuslink dashboard and click on “Affiliate” tab. Then, click “Connect an affiliate program” button and paste in your IDs. Select the appropriate country, then “save”. Once saved into the dashboard your links will start using the appropriate Associates IDs with each click.


Amazon Link Engine Pros & Cons

Here are some of the advantages and disadvantages of ALE:


  • Doesn’t work on Amazon  native shopping ads
  • You can’t set custom country redirection based on visitor location. For example you can’t redirect visitors from Slovenia to instead, by default setting, to
  • Paid 10$ per 10 000 clicks a month
  • Sometimes it doesn’t find product in different Amazon locale



  • Free for 1 000 clicks per month
  • Advanced targeting
  • Ability to add pixels to link
  • Detail stats
  • Can add more sites by organizing them into groups and set different affiliate IDs per site (group)


Amazon Link Engine Summary

Amazon Link Engine is best to be used if you already have existing website or blog with many affiliate links, so you don’t have to change each link manually. But it can also be used to create manually affiliate links if you decide to go with that approach.

Amazon Link Engine plugins works in combination with Geniuslink account and it is all free if you stay under 1 000 clicks per month. For more than that, you will need to pay an affordable price.




This is an excellent way to improve conversions by marketing to your entire audience. Just create a single link that routes every user to the right place based on their device type, operating system, country and even when they click.

Add your Amazon affiliate IDs once, and Amazon Link Engine plugin will automatically assign the correct one to the visitor, earning you more commissions from around the world.

Amazon links are automatically translated and affiliated using patented link translation technology, ensuring every user gets to the right item in their local storefront and you get credit for those sales.

There are many more features and affiliate programs that can be integrated using Geniuslink account, so be sure to check all features.

UPDATE: Genius Link does not offer anymore their free Starter plan. They have changed their pricing plans and except free trial, there is no free version. Now their cheapest plan is $9/mo.


Localize Amazon Affiliate Links in WordPress Alternate Methods

Here are other methods, tools, and plugins you can use to localize Amazon affiliate links:

#1 AzonPress

AzonPress is one of the most prominent premium amazon affiliate plugins in WordPress. With this plugin you can localize Amazon affiliate links into your affiliate site. You don’t need to adopt any manual process to create and add an affiliate link.

AzonPress can save lots of valuable time and makes things easier for having a solid Amazon affiliate process. While using AzonPress, you don’t need to do a lot of things rather you just need to integrate the plugin with your Amazon associate account providing the necessary credentials.


azonpress localize amazon affiliate links


When you have completed the integration, you will see that a shortcode will be generated with the respective products. Then you can promote products from Amazon marketplace using just a shortcode. Generally, it’s a tedious task to add CTA, images and then promote any product manually.

One of the most important aspects of the plugin is its smooth performance that will allow you to do all these things within a short span of time in the best possible way.

There are seven different grids available in AzonPress plugin. Widget and widget small feature of the plugin will allow you to add a new dimension to your product tables. You can customize the product table in very different ways to make things catchy to your users.


azonpress widgets


Using this awesome plugin, you can do lots of customization for making your affiliation process easy and comfortable. You can even customize the CTA button, you want to add on your web page while promoting.

Apart from default button styles, there is a custom option for personalizing your CTA button.


cta button azonpress


There are a lot more advanced quality features and functionalities of the plugin. To learn more about all the features and functionalities of the plugin, you can head over to the official website of the plugin.

Moreover, you will get a dedicated support and extended documentation facility of the plugin.


  • User-friendly interface.
  • 100% responsive product table generated.
  • Two different default table types.
  • Shortcode friendly product table.
  • Special front-end editing options.
  • Custom CSS.
  • Dedicated support with extended documentation
  • Gutenberg compatible.


  • There is no free version.


#2 Prourls

Prourls is an online tool that generates Amazon affiliate link which redirects all the traffic to local Amazon stores and provides an opportunity for commission on all Amazon storefronts.

The tool requires you to signup. Once signed up you need to put in your affiliate id for each Amazon locale you wish to target. You can see that all the clicks from every country.

Prourls creates “short links” like or TinyURL. But this service is particular for building short links to Amazon products.

It uses your custom affiliate tags and can generate the links and localize them by routing to a different Amazon store depending on the visitors (clickers) geographic location.

This means if a reader or viewer from Germany clicks on your Prourl shortlink for an Amazon product, they will be redirected to store instead of giving them a higher incentive to purchase the product since it will be from their local Amazon store.

Make sure you create an account for every single Affiliate store. To start with the service, after sign up, go to your “Affiliate” tab. All you need to do is start filling out all your tags for your various Amazon Affiliates stores.




The best way to know which stores are the highest priority is to look at analytics for your site. Pick the countries you get the most traffic from, if you don’t want to setup localized affiliate links for all of them.

Be noted, Amazon India only allows affiliates if you reside in India, so if you live in the US or another country you can’t do Affiliate Localization from Amazon India.

After you setup your affiliates for all locale’s you are ready to start building affiliate links. Click on the links tab on the left menu, then click on Generate New Link.



Here all you have to do is list the product name you want to search for or the specific product link.

If you want to list a product ‘search page’ you can just type waterproof socks. You can preview your links anytime by clicking on the preview box for each locale.




  • Stats analytics
  • Simple to use
  • It is free

  • Can’t set country redirection or any redirection based on browser, device, etc.
  • No ability to add pixels
  • Only one ID tag per Amazon locale (no ability to include more sites)


#3 EasyAzon

EasyAzon allows you to integrate Amazon products to your website without ever leaving your WordPress dashboard.

You can create affiliate text links direct to any product available for sale on without going through steps of manually creating links from within the website.

You can create affiliate text links that can be optionally toggled to open in new windows and/or have the nofollow attribute applied. This can be controlled site wide through the plugin setting page defaults or individually controlled on a per link basis.




EasyAzon Pro provides additional support for more affiliate link types and affiliate link options.

In addition to affiliate text links you can also create:

  1. Image affiliate links(insert an image of a product from Amazon and turn that image into a clickable affiliate link)
  2. Product information blocks (displays product title, image thumbnail, price info and a buy button in a styled block)
  3. Call to actions (buy buttons)
  4. Automated affiliate link cloaking
  5. Product pop-ups (display product info via a pop-up box on mouse hover)
  6. Add to cart functionality (increases the cookie length which gives you more time to earn a commission if the visitor adds the item to their shopping cart)
  7. Automatic link localization (earn commissions from previously wasted global traffic by automatically converting affiliate links to match the location your website is being visited from e.g. UK visitors see links)
  8. Support for multiple affiliate tracking ID’s (track which links convert best)




  • Multiple affiliate IDs
  • Can add Amazon products, images, description from WordPress dashboard
  • You can change country redirection

  • Can’t set country redirection or any redirection based on browser, device, etc.
  • No ability to add pixels
  • You need to buy paid version to use link localization

#4 Geotargeting

WordPress Geotargeting is a plugin to target users depending on their country. It is based on the Maxmind Geolite IP database that will let you accurately target 99.9% of your users.

The plugin can be used for various purposes. In this case, it is a great option for affiliate oriented sites. There is also a free version of the Geotargeting WordPress plugin, but you will need to pick paid version to localize affiliate links by Amazon storefronts.

Premium version features:

  • Maxmind API keys compatible
  • Maxmind premium database compatible
  • GeoTarget countries, cities, and states
  • Cloudflare geolocation support
  • Geotarget posts / pages entirely
  • Create multiple Redirects based on user countries states or cities
  • Create multiple regions (group of countries or cities) to use with shortcodes
  • Exclude countries, cities, and regions
  • Dropdown widget to let users change their country
  • Hide Woocommerce products
  • AJAX mode that makes plugin compatible with cache plugins


How GeoTargetting Pro Works?

After purchasing and activating the plugin on your site, you can start configuring by clicking on the GeoTargeting sidebar menu item in your site’s admin area.

The first steps when setting up this plugin are to define the countries and regions you would like to geotarget. The plugin makes this very easy thanks to the pre-populated drop down list of countries you can choose from.

This premium version can determine your visitor’s location, based on their IP address. While out of the box this is accurate to the country level, the plugin includes connecting to your Maxmind GeoIP account.




The plugin can detect your visitor’s city, and in some cases, their postal code. This allows you to target the content you display on your website in a way that better suits your visitors.

The GeoTargeting Pro plugin supports Cloudflare geolocation, Reblaze or Sucuri. This makes the service even more efficient at delivering your content, based on the location of visitors.

The plugin includes a shortcode builder to create the rules. There is also an optional sidebar widget which allows visitors to override the geotargeting abilities of the plugin, and set their location manually.

You can add as many countries you need to your custom regions. GeoTargeting Pro supports displaying content based on the visitor’s city. However, to use this feature, you must sign up with a premium geotargeting database service such as GeoIP2 City.

Once you’ve defined one or more regions, you can begin creating content on your website for your visitors from those areas. As the plugin adds a button to the WordPress post editor, creating the country specific content is easy.

Just enter some content in the post editor area, select it, and then click on the GeoTargeting post editor button. Through the options, you can choose whether to display the selected content or hide it, based on the location of the visitor.

You can either use your pre-defined regions or simply select individual countries from the drop down list.




After you’ve entered the details, the appropriate shortcode will be inserted into your post. As mentioned, the plugin includes a widget that can be added to the sidebar, or other widgetized areas of your theme.

The widget allows your visitors to select their geographical location, which will then be used to display the content of your site, as opposed to using their IP address.

Create as many redirections you need and send your users to the right website. This is the perfect feature to localize Amazon affiliate links in WordPress to show user link to its local country store.




It is also a great feature for global companies that have different corporates sites for each country, or any e-commerce site that has various products for cities or states.

Now you can geotarget a whole page or post if you need. If you use WooCommerce, Easy Digital Downloads or any other e-commerce software, you could hide or show products based on user location.

Price for single site license is 45$.




  • Country redirection
  • Ability for visitors to set their geo-location manually from widget

  • Can’t set country redirection or any redirection based on browser, device, etc.
  • No ability to add pixels
  • You need to purchase to use localization feature


#5 WooZone

WooZone is WooCommerce Amazon affiliate plugin which allows you to add any Amazon products to a WooCommerce website. That means the plugin requires that the WooCommerce plugin is installed and activated.

When a visitor attempts to purchase one of these products, they’re redirected to Amazon, and you earn an affiliate commission.

WooZone automatically displays products that are relevant to your content and add affiliate link automatically into your content based on keywords. You also have the option to add the affiliate link manually in any keywords.




With WooZone, you can also add Amazon products to your website, individually or in bulk. Search for your keywords, and the plugin will return hundreds of products. Select the ones you want, and Import Products.

This takes a few minutes, depending on how many products you select. The plugin will also download the sales description, product variations, categories, and customer reviews straight from Amazon.



WooZone has many features. It is all in one tool for quickly populating the site with Amazon affiliate products. But you are here because you are interested in how to localize Amazon affiliate links automatically.

This plugin has the option to add affiliate ID for each Amazon locale you wish to target. It is set and forget style. Put your affiliate IDs once and the plugin will automatically redirect the visitor to his Amazon storefront when he clicks on a link.

There is a free version of WooZone in WordPress repository so you can check it out. Paid version cost is 34$ on Codecanyon.




  • Many features
  • Create affiliate Woocommerce store
  • Automatically add affiliate links
  • Geo-targeting feature
  • No need to buy extra theme


  • Sometimes make site slow
  • Paid plugin
  • Sometimes it doesn’t find product in different Amazon locale
  • You can’t set manually (per your wishes) to which Amazon store do you want to redirect visitor per country IP


Automatically Localize Amazon Affiliate Links in WordPress Free Final Words

Online earning is one of the most talking topics. There are plenty of ways to make money online, and affiliate marketing is one of them. The theory of affiliate marketing is very simple. Just refer a visitor to a product or service and then get the commission when they purchase.

But without proper knowledge and tools, you will have problems earning a commission when promoting Amazon product or service. The good news, WordPress is Amazon friendly. There are plenty of WordPress plugins that can help you promote Amazon affiliate products (check Amazon affiliate WordPress guide).

You might ask, why would you want to localize your Amazon affiliate links? Well obviously to increase your potential earnings from referring visitors to Amazon.

If a Canadian or someone from other country lands on your website, and is directed to a product page via your Amazon US affiliate link, most likely they are unable to purchase stuff there, and they might end up heading off to their local Amazon store to continue shopping. In that case, you won’t get your commission.

Ideally, you want to send your US visitors to the Amazon US site, UK visitors to the Amazon UK site, and so on. That means you need a solution that can dynamically display Canadian links to Canadians, or US links to Americans. That is when geotargeting or localization comes into play.

If you want to display different sets of content on your website, to different segments of your visitors based on their location, then a localization plugin or tool can help you achieve this.

By reading your visitors IP address to determine their location, a geotargeting plugin is then able to display a specific set of content, according to that visitor’s location. This, in turn, can then help improve the user experience for your visitors and ensure you show them the most relevant information, according to their location.

DISCLOSURE: Posts may contain affiliate links. If you buy something through one of those links, I might get a small commission, without any extra cost to you. Read more about it here.

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  1. Hi,
    How are localizing plugins different from Amazon OneLink? I set up One Link following your guidelines. I am based in Canada but also signed up for Amazon Associates US. I added Amazon US links in my blog and thought when I click that, it would take me to Amazon Canada since I am based in Canada. But it still took me to Amazon US. That would mean my readers are probably not being taken to their local Amazon stores. Is there a way to fix this?

    1. This is something many people reported are having issues with. I don’t know what could be cause that certain people have those issues as I don’t have access to their account or site and can’t be sure that everything is setup correctly.

  2. How to check whether the amazon affiliate link has been localized or not?
    by the way great list of tools but sadly most of them are not free anymore.

  3. Hey there!

    Great post and thanks for the mention! We wanted to revisit this blog and let you know that we just launched a new pricing structure with the goal to help our clients become better marketers.

    We no longer have multiple “plans.” Now, Geniuslink users simply pay for what they use in buckets of 1,000 clicks for $2 each. This new pricing model gives all of our clients access to the same set of powerful tools that our larger clients get to use without having to pay a price that is out of line with the number of clicks that they’re using.

    In designing this new pricing structure, our goal was to create a win/win situation for all. If you’d like to learn more here are a couple of resources: Our new pricing page – & Our blog on our new pricing –

    The Geniuslink Team

    1. Thank you for updating about changes with Geniuslink. I try to update posts from time to time but that is not an easy task as everything changes quickly.

  4. For completely free Amazon affiliate links localization, try ProURLs. They fund their free service through their premium subscription service so according to them, the basic service will always be free.
    The great thing is, the free service provides all that you’d need:
    Unlimited Links
    Unlimited Clicks
    Dynamic Geo-localisation
    Email Support

    In addition, you get a great link management screen and dashboard with a map of where your clicks come from and how many!

    (ps I don’t work for them, just came across them in my searches and tried it out. highly impressed). ps. I like that it doesn’t require a wordpress plugin but you can opt to use their plugin if you wish.

    Give them a try!

  5. I recently started amazon affiliate marketing and on my search for amazon affiliate link localization plugins i found this one which is free but they are going to put their affiliate id with some links if you do not pay a $7 flat fee. Is it good according to your view??

    1. Well, I have not tested this plugin before and it is first time I heard about it. Upon testing from site demo it does seems it redirects corrctly.

      I see there is free and paid plan. In paid plan you pay $7/month and your affiliate links are used. In free plan every 3 out of 100 clicks is used their affiliate id.

      This tool may be worth testing but I am more interested if they will honor 3/100 clicks in free version.

  6. Hi Kasa,

    Detailed review, thank you.

    A question about Amazon Link Engine plugin. I checked out Geniuslink. You have to pay $9/month after 14-day free trial. On the other hand, you say that it is free for 1000 clicks per month. I am confused, please explain.

    1. They have changed their pricing plans. I have contact them to see if they still provide some kind of free pricing model.

      I will update this comment when they respond.

      UPDATE: Yes, they no longer provide free Starter plan. But if you registered before they changed plans, you are in their Legacy plan which is free for up to 1,000 clicks per month. Legacy plan is only for those who registered before change in pricing policy.

      1. Thanks for the review, Kasa. It is great.

        Sad but true:

        The Amazon Link Engine is no longer free. GeniusLink no longer offers their free Starter account []

        Their lowest cost account is $108 a year for 10,000 clicks + $1 per 1000 clicks thereafter.

        It jumps up to $1,188 a year for 100,000 clocks.

        This means you had better do a good sales job to make a profit on your international Amazon links.

  7. Thanks for this. Do you know for sure if these plugins do not violate the Amazon OA? The OA says no link masking or redirecting. There is no one to ask at Amazon.

    1. Hi Arial,

      I don’t see why would these plugins/tools violate Amazon TOS.

      But yes, that no masking or redirecting in TOS is not clarified well, so we don’t exactly know what they mean by that.

      We can only speculate as contacting support to explain things doesn’t lead anywhere.

      It all depends on Amazon. They can do whatever they want and can decide to treat link localization as a break of rules too.

      If you already earn big bucks with Amazon and don’t want to jeopardise that, then I suggest that you stick with what you are doing and not changing much.

      But if you are not some big earner then risking you are not losing much in case Amazon sees this as a break of rules.

      I always say, never focus on one thing to earn you money. Spread your ways of income to various methods. You never know when Google can slap you, when you can get kicked out of affiliate program….

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