Best WooCommerce Amazon Affiliate Plugins Compared – Which Is Best?

To gain commissions by working as an affiliate in combination with WordPress and WooCommerce, right WooCommerce Amazon affiliate plugin is needed. There are thousands of affiliate programs and networks that you can be a part of. One of most popular is Amazon affiliate network.

Affiliate marketing is one of the easiest ways to make money online. Just refer a visitor to a product or service and then earn a percentage of any transactions that takes place.

While it’s not quite simple as that, it is still a popular way of earning income online. Mostly because it has a very low barrier to entry, little technical knowledge is needed to get started, and a minimal financial investment is required.

When combined with WordPress, affiliate marketing could be the model you are looking to replace your current income stream. As already mentioned, while easy, it still requires effort and lot of extra time.

You can encounter few problems when promoting Amazon products through WordPress website as an affiliate. You have to add affiliate links for Amazon products manually. This is a time-consuming process. You need to add content, images, set up the site, etc.

If promoting Amazon products in various categories, it involves a good amount of effort to select appropriate affiliate links of such products.

You can get rid of all manual efforts if you use WordPress plugin for Amazon affiliates. Those plugins usually pull products from Amazon (image, description, price) and have many other useful features.

The product information such as name, description or current price is retrieved automatically via the Amazon Product Advertising API. You can decide how often the data is updated. This means no manually updating prices or descriptions. Be noted that if you get RequestThrottled error, you have most likely hit you API usage limit.

In that way, you will save time and increase affiliate marketing revenues. Most affiliate plugins for WordPress integrate with WooCommerce. This combination opens many more opportunities and options to utilize vast WooCommerce settings.

WooCommerce is the most popular WordPress eCommerce plugin, and it’s available for free. It is packed with features and highly supported by a huge number of extensions and plugins.


Amazon Affiliate WordPress Plugins Comparison

  • Name
  • Price
  • Woocommerce needed
  • Shortcodes
    Ad products into post as shortcodes
  • Price Variations
    Import regular prices, sales prices and all prices variations
  • Bulk Import
  • Product Variations
    Import multiple colors and sizes
  • Amazon ASIN Grabber
  • Content Spinner
  • Product Stats
  • Synchronisation
    Automatically update Prices, Titles , Reviews, Buy Urls, Descriptions and SKU
  • Site Cart
  • GEO Targeting
    Earn affiliate fees from all Amazon country stores
  • Amazon Reviews
    Display Amazon reviews on your site
  • 90 Days Cookie
  • Croselling
    Show related products and suggestions
  • Facebook Store
    Showcase store products on Facebook
  • Theme Included
    Plugin comes with WordPress theme
  • Free Version
  • License
    On how many site can you use when purchased
  • Cloak Links Option
  • Product Pop-up
  • Scheduled Product Posting
  • Duplicate Post Checking
  • WooCommerce Amazon
  • $33
  • Single Site
  • Amazon eStore Affiliates
  • $35
  • Single Site
  • Easy Azon
  • $47
  • Unlimited personal sites
    Developer Site Use Rights $67 and you can use on unlimited personal websites, unlimited client websites, unlimited websites to flip
  • WP Zon Builder
  • $99
    Personal license $99 for unlimited personal websites. Developer license $199 unlimited personal sites and unlimited sites to sell
  • Unlimited personal sites
    Personal license $99 for unlimited personal websites. Developer license $199 unlimited personal sites and unlimited sites to sell


NOTE: This comparison table may get outdated as time goes by and plugins get discontinued or upgraded (new features been added). Please check official websites for each plugin to be sure about options and abilities.


Which WooCommerce Amazon Affiliate Plugin To Pick?

There are many affiliate oriented WordPress plugins. Not just for Amazon but other affiliate programs as well. Below mentioned plugins are specially made for Amazon associates program and can be used with or without WooCommerce (though some require WooCommerce to be installed).

If you would like to show products not just from Amazon but other affiliate networks, then consider checking my Content Egg plugin review. Content Egg doesn’t require you to have WooCommerce.

Datafeedr is another excellent tool to make comparison tables, show deals for particular products from various stores using affiliate links, automatically update prices, etc. (check Datafeedr review).

If you need plugin specifically for Amazon affiliate program which also doesn’t require WooCommerce, AAWP might be the solution for your needs alongside AMZ Table Assistant Chrome extension. For Amazon affiliate, themes check Amazon affiliate themes comparison or Fresh Store Builder review.


WordPress Amazon Affiliate Plugins Compared

Here are some plugins to make life easier for Amazon affiliates:


#1 WooZone WooCommerce Amazon Affiliates

WooZone Woocommerce Amazon Affiliates WordPress plugin is intended for making Amazon Associates participants life easier. You can use this plugin with an existing Woocommerce store, or you can start a new one from scratch.

It will pull products from Amazon and publish on your site. Your affiliate links will be used. You just need to set a keyword, set up how many pages to import and add it to Queue.

You can also set up the recurrence, how often to import products. After you did that, the Cron will import products at the recurrence time you set up.



More importantly, it will pull in all of the product information, specifications, images and reviews. Say goodbye to manually adding products from Amazon.

With the WooCommerce Amazon Affiliates plugin, you can set up an affiliate site and import products from Amazon. You’ll have a site that functions and looks like an e-commerce website, but at checkout, customers will be led to Amazon.


Woocommerce Amazon Affiliates Plugin Woocommerce Affiliate Plugin-WordPress


It includes an automatic spinner that will help you avoid duplicate content issues. When products are no longer available on Amazon, it will automatically remove them from your site.

The cost of Woocommerce Amazon Affiliate Plugin is $42 for a single-site license. Using this plugin, you can transform your WordPress website to advertise Amazon products. It works with any Woocommerce or WordPress theme.

WooZone plugin features:

  • Compatible with any WordPress or Woocommerce theme.
  • You can have Amazon products and simple Woocommerce products on the store in the same time.
  • Receive affiliate commission from any Amazon locale. Supported countries are Germany, United Kingdom, Canada, France, Japan, India, Italy, China, Spain.
  • With 90 days cookie feature when a user is redirected to Amazon, the product is automatically added to cart which ads 90 days cookie. Regular Amazon affiliate cookie lasts 24 hours.
  • On Site Cart feature will allow your customers to add multiple Amazon products into cart and checkout trough Amazon’s system.
  • Select what price to display on products. Regular price, sale price or offer price.
  • Doesn’t require Amazon API if you still don’t have access to it.


woocommerce amazon affiliate plugins comparison


  • Add products variations.
  • You can import the products as Published or Draft.
  • Select how many images to import for each product.
  • Select if you wish to display special offers, discounts or coupons.
  • Choose if you want to import images upon import or asynchronous.
  • You can also automatically spin content using Content Spinner. Select if you wish to have the content spun upon import, or manually do it afterward.
  • ASIN grabber module makes possible to grab hundred of ASINs from Amazon. After that import them via CSV Bulk Import.
  • You can quickly add products to any post, page or custom taxonomy via Shortcodes.
  • Products stats so you can always check conversions.
  • Ad product title or random number to images names. This is great for search engine optimization.
  • Select if you wish to display cross selling products.
  • Select if you would like to post images gallery in the product description.
  • Choose if you want to show Amazon reviews for a particular product on your site.
  • Search for products using the Advanced Search and Bulk Import module. Upon import, all parent categories and subcategories will be imported.
  • Keep products updated using the Synchronisation Module. You can update prices, titles, reviews, URLs, descriptions and SKU.

WooZone also comes in a free/light version which is available to download for free on WordPress repository. Unfortunately, free version was last updated 7 months ago in time of writing this post.

NOTE: If you decide to purchase yourself WooZone Amazon affiliate plugin, then think about getting yourself complete bundle rather just a plugin.

WooZone Amazon Associates Bundle Pack includes WooZone plugin, Kingdom WordPress theme compatible with WooZone plugin, WooZone Contextual plugin for in text Amazon advertising ads and Discount Finder plugin. All that for only $69!



#2 Amazon eStore Affiliates Plugin

Amazon eStore Affiliates Plugin allows you to create a store featuring Amazon products. No coding or technical skills necessary. The plugin also comes with a custom Amazon WordPress theme!

Woocommerce Amazon eStore Affiliates Plugin comes with Automated Amazon Content Spinner module that will automatically spin the content that comes from Amazon upon import.

That way, you can have unique content with minimal effort. Still, manual checking and correcting will be needed as content spinner module isn’t perfect in its job.

Content can be automatically spinned using built-in thesaurus database. The second way is to do it manually on each product, using a user-friendly interface.  There’s also an option to rollback everything.

Thesaurus has available following languages : English ( , amazon,,, Dutch (, France (, Spain (

Woocommerce Amazon eStore Affiliates Plugin review



Using the products Stats module, you can see statistics of your products. You can see how many hits each product had and how many times they were added to cart.

Also, you can see how many redirects you had to Amazon. This is very useful to prevent cart abandonment and to see what products are more popular.

On Site Cart feature allows your visitors to check out with multiple products on Amazon. Meaning multiple commissions for you. Amazon eStore Affiliates Plugin takes all data available for all Amazon products.

The title, prices (regular prices, sales prices, and all prices variations), all products attributes, product reviews and full products descriptions. Users can choose from different variations of sizes, colors, prices for each Amazon product.

Using Woocommerce Amazon plugin, you can bulk import hundred of products from Amazon into your eStore. The plugin is built on custom AA-Team framework, just like WooZone Woocommerce Amazon plugin. It is based on modules manager and easy to use admin interface.


best woocommerce amazon affiliate plugin


Advanced Search and Bulk Import Module make possible to search by categories, subcategories, and keywords. Select the products that you want, and click import.

Also depending on category, you can filter products by brand, condition, manufacturer, maximum or minimum price, merchant ID, minimum product percentage off and by bestsellers, rank, sales flag, etc.

If you want to mass import products from Amazon, you can do that using CSV module. All you need is an ASIN list. Amazon products change all the time, especially prices and stock units.

Using Synchronisation module, you can keep products up to date with a custom Cron Job in WordPress. If you want you can add affiliate ID’s for all locales as the plugin has GEO targeting feature.

Take advantage of all Amazon Associates Programs and maximize your income. You will have users from anywhere being redirected to the closest Amazon locale based on their location.

Facebook integration is also available. You can target the Facebook Market and showcase your Store Products. Price for Amazon eStore Affiliates Plugin is $49, and you also get WordPress theme for free.

A theme which comes with plugins has a modern flat design. It is responsive, has custom banner ad areas, WooCommerce ready and comes with dummy data.


#3 Amazon Easy Azon Plugin

The EasyAzon Amazon WordPress plugin can be used to easily add Amazon product affiliates links from within your WordPress posts. You don’t have to log in to the Amazon Associates website, search for relevant Amazon products, create affiliate links and copy and paste them into your content.




EasyAzon isn’t a WordPress Amazon auto blog plugin like WooZone Woocommerce Amazon affiliate plugin or Amazon eStore Affiliates Plugin. EasyAzon is a plugin to monetize your unique content by linking to relevant Amazon products with an affiliate link.

It doesn’t require Woocommerce and has fewer features than previous two. In a nutshell, while creating or editing a post, you click the EasyAzon button (it’s next to the Add Media button).

The EasyAzon button brings up an Amazon search form page within your WordPress dashboard to find relevant products. A few clicks later and the Amazon affiliate link or image is part of your WordPress post.


Key features of EasyAzon:

1. Create Amazon affiliate links without ever leaving your WP Dashboard. You do not have to log in to Amazon Associates account. Everything is done right from your individual posts or pages.

2. Provides multiple styles of links. Text Links with optional product details on mouse over, Image Links with various size options, Call to Action boxes and Info Blocks.

3. Built-in link localization option. Send visitors to they Amazon locale store based on visitors IP.

All you have to do is sign-up for an Amazon Associates account from relevant countries such as Amazon UK, add them to the plugin settings page and click the check box to enable that feature.

4. Provides the “Add-To-Cart” option (90-day cookie).  Providing the option for the visitor to add the item in cart gives you a full 90 days to make a sale for that item.

Typical Amazon Affiliate product links provide you with a commission for anything customer purchase, but only for a 24 hour period.


Styles of links:

  • Text Link – You have the option of enabling product details and pricing when the customer hovers over the link.
  • Image Link – With image links you have the option of choosing several sizes, from tiny thumbnail sizes all the way up to large ones.
  • Call to Action – You have on disposal various Call to Action boxes.
  • Info Block – Info Block combines all of the previous styles into one. You see a text link, image link, pricing details and a call to action button.

amazon woocommerce plugin


With all of the different link styles above, you have the ability to customize the links on an individual basis, or you can rely on the default settings that you choose on the plugin settings page.

You can set your defaults to add “no follow” to all links, you can set open all links in a new window or even select to disable “Add-to-Cart” option.

Every affiliate link can be customized no matter how you set up default settings. If you like to cloak affiliate links, you can enable that option in settings. EasyAzon 4 has a product pop up solution built-in that can be triggered on a site-wide or individual link basis.

Pop up scripts grab users attention which can lead to more Amazon affiliate link clicks and more commissions for you.


#4 WP Zon Builder Amazon Affiliate Plugin

WP Zon Builder can help you monetize your Websites and blogs by adding Amazon products to your content. It is simple to use, and it’s packed with many useful features. It comes with the Gazette theme which is recommended for use with the plugin, or you can use it with any other WordPress theme.

You can build e-commerce stores, review sites, niche sites, content or review website, etc. Searching for products to add is easy. Specify a category, keywords, filtering options, and you will get products results based on your settings.




You can choose to schedule posts to be created at some time in the future. This way, you can have many products automatically added to your site over time. You can add Amazon products to any post using the inline product feature. Display just a single product or multiple products.

When displaying multiple products, the results will always be pulled live from Amazon. If any changes like price, they will be automatically updated.

You can choose to display user reviews of Amazon products on your site in an iFrame.  People are much more likely to buy a product after reading customer feedback.

Be noted, it is against Amazon affiliate rules to use reviews from Amazon as your own (on your site). Visitors to your WordPress site can also leave their own reviews, with star ratings.

WP Zon Builder WordPress Amazon affiliate plugin will work with any theme. It doesn’t require a Woocommerce plugin to work. It works with all the international versions of the Amazon Associate Program.

It will put your Amazon Associate program ID in all links which will point back to Amazon. You get commissions for all sales referred to Amazon. The plugin has sidebar widgets to display similar products, product accessories, and existing posts in a specified category.

Thanks to product stats option you can find out which products are getting the most clicks and where to better focus your marketing efforts. You can search the report by ASIN (Amazon ID), the page on your site that sent the click or the product title. You can even export your Click Reports to Excel or another spreadsheet program using phpMyAdmin.


WP Zon Builder Amazon Plugin


SEO options include Link Cloaking, All-In-One SEO Pack Integration, rel=’nofollow’, RDFa Microformats, Auto-Bolding, etc. WP Zon Builder can automatically make your links to Amazon cloaked and SEO-friendly.

The plugin also integrates with All-In-One SEO Pack and can optionally populate your All In One SEO Pack title, description and keywords fields.

RDFa/Rich Snippets allows search engines to display rating, price and other relevant information about the content on site directly in the SERPs. Auto-Bolding allows you to specify keywords in product descriptions that are automatically bolded.

If you wish, you can specify a different Associate ID for each category or each post. If you ever need to switch Associate IDs, you can quickly change the Associate ID for all of your posts. WP Zon Builder WordPress Amazon affiliate plugin integrates with other plugins.

Using phpOStock, phpBay, Auction2Post and other plugins you can display products from, eBay and more. You can integrate WP Zon Builder with any of these plugins, as well as any other plugin that makes use of shortcodes.


WP Zon Builder Post Creation Settings


More advanced users can change the look and feel of the posts generated by WP Zon Builder by editing the template files and their associated images. The template files are plain HTML, and can very easily be modified and styled, even if you know only know the basics of HTML.

With the optional data expiry feature enabled, product data older than a specified age will automatically be refreshed with the most recent data from Amazon.

You can optionally choose fields that are excluded from the data refreshing process, e.g. to edit the product description with your own custom content but continually keep the product pricing and availability information updated.

WP Zon Builder can be translated into any language in the admin area and in template files to your desired website language.


Easy Azon Amazon affiliate plugin additional features:

  • Add YouTube video reviews – Include YouTube video reviews in Amazon product posts.
  • Optional fancy box image galleries – Optionally display a gallery of product thumbnail images. Clicking on a thumbnail will open the full-size image in a lightbox.
  • Duplicate checking – Avoid posting the same products to your site twice with the built-in duplicate checker.
  • Change the Associate ID for a single post – You can change Associate IDs for an individual post, or for your whole site. You can even use multiple IDs at one time.
  • Use Amazon’s editorial reviews – Optionally, you can use Amazon’s Editorial Review of a product on your site, as opposed to the shorter and more basic Product Description provided by Amazon.


All available features:

  • Easily add Amazon products to new or existing Site
  • Create hundreds of posts in minutes
  • Build unlimited sites
  • Easily search products
  • 90 Day Amazon cookie option with Add to Cart option
  • Scheduled product posting
  • Designed to work with any WordPress theme
  • Product image galleries
  • Sidebar Widget for Similar Products, Accessories, Categories
  • Inline Single and Multiproduct listing
  • Link Cloaking
  • On-Site Shopping Cart (optional)
  • Buttons
  • Add YouTube video reviews
  • Auto Updating for pricing and product info
  • Build custom templates based on existing templates
  • Adaptable to other languages
  • Display Amazon customer reviews in pages or posts
  • Integrates with other plugins
  • All-In-One SEO Pack integration
  • Duplicate post checking
  • Bulk ASIN product posting
  • Click reporting
  • Auto-Bolding
  • Google Rich Snippets

Price for WP Zon Builder is $99, and you can use it on unlimited personal websites. If you want the ability to have all features of Personal license plus ability to sell countless websites created using this plugin, then you need Site Flipper & Developer License.

With the Developer License, you get all the benefits of the Personal license, plus you can make and sell as many websites as you want. Price is $199 for a developer license.


WooCommerce Amazon Affiliate Plugin Comparison Summary

As Amazon affiliate, it is good to use the full potential of WordPress. What better way than using WordPress WooCommerce Amazon affiliate plugin.

If you want to create affiliate shop/review site using the power of Woocommerce, then WooZone affiliates WordPress plugin, or Amazon eStore Affiliates Plugin is a good choice.

If you just need an easy way to insert Amazon affiliate products, links, images to your site or blog, EasyAzon Amazon WordPress plugin should do the trick.

If you need a plugin that doesn’t require Woocommerce, but still has a huge amount of features, then WP Zon Builder Amazon Affiliate Plugin should be your pick. Be sure to check Amazon affiliate rules so that you don’t get banned from affiliate program.

DISCLOSURE: Posts may contain affiliate links. If you buy something through one of those links, I might get a small commission, without any extra cost to you. Read more about it here.

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  1. Suryakant sahoo

    Hey, Kasa, you killed it man thanks for pouring so much information on this article. I am new to affiliate marketing and this article is very beneficial for me. Thanks, man for guiding me through the right path.


  2. Hello, I bought the Rehub theme with the free version of content egg so. I’m not very comfortable in English and I’m wondering if I should translate all the description fields of the affiliate offers for my site into French using the Pro version of content egg?
    I’m wondering if content egg Pro is well suited for use on a French affiliate site?

    Besides, I wanted to use another affiliate tool such as :
    – bazooka
    – aawp
    – all4affiliate
    – winamaz

    I don’t know if you know them?

    Do you know how easy it is to replace the linking of content egg and rehub with one of the 4 affiliate plugins above since everything is done to use content egg with this theme?

    Thanks for your feedback

    1. Hi Kala,

      Content Egg can be used on a French affiliate site too. I don’t see why not.

      I am only familiar with AAWP from the mentioned tools. You can always replace Content Egg with another plugin but it will require manual work. I suggest choosing one tool and sticking with it.

  3. Hi
    Can I have your valuable advice. Please explain the difference between WP Automatic, content egg & affiliate egg.
    Thanks in advance.

    1. I can’t explain this just via comment section. But while there are similar at some points and offer some of the same features, WP Automatic is exclusively autoblogging tool. Check official pages for each plugin and you will see the differences.

  4. Hello, I live in Czech Republic but I have created an Affilaite ID under the United States Can I earn commissions and use the program Woocommerce Amazon plugin?

    Thank you

    It does not work for most Amazon items which have variable options like size, color, etc. For instance, don’t count on this module to be able to import and sell T-Shirts, Hoodies, Pants, where your customer needs to select a size. If it does import, it does not pass the item to the Amazon shopping cart which means your shopper cannot ever buy the item and you loose the commission.

    Out of over 50 items only one would import and actually work as they describe. That makes it very hard to populate a store if you plan to sell clothing and related items.

    It only seems to work for other items like electronics and single items where a size/color would not matter.

    Opened a ticket NOV 18, 2018 and it took days for a reply with a generic answer. Then waited 3+ days for every reply back to the same ticket. Now being January 5, 2019 the problems still exist, the ticket is still open and they refuse to support. 20 days, no reply! Look at how terrible the support is:

    The software looks like its works, but not for anything with options like color/size/. For those items it never passes the items to Amazon and gives the shopper a “SHOPPING CART EMPTY” message. Then you have an upset shopper and you loose the commission.

    Do yourself a favor and don’t even think about buying WooZone.

    1. Thank you for sharing your experience with WooZone Eric. Hopefully it will help in decision with potential buyers.

      And I am sorry to hear you encounter issues.

    2. WooZone has the WORST support I have ever encountered in all my years on the Internuts. They simply do not care about their customer’s experience with their products. Not only that but their software is NOT being maintained and tested to keep it current with WordPress development AND it is also not able to run on the latest versions of PHP (7.3). It is stuck on PHP 7.1. I am a paying customer of this developer, but even so I am unable to get adequate support and no information at all about possible future PHP updates. I think its safe to say that it will not be updated for PHP 7.4 or to stay current with WordPress PHP version deprecation in the near future, if ever.

  6. What about’s WooCommerce-Amazon plugin?

    This allows you create an unlimited number of Amazon sites for one low price of $59. And it does a lot of what the others do.

    Plus, there is a free version bundled that also does EBay.

  7. Hi Dear,
    I have site kingdom & woozone base. But my problem is Synchronisation is not working automatically. Please advise me how I get the solution?

    1. Hi Shohel,

      I can’t help you with that as I am not the author of Kingdom theme nor WooZone plugin. If you purchased, contact the author for help and support.

  8. Hi Kasa, what would you recommend for a blog site, the “WooZone WooCommerce Amazon Affiliates” plugin or the REHub theme + Content Egg on a separate domain?

    1. If you want to be able to pull product data and description from Amazon and easily populate your site with various products then I recommend “WooZone WooCommerce Amazon Affiliates” plugin.

      Be noted for any SEO efficiency and to receive traffic from Google you will at least need to add more content of rewrite product descriptions which you pull from Amazon.

      If you want to pull data from various sources and showcase prices from various shops for your affiliate products, then I recommend Content Egg.

      What theme will you use is up to you. But if going with Content Egg, then I recommend REHub theme as they are made to work together and have deep integration. That is combination which I am using.



    I have got the second plugin update from AA Team on REPEATED SAYING THAT THE PLUGIN DOES NOT WORK AS DESCRIBED and has no 90 day cookie option, in shop cart, products does not import and lot of very critical needs.

    The second Plugin is useless as well.

    Customer support is the laziest customer support.. which is not made for BUSINESS.. I strongly recommend COMPANIES not to waste time and energy with them as they do not understand any business priorities.

    THEY have no on boarding process or onboarding assistance or support.

    When you ask for REFUND. They avoid refunding money back after selling the useless product. I recommend people from Legal Backgrounds to do not leave an opportunity to take legal action against such Fraudsters.

    Total money is lost, time is wasted and you loose your temper and health realizing to be helpless in fraud of this plugin vendor.


    ALSO THEY HIDE COMMENTS and automatically close the tickets without any communication.. as if we are mads waiting for communication..

    TOTALLY IRRESPONSIBLE & SCAM FRAUDSTERS.. I am not sure how codecayon has allowed such cheats to sell here, loot the public with non functional products and the best part is once the money is given to them they fraudsters do not return your money.

    No Security of service or Money

    1. Hi Syed,

      Unfortunately, I have heard a lot of stories like yours about AA Team products.

      I didn’t use their plugins nor themes for a long time so don’t know what is the exactly situation and quality of support.

      But as the saying goes: “Where there’s smoke there’s fire.”

  10. Hello Kasa,

    Which is the best out of WooZone and Amazon eStore Affiliates, will it work for latest versions of wordpress?

  11. hello sir, there is any other plugin similar to content egg pluging for auto populating affiliated links.

    1. Isreal olabanji

      Thank you very much for this amazon plugin that you have listed. I have search the internet for hours and I couldn’t find the right information!

      Now, after visiting your blog post you have enlighten me on the right amazon plugin that I need. I go for Easy Azon since I don’t have woo commerce site

  12. Which one is the best choice to buy woozone bundle vs rehub theme with content egg? I am thinking to get one but not much info on comparing this two plugin/themes available online hope you can provide some advise or advantage between two.

    1. Hey Kelvin,

      I use REHub theme + Content Egg. Definitely best choice for me after testing various plugins.

      REHub theme provides countless of features + Content Egg plugin to showcase offers from different shops.
      My affiliate conversions increased as price updates automatically and visitors can see deals on certain product from various stores.

      And all links will have your affiliate id. Highly recommended.

      1. I am newbie. It will be glad to hear from you so soon and thanks for your recommendation I will go with Rehub Theme. One more point need to confirm is the Rehub Theme included the content egg pro version?

          1. Oh I see. If this the case should be getting it separately. Any idea should I get rehab theme or kallyas theme? Hope to hear your opinion. Thanks.

          2. The Kallyas theme is full of features and really good theme based on user ratings.

            But I have never tried Kallyas theme so cant say how does it compare with REHub. I guess you would not go wrong whichever you choose.

            Just take into consideration that Content Egg and REHub work together great because they are optimized to integrate. If you intend to use Content Egg, maybe it would be better to choose REHub.

    2. Hi,
      there are a few sites / stores which I have come across that connect links to Amazon, eBay and other affiliate sales stores. Can any of the plugins, described so elaborately and nicely by you, work on wordpress to import other affiliate site products like it does for amazon? I hope my question is clear…i want to use these plugins for importing all product attributes from affiliate sites to monetize my site. Thanks in advance for the detailed answer I would get in my mail with steps…. + images… if possible as I am new and from the non Tech side.

  13. WooZone…glad you can get it to work properly. thousands of unhappy customer that feel ripped-off. Search the internet….they have NO Custoer Service, half the features do not work and it is buggy as hell.

    1. Hi,

      When I was testing the plugin, it worked fine for me. It was some time ago so I cant know what is the situation now.

      Thanks for your feedback about product. I can only suggest others to be careful too if this is true.

  14. Just bought the woocommerce amazon plugin for a Beach Bike site I am working on for a client. Looks like it will do just about everything thats required. Thanks for this informative post

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