Best WordPress Responsive Navigation Menu

Best 6 WordPress Responsive Navigation Menu Plugins

Having excellent WordPress responsive navigation menu plugin is a feature every website owner should strive for.

The menu is one of the most important section of any website. It’s the starting point for your users, and it is a very essential for the search engines as well.

Though WordPress comes with its own section and settings to help you create a menu, there are many WordPress menu plugins which can help you to enhance the menu.

A website’s primary navigation menu is generally displayed in the website header, or at the top of the main sidebar.

It is a vital component of your website design as visitors use this menu to navigate your website.

The navigation menu is just like a road sign on a street. You cannot reach your destination without knowing where you are now.

Like in real life, navigation in web design plays a significant role in website’s usability and user experience.

It is all about easy to use and intuitive website navigation.

Most WordPress themes use a drop down menu design for the main menu. They are simple but functional. They can, however, be a little plain-looking.

I would like to show you a collection of WordPress plugins that will improve the design of your menus.

Many of these plugins give better support for menus that are two or three levels deep.

Some also add additional functionality such as the ability to add images and columns of content (these plugins are frequently referred to as Mega Menus).

WordPress Mega Menu plugins allow you to customize menu experience more than WordPress offers by default.

They give you the ability to provide your users with an enhanced experience while they browse through your blog/site.


If you are running a WordPress based website and considering the best navigation plan, try some of below WordPress menu plugins to enhance the navigation experience.


Best WordPress Responsive Navigation Menu Plugins

I always recommend getting navigation menu plugin or theme which have one already included.

They will look great even if the visitor is browsing your site via a handheld device.

Here, in this post, I will mention some amazing WordPress mega menu plugins which will take your site to a next level altogether.

These mega menu plugins are good enough to provide site a professional look and design.

Also, a quality WordPress navigation menu plugin helps you to display all the relevant posts right in the menu section with custom links or with the featured image.

So, let’s check the top WordPress responsive navigation mega menu plugins.


#1 Mega Main Menu – WordPress Menu Plugin

wordpress menu plugin


Mega Main Menu plugin is sold for $15 on Codecanyon. It has an average rating of 4.6/5 and has sold more than 4 000 copies to this date.

It is one of most popular WordPress responsive navigation menu plugins.

It features icons, sticky, mega dropdowns variations, custom color scheme, fully customizable. You can place any content in dropdowns: links, text, images, widgets, and shortcodes.

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With unlimited color variations, drop down combinations, various capabilities, vector icons, google fonts and frequent updates it is worthy investment.

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#2 UberMenu – WordPress Mega Menu Plugin



UberMenu is most famous and well know WordPress menu plugin. With great navigation and responsive ready this plugin has sold in more than whooping 49 000 copies.

Its price on Codecanyon is $19 and has an average rating of 4.6/5.

UberMenu is fully responsive and provides its mobile menu. It is user-friendly, highly customizable, responsive menu WordPress plugin.

It works out of the box with the WordPress Menu System, making it simple to get started but powerful enough to create highly customized and creative mega menu configurations.

There are two ways to integrate UberMenu: Automatically and Manually. With Automatic Integration, UberMenu attempts to replace an existing menu automatically in your theme.

Most themes support this, but some don’t. With Manual Integration, UberMenu provides you with a line of PHP to insert into your theme template where you want your menu to appear.

With various features like different transition options, vertical or horizontal menus, popular Google fonts, submenus, touch support, integration with content, images, widgets, forms, shortcodes….this plugin is a must have.

UberMenu is most used and recommended navigation menu plugin in WordPress community.

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#3 Kodda – Responsive WordPress Mega Menu



Kodda is a responsive, modern, clean and highly customizable WordPress menu plugin. You can style almost everything from the settings page.

It isn’t so much popular like UberMenu and Mega Menu but Kodda is still great menu plugin. With more than 700 sales and average rating of 4/5 Kodda is priced $11 which is suitable for any wallet.

Features like sticky menu, plenty google fonts, ability to add background images to menu and submenus, ability to add forms, social icons, ability to change the size and color, seo optimized make this menu plugin stand out.

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#4 Suppamenu – All Purpose WordPress Mega Menus



Suppa is a responsive, highly customizable, powerful and user-friendly WordPress menu plugin.

It allows you to create unlimited mega menus with different sub-menus like Mega Posts, Dropdowns, Mega Links, Recent Posts, HTML & Shortcodes, Boxed Search Forms, Woocommerce Carts, Social Media Icons….

Suppamenu is priced at $17 and with more than 800 sales has an average rating of  4.6/5 in a time of writing.

Suppa is WPML Ready in case you want to run multiple languages at once.

You can create Multi-Functional Menus from your pages, posts, categories, custom post types and more.

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#5 Superfly — Responsive WordPress Menu Plugin



Superfly is a WordPress responsive navigation menu plugin. It generates trendy vertical push/sliding/static navigation for your site.

Superfly makes navigation much easier and more unobtrusive both on desktops and mobiles.

Some of main features include displaying control, option to hide default menu button and toggle menu from any element on page, multi-level menus support, beautiful animations, icons to mark menu items, responsive design….

Superfly costs $19 and is rated 4.9/5 with more than 1 300 buyers.

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#6 NOO Menu – WordPress Mega Menu Plugin



NOO Menu is a revolutionary menu plugin that allows you to customize almost everything in an interactive and intuitive admin interface.

NOO Menu displays correctly on all screen sizes and all devices.

Screen sizes changes take effect immediately. Text, image, link, video, widget, form, they can all be displayed in submenu, horizontal and vertical orientation….

Use any color variant for almost every menu element. You can either use flat color or gradient for your top menu and sub menu.

If wanted, it is possible to have two menus with 2 different styles on the same page.

NOO Menu does not change your backend structure, nor will it ad options to WordPress default menu configuration panel.

Instead, you can quickly switch to NOO Menu builder by clicking one button and find all the possibilities there.

Priced at $12 this is one of cheapest WordPress responsive navigation menu plugins.

Taking into consideration that this menu plugin is relatively new on scene it is selling very good with more than 600 sold copies and average rating of 4.7/5.

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WordPress Responsive Navigation Menu Final Words

In order to receive the maximum user satisfaction, you need to have a website with proper information menus.

That can help a user to navigate around various pages of your website with ease.

When it comes to WordPress, simple way to do that is by using WordPress plugin menu. These menus work as a navigation tool.

If you are looking for free WordPress navigation menu plugin solutions, then check out Responsive MenuDropdown Menu Widget or Mega Menu by WooRockets.

Above mentioned six mega menu plugins are some of best WordPress can offer in a time of writing this. There are a lot more available.

If your WordPress theme lacks a good mega menu or doesn’t have it at all, consider options provided.

Mentioned responsive navigation menu plugins for WordPress can be used with any WordPress theme and are packed with various settings and possibilities.

Your website navigation menus will look great and will be responsive on any device.

They are paid, but there is no free mega menu plugin which can be competition to them.

Price varies from $12 – $19 which is not much taking into consideration what you get.

If you are interested, you can check for more WordPress menu plugins available on Codecanyon.

My personal pick and recommendation is UberMenu plugin.

Here are some WordPress themes which come with mega menu already integrated:

Look and feel of a site is vital. If your site doesn’t look professional, your visitors will not take your content seriously.

Above I have mentioned some best WordPress menu plugin which will help you take your site to a new level.

If you know any better responsive menu plugin for WordPress site, let me know in comments below. If I had made any mistake feel free to unleash your rage on me.

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