20 thoughts on “How To Receive Amazon Affiliate Payments Outside US With Payoneer?”

  1. mankuto Farhad

    Do you think it would be a good idea to have Auction Essistance help us withdraw our Payments? I remember they offered a withdraw service, but not sure if much people have some reviews on them.

  2. Thank you for this guide. I do need something like Payoneer to get my payouts from Amazon and other affiliate sites.

  3. I just contacted Amazon associates live chat. They don’t advocate using Payoneer for associates payments in europe. When i asked them why they replied, due to tax issues amongst numerous of other problems.

    I guess you CAN use Payoneer then, but you will or might run into problems….

    Kinda sucks, i’m losing about 15% of everything i earn through the use of checks in Holland (in my case, about 300 dollar down the drain each month)

    1. Thanks for info Higgins. I also dont like checks. As you already mentioned, you lose fee when making payouts via checks, you then need to wait check to arrive and depending on bank or country you then also need to wait to cash in money.

      I still recommend Payoneer as it is currently best way to get money. If any problems you can always just switch to another affiliate program. Amazon is popular but there are many others.

  4. Payoneer sounds great ! However, you are breaking a rule of Amazon

    “Amazon Associates allows people to be paid by direct deposit to their nominated bank accounts if they and their bank are based within the United States. At this time, the Amazon.com Associates Program is unable to offer direct deposit to International Associates or to banks located outside of the United States.”

    Above means, even the affiliates need to be staying in United States, not just their virtual bank accounts. Failing to adhere this can lead to several issues such as Tax issues, suspension of affiliate accounts etc.

    1. I personally use Payoneer for Amazon affiliate payments. I dont think that all this is just black and white.

      By data I have gathered Amazon doesnt mind this, or maybe it only becomes problem if you earn a lot like 6 figures from Amazon affiliate program.

      I didnt hear about any suspensions because of using Payoneer US payment service, but you never know.

    2. You said it right: “You never know”.

      The problem with this is, whenever you inquiry amazon about Payoneer, they ALWAYS respond with copy-paste answer:

      ” all three of the following conditions must be met:
      1) Your payee address must be in the United States
      2) Your bank must be a United States Financial Institution
      3) You must have a U.S. tax ID number or a Social Security number.”

      I also have not heard of anyone suspended for using payoneer, but what could I know? The fact that I or you personally havent heard, does not mean it did not happen or would not happen in the future.

      The bottom line, if you ask Amazon, they ALWAYS declare that doing so is in violation with their ToS.

      And the worst part, if your account is suspended from amazon, it’s not your account – it’s you as a person, not allowed to open new accounts on Amazon Affiliate program.

      There is a high imbalance in gains/risks using payoneer. On one side, you get payment few months earlier, but on the other side, your business as an amazon affiliate is over for life.

      1. Yes, it is hard to know where you stand with Amazon. Also, Amazon changes its policies from time to time. Sometimes those changes are even big like recent fee changes.

        Maybe today using Payoneer is not against Amazon TOS but tomorrow it will be. I still believe Payoneer can be freely used with Amazon associates program and I will continue to use it while it lasts.

        Mostly if you are low earner you will not have issues. But when you are high earner in their affiliate program, your every step is under microscope.

        That is why it is best not to put all your apples in one basket. Diversify your income. If one fails, there are always backups.

    3. Hi Naveen, could you please point me to the section in Amazon’s Operating Agreement or Program Policies that your information is from? I can’t find it anywhere, including when I google that exact phrase.

      1. I still didn’t read or hear anything about Amazon not looking favorable on those who use Payoneer. I would also be interested where did that information come from.

  5. This information helped me a lot. Btw I have a confusion, recently I signed up for my payoneer account and got the mail about US Payment service. I just wanted to ask that id the US Account really necessary to get funds from Odesk or freelancer? I mean is their a provision or something that id I don’t sign up for the US account I wont be able to deposit or withdraw any money from Odesk or freelancer.com? please help me

    1. You need to activate US Payment service in order to receive money. It is quite simple and free.
      Dont worry you dont need to actually have bank account in US.

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