Best WordPress Affiliate Theme – Affiliate Theme Review PROS & CONS

Affiliate Theme


Easy to use






Overall quality



  • Many affiliate networks integrated
  • Comparison function
  • Automatic price updates
  • Link cloaking
  • Notification when price drops
  • Rating system integrated


  • Setup requires bit of learning curve
  • Little pricey

There are many different WordPress themes for various business aspects and one of them is WordPress affiliate theme. Many themes in their name have multipurpose or affiliate theme. But can they really be called affiliate themes?

WordPress affiliate themes are specifically designed to run affiliate sites and provide almost all the features you need to set up a professional looking affiliate or niche website.

These themes are ideally suited to build niche websites on certain topics. Using them you can then easily include corresponding products from Amazon or other affiliate networks with their description, price, images, keeping prices up to date, comparison tables, price history, etc.

Affiliate themes come already integrated with features for affiliate sites as well as integration with various affiliate networks. They dont need instalattion of additional plugins to integrate with affiliate programs. They already have that option incorporated in theme dashboard.

What is generally the advantage of an affiliate theme? From my point of view, the most important part is “out of the box” integration with many affiliate networks.

Products which can be imported easily from different sources. Functions that bring value for the visitors like price comparisons, always current prices, always updated pictures, product features comparison tables, etc.

Major setback of affiliate themes which comes to my mind is possibility that many websites will look the same as you will not be only one who will purchase theme.

This is why it is good to customize it as much possible if theme allows it or use some of your CSS skills if you have any. Also when using affiliate theme, you are bound to the theme and depend on it.

If developers stops supporting theme and providing updates, all your hard work can be jeopardized and you left to find another theme or plugin.


Best WordPress Affiliate Theme

When building an affiliate website it is recommended to use quality affiliate theme since you get all required functions from one specially designed theme.

WordPress plugins also offer integration of products into affiliate websites. However, they usually offer only a few features, so you end using many individual plugins to get all wanted features.

Having a large number of plugins can affect page speed and the security of your WordPress website. A slow website is anything but user-friendly, and most site visitors will leave prematurely.

Creating affiliate oriented websites is one of the most popular ways of earning money online. There doesn’t seem to be that many WordPress themes are designed especially for affiliates.

In this post, I will write about the theme I recently stumble upon and which seems to have most features quality affiliate marketing WordPress theme should have.


Affiliate Theme vs REHub vs ComparisonPress

price comparion themes comparison
  • NAME
    Ability to add product specifications and allows visitor to compare different products
    Support for accelareted mobile pages
affiliate theme vs compare vs rehub vs price comparison
  • Any affiliate program with API or feeds
    Theme has integrated Amazon, Ebay, Zanox, Affilinet, Belboon, Adcell. For rest you can use WP All Import
  • You will need third-party plugin for that
  • $52 for single site
rehub vs compare vs comparisonpress
  • Many affiliate programs but you need Content Egg plugin
    You will need third-party plugin like Content Egg or Affiliate EGG
  • Using plugin like Content Egg
  • Using plugin like Content Egg or WP All Import
  • Using plugin like Content Egg
  • Using plugin like Content Egg
  • Using MDTF plugin which comes with theme
  • No payment gateways integrated out of the box
  • Using BuddyPress plugin which comes with theme
  • Theme has 6 child themes where each brings new funcionalities
  • Integration with WooCommerce
  • You get Visual Composer with theme
  • $39 for single site
comparisonpress vs compare vs rehub vs affiliate theme
  • Any affiliate program with feeds
    You create price comparisons by uploading product listings using XML and CSV files
  • Using Coupilia – Coupon Feed Import Tool
  • You can use theme with WooCommerce installed, but WooCommerce will notify you that theme is not compatible with it
  • PayPal + 20 Payment Gateways
  • 20+ Extra Child Themes
  • $79 for unlimited sites


NOTE: Above comparison table may get outdated at some point. Plugins and themes get updates, new features or remove some functions. For most accurate information visit official sites or contact developers.


Affiliate Theme Review ( is a WordPress theme made to specifically target needs of affiliate marketters. Theme has appealing design, and offers an API interface for affiliate programs. Using the theme you can create affiliate price comparison site in WordPress.

Theme currently comes with integrated interfaces for the affiliate partner programs of Amazon, Zanox, Ebay, Adcell, Affilinet, and Belboon. They say more are cooming soon.

Integration with affiliate networks provides you with the possibility of importing hundreds of products within minutes. All relevant data like title, pictures, reviews and descriptions is collected entirely automatic and visualized in the front-end.

Theme also comes with useful widgets like widget that allows you to list products or an interactive product filtering widget that the visitor can use to find the products he is looking for.

Widget area can be used to provide the user with further information about the product or different shops.

The Affiliate Theme offers all sorts of possibilities to modify the design of your website. Fonts, color, header, footer, widgets, etc. All can be customized. features:

  • Very well optimized for speed
  • Responsive which means it looks great on handheld devices also
  • You can import products features for comparison functionality
  • Excellent documentation and video guides (though on German only for now)
  • Integration with popular affiliate programs (hopefully there will be more very soon)
  • Search filters (eg by price, brand, size, functions, etc.)
  • Price comparisons can be displayed where you want it to show
  • Prices are updated without having to monitor anything
  • Automatic email alerts if products are not available in the partner shop


How Does Affiliate Theme Work?

After installing and activating the theme, you will be shown all the important areas of the theme and briefly described. You should check out this tour to get the feeling how things operate.

Affiliate networks integration comes in the form of external plugins (interfaces). I know I mentioned that good affiliate theme comes with affiliate networks integrated.

And this theme does, just affiliate networks are divided as plugins so you can only install affiliate programs which you wish to use.

You download the desired interface as a .zip file. You will find these after the purchase, in your profile or in your order confirmation. The theme has four options tabs: General, Design, Products and Shops.


affiliate theme review WordPress

wordpress theme comparison

wordpress price comparison theme


Under General Options you’ll find some basic settings of the theme like custom CSS, custom scripts, social buttons (Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Xing and WhatsApp for mobile devices), contact details, etc.

Below the network selection you will find a number of additional functions. For example, the counter for the social signals can be activated / deactivated, the text can be activated / deactivated and the size of the buttons can be defined.

In addition, you can determine the position of the buttons for the different areas of the website (blog, pages, products) or hide the buttons completely.

Under Design Options you can choose between Full or Boxed layout or hide certain areas completely. In the Header tab the actual header area of the page can be defined. You can choose from 3 predefined header variants.

You can display the logo above the navigation , as a second option the logo can be placed to the left of the navigation and the logo can also be defined in the middle.

The theme comes with a slider, and each page and post include its own slider field and individual options which can be individually customized.

There is also an option to enable showing of similar posts at the end. You can choose how many similar posts is shown and the layout.

In Product Options you will find the settings for the price comparison, cloaker, permalinks, output of the product buttons, taxonomies, etc.

You can activate the price comparison globally. As soon as a product has more than one price, the price comparison is displayed on the product page. Alternatively you can activate the price comparison only for individual products.

With the Cloaker, you can obfuscate the product target URLs so that visitor is not immediately aware of the page they are landing on, and the URLs are much shorter.

The use of taxonomies is very convenient and is recommended if you have many products and want to categorize them. Once you have created a taxonomy, you can assign it to the product(s).


comparion tables wordpress affiliate theme


If you want to use a filter on your website, you will first have to create a page for product selection. You must then assign the template filter to that page.

Then simply add the “Filter” element to the desired location and select which elements should be available to the user. You have the choice between price, rating, taxonomies or own fields. You can include the filter widget in any existing sidebar.

You also have the possibility to display “similar products” for each product, which helps the visitor to find relatable products. This increases the interaction and length of stay of the visitor. The similar products appear (if activated) in a tab below the product details.


Affiliate Themes For WordPress


You also have the possibility to link from a particular product to its accessories. For example, if you have bicycles, you can link directly to a helmet or other protective gear. The accessories, like the similar products, appear in a tab below the product details.

By default, information such as description, similar products, or accessories are displayed in tabs. If you want a display without tabs, you must enable this setting.

If you activate old price feature, the old price will be indicated by the current price. With the price comparison, you have the possibility to show the customer several prices from different shops.

This feature is based on the Shops. You need to have few different shops. You can add as many prices as you can from as many shops as you like. Once you save the product, it will automatically be sorted according to the price, so the lowest-priced shop is displayed first.

There is the possibility to create a price comparison for each product. The shops are used for this purpose. Here you can create the logos of the shops and a description. This can then be used for price comparisons at the product details page.


Affiliate Theme Price

There are four pricing plans. All plans come with one year of updates and support (except Lite). Lite version is for usage on one website for one year but without the support and it costs approximately $52.

The single pricing plan is for one site with support and updates for one year and it costs about $84. For usage on five or more websites you will need to purchase Multi or Unlimited pricing plan.


affiliate marketing wordpress theme


If you no longer need license activated on one website, you can deactivate its license and transfer it to a new project. It is also possible to upgrade to different pricing plan and only pay the difference.


Affiliate WordPress Theme Final Words

How many times have you bought a theme that, according to the product description, should be the most outstanding and best product on the market. When selecting the appropriate affiliate theme for WordPress, you should consider all the advantages and disadvantages.

The support and the documentation is an important criteria since all theme is not just install and you are done. The is familiarisation period.

This theme has extensive documentation, a forum on which you can ask and get answers from the community and few videos. All that is good if you know the German language.

This theme is on the market for some time for the German population. They recently started expansion and translated their theme on English.

If you dont know German, you will have to wait for documentation translation (it should be over soon) and videos on English. Also, I gues you will need to wait that on forum English customers start posting.

The setup requires a little bit of grip until you understood all the details and also the system behind the theme. However, once the initial configuration is complete, and you get to know how it works there shouldn’t be many problems.

I dont know if is the best affiliate theme available but it surely has its advantages with integrated affiliate networks, creating price comparison from different shops, showing price history, etc.

Affiliate Theme is worth a try. If you are not happy, you can always ask for a refund after 14 days of purchase. If Affiliate Theme is not what you need, then be sure to check my posts best product price comparison theme and Amazon affiliate store builder WordPress themes where you will surely find appropriate theme.

Let me know what you think in comments below and if you know any better WordPress affiliate theme.

DISCLOSURE: Posts may contain affiliate links. If you buy something through one of those links, I might get a small commission, without any extra cost to you. Read more about it here.

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