Which Is Best WordPress Plugin For Affiliate Commissions? Content Egg vs Datafeedr

Which is the best WordPress plugin for affiliate commissions earning that supports various affiliate networks? I have wrote many posts focusing on Amazon affiliate program. But what about people who want to use or already use WordPress website or blog for earning affiliate commissions from other programs too.

I was so focused on Amazon that I forgot that they are many other affiliate networks and many people who want to know best plugins to integrate those networks into their WordPress website.

Well, I am glad I can say that today is your turn. I did little scavenging and singled out two best. Content Egg and Datafeedr. Plus I have included some worthy alternatives at the end of the post.

I have already written Content Egg review, and Datafeedr review so check that out for more information. Below you will find a comparison table where I have compared Content Egg PRO vs Datafeedr.

These WordPress plugins support affiliate networks like Zanox, Amazon, eBay, Aliexpress, Linkshare, Clickbank, Shareasale, Affiliate Window, Commission Junction etc.

If you are interested more about being Amazon affiliate, then be sure to check WooCommerce affiliate plugins for Amazon, WordPress Amazon affiliates themes, Amazon affiliate rules, Amazon affiliate guide, receive Amazon affiliate payments using Payoneer, localize Amazon affiliate links, and how to set up Amazon Onelink.


Best WordPress Plugin For Affiliate Commissions

Affiliate marketing is a popular and lucrative way to earn money from a website. You choose a product, write a review or promote it on your site, and if a visitor makes a purchase through your link, you earn a commission.

Commission varies depending which affiliate program you use, and some have recurring commission. Recurring commission is when you earn multiple times from the same customer. Hosting affiliate programs are a good example of this.

As an affiliate marketer, you will probably be managing several different websites and promoting multiple affiliate products.

This can be time-consuming. Manually getting an affiliate link from each affiliate network, inserting to your website, manually updating price if you decide to show it for comparison, etc.

What if there is an easier way to insert affiliate links, search for products based on keyword, update prices automatically and add products from as many affiliate networks as you want. All this from your WordPress website dashboard.


Content Egg vs Datafeedr Comparison

  • NAME
    Does the plugin have free (lite) version
    Does it have WordPress plugin
    Can you import products into WooCommerce
    How many affiliate networks does it support
    Search accross multiple affiliate networks and merchants simultaneously
    Automatically add products by set interval and settings
    Automatically update product prices based on set interval
    Remove automatically products which merchant doesnt sell anymore
    Properly handles special characters and accents when importing products
    Customize product name, description any other details
    Display available coupons for products or merchants
    Show price history for particular product based on stores
    Allow visitors to subscribe to be notified when price drops for particular product
    Will images be downloaded to your website
    Can products be sorted by price, rating, brand, etc.
    Will generated content look great on handheld devices
    Build comparison sets so that you can display prices offered by different merchants
    Create new blog posts at random interval
    Ability to add YouTube videos to your content
    Does it come with spin rewriter tool
    Ability to add additional content using Google Images, Bing Images, Google News and other modules
Content Egg vs Datafeedr
  • More than 20 affiliate networks
    Ability to have more with Affiliate Egg integration
  • Yes using autoblogging feature
  • Only in paid pricing plans
  • $36 a year for single site license
Datafeedr vs Content Egg comparison
  • More than 30 popular affiliate networks
  • Using driping feature
  • $29/month cheapest pricing plan


NOTE: Options and features mentioned in comparison table can become outdated as times goes and plugins get updates and changes. For most accurate information, please visit the official website.


1. Principle of Operation


Content Egg is a plugin from same developers as popular Affiliate Egg, Cashback Pro, and External Importer Pro WooCommerce product scraper plugin.

Content Egg plugin works based on modules. It adds additional sections to your posts from which you can enter a keyword and click “Search.” Depending which modules you have enabled, plugin then searches and displays the results to you. Now you can choose what to add to the post and edit the results.

Most modules receive data through official API. Therefore, to start using the plugin, you will need to register in some services and set their access keys to the API. When you save the post, the data of Content Egg modules are also stored in the standard custom fields of WorPpress.

Using Content Egg Amazon No API module, you can still fetch products from Amazon and publish on your WordPress site even if you don’t have API access.

The data of the plugin can be displayed according to the setting of search module:

  • Automatically at the beginning of the post;
  • Automatically at the end of the post;
  • Manually using a shortcode.

When you use shortcode, you can also choose preferred output template. In automatic mode, a template which you set in the settings for that module will be globally applied to all. Content Egg works with any WordPress themes, and with any standard views of blogs or pages.



Datafeedr supports many affiliate networks to which it connects using data-feeds. It pulls this data into a central administration area called the Datafeedr Factory.

From this factory, you configure which categories you would like to include on your website and which products you want inside those categories.

Inside the factory, there is an editor to manipulate how the shop appears once it ends up on your WordPress site. That option is highly configurable with many elements and variables available to help you build a perfect WordPress affiliate store.

Using Datafeedrwith WordPress is very simple:

  1. Register, download and install the Datafeedr plugin to your WordPress site
  2. Find the products you wish to promote
  3. Join the relevant affiliate networks and apply to the merchants whose products you want to promote
  4. Create your shopping categories in the factory and add your chosen products
  5. Set up your search page, category and product detail page styles inside the factory
  6. From inside WordPress, click ‘Update products and settings’ and Datafeedr will download everything it needs into your WordPress installation.


2. Supported Shops


The plugin allows you add to your website products from various stores and monetize them through affiliate programs or CPA-networks. Right now in the Content Egg adds the ability to work with more than 20 affiliate networks and new ones are regularly added.


add products from several affiliate networks

auto updated prices and products


This list will be continually expanded. For even more affiliate networks you can integrate Affiliate Egg with Content Egg. Modules of affiliate programs have flexible options to select only the products with good conversion.

For example, for Aliexpress you can specify filters for the minimum commission, lowest price, seller rating, etc.

An important feature is maintaining products and their prices up to date. Content Egg automatically makes updates in the set interval based on a keyword and update products on the site.



With Datafeedr, you can include products from multiple merchants and networks. Datafeedr supports more than 30 popular affiliate networks.

For example, you can display Laptops from BestBuy, Wal-Mart, Amazon, Ebay, Target all in one category in your store. No need to download, import and parse large CSV or XML files. Datafeedr does all that for you.


datafeedr WordPress plugin review

compare prices in WordPress with Datafeedr


You can search across multiple affiliate networks simultaneously and filter based on product, price, description, brand, etc.

Updating doesn’t require any action on your part. Prices and products are updated automatically. Also, discontinued products are also removed without needing from you to do anything.


3. Autoblogging Features Differences


Content Egg plugin can also create content on autopilot using auto blogging. You only need to type keywords and plugin will find products, images, videos and other content based on your schedule.

Plugin searches and displays relevant content which is a mix of different modules which you have enabled and set correctly. Your posts will look good and provide value to visitors. Your only job is to find right keywords with low competition but with enough product quantity.






New content keeps visitors and search engines regularly coming back. But often we don’t have time (or are lazy) to update our website or add new content.

That’s where Datafeedr product dripping comes in. You can set up drip so that products from your store are automatically posted as new blog posts, one at a time, at an interval you choose.

You can drip any product from your store or drip only products from a particular category. For example, you can drip products once every 4 to 8 hours, or once every 24-48 hours or once a week.


4. Other Features


Content Egg has affiliate and content modules. Using content modules, you can add additional content to your site. Content modules include images, videos, news, articles, descriptions, etc. Modules of affiliate programs have various useful options.

For example, select only the products with good conversion, specify filters for the minimum commission, lowest price, seller rating, etc. An important feature of working with partners is to maintain product descriptions up to date. Content Egg automatically does a search for the new products by keyword and update products on the site.


product price drop alerts WordPress plugin


Content Egg comes with many templates (grid, lists, product boxes) to showcase products and price offers. If you want, you can even show price history with graphs or enable for the visitor to subscribe to product price drop alerts.



Once you set up your store, it will update all your product information like product description automatically, price and even remove products that particular store doesn’t sell anymore.

Also, whenever a merchant adds a new product that matches your search, that product will automatically be added to your store. Datafeedr comes with the spin rewriter option which enables you to “spun” content to create new and unique content for your website.


datafeedr review features


Datafeedr has many WordPress widgets that you can utilize to showcase products on your site. Dripping feature is an excellent way to have new content regularly added.

You can set up the drip so that products from your store are automatically posted as new blog posts, one at a time, at an interval you choose. With Datafeedr, you can include products from multiple merchants and networks in a well-organized manner.

Datafeedr has advanced browsing features like ordering product lists by price, name, popularity, so your visitors will always quickly find what they are looking.

Datafeedr supports merchant coupons which help increase sales by encouraging visitors to buy while the products are on sale or while the discount code is available. Datafeedr even enables you to display available coupons for products or merchants.


5. How Much Content Egg & Datafeedr Cost?


To use Content Egg PRO, you will need to purchase a license key. With one license you can use the plugin on one domain/website.

The activating license is performed only once, and you can’t change it later to another domain name. If you want to transfer the license to another domain, you will need to pay $5.

Content Egg comes in several pricing plans. The price depends on the number of purchased licenses. For a single site, license expect to pay $36.




License entries you to use Content Egg plugin for an unlimited time, support via e-mail and automatic updates for 12 months. After the expiration of the license, the plugin will continue to work. You will not receive automatic updates nor support until you renew the license.

You can renew licenses for another year for $15.00. This is a single payment for all your licenses. If you purchase five licenses, you will get five different licenses for every domain/site.

Content Egg can also be purchased on Codecanyon site. So is it better to purchase Content Egg on Codecaynon or Keywordrush site? Price in start is same but on Codecanyon most users need to pay a higher price because of tax.

On Keywordrush site there is no tax and you can get discount on single site license or more while on Codecanyon there is no discount.

1. Keywordrush.com: free updates for 12 months. Then $15.00 per year for all your domains + support. If you purchase new licenses, it also extends support and updates. You can buy a license package which is much cheaper.

2. Codecanyon: lifetime updates (12 months automatic updates from their server then default Codecanyon updates). But support is also paid.

Basically, if you are purchasing one site license it is better to purchase on Codecanyon. If you need more than one license then purchase on Keywordrush site.



Datafeedr doesn’t take any fee from your earnings. They charge amount per month depending on the pricing plan you choose. For single site license price is $29 per month.

All plans come with a 30-day guarantee. If you are not completely satisfied with Datafeedr, ask for a refund. You can always start with a small plan and upgrade if needed or downgrade if you change your mind.


datafeedr pricing plan comparison


Subscription can be canceled at any time. After your purchase, you will get access to the member’s area where you can start building your store.

When you cancel your subscription, you will still have access to the product until your current subscription expires. You can cancel your subscription and re-subscribe to service whenever you desire. There is no free trial.


Alternative WordPress Plugins For Affiliate Commissions

Here are alternative options for Datafeedr and Content Egg.


Affiliate Egg

Affiliate Egg is a WordPress plugin which allows you to add affiliate products from popular affiliate networks to your website.

It allows you to integrate blocks with the products directly to the posts making them part of the content. You have full control which products and in what form will be added.

For example, if you write a post about the latest mobile phone release. You then insert mobile phone from different shops with pictures, prices and other information.

They are added using your affiliate tracking ID, and every time visitor goes through your link and makes a purchase, you earn a commission. Affiliate Egg plugin can be used for product reviews, making comparison deal site, create landing pages, filling the blog with additional content, etc.


affiliate eg review


Affiliate Egg supports most popular online stores that have affiliate programs. Total supported more than 140 shops. You specify the URL of the store, and the plugin will periodically check that store and make posts with products on your site.

Affiliate Egg plugin receives data by product name, price, description, pictures, features, etc. Data is then added to the post as plain text and fully indexed by search engines.

Affiliate Egg will automatically update the price and availability of products and ensure that the products are up to date.

For example, you can create a page with a list of products stored by discount and Affiliate Egg will periodically update the list to fit the catalog on the store page. Price for single site license is $45 per year. Renewal is $15 no matter how many licenses you purchased.



WooAffiliates plugin is designed for Amazon, eBay, Aliexpress, and Envato affiliate programs. It lets you mass import products into your site to start earning a commission. The plugin has an advanced search feature and even a content spinner.

You can set up content spin upon import or manually after the import. Content Spinner works with English, French, Spanish, German and Italian languages.

If you don’t like how the content was spun, you can use a Roolback option which reverses content in the original state.

Using Advanced Search Module, you can browse through all providers categories and subcategories, search by keyword, filter by price, brand, best-selling, popularity, and import as many products as you want.


WooAffiliates review


You can import products from all Amazon and Ebay locales, from all Envato marketplaces and Aliexpress. Using Amazon ASIN grabber module you can grab a list of ASINS from Amazon top rated, best selling, most wished and hot new release categories and import to your site.

As an extra bonus, the plugin comes bundled with a custom eCommerce Theme ideally suited for WooAffiliates. But it also works with any WordPress theme as well.

WooAffiliates also comes with the Geo-targeting feature. Using Geo-targeting you can earn commission no matter from which country your visitors come. This detects the user’s IP and sends him to the nearest Amazon Affiliate website.

Amazon customer reviews are automatically imported from Amazon for a particular product if available. You can choose not to display them if you wish.

Be noted it is against Amazon rules to use reviews from their site as your own. Though, when used like this in the iframe, I think it is safe. You can also display Amazon coupons. Coupons are automatically imported if they are available on Amazon.

Other features:

  • Import product attributes from Amazon
  • Import products with variations
  • Setup to publish products automatically upon import, or import them as draft and publish them after
  • You can show the Amazon buy URL in the link, or you can keep it hidden
  • Setup if you wish to display gallery images into the product description area
  • Show “Free shipping” on products that have it available


Price Comparison Pro

Price Comparison Pro integrates with WooCommerce and shows your visitors the cheapest store (compare prices) to buy particular products. It lets you add third-party URLs to scrape (and to click out to), provides shortcodes to add price comparisons anywhere and even to add multiple price comparison boxes to each page.

In Price Comparison Pro plugin you can add up to 10 new pairs of fields to your WooCommerce products where you paste URL links for particular product on various stores. Whenever your visitors visit that product page, the price comparison plugin will check those URLs and fetch a live price.


web scraping service wordpress


The second URL for each of these lets you enter an affiliate URL so you will earn affiliate revenue for any purchases made through these links.

If you don’t enter a URL in the Affiliate URL box, Price Comparison Pro will attempt to use Skimlinks to monetize your link. Just enter your Skimlinks ID in the settings.

If you don’t enter an affiliate URL or a Skimlinks ID, the plugin will use raw unmonetized link. You can also scrape images from the third-party URLs to improve the images contained on your own website.


price comparison pro plugin WordPress


For stores which use Ajax to update prices you can use Scraping Service in order to scrape sites like this. To buy a subscription you need to purchase Web Scraping ServiceService, which works with Price Comparison Pro plugin.

Once you have an active subscription, enter the API key you will get into the box on the bottom of the Price Comparison settings page in your WP admin area.

If you’re using Datafeedr, with Price Comparison Pro, you can set the option to scrape images from the affiliate URL and pull them into your site. That means, when visitor browse around your site images will be automatically pulled from the affiliate URL.

Price for this plugin is £59.25 (about $80) for use on 1 website with updates and support for 1 year. Use coupon kasa20 for 20% off. For more info be sure to check my Price Comparison Pro review.


Best WordPress Plugin For Affiliate Commissions Final Words

If you intend to promote products using affiliate links on your WordPress website or blog, then using a plugin to automate many processes is a smart way to go. Using a WordPress plugin for affiliate networks will decrease many time-consuming steps like searching products, getting affiliate links, etc.

Also, plugins can help you do excellent review or compare deal site by pulling products from various affiliate programs and showing them on your site along with current prices. In this case, when visitors comes to your site he will be able to choose from which store he wishes to purchase.

Both Datafeedr and Content Egg can do above mentioned as well as automatically update product prices, so you always have up to date information.

Choosing Content Egg vs. Datafeedr depends on what you need. Though both plugins offer same features, Datafeedr is more automatic that Content Egg and has slightly more options. But Content Egg is cheaper option that Datafeedr. I personally use Content Egg, and I am very satisfied for now. Both plugins can also be used to create price comparison website in WordPress.

If you know any other plugin which supports multiple affiliate networks, automatic price updates, and other features, let me know in the comments below.

DISCLOSURE: Posts may contain affiliate links. If you buy something through one of those links, I might get a small commission, without any extra cost to you. Read more about it here.

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  1. I’ve been looking at Price Comparison Pro, seems like the better choice for my needs. I’m only concerned about scraping many URLs (hundreds or even thousands). I feel this should be done externally, not from the WP website.
    Do you have any experience with it on how it behaves on larger websites?

    1. Hi Marius,

      Yes, scraping many URLs can be issue but you shouldn’t have problems if you use proper hosting. Shared hosting is not recommended for such actions.

  2. Thanks a lot for your very complete review ! I have an affiliate website using mainly the affiliate network Awin and I was thinking using WP All Import to import XML products datafeed. But thanks to you I have now discovered Content Egg. Would you recommend it over WP All Import ? I haven’t seen Awin in the free version, is it only in the pro version ? Thanks a lot ! Elodie from France

    1. Yes, there is Awin in PRO version of Content Egg. Content Egg requires more manual work. For your case I would rather go with WP All Import using product datafeeds.

  3. Nicely explained… Can you please clear a doubt.
    I’m planning to build a newspaper website with content aggregators.
    Which is better – Content egg or WP Automatic, can you please explain the difference between the two.

  4. Wow, the article was really nice. I must admit that it was way more informative than many websites i visited to know the difference between these two plugins.
    Please post detailed comparison between Woozone and these two plugins.
    Looking for that article and thanks again for clearing some of my doubts through your article.

  5. Hello KASA

    There are alot of useful information, thank you very much.

    I want to ask:
    How do you solve the following problem:
    “AUTOMATICALLY REMOVE PRODUCTS”, Content Egg cannot do this task.

    Thanks in advance

    1. You can set that Content Egg automatically removes out of stock products if on that particular store the product is not available anymore. If that is what you mean.

  6. Hi
    many thanks for your useful information.
    AS you knew the most plugins are suitable for the famous and global shopping websites such as Amazon, eBay, Ali express, etc. I would like to use a WordPress plugin for Korean shopping websites which have no affiliate program. I just wanted to use the goods links in my website and get an order to purchase and post to my country.
    could you please let me know are there plugins for adding the link of goods from those online shops without having affiliate program?
    I really appreciate for your kind support.

    1. I must admit that only Affiliate Egg plugin currently comes to my mind. You can pay like $25 – $50 for the developer to add a certain shop or you can do it by yourself (it involves some knowledge and work). At least it was like that before. Don’t know how is the situation now.

  7. Hello Kasa,
    I have read many of your articles and always admire your knowledge and guidance.
    And today I need your guidance, I want to create an Affiliate Price Comparision Ecomm website where I can promote countless products from different merchants.
    Problem is that I Cannot decide which is the right plugin to go with? And can any of these plugins work without an API key?

    1. Hi Dee,

      For your needs, I think Datafeedr would be the best choice. But you will always need API keys from affiliate networks for it to work no matter which plugin or theme you decide to use.

  8. Nice comparison. A long but informative read. I don’t think either will do exactly what I want though and was wondering if you had any thoughts.

    I have a travel site and I am slowly building a section on hotels. I wanted to show comparisons like Datafeedr and Content Egg but for hotel prices. Trip advisor does this on their site. Look at a hotel profile and they show prices for all the big sites like Expedia, Hotels.com and Travelocity. Have you heard of anything like this?

  9. I use Content Egg, but there’s something want to do and I am not sure if this is possible with Content Egg. I import datafeeds from networks like Tradetracker. Some of the merchants have the same product. I am talking in total of more than 1000 products when I am finished with the site. With Content Egg I have to take a single product and look if there are more merchants. Is there a comparison plugin that can compare the (same) woo commerce products from different merchants after uploading (with wp all import) and make a comparison chart? Someone knows how to?

  10. I see this is one of the best plugin created for affliate website. I am using this plugin pro version from quite long time for my website. It save lot of time adding the products from leading online store.

  11. “Do you support Amazon?”:
    At this time only our Comparison Sets plugin supports Amazon products. We currently do not offer the ability to import Amazon products into your WooCommerce store.

      1. Hi. Thanks for the great write up. Amazon is a must have for me and Datafeedr does not support Amazon, so between Wzone and Content Egg, which both support Amazon, which so you recommend for a comparison site? Or, possible the best option is Wzone plus one of the other 2? Thanks!

  12. Hi Kasa,

    Thanks for your information. I have two questions:

    1. I want to add price compare function in my review post like content egg sample site. But I am scaring if I put such as amazon, walmart, ebay ,jet.com, target together, will it break their TOS and cause my affiliate account banned?

    2. I see the content egg is using amazon, ebay trade mark image in the price compare page, can I use such as walmart, target as well? I also see many affiliate site is using big seller trade mark image, for example, theblackfriday.com is using tons of them. Did they apply the permission from these giant sellers?

    Many thanks

    1. Hi,

      I am not very familiar with TOS of other affiliate programs, but I am sure that you will not have any problems.

      Just look at many big and well known comparison sites. Everybody does it. This will not get you in trouble.

      In Content Egg if you wish, you can set that logo doesn’t appear if that is your concern.

  13. Hi Kasa, great post about affiliate plugin. I currently use Content Egg also. However, I want to use separate Amazon tracking ID for each post. It seems that Content Egg can’t do that. I found that Affiliate Egg use url to parse the data. Do you think that they can do what I want?

  14. Hi Kasa,

    Content Egg has a FREE version that works with Amazon Associates.
    Is this enough if you want to only do Amazon Affiliate sales?


  15. Excellent post author, but i have a query. I am setting up a price comparison site for Indian affiliate markets like flipkart, snapdeal, amazon In etc. I wanted to ask for your suggestion on content-egg as it is the only wordpress plugin providing support for most of the Indian markets. But before buying I want to try it out first on localhost. And since free version of content egg only provides module for Amazon IN affiliate. Do you have info about any other free plugin that supports indian markets so that I can try out before going all in for content egg pro?

  16. Hi,
    I wanted to to which is the best free plugin for price comparison to start with.
    I want a free plugin to start with with maximum no. of merchant options available as well as geo targeting feature.
    plz suggest some options for which plugin to use

  17. Hi Kasa,

    Excellent post as usual. I like content egg, but I struggle without step by step instructions, and most of the training provided by the creators is just a video of someone pressing various buttons. Hard to follow and understand for me. Do you know of any comprehensive step by step training that shows you how to set up a site and use this plugin to make money. E.g Udemy course

    1. Hi Jools,

      Yes, there is no step by step instructions but Content Egg is pretty straightforward plugin. It doesnt have some complicated steps so it is not so hard to set modules (there is pdf intructions for each module).

      Also looking example videos helps a lot. I always prefer looking videos than reading manuals. To my knowledge, there is no Udemy or similar course regarding this plugin.

      1. I am having the same problem, and since you are vers with content Egg why not be the first to produce a step by step guide. it can help with bringing you some more traffic.

  18. hi Kasa,

    thanks for that review!

    I am using wordpress automatic plugin from codecanyon. First to add post from various sources. It can also import amazon, ebay and several shop product into post or woocommerce product.

    But i need a comparison plugin that also update the product so i am probably going to use content egg and affiliates egg. but i have to check woozone and wooaffiliates too.

    by the way, how to you manage geo-targetting with content egg and affiliates egg plugin?



    1. I don’t use geo-targetting but you could check this post ablout how to localize Amazon links.

      Using Content Egg or Affiliate Egg you can display same product from different Amazon stores as comparison so buyer can choose from which he wants to buy.

      It doesn’t have “one link for all” feature where the buyer is redirected to Amazon store based on his IP.

      1. Hi,

        I guess the best thing is to use a geo-targeting plugin that is gonna display only links relevant to the user country as you described in your post : http://www.kasareviews.com/localize-amazon-affiliate-links-in-wordpress/

        The plugin you mentioned is not 45 $ license anymore it is based on credit https://geotargetingwp.com/pricing
        Geolify do the same pricing method :

        There is another plugin on code canyon but it don’t know good it is:

        And there is a free plugin here that looks good actually https://wordpress.org/plugins/custom-content-by-country/

  19. Hi kasa, I like to read on your review about egg content & datafeedr. Very good information I got here.
    OK I know their abilities but can these plugin create a search engine which can crawl over all the ecoms website to collect and show the prices?
    Actually I want to create a website that can freely use by anyone to search any products within choosen ecoms to be compared in one site. Can egg content or datafeedr do that?
    ..just like mysmartprice.com. or. Trivago.com

    1. Hi Jalil,

      Yes, they can. In case of Content Egg there is much more manuall work so it is not best choice if you want to instantly create large price comparison site with your affiliate links.

      Datafeedr is much more easier. But following your examples you need price comparison script. I recently also started to deeply research this area and bought Price Tapestry price comparison script.

      It is one time payment and you can use on unlimited number of sites. You can integrate it with WordPress. I am currently using it to make niche specific price comparison site on WordPress.

      In Price Tapestry you will need feeds from stores you wish to implement. Most affiliate programs offer as part of affiliate program.

      If you would rather use crawler then Kaon Softwares price comparison script is what you need. Be noted it costs more than Price Tapestry and I think it is yearly renewal (not one time fee).

      If you are interested more about this topic or have questions about Price Tapestry, contact me and we can discuss more.

      1. Hi, Kasa. Congrats about that great Review. I have questions about Price Tapestry. Do you think that is possible to use it to work with any product plugin ?

        Best regards,


        1. What do you exactly mean when mentioning product plugin? I use Price Tapestry on one of my sites so I could help you but need to understand what do you want to accomplish.

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