Content Egg Review | Automatically Import, Compare, Update Prices & Affiliate Products In WordPress

Content Egg


Easy to use






Overall quality



  • Automatic product price updating
  • Support for various affiliate networks
  • Compare products from different affiliate networks
  • Autoblogging feature
  • You pay renewal only $15 for all licenses no matter how many you purchased
  • Possible to use multi-location for Amazon stores
  • Price drop alerts


  • No live preview or image example of each output template
  • If you want to transfer license to other site, you will need to pay $5
  • I would like to see geo-targeting feature implemented

There are tons of affiliate networks with excellent partnership programs. Most WordPress owners maintain their site and earn by participating in one or more affiliate programs. Content Egg is plugin that can help you a lot earning as affiliate. In this Content Egg review I will show what it offers and why should you use it.

If you have decided to start making money from your blog or website, one of the smartest ways to do this is by entering the niche affiliate marketing arena. Heck, even this site pays its bills thanks to affiliate links.

But most website owners have difficulty to add products from several affiliate networks efficiently and to update prices and affiliate products in WordPress automatically. They need efficent solution to auto updated prices and products or even create set and forget site using autoblogging feature.

You probably manually do all these tasks. From searching product, adding affiliate links, updating price, description, creating comparison deal tables, etc. That is time consuming and tiresome process.




The goal of affiliate sites is to refer a visitor to a product or service and then earn a percentage of any transactions that take place.

Of course, it’s not quite as simple as that. But it is way of generating an income online that has a very low barrier to entry, little technical knowledge needed to get started, and a minimal financial investment required.

When combined with WordPress, affiliate marketing could be the model you are looking for to supplement or even replace your current income stream.

WordPress offers tons of plugins and themes in that field, so it is not hard to find what you need and start building affiliate websites using various affiliate networks available.

There are great plugins and themes, free and paid, which practically do the job for you. They auto populate your website with affiliate products in matter of minutes. You can make deals, review, store, blog, coupon, affiliate price comparison site, etc.


Content Egg Review

There is much more than just populating the website with affiliate products. If you want to succeed there are many aspects you need to follow. But I will not go into that. That is a too broad topic and will leave it for some other time.

Amazon and Ebay are most popular affiliate networks to target. But there are manymore like Zanox, Affiliate Window, Linkshare, Shareasale, Aliexpress, etc. When searching plugin for affiliate marketing, I have encountered many plugins and themes which lacked features necessary to build affiliate sites using WordPress.

The main problem is keeping the price of products updated. If you populate your site with affiliate products from various affiliate networks and decide to show price, you understand what pain in the ass can be when prices change.

Finding a WordPress and WooCommerce Amazon affiliate plugin that can automatically update prices of affiliate products when they change is like hitting the jackpot. Sure, there are tons of plugins and themes for Amazon affiliate network that have that feature. But what if I want that option for LinkShare, CJ, Zanox and other affiliate networks products? The best WordPress affiliate theme, if you want to use various affiliate networks, would be

Luckily, I finally found a plugin which provides automatic update of affiliate product prices in WordPress site and much more features and options.

Content Egg is a WordPress plugin that allows you to create profitable websites, affiliate websites, price comparison, deals and product reviews. With few easy steps, you can add images, videos, news, messages from social networks, affiliate links, and products, etc.

It is a plugin from same developers as popular Affiliate Egg plugin, Cashback Pro, and External Importer Pro (check my External Importer review).

Content Egg supports many popular affiliate networks. Photos, videos, product offerings, text content, manuals, social news, etc. Content Egg can auto-populate your posts with all this.


content egg review


For example, you write a short article review of the new laptop. Depending what modules you have activated additional content like images, products, videos, content will be added automatically by the plugin.

You can also add things manually using plugins. But manually here means only inserting the shortcode. There will be no need to leave your WordPress website dashboard.

Before you can start working with the Content Egg, you need to activate and configure plugin modules. To do this, go to the main menu Content Egg →Settings.

Modules of the free version are Amazon, Pixabay, Google Images (deprecated), Youtube, Commission Junction Links, Freebase, Coupons, Related Keywords, RSS Fetcher, Admitad Products, Offer.

You can first try the free version to test it out and see if it is what you need. If you require more affiliate networks (modules), you will need PRO version. Content Egg PRO has many more affiliate networks, and new ones are continually added. All buyers of PROversion can suggest new modules.

Additional modules of PRO version are Ebay, Zanox, Aliexpress, CJ Products, Products, Linkshare, Flickr, Bing Images, Google Books, Google News, Twitter, VK news, Yandex Market, Udemy, Envato, ClickBank, etc.


add products from several affiliate networks

auto updated prices and products


Modules are divided into Content modules and Affiliate modules. Most modules receive data through official API. To start using each module from the plugin, you will need to be registered in appropriate services or affiliate networks.

Then you will need to put their access keys to the API, and other provided options in the appropriate modules.

Using Content Egg Amazon No API module, you can still fetch products from Amazon and publish on your WordPress site even if you don’t have API access. There are also some other plugins that don’t require API access to have all API benefits.


Content Egg Features

Some features of Content Egg WordPress plugin include:

  • Search and add to post additional relevant content like videos, images, news, etc.
  • Quickly add offers from different affiliate networks by keyword.
  • Autoblogging and monetizing on autopilot
  • Multilanguage support
  • Automatic updates of prices and offers
  • Price comparison lists by keyword with autoupdate feature
  • Search filters for modules (price range, discount, categories, best offers, etc)
  • Automatically adds partner ID to links
  • Easy to use interface
  • Various output templates
  • Works with any theme
  • Works through official API
  • Works with WordPress shortcodes


Content Egg Modules

Setting up each module is explained well in the documentation that comes with the plugin in case you need help. Some content modules even have multi-language support.

Content Egg plugin adds search for the content section to posts and pages. You just enter a keyword and click “Search.” The plugin then searches and displays the results for you. Then you need to choose what to add to the post and edit the results.




You can also setup auto blogging and plugin will create posts with relevant content according to your schedule.

Content modules are Bing images, Flickr photos, Freebase, Google Books, Google Images, Google News, Yandex market products and reviews, Twitter feed, Vkontakte news and YouTube video. New modules are constantly added.


Affiliate Program Modules

The plugin allows you add products from various stores and monetize clicks through direct affiliate programs or CPA-networks.

Modules of affiliate programs work on the same principle as content modules. You can search for items in the post and add the selected items to that same post in your WordPress admin.

Content Egg provides the ability to work with various affiliate programs like Amazon (US, UK, DE, FR, IT, etc.), eBay (including local stores), Aliexpress (native affiliate program and CPA-network), Zanox, Commission Junction (offers and coupons), (offers and coupons), Linkshare, Shareasale, Zanox, etc.

New affiliate networks are regularly added. You can suggest your favorite affiliate programs and the author may implement them.



autopopulate affiliate products WordPress plugin


Modules of affiliate programs have various useful options. For example, select only the products with good conversion, specify filters for the minimum commission, lowest price, seller rating, etc.

An important feature of working with partners is to maintain product descriptions up to date. Content Egg automatically does a search for the new products by keyword and update products on the site.

Modules of affiliate programs can update not just all products completely, but also they can automatically update price and some other information about already added products.


How Is Content Displayed?

When you save the post, the data of Content Egg modules is also stored in the standard custom fields of WordPress. This means, if you wish, you can get this information and use it in your custom modules and plugins.

Default output templates for using Content Egg are provided with the plugin. There is a set of templates for different modules, but you can also create your own templates.

The data of plugin can be displayed according to the setting of search module:

  • Automatically at the beginning of the post,
  • Automatically at the end of the post,
  • Manually using a shortcode.

When you use shortcode, you can also choose preferred output template. Each shortcode has additional settings. Content Egg works with any WordPress theme, and with any standard views of blogs or pages.



import affiliate offers WordPress plugin


After setting up and activating desired modules, you will have the option to search and add different content per each enabled module in your posts. After saving the post, all data of Content Egg plugin will also be stored in the Custom Fields.

By default, the data of Content Egg will be automatically “attached” at the beginning or end of the post when displaying on the site. You can also manually integrate the content of any module in any place of a post by adding appropriate shortcode in the post.


Autoblogging With Content Egg

Content Egg plugin can create sites on autopilot. You only need to type keywords and plugin will find products, images, videos and other content based on your schedule. Plugin searches and displays relevant content which is a mix from different modules.




Such sites look good and provide value for visitors. They also get traffic from search engines because pages are optimized for keywords. Your only job is to find right keywords with low competition but with enough product quantity.

Keep in mind that any added text using this plugin is not unique. It is duplicate content. You may want to edit it or use WordPress auto content spinner plugin or automatically spin articles using Spin Rewriter and WordAi (check Spin Rewriter vs WordAi comparison).


Content Egg Price

To use Content Egg WordPress PRO plugin, you will need to purchase a license key. With one license you can use the plugin on one domain/website.

Activating license is performed only once and cannot be changed to link to another domain name. If you want to transfer the license to another domain, you will need to pay $5. The price depends on the number of purchased licenses.




After the expiration of 12 months, a plugin will continue to work. But you will not receive automatic updates nor support. You can extend the updates and support for all your domains/licenses for another year for $15 (single payment for all your licenses).

If you purchase five licenses, you will get five different licenses for every domain/site. Content Egg can be purchased on Codecanyon site or on Keywordrush site. From where is better to purchase Content Egg?

Price in start is same on both sites but on Codecanyon most users need to pay a higher price because of tax. On Keywordrush site there is no tax and you can get discount on single site license or more while on Codecanyon there is no discount.

1. free updates for 12 months. Then $15.00 per year for all your domains + support. If you purchase new licenses, it also extends support and updates. You can buy a license package which is much cheaper.

2. Codecanyon: lifetime updates (12 months automatic updates from their server then default Codecanyon updates). But support is also paid. Basically, if you are purchasing one site license it is better to purchase on Codecanyon. If you need more than one license then purchase on Keywordrush site.


Content Egg Pros & Cons


  • Automatic product price updating
  • Support for various affiliate networks
  • Content modules
  • Compare products from different affiliate networks
  • Autoblogging feature
  • Affiliate Egg integration
  • You pay renewal only $15 for all licenses no matter how many you purchased
  • Possible to use multi-location for Amazon
  • Price drop alerts for products feature
  • Price history with graphs option


  • No live preview or image example of each output template
  • If you want to transfer license to other site, you will need to pay $5
  • I would like to see geo-targeting feature implemented


Content Egg And REHub WordPress Theme

Content Egg is a plugin from the author of REHub – Directory, Shop, Coupon, Affiliate Theme. If you didn’t hear for REHub ( shame on you ), it is popular and powerful WordPress theme to create a shop, affiliate website, coupon, directory website, etc.

Content Egg works with any WordPress theme. But it works even better in combination with REHub. From 4.8.1 version of the theme, there is extended support for Content Egg plugin.


Update Prices & Affiliate Products In WordPress Automatically

How much time do you spend to add images, relevant videos, books, news, photos and affiliate products to post?

You have to go on YouTube, find videos, then on Google images, Flickr, Amazon, Twitter, Google news, etc. Searching relevant additional content, formatting, adding to post, etc.

It all takes too much time for each article. With Content Egg you can quickly have posts filled with relevant images, videos, useful information and ready for monetization. Setting up modules is very easy. Maybe 2-3 minutes depending on the module.

Content Egg is all in one WordPress plugin for adding additional content from open sources and affiliate offers from different affiliate systems to your content.

All modules have more or fewer options depending on the module. But in the end, it is very easy to navigate using friendly interface. Just insert keyword, and the plugin will search all available content from activated modules.

Then you just choose items which you want to add. The plugin can also add content from modules automatically. Content Egg plugin can store images from modules to your server and even set featured image to your post if you choose to do so.

Most importantly, the plugin will automatically update price and availability in all affiliate modules. No need to manually check and correct prices when they change.

If you want you can even make price product comparisons from various affiliate networks using Content Egg plugin. Create comparison lists with deals even from different affiliate systems using provided templates.

With all that said this is highly recommended plugin for purchase. As an alternative option, you can check Datafeedr, Affi AI, or AmaLinks.


DISCLOSURE: Posts may contain affiliate links. If you buy something through one of those links, I might get a small commission, without any extra cost to you. Read more about it here.

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  1. I got content egg and using in the no API mode, when I published the post it was all just one long list of products, I managed to change something so it now displays the post in rows of 4, but for the life of me I cant remember how I did that change, can anyone help
    Thanks Brian

  2. This plugin is very bad, Slower and may be spam

    This plugin is very bad. Not working properly. These plugins cause my server to block every time.
    So I am not interested to use these plugins. After purchasing these plugins, 4 days later, I want a refund of my $99.
    But they are not interested to refund my money. Maybe that company is one kind of spam.

    1. Hi Mark,

      The plugin is very good in doing its purpose. I am using it for over 5 years and didn’t have any issues. I used it on shared hosting and managed hosting without issues. What you are describing is issue on your server side. You may want to change hosting provider.

  3. Loaded the free version. After reviewing and experimenting with how it works for a few days I decided to buy the Pro version because the free version is very limited. You have to buy the Pro version to display products on your site, Yep, its a hook. I purchased the Pro version and liked it enough to add it to another site. Only a few days had passed since my original purchase.

    Their pricing is for 1 license, 3 licenses or 10 licenses. After less than a week I needed the 3 license program for my second site. I tried to upgrade from 1 license to the 3 license for the difference in price which is only 20.00 dollars. Can not do that online so I contacted support for obvious reasons. From there it was all downhill. I believe the support contact person sells used cars too. They could not accommodate my request to pay the difference from 1 license to 3 licenses (20.00). Simple enough but…

    The reply was that they could not accommodate my request because having to pay their affiliate commission and other expenses involved. If you know anything about affiliate payouts you know that an affiliate is not paid for at least 30 days. So that is a sales pitch. The offer was for me to purchase the 3 license (69.99) and they would give me 2 years of updates free (18.00 per year) and 10 licenses which I don’t need. Who pays for updates? What a rip off! I don’t buy ANY SOFTWARE for more than a year as the plugin/software landscape is ever-changing and you’re probably paying for something you may not need later or support just vanishes.

    After several emails I finally got a delete the plugin from my site for a refund email, I hope I receive the refund. So instead of receiving 20.00 for the additional license support lost the 20.00 + the 49.99 refund (dumb and dumber).

    I am truly glad this happened before I found out down the line what type of company keywordrush is. Support only cares about sales and not helping the customer. I give keywordrush/content egg half a star rating for their support not the plugin. I did not have the plugin long enough to give an honest review.

    Never got a name from the support person after several emails. Incognito I guess. A real personal touch guys.

    BTW, Ubersuggest is a much better company to have for SEO!! Neil Patel wants his customers to excel.

  4. Hi, its a great review. i still dont understand the difference between content egg and affiliate egg.

    how can i run a coupon site, is there any plugins available like content and affiliate egg?

    1. Hi,

      You can check the free versions of both plugins and you will see the difference between them. Regarding creating a coupon site, what features do you need for the plugin to have?

  5. Hey,

    Using woocommerce pages only (shop, single product page)

    I am happy to give my own product description and gain my own product images for my website. What I’d like content egg to do is simply keep the price of the item updated at all times and be shown in the standard price part of a woocommerce single product page and shop page. Is this possible? Thanks!

    I don’t want the separate grid and list displays I have seen in YT videos.

    Hope that makes sense.


    1. I don’t think this is possible out-of-the-box. But I am not sure. I use Content Egg with Rehub theme and in that format, you can accomplish what you need.

    2. this is what I also need exactly. Though I want to keep my price lower than what I get from marketplace. I am not sure if you got developed something. May be we can leverage.

  6. Hi all,

    Content Egg Pro is a great plugin, But I need to import all of my products from my amazon and flipkart account to my current wordpress site? is it possible using this content egg pro plugin? also i have one more question is: i need to configure nykaa and myntra as well, so is there any option for these network? both are indian made online selling platforms.

    1. Hi,

      Content Egg doesn’t support Nykaa and Myntra. Could you elaborate on what do you mean by saying that you need to import products from your Amazon and Flipkart account to a WordPress site?

    1. Hi Sayed,

      Feel free to share your experience and feedback if you decided to purchase Content Egg. Regarding coupon, I will try to get a new one.

  7. hi I want the products feed from cj linkshare and awin also the products feed or deals or coupons for various stores. can you provide that to us.

  8. hi guys egg content does not support UAE marketplace sites , like , amazon .ae and much more ? can we do something about this ?

  9. What are some websites that have this plugin working ? Any examples shown on Code Canyon do not work. The buy button links are broken or the prices are different. In the reviews someone listed their site. Every link that I checked the prices were incorrect.

  10. There is a lot of great information here. Thanks!
    I intend to use free Content Egg + Affiliate Egg to pull products from one of the affiliate network to feed my woocommerce store. My question is: when I display these products on my store, is it possible to show a button called “Add to Cart” and/or “Buy Now” ? For the first option, I would like the customer to add multiple products in their cart before they leave my store to check out. For the latter, I want to give the customer the option to immediately check out.

    1. You can name buttons as you like but you are not able to make that customer adds multiple products in their cart before they leave your site.

        1. Yes, it has that option. But you can’t compare WPZone with Content Egg. If you just need a plugin for Amazon affiliate then WPZone is the plugin you need. Also, they differ in many other aspects.

          But if you wish to use various affiliate networks to show prices from different stores, etc. but don’t need some extra features like adding to cart, then Content Egg would be the best choice.

  11. Hello. I am using oceanwp theme. So I searched product and it shows the product. I added all and then publish the post but when I view the post its showing nothing. I even tried manually copying shortcode but still no luck. Same blank post.???? Can you help me with this..????? Is oceanwp theme not supported..? Thanks

    1. Content Egg works no matter which theme you are using. It is hard to help with your issue as I dont know which plugins you are using and your site setup. It is best that you contact support for Content Egg plugin.

  12. Amartya Dutta

    great review solved my problem after long time search on web i find help from you.

  13. I am trying to purchase this plugin, but before i want to ask it have import function, Like if i want to import multiple products at once using xlxs or csv format?

  14. MilitarDePrimera

    hey theres any way to import products based in a keyword? i mean some type of shortcode [amazon keyword=”bla bla”] ? i would like to automatize my site i dont find any option for do that

  15. Hello. I want to buy this plugin.
    Does the plugin support xpath price field Farsi language stores?
    example: , ,

  16. I purchased affiliate egg and integrated it with content egg. I bought AE because the owner said that it could pull in products from publishers even if I don’t have an API with them.

    I’ve been trying to pull down products but I’m not able to get any data to come through. The owner doesn’t seem offer any web based support for configuration. Does any 3rd part config support exist or are you completely on your own once you purchase the product?

  17. Nice post at the right time when I was struggling to find the information about the affiliate programs. This guide will help me a lot in the process.

  18. This ContentEgg plugin looks very interesting and useful. I like the option to automatically update prices for products from different stores.


  19. great review solved my problem after long time search on web i find help from you.

    thanks very much.

  20. Thanks for the article, A quick question – do you know if affiliatewindow prices can auto update with the content EGG module?

  21. Hi, I am not sure to understand if I can use the plugin as a price comparison Can I for example, use own prices and amazon prices for a product in the same table?
    Thanks Kasa

  22. I want to create a price comparison site but cannot afford the Rehub theme because I want to invest my cash in the content egg pro plugin. Please can you recommend a theme this plugin can work with for this purpose?

    1. Well, as far as I know Content EGG should work with any theme without issue so you could try one of free WordPress themes.

  23. Great review!
    I observed an issue though.
    When i add the amazon keyword in woocommerce product creation page,I find the product taking up one of the prices of listed products from Amazon.
    I need the product price to remain the same while displaying other products from amazon with their respective prices.
    I was wondering if this was related to the free version.
    But i need to be sure as i do not want to continue with this issue going forward.
    I hope my issue is clear

    1. You then need to set synchronization options. Disable it, set to choose a product with lowest price or select product price which you always want it to show.

  24. I want to use Content Egg Pro and import products into WooCommerce. I like that Content Egg will auto update price and content, but will it delete the item if it is no longer offered? Thanks!

  25. Content Egg pulls in the data & price automatically.

    But don’t you still have to type the name of the product or category individually if you want to set up a search & compare website ? Like type in Iphone 7, Samsung TV, Sony TV etc etc.

    1. Yes, you still have to type it in order to Content Egg pull price for that product, description, image etc. from all stores for a particular product.

  26. I am new to Content Egg and want to set up an affiliate store. I want to display a gallery of prodicts of a paticular category but don’t know how to load them automatically. Is there a special templateyou use? How can I find out more info?

  27. Hello,

    Great information! But I have a question. In the blog you wrote this:

    “Luckily, I finally found a plugin which provides automatic update of affiliate product prices in WordPress site and much more features and options.”

    But what is the name of the plugin? Because I want a automatic update of my affiliate product prices.

    Hopefully you can help me.

    1. It seems you didn’t even read the post or even title where it clearly says Content Egg plugin. And yes, it can automatically update affiliate product prices.

  28. Amazon has refused to allot affiliate id before prepare the website like affiliate website.But I am unable to fetch data data from Amazon without API.How will I create affiliate website without API.

    1. You first create site posts without affiliate links. Write content, add images, etc. Once you are approved into the affiliate program, you then add affiliate links.

    1. Yes, I am aware about AliDropship and I intent to write soon post which will focus on AliExpress affiliate plugins for WordPress and WooCommerce comparing plugins I already included in posts before and some not mentioned previously.

  29. Hi Kasa,

    Thanks for your information. I have a quick questions:

    It looks like the affiliate egg harvest the data directly from web site page. Did this action against the web site policy which will cause legal issue?

    Many thanks

      1. Thanks. Dose content egg have option to hide price but only show other information? You know sometime hide price is better than just show them.

  30. How do I use the Offer Module? Because I am from Brazil and don´t use any of the modules they offer. How do I get the Xpath so the price updates automatically? For me, this is very confusing.

    1. You don’t need XPath for the price to update automatically. The plugin does it all for you. But I see you mention that Content Egg does not have stores you need.

      In that case, you can ask plugin author to add stores you need (you will probably need to pay).

      I think it is better for you to try Affiliate Egg as it has much more stores.

  31. Thanks Kasa for your review.

    1. If you want only to do affiliate sales for all of Amazon’s web stores, do you need to buy Pro or will the free Content Egg plugin be enough?

  32. This looks like useful plugin. I am checking few others but I think this one is the one I will go with.

    1. Yes, Content Egg is very good plugin for affiliates. Try free version before purchasing PRO to see if you like how it works.

  33. Like the other poster here, totally regret purchasing this plugin.

    This guy doesn’t understand basic questions. Support takes 24-48 hours to reply. The problem with the plugin is that the high and low price settings apply to EVERY PAGE. So, you can’t have different pages with different price ranges. I’ve asked this guy THREE TIMES giving different examples and every time he doesn’t have a clue, says i don’t understand the plugin, said what i’m asking for makes no sense. CLUELESS. Seriously, avoid this guy. The refund policy is NO REFUNDS which is unfortunate for me, but should ring alarm bells for anyone.

    1. Thank you for sharing your experience. Regarding refunds, if you purchased this plugin on Codecanyon according to their policy (reading between lines) there is no way you will get money back.

  34. I have installed rehub…but not able to upload my content using content. My access key and security access are filled properly…i have tested them on other plugin…what can be the problem?

    1. I don’t really understand what exactly are you trying to do. I am guessing you want to use Amazon module and have a problem with plugin finding content.

      In any case for any issues you should contact plugin support.

  35. Tried AutoBlogging with content egg, it is a joke. It is stuck saying that Required module CjLinks will not run. The module is not configured or deleted.

    I am not using CJ.. What a joke, sorry but it’s garbage.

    1. I don’t use auto blogging feature from Content Egg actively so don’t know if there are any issues but before calling product garbage it is recommended to contact support or author of the plugin and try to resolve the issue.

      1. Thankyou! I was dubting that because the REhub template is a good combination with content egg, datafeedr was not mentioned. thanks again

        1. Content Egg is made to works best with REHub, but it can be used on other WordPress themes. It is not written in stone you need to use those two together.

  36. Hi kasa, this is good information, I just wonder if this plugin can crawl over the ecoms store and display on 1 site. Means, it can provide a search box that can find any product on selected ecoms store then, automatically select the best price and compare it. Just like or

    Can this plugin do that?
    If not, can I modified it? Or there is other plugin that can do such a thing? Thank you.

  37. Hi kasa,
    without any promotion, approximately, how much traffic will it get if we use the Content Egg and set the autoblogging??

    One more question : have you ever use the Price Comparison Pricetapestry?

    1. Most likely very small amount of traffic. From SEO aspect even plugin author says that you need to have at least little content which you made.

      The main topic of this post was to introduce Content Egg from store price comparison aspect. Not usage as auto blogging tool.

      I guess you could use Spin Rewriter in combination with Content Egg to get better results and at least some amount of unique content.

      In fact last few days I am intensively checking Price Comparison Pricetapestry as it has option to integrate with WordPress and is cheaper than other price comparison scripts.

      Also, it has great support and it is one-time payment with lifetime updates and usage on unlimited sites. I am thinking of purchasing to try and make review and see if I can reccommend it to WordPress users as another way to compare prices.

      1. great, i’ll be wait for your review about PriceTapestry, because i have already used the WP All Import and it needs such a long time. 🙁

        1. I am not sure when I will write Price Tapestry review but you can subscribe to newsletter to be sure not to missed it once it is published.

    1. Didn’t try Ezusy app. It would be better if it supported more shops not just AlieExpress.

      Also, don’t find it much beneficial for the purposes mentioned in the post.

    1. Yes, if Content Egg has affiliate networks that you wish to target you will have no problems.

      Also content modules like YouTube videos, Images, etc. will work fine.

  38. Nice plugin, i want to use this plugin for my website. But i have one doubt about the secret key or API. Where can i get this?

    1. Hi Pankay,

      I am not sure about what secret key or API are you talking about. I guess you think about one for Amazon affiliate program.

      You get that when you signup.

    2. Signup up For amazon affiliate and they go to tools and advertising api there you will get an option to create API and then you get your amazon secrete key and API key to use.

      This is applicable to all amazon sites across the globe

  39. Hi Kasa and nice to meet you.

    I see that the plugin author’s created the Affiliate Egg too!

    In your opion wich’s the best plugin to create and manteinn an affiliate shop between Content Egg Pro an A.E.?

    Best Regards

    1. I used both Content Egg and Affiliate Egg. I have not used Affiliate Egg for long time so don’t know what features have been added.

      But I still use Content Egg and highly recommend it. If in doubt check official site and see what option suits you best.

  40. Hello, Content Egg is definitely a great plugin! Pretty straightforward, too. This was a great review. But I have a bit of an issue – is there any way to integrate this plugin with woocommerce in WordPress? How can the two work together? Is it even possible? Thank you so much!

  41. Hi Kasa,
    This is a great review of content egg. I discovered content egg a while because I needed a platform that could update all my products for my affiliate sites as well as provide opportunities to utilize different affiliates sites without having to purchase separate plugins for those. I use it currently in most of my sites and haven’t had any issues so far!1

  42. Bought Content Egg Pro, it doesn’t update properly. Contacted the author and he is rude, has poor English and never put in the effort to solve this problem even during support period. Just rude emails. Regret buying and won’t renew this or buy any of his other work like rehub theme for the same reason, worst support ever.

    1. Hi James,

      I personally use Content Egg PRO and always received response and was able to solve issue. Yes, his English is not the best but you can understand what he is trying to say.

      I also use ReHub theme and despite support period expired on Themeforest, I always get response and finnaly resolve issue. My only problem is long wait for response.

    2. Exactly the same issue – this guy is hopeless at support and claims he can’t understand what i’m asking and telling me what i’m asking for makes no sense. I put it in very simple english but he still acts dumb and pretends he doesn’t get it. Anyone should take heed here, support is THE WORST. Kaza you should think twice about recommending this product.

      1. I am very satisfied with using Content Egg and I am using it for more than 2 years.

        Of course, there is no way everybody will be satisfied with the same product. I feel it is worthy investment and still will recommend until something better shows up.

        I have contacted support many times and always get a response. Sometimes it took longer but the issue was solved in the end.

  43. Nice plugging, I will surely give it a try but one thing I would like to ask you, Kasa, You had said Automatically import, compare and update?? I mean it sounds like weird, what does that mean by automatically doing all the things?? plz put a light on it.

    1. By that I meant it can automatically update products with prices, automatically update those prices on set interval as well as products and you can create price comparison from different stores for particular product.

      Hope it clears doubts now.

  44. Thank you for the nice review Kasa,
    do you know if I can use content egg pro for an affiliate shop between 5000 and 10000 Products?

    greets from germany

  45. Hi,

    I need to use it to importo coupon from zanox using the API and import on my blog on wordpress… the plugin works?

    1. Hey Riccardo,

      I use this plugin to import products and to autoupdate prices for various Affiliate networks.

      I also use Zanox as one of modules. But not sure about coupon importing. I think it could work. It would be best to send email to

  46. Hi Kasa,

    First, thanks for your article because I’m looking for a plugin like that…
    This is a very detail guide that I love from the first sigh!

    I think there are a lot waiting me to discovering, save it!

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