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You have all probably seen some kind of WordPress social like box plugin on websites.

Mostly they are Facebook oriented showing how many people have liked certain website.

They are good source of traffic and Google loves when people share content. We all know it is always best to be on Google good side.

There are huge number of free and paid various WordPress social like box plugins. They all do roughly the same thing though.

Allow readers to select the social media and share your content, follow you, like your Facebook page, pin your picture….

And that is cool. People should share content which inspired them.

But which WordPress social like box plugin will get visitors attention?

There are many good ones. I mean really huge number of various social sharing plugins with various options, places where it can be put, different number of social sites provided , paid and free…..

My attention got caught on one paid plugin. Facebook Likebox slider for WordPress which despite its name is not Facebook only oriented.


WordPress Social Like Box Plugin

Facebook Likebox slider will save you trouble of installing various different plugins for Twitter, then one for Facebook, one for Pinterest and so on.

There is a free version and you can get it on wordpress.org. You are to lazy to type it in google and search? Okay, here is link for free version (NOTE: It was last updated 2 years ago).

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Free version is limited. Very limited as it has only Facebook and few options. But for most people that is enough.

If you want to show only latest posts from your Facebook page then it will be great for you.

PRO version is another story. I didn’t find any conflicts with other plugins by the time writing this.


Facebook Likebox slider for WordPress

After activating plugin you go to plugins settings where you can enable Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google+, YouTube, Vimeo, Instagram or LinkedIn. I think I didn’t forget any.

Tumblr is not supported for now but author says it is in his to do list.

You enable all or social sites or just few, depending on which you have account, and then put them on right side or left side, choose size and shape of icons…..

You can even choose your own language as many are supported.

You can put only one Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest….account as it doesn’t support multiple feeds.

But it supports adding Facebook fan pages instead of your personal account which is huge plus.


social slider by arscode review

social slider facebook


For each supporting social site you can adjust width, height, position, button design, color options etc.

YouTube, Vimeo will have little different options but it is all easy to configure as options are self-explanatory.

Loading is fast as content is loaded only when required. Works with IE 7+, all FF, all Chrome, all Opera, Safari, mobile iOS and Android.

On Advanced tab you can choose to disable showing icons on Home page, Category or Archive page.

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Welcomed option is disabling plugin on mobile devices too.

I recommend to disable it as those social icons on mobile devices can get in a way by covering good portion of your website.

If you are using cache plugin, and choose to disable plugin on mobile devices, it could happen that you still see social slider when browsing your own website using handheld device.

In that case clear cache in your cache settings and cache website again.

If you want slider to expand when someone hovers over icon or when they click on it you can adjust it in behavior option.


facebook likebox wordpress plugin


WordPress Social Like Box Plugin Final Thoughts

This plugin doesn’t have option of liking, pining,tweeting….your posts/pictures. It shows your social pages in order to get more fans, followers.

If you want to go with free option, I recommend trying Social Media Feather Plugin. It has free and paid version.

Author of Facebook Likebox Slider for WordPress was named elite author and with more than 5 000 purchases and average rating of 4.5 this plugin speaks for itself.

By comments it seems buyers have the most problems in setting Instagram and Twitter. I didn’t have any problems in using it but must admit that I didn’t test all social sites.

Price of $18 is not excessive and it reflects actual value and worth of plugin.

Review Summary

4.6 out of 5
Easy to Use
4.8 out of 5
Options and Settings
4.2 out of 5
4.5 out of 5
Overall Quality

There are huge number of free and paid various WordPress social like box plugins. They all do roughly the same thing though. This plugin doesn’t have option of liking, pining,tweeting…posts/pictures. It shows your social pages in order to get more fans, followers. If you want exactly that, then consider WordPress Social Like Box plugin.

4.53 Good 4.53 out of 5

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