Best Product Price Comparison WordPress Theme

Best Product Price Comparison WordPress Theme? With Comparison

Product price comparison WordPress theme is an excellent choice if you want to earn money from running a price comparison website.

These WordPress themes have built-in features which help you import data from the various affiliate networks like Commission Junction, Amazon, Zanox, Ebay, etc.

Creating price comparison tables allows your visitors to see all prices for the particular product from various stores.

In this case, you would not be selling products on your site, but source prices from retailers from whom users can buy.

Large affiliate networks provide for free information about products from multiple vendors so you can easily create price comparison website.

But be sure also to add more relevant content about the product for which you show price deals from different online stores.

For example, you could review a particular product and showcase price for that product from Amazon, Ebay, Walmart, Target, BestBuy, etc.

In most price comparison WordPress themes you can easily import price comparison data using .csv files.

To create a price comparison site with WordPress, you need to make sure that the WordPress theme you are using is responsive, supports affiliate products, and has options to compare pricing of products from different vendors.

Most themes will not have all those features, but you can complement it with plugins.


Product Price Comparison WordPress Theme

I have selected few WordPress themes which, in my opinion, are great to create a website with the ability for site owners to create and for buyers to compare product prices from various stores.

Themes below are chosen based on price comparison features, not options for creating product features comparison tables.

NOTE: You can also compare product prices and automatically update product price with any WordPress theme using Content Egg plugin or Datafeedr plugin.


1. REHUB WordPress Theme (REWISE) $39

REHub is a responsive and retina ready multipurpose WordPress theme which you can use to create a price comparison site, multi-vendor site, directory web, site membership site, deals website, catalog site, product review portal, e-commerce site, community driven site, coupons site, etc.

Whether you’re featuring products on a strict affiliate basis, or you’re also selling your own goods, REHub is an excellent choice.

This is possible thanks to its integration with popular e-commerce plugins like WooCommerce and Easy Digital Downloads.


comparison wordpress theme


The REHub theme can be customized per your needs. You can use the theme as a regular blog layout, an online store format, or in a magazine layout.

The theme comes with included plugins like MDTF (for creating product filters), Visual Composer plugin, RH Grandchild (for customization of child themes), a plugin for creating product comparison tables, etc.

With an entirely modern design and lots of affiliate related features, REHub is well worth purchasing if you are planning on generating an income online, either solely or partly from affiliate commissions.

Rehub theme has several free and bundled child themes. Child themes bring new features and design. In the end, you get six themes for the price of one:

  • Rehub-blankchild – is blank child theme. It doesn’t add any functions to the theme, and you can use it if you want to add customizations to Rehub.
  • Rehub-pick – has some additional functions which are different from Rehub.
  • Rehub-thing 
  • Rehub-cash – child theme created especially for deal communities, business communities, multi-author blogs.
  • Rehub-direct – child theme created especially for a directory, business catalogs, services locators.
  • Rehub-vendor – child theme created specially for multivendor and stand alone WooCommerce stores. You can use it with WC Vendor Free and WC Vendor PRO version.
  • Rehub-rewise – child theme for price comparison, product reviews, deals.

REHub is a very flexible theme, so you can disable parts of the content that you don’t need like breadcrumbs, social share buttons, ads after post, author block, related block, tags, etc.

By default on the home page, you can see last posts. But REHub theme includes powerful page builder (Visual Composer plugin comes with the theme, or you can use built-in page builder) that helps you to build custom pages.

All theme post formats differ each other by the top part of posts and icon labels on thumbnails. Also, many of content blocks in page builder and sidebar have the opportunity to filter content by post formats.

REHub theme has a powerful system for creating affiliate offers. A unique feature is a system with many relations between affiliate store, review posts, link cloak, and products.

You can insert affiliate offers manually or use plugin like WP All In One Import to bulk import product feeds.

Woocommerce offers are most powerful. Each offer has its own separate page, has some additional functions, like printable coupons.

You can mix products which you will sell on your site with external products.


price comparison theme

price compare wordpress theme


Creating offers with Content Egg plugin is the easiest and recommended way for creating comparison price site. Offers can have comparison lists, grids, slider, carousel or single carts.

This plugin searches different content across all enabled modules and outputs your chosen items on the site. There are two versions of the plugin: free and paid.

The difference between free and paid is in a number of modules. The free version has Amazon, Youtube, Google images and Freebase module, ClickBank. You can get the free version here.

Paid version has also eBay, Aliexpress, CJ, Zanox,, Linkshare, Shareasale, Flickr, Google Books, Google News, Twitter, Yandex Market,, LinkShare, etc.

Affiliate Egg plugin is another good way to add offers to post or page. The main difference from Content Egg is that Affiliate Egg works with the web version of shops.

It’s useful for shops which have an affiliate program but don’t have API. This means they are not part of big affiliate system like Rakuten, Linkshare which have many shops under same “roof.”

So for creating affiliate price comparison website, I recommend purchasing REHub theme and using Rewise child theme along with Content Egg plugin.

Why Content Egg? Because theme doesn’t come with affiliate networks out of the box. It supports and is made for price comparison and inserting products with affiliate links but you will need a plugin for that.

The theme is specifically made to best go along with Content Egg and is deeply integrated with it. So to get the most of the theme and creating product price comparison offers, Content Egg is highly recommended.


2. PRICE COMPARE – Price Comparison WordPress Theme $49

Using Price Compare WordPress theme, you can build affiliate or price comparison website. It is optimized for fast performance and smooth navigation.

This WordPress theme can be customized without much effort according to your needs.

It comes with a responsive design which means your website will look great on handheld devices such as iPad, iPhone, and Android devices.

Whatever devices your visitors are using they will not have any problems fully enjoying web site content.

Price Compare Theme is strategically built with the widgetized homepage, loads of custom widgets and excellent SEO capabilities.

Main content widget area allows you to create new tabs using widgets and adding and removing content is simple using drag and drop.

Price Compare comes with 30 unique shortcodes. You can use these shortcodes in blog posts, pages, and even products.


price compare theme review

price comparison wordpress


The single product page comes with three variations to choose from along with RTL support. You can also create as many sliders as you wish and connect every one of them with a different category.

Price Compare theme includes integration with various payment methods such as PayPal, Stripe, Skrill, Ideal and Bank transfer. So if you wish to use Price Compare theme as a shop, there is nobody stopping you.

The theme has impressive options so you can create unlimited color variations, unlimited homepage templates, choose between more than 600 Google fonts and much more.

Price Compare comes with built-in support for Amazon, eBay, ClickBank, Shareasale, Rakuten and CJ (Commission Junction). So for this theme, you don’t need any third-party plugin to integrate with affiliate networks.

Showcasing products from those sources is easy as inputting your unique information in theme back-end. If your desired affiliate network is not integrated, the theme allows you to create an unlimited number of feeds using .csv files.

Price Compare is SEO Optimized to work with YOAST plugin. If you want to localize theme, it is translate ready with .po and .mo files.

The theme is also compatible with MailChimp using integrated MailChimp plugin.


3. COMPARISONPRESS Price Comparison Theme for WordPress $79

ComparisonPress theme by PremiumPress is a responsive price comparison theme.

This theme is an excellent choice for creating affiliate comparison websites where you display several prices for same products from various stores with features and price comparison table so that buyer can quickly come to a final conclusion.

Theme by itself doesn’t come with integrated affiliate networks out of the box.

You create price comparisons in ComparisonPress WordPress theme by uploading product listings using XML and CSV files. This way you can quickly upload buck products.


comparisonpress theme review


The design and look of the site can be changed by using custom colors available on the color scheme list, or you can create a color using color generator box.

Using layouts style, you can choose to place sidebar on left or right side and on footer and sidebar there are plenty of options to display widget for promotion banners, latest posts, social follower icons, etc.

Header part has a useful area to place the logo and an advertisement banner for AdSense or affiliate promotion.

You can set up your own advertising displays per category helping you target users based on their viewing content and category choices.

Widget sidebars allow you to insert adverting banners and code anywhere you want within your website sidebars throughout the website.

ComparisonPress theme also gives you the option to allow people to upload their product listings and in return, you can charge them special fees.


wordpress compare

wordpress compare theme


If you want, you can enable membership features. Membership lets you bundle listings and website access and charge for it.

You can create private content such as videos, downloads, blog content and then restrict this content according to different membership levels so users can choose to upgrade their membership to access better content.

A user with membership access can submit multiple listings, read/send private messages and access restricted content.

Category box is available with bold title, and once you select categories, it will be displayed with small icons, title, total listing count with a link to access category section.


4. COMPARE – Price Comparison Theme for WordPress $99

Compare Price Comparison theme is an excellent choice for website owners who wish earn revenue from affiliate links and by creating product price comparison tables.

The Compare theme comes with inbuilt custom page templates like Homepage, Full Width, Brands and Retailers which can be used on individual pages to alter the display or functionality.

The theme is fully customizable, so you can control content layout, manage your own advertising, pull in your latest tweets, show your latest video, display your latest photos, and much more.


compare WordPress theme review


You can import products for comparison using CSV product feeds and control the look, content layout, image display, etc. For large numbers of products, it is recommended to use Compare+ plugin.

Compare theme provides basic price comparison functionality which needs to be updated manually.

For more advanced features such as live XML/CSV affiliate product feeds, automated daily feed import, product and category mapping you will need Compare Plus Price Comparison Plugin for WordPress.

The Compare+ Plugin is an extension to the Compare WordPress theme which allows for the automated import and mapping of any XML / CSV affiliate data feed, Amazon, and Tradedoubler API’s.


wordpress comparison theme


Compare+ works for retail feeds only where you have a product, brand, image, price, and deep link URL. Compare+ does not support travel feeds where you have hotels, rooms, and destinations.

The Compare Price Comparison theme is intended for small price comparison sites with a small number of products that can be managed manually.

For larger sites and additional features, Compare can be extended with Compare+ WordPress plugin which enables you to import affiliate product feeds in XML and CSV format automatically.



The Affiliate Theme (yes, very original name) is a premium WordPress theme intended for the creation of affiliate sites, landing pages or satellite sites.

The theme comes with various features and design customization options. You can activate or deactivate what you need/don’t need giving you the opportunity to create unique websites without coding skills.


comparion tables wordpress affiliate theme


It is easily possible to generate comparison charts for every product so that the visitor knows where he can get the product at the cheapest price.

You can also add rating, review boxes to make your website appear even more professional and increase the conversion rates.

Using Affiliate Theme, you don’t need to create every single product page manually. The theme supports integration with affiliate programs.

Currently, out of the box, supported affiliate networks are Amazon, Zanox, Ebay, Affilinet, Belboon, and Adcell. These affiliate network integrations come as external plugins.

You can download the desired interface as a .zip file. You will find these after the purchase, in your profile or in your order confirmation. In this way, you can use only the ones you need.

All relevant data like title, pictures, reviews and descriptions is imported automatically and visualized in the front-end.

The theme comes with a ton of helpful shortcodes. Shortcodes allow you to execute various things with no effort.

For example, if you want to limit the products on one particular page to 8, just use the shortcode [product limit=”8″].


affiliate theme review WordPress

wordpress theme comparison

wordpress price comparison theme


Besides the usual WordPress themes widgets, this theme comes with some additional widgets.

For instance, a widget that allows you to list products or an interactive product filtering widget that the visitor can use to find the products.

The theme has an included slider which is responsive and looks good even when your site is visited using handheld devices.

Affiliate Theme is optimized for several selected third-party plugins like Yoast SEO.



price comparion themes comparison
  • NAME
    Ability to add product specifications and allows visitor to compare different products
    Support for accelareted mobile pages
rehub vs compare vs comparisonpress
  • Many affiliate programs but you need Content Egg plugin
    You will need third-party plugin like Content Egg or Affiliate EGG
  • Using plugin like Content Egg
  • Using plugin like Content Egg or WP All Import
  • Using plugin like Content Egg
  • Using plugin like Content Egg
  • Using MDTF plugin which comes with theme
  • No payment gateways integrated out of the box
  • Using BuddyPress plugin which comes with theme
  • Theme has 6 child themes where each brings new funcionalities
  • Integration with WooCommerce
  • You get Visual Composer with theme
  • $39 for single site
price compare vs rehub vs compare
  • Any affiliate program with API or feeds
    Theme has integrated Amazon, Ebay, CJ, Clickbank, Rakuten and Shareasale. For rest you can use WP All Import
  • You will need third-party plugin for that
  • You will need third-party plugin for that
  • You will need third-party plugin for that
  • You will need third-party plugin for that
  • You will need third-party plugin for that
  • Stripe, PayPal, Skrill, iDeal, Bank Transfer
  • Others can register their store for price
  • $49 for single site
comparisonpress vs compare vs rehub vs affiliate theme
  • Any affiliate program with feeds
    You create price comparisons by uploading product listings using XML and CSV files
  • Using Coupilia – Coupon Feed Import Tool
  • You can use theme with WooCommerce installed, but WooCommerce will notify you that theme is not compatible with it
  • PayPal + 20 Payment Gateways
  • 20+ Extra Child Themes
  • $79 for unlimited sites


price comparion themes comparison
  • NAME
    Ability to add product specifications and allows visitor to compare different products
    Support for accelareted mobile pages
compare vs rehub vs affiliate theme
  • Any affiliate program with feeds
  • You will need Compare+ plugin
  • You will need third-party plugin if you wish to add coupons
  • You will need third-party plugin
  • You will need third-party plugin
  • $99 for single site
affiliate theme vs compare vs rehub vs price comparison
  • Any affiliate program with API or feeds
    Theme has integrated Amazon, Ebay, Zanox, Affilinet, Belboon, Adcell. For rest you can use WP All Import
  • You will need third-party plugin for that
  • $52 for single site


NOTE: Above mentioned information may become outdated as themes get updates and changes. Please contact theme authors to get most accurate information.


Price Comparison WordPress Theme Final Words

It ‘d be good to create a website like Price Runner or Shopbot using WordPress and make all external links affiliate. Sweet commission here I come.

As you could see from above text, most WordPress themes for price comparison rely on feeds.

Feeds are essentially a list of products from a merchant or retailer, typically made available by affiliate networks and sometimes provided directly by the retailer.

Product feeds contain product information such product id, name, deep link, image URL, category, and price. You can download the feed using the download URL provided by the network or retailer.

Typically, you can find product feeds within the admin area of affiliate networks such as AffiliateWindow, Commission Junction, Tradoubler, etc.

Which product price comparison WordPress theme to choose in most cases depends on which affiliate networks do you need and if the theme supports that networks or you will need a third-party plugin.

Price is another important aspect. It all depends on how much you are willing to pay. If you don’t want to pay anything, then you could try any free WordPress theme plus a free version of Content Egg. But you will be very limited.

When selecting the appropriate affiliate theme, you should consider all the advantages and disadvantages, and examine them to decide which best suits your own requirements.

Also, the support and the documentation is an important criteria as all themes are very complex and the familiarisation depends on good written documentation and walkthrough videos.

In addition, aspects such as loading time and clean source code should play an important role in choosing the appropriate theme.

With the help of specially designed WordPress themes, optimised for affiliate marketing, beginners can quickly set up their own professional product price comparison affiliate website.

If you know any other WordPress theme or tool for comparing product prices, let me know in comments below.


​Thanks for reading. If you liked it please share, subscribe or let me know your thoughts in comments.


NOTE: This post may contain affiliate links, which means I receive commission if you make a purchase using link.


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