How To Receive Amazon Affiliate Payments Outside US With Payoneer?

If you are promoting Amazon products to receive Amazon affiliate payments from commissions, then you have probably encountered the problem of limited payout options if living outside the US.

Whether you’re a freelancer or blogger, if you make money online, you will need to accept online payment. However, if you live outside the US there is a chance you will get a problem when you need to accept your payment.

International users have check option or Amazon gift cards to get money from commission fees. Payout option to a bank account is only available to residents of United States.

But what if you want to receive Amazon affiliate payments on your bank account despite not living in the US? Don’t worry. There is a solution. It is called Payoneer. I will try to explain the concept on how to receive funds using Payoneer US Payment Service.

Affiliate Payments

Most people who are engaged in affiliate marketing or freelance / part-time working over the Internet, at some point receive monetary compensation for their work. But sometimes it is hard to receive funds if you don’t live in the United States.

If you use Google Adsense (most countries now have the option to withdraw money from Google Adsense to a local bank account), Amazon affiliate or any other affiliate system, and you don’t live in the US then you can’t receive funds directly to your bank account.

I can’t say for other countries, but most countries in Europe can get their funds mostly by check. The check needs a month or more to come, and fees are often higher.

The Payoneer US Payment Service allows Payoneer cardholders to receive US ACH/Direct Deposit payments from select US companies, including PayPal, Amazon, Apple and more.

Use Payoneer to get paid by clients around the world. It is an easy-to-use platform, which enables online professionals to get paid by global clients in a safe, easy, and secure way.

NOTE: Be sure to check Payoneer review for more details, or Payoneer vs PayPal comparison if you are interested to see how this two payment services are different.


About Payoneer

Payoneer was founded in 2005. It has become an industry-leading global payments company. It fast accelerating growth for its account holders improved the way they manage and pay partners, affiliates and independent workers in more than 200 countries worldwide.

US Payment Service is a solution for Payoneer account holders worldwide to receive commercial payments from US companies for work done online. That includes jobs such as freelancing, affiliate networks, Amazon/eBay sellers, app development, stock photography, and more.


Payoneer offers Payoneer MasterCard debit card through which money can be withdrawn at ATMs worldwide. It can also be used to pay for services at all places where accepted MasterCard, on the internet or in shops.

They offer bank account (checking) in the United States. You can then quickly receive funds using Payoneer US Payment Service. That means having US bank account and then you can forward that money to your local bank or use Payoneer Master card to spend money.

It is intended for receiving payments via ACH ( Direct Deposit ) from Payoneer partners or any other US company. Payments from the U.S. Payment Service are automatically sent to the Payoneer MasterCard debit card.

You can apply for the Payoneer card to receive payments from any of the thousands of companies that offer payment via Payoneer. Applicants are required to be over the age of 18.

Among the companies that can make a payment on Payoneer MasterCard or U.S. Payment Service are (not sure if it is still working with all of them) Skrill, Fiverr, Elance, ClickBank, oDesk, Amazon, CPA networks, MaxBounty Peerfly, then PayPal and many others. Payoneer also offers a “wire” money transfers in over 200 countries around the world.

You can use Payoneer to receive and send payments. But you can’t use Payoneer as a payment gateway on your store out-of-the-box. Still, there are solutions that can help. You can check useful WooCommerce Payoneer plugins that you can utilize to use Payoneer as payment gateway.

NOTE: The information provided below may become outdated as the time goes.


Amazon Affiliate Payments & Payoneer MasterCard

The basic service that Payoneer Prepaid MasterCard offers is a debit card that is used for payment over the Internet and to withdraw money at ATM or payment services at all locations where MasterCard accepted.

Payoneer MasterCard will arrive in about a month, after you opted for it, to your address ( I received it in a week). As you can see in the picture below, it is required to pay around $30 every year for Payoneer card. The amount is deducted from the available balance.

Taking into consideration benefits and fewer fees (if you use check for payout as an affiliate) it is worth a price. You can also get $25 as welcome if you sign up for Payoneer using someone referral link (you can go through mine).


payoneer fees


To apply for the US Payment Service, you first need to sign up for a Payoneer card. By going through someone’s affiliate link you will earn 25$ (person who refers you, will also get 25$ after some conditions met).

That amount will come in handy because with first money withdrawal you need to pay approximately 29$ for card activation. The cost to activate the card will be taken directly from the card balance.

If you do not have money on the card, you will have no maintenance cost. If there is no money on the card, there is no obligation to maintain any salary. This is excellent.

To clarify: if you don’t earn anything you will not have to pay anything. Your card may be temporarily disabled after an extended period of inactivity. It can be re-enabled at any time via your online My Account page, or by contacting customer support department.

From Payoneer FAQ :

What happens to my card if I do not use it ?
– If the card value is depleted to zero, no fees will apply.


How Soon Will I Get Money With Payoneer?

If you receive money from Payoneer partner, it will be available on the card no later than two days from the time of payment. The process can be accelerated and reduced to two hours if used instant load option, which will be charged $5.

However, many companies have an agreement with Payoneer that money is available to customers as soon as they send it, at no additional cost to the client. Better than waiting for the check to arrive.

The situation is a little bit different when receiving money from someone who is not a Payoneer partner. In this case, when the bank pass verification, the money will be available up to two working days.

At this moment, it is possible to receive a maximum of $ 1,000 per day. However, Payoneer often sets additional limits. There is no limit to the money paid by Payoneer partner. But in one day the card can receive a maximum of $ 2,500 while the rest of the money is kept in the account.

If your payment is higher than these figures, it will be paid in the coming days on your card, which can have a maximum of $ 10,000 at any time. The card will automatically be supplemented if you spend part of the money that is on it. Daily you can spend up to $5,000.


Receive Amazon Affiliate Payments Outside US

Another service that is offered (as already mentioned) is Payoneer Virtual U.S. Bank Account or US Payment Service. The purpose of this is using Payoneer for opening a bank account in the United States.

It is directly connected with Payoneer MasterCard card in order to withdraw money to your country bank account. This is the main reason I opted for Payoneer service. Without Payoneer MasterCard card is not possible to use this service.

This virtual account can be used only for receiving money. Receiving money is possible from any US company. Just send a Request for Payment directly from your Payoneer account to any U.S. company.

You just need to provide them with your US Payment Service details (usually in payout option choose US bank account and put data provided by Payoneer).

You access this service by selecting the ” US Payment Request ” option from the ” Receive Money” menu, and click ” Send the U.S. Payment Request.”

Virtual Account is extremely valuable because it allows you to receive money through the U.S. ACH / Direct Deposit option. It is possible to receive money from United States companies to bank account even if living outside the US.


Payoneer US Payment Service FAQ

1. What is the cost of the service? The cost of the service is 1% of each payment received.

2. Are there any limits to the amount I can receive using the service? There are no limits to payments received using the US Payment Service (they can be as little or as much as you’d like)

3. Can I send funds using the service? The US Payment Service can be used to receive funds only. Any attempts to send payments using the account will be declined.

All payments received using the service are loaded to your Payoneer card, which you can use to make payments.


Receive Payments From European Companies With Payoneer

Now Payoneer account holders can receive payments from European companies with EU Payment Service. It is similar to the US Payment Service, but you will receive payments as though you had a European bank account.


What is the EU Payment Service?

The EU Payment Service allows Payoneer account holders worldwide to receive commercial payments from European companies for work done online. Currently, EU Payment Service is not supported for personal use/transfer of funds.


How does it work?

Payoneer will open an international receiving account for you in Europe. Once you’ve got the details, you can provide them to European companies to accept payments in EUR.

All payments received from European companies will automatically be sent to Payoneer account. Then you can withdraw your funds at any time to your local bank.

If you have a Payoneer Prepaid MasterCard, your funds will automatically be loaded to your Payoneer card, The card then can be used to withdraw money via any ATM worldwide or for online/ in-store purchases where MasterCard® is accepted.


How can I apply for the service?

Just log in to your account, and select “Receive Payments” from the drop down menu. Choose EU Payment Service and get started! If you don’t see the service upon login, contact Customer Support.


What Is The Difference Between Payoneer Prepaid MasterCard & Other Card Options?

With all the “plastic” payment options out there, I often see questions about what is the difference between them. When referring to credit cards, debit cards, prepaid cards, and ATM cards, it’s  natural to wonder what one option offers that another doesn’t.

Well, other than the pure ATM only card, there isn’t much difference between Payoneer prepaid card and other credit cards.


Let’s see the differences:


It’s a card that makes payments drawn from credit. The company who issues your card provides you with a line of credit.

Normally it is a monthly limit, and you can make purchases totaling up to that limit. Balances are then paid off on a monthly basis, with interest rates charging you for any balances left unpaid.

Credit cards offer a significant convenience when it comes to shopping and making payments, allowing you to make electronic purchases with virtually every modern day merchant. You can spend more than you have in your account.



The way in which you use a debit card (backed by an issuer such as MasterCard, Visa, etc…) is virtually the same as a credit card. The only difference is that here are payments drawn from available balance in a bank account linked to the card.

You either have the funds available in your bank account, or you don’t. You can spend only money that you have in your bank account.



The ATM only card is a card allowing you to make cash withdrawals from any ATM supported by your bank, linked directly to the available balance in your bank account.



The Payoneer Prepaid MasterCard card is a combination of a credit card and a debit card. The card can be used online, in-store and at ATMs worldwide just like a credit card.

To be able to use the card, it must be preloaded with funds. That means, much like a debit card you must have funds available to use the card.

Whether via partner/affiliate payments, private loads, card to card transfers, or any other load method, once funds have been added to the card it can be used to make purchases both online and offline, at any location worldwide accepting MasterCard debit cards.

As the card is prepaid, it is not linked to any line of credit or bank account, and therefore, any purchase attempts exceeding the available card balance will just be declined.

This is an excellent way to budget your funds and stuck to that budget. Additionally, the card is not linked to your personal banking details and is therefore is far more secure.


  • There are ZERO fees associated with using your Payoneer card at retail locations (POS) If you are looking to reduce your payment fees, this is the way to go
  • Currently, Payoneer offers cards in USD, EUR and GBP (availability depends on location).  Conversions are done automatically to your local currency.


Amazon Sellers, Get Paid with Payoneer

Many Payoneer cardholders also sell items on the Amazon marketplace. While Amazon does offer bank transfer solutions to some Eurozone countries, there are still many locations in which a quick and efficient payment solution is not available.

Payoneer’s US Payment Service allows you to sell on Amazon and receive your earnings directly to your Payoneer Prepaid Debit MasterCard® Card.

The process is very simple.  If you’re already a Payoneer cardholder, just contact Payoneer and request to apply for the US Payment Service.

Once you’ve been approved for the US Payment Service, you will get US account/routing number, which can be used to receive US direct deposit payments from select US companies.

You can then go to the Amazon Seller Central homepage, and sign in to your Amazon account. Once you’ve signed in, go to the “Settings” menu and select “Account Info”:




Under “Deposit Method” click on “Add”:




Enter your US Payment Service Information in the required fields, and click submit. That’s it! Payments from Amazon will be sent to your US Payment Service and funded directly to your Payoneer card once they arrive.

Your card can then be used to make purchases online, in stores and at ATMs worldwide where MasterCard is accepted! Hope this guide helped to receive Amazon affiliate payments to US bank account despite living outside the United States.

For more info about Amazon affiliate program, you can check Amazon affiliate guide and Amazon affiliate rules.

DISCLOSURE: Posts may contain affiliate links. If you buy something through one of those links, I might get a small commission, without any extra cost to you. Read more about it here.

20 thoughts on “How To Receive Amazon Affiliate Payments Outside US With Payoneer?”

  1. mankuto Farhad

    Do you think it would be a good idea to have Auction Essistance help us withdraw our Payments? I remember they offered a withdraw service, but not sure if much people have some reviews on them.

  2. Thank you for this guide. I do need something like Payoneer to get my payouts from Amazon and other affiliate sites.

  3. I just contacted Amazon associates live chat. They don’t advocate using Payoneer for associates payments in europe. When i asked them why they replied, due to tax issues amongst numerous of other problems.

    I guess you CAN use Payoneer then, but you will or might run into problems….

    Kinda sucks, i’m losing about 15% of everything i earn through the use of checks in Holland (in my case, about 300 dollar down the drain each month)

    1. Thanks for info Higgins. I also dont like checks. As you already mentioned, you lose fee when making payouts via checks, you then need to wait check to arrive and depending on bank or country you then also need to wait to cash in money.

      I still recommend Payoneer as it is currently best way to get money. If any problems you can always just switch to another affiliate program. Amazon is popular but there are many others.

  4. Payoneer sounds great ! However, you are breaking a rule of Amazon

    “Amazon Associates allows people to be paid by direct deposit to their nominated bank accounts if they and their bank are based within the United States. At this time, the Associates Program is unable to offer direct deposit to International Associates or to banks located outside of the United States.”

    Above means, even the affiliates need to be staying in United States, not just their virtual bank accounts. Failing to adhere this can lead to several issues such as Tax issues, suspension of affiliate accounts etc.

    1. I personally use Payoneer for Amazon affiliate payments. I dont think that all this is just black and white.

      By data I have gathered Amazon doesnt mind this, or maybe it only becomes problem if you earn a lot like 6 figures from Amazon affiliate program.

      I didnt hear about any suspensions because of using Payoneer US payment service, but you never know.

    2. You said it right: “You never know”.

      The problem with this is, whenever you inquiry amazon about Payoneer, they ALWAYS respond with copy-paste answer:

      ” all three of the following conditions must be met:
      1) Your payee address must be in the United States
      2) Your bank must be a United States Financial Institution
      3) You must have a U.S. tax ID number or a Social Security number.”

      I also have not heard of anyone suspended for using payoneer, but what could I know? The fact that I or you personally havent heard, does not mean it did not happen or would not happen in the future.

      The bottom line, if you ask Amazon, they ALWAYS declare that doing so is in violation with their ToS.

      And the worst part, if your account is suspended from amazon, it’s not your account – it’s you as a person, not allowed to open new accounts on Amazon Affiliate program.

      There is a high imbalance in gains/risks using payoneer. On one side, you get payment few months earlier, but on the other side, your business as an amazon affiliate is over for life.

      1. Yes, it is hard to know where you stand with Amazon. Also, Amazon changes its policies from time to time. Sometimes those changes are even big like recent fee changes.

        Maybe today using Payoneer is not against Amazon TOS but tomorrow it will be. I still believe Payoneer can be freely used with Amazon associates program and I will continue to use it while it lasts.

        Mostly if you are low earner you will not have issues. But when you are high earner in their affiliate program, your every step is under microscope.

        That is why it is best not to put all your apples in one basket. Diversify your income. If one fails, there are always backups.

    3. Hi Naveen, could you please point me to the section in Amazon’s Operating Agreement or Program Policies that your information is from? I can’t find it anywhere, including when I google that exact phrase.

      1. I still didn’t read or hear anything about Amazon not looking favorable on those who use Payoneer. I would also be interested where did that information come from.

  5. This information helped me a lot. Btw I have a confusion, recently I signed up for my payoneer account and got the mail about US Payment service. I just wanted to ask that id the US Account really necessary to get funds from Odesk or freelancer? I mean is their a provision or something that id I don’t sign up for the US account I wont be able to deposit or withdraw any money from Odesk or please help me

    1. You need to activate US Payment service in order to receive money. It is quite simple and free.
      Dont worry you dont need to actually have bank account in US.

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