Improve Amazon Affiliate WordPress Conversions With Amazon Affiliate Plugin

Amazon Affiliate Plugin


Easy to use






Overall quality



  • Support for AMP
  • Bestseller and new releases list
  • Nice product button and style designs
  • Easy to configure


  • No Amazon stores localization/GEO targeting
  • No automatically importing Amazon products
  • No AAWP icon in post/page editor for easier implementing of shortcodes
  • No bulk import
  • Plugin relies on shortcodes
  • Basic features

If you are running WordPress blog or want to increase your commissions earned by advertising for Amazon, you will need excellent Amazon affiliate WordPress plugin.

Affiliate marketing is always a great option to monetize your website. What option is better to earn money from your blog or online business than Amazon Associates program.

What better way to make money than by recommending products and services you know your audience can actually benefit from. Of course, earning a commission on your recommendations always comes good to pay hosting and other website related expenses.

It’s a win-win situation for your visitors, the product developer, and you. Whether doing product reviews, advertisements, niche sites or just inserting links in content, using Amazon affiliate plugin makes life easier.


Amazon Affiliate

If you follow my site then you know I have already written about various ways you can monetize Amazon affiliate links through WordPress.

You can use powerful WooCommerce features in Amazon affiliate program through WooCommerce Amazon affiliate plugin, using WordPress Amazon plugin, with Amazon affiliate WordPress themes like, by using Datafeedr (check Datafeedr review), using plugin like Content Egg (check Content Egg review), or standalone Fresh Store Builder option (see Fresh Store Builder review).

If you are new to affiliate program from Amazon, then be sure to check my Amazon affiliate guide and tips to monetize WordPress site. Before you even think about placing product links into your posts, you’ll need to create an Amazon Associates account.

Once you’ve been approved, you can go ahead and start embedding products into your blog posts. Also, if you are outside of the US then using service like Payoneer will make easier and  to withdraw earned money without fees.

If you want to monetize your WP site content with Amazon affiliate program using your existing theme, then you will need a plugin. Amazon Affiliate for WordPress (AAWP) is a new premium plugin that helps affiliates increase their conversions and earnings in the marketplace.


Which is Best Amazon Affiliate WordPress Plugin? Comparison

  • Name
  • Price
  • Woocommerce needed
  • Shortcodes
    Ad products into post as shortcodes
  • Price Variations
    Import regular prices, sales prices and all prices variations
  • Bulk Import
  • Product Variations
    Import multiple colors and sizes
  • Amazon ASIN Grabber
  • Content Spinner
  • Product Stats
  • Synchronisation
    Automatically update Prices, Titles , Reviews, Buy Urls, Descriptions and SKU
  • Site Cart
  • GEO Targeting
    Earn affiliate fees from all Amazon country stores
  • Amazon Reviews
    Display Amazon reviews on your site
  • 90 Days Cookie
  • Croselling
    Show related products and suggestions
  • Facebook Store
    Showcase store products on Facebook
  • Theme Included
    Plugin comes with WordPress theme
  • Free Version
  • License
    On how many site can you use when purchased
  • Cloak Links Option
  • Product Pop-up
  • Scheduled Product Posting
  • Duplicate Post Checking
  • WooCommerce Amazon
  • $33
  • Single Site
  • Amazon eStore Affiliates
  • $35
  • Single Site
  • Easy Azon
  • $47
  • Unlimited personal sites
    Developer Site Use Rights $67 and you can use on unlimited personal websites, unlimited client websites, unlimited websites to flip
  • WP Zon Builder
  • $99
    Personal license $99 for unlimited personal websites. Developer license $199 unlimited personal sites and unlimited sites to sell
  • Unlimited personal sites
    Personal license $99 for unlimited personal websites. Developer license $199 unlimited personal sites and unlimited sites to sell
wordpress amazon affiliate plugin comparison
  • Amazon Affiliate for WordPress
  • $44
    Standard license $44 for one personal websites. Business license $112 for three personal sites and Developer license $226 for unlimited personal and client sites
  • Several pricing plans
    Standard license $44 for one personal websites. Business license $112 for three personal sites and Developer license $226 for unlimited personal and client sites
  • Cooming Soon


Amazon Affiliate WordPress Plugin Review (AAWP)

Amazon Affiliate for WordPress plugin allows you to pull Amazon product data into your WordPress website. You can then monetize website using affiliate links generated by joining their Associate’s program.

The links are generated dynamically and then cached so you will always display up to date information. Things like price, description, images will never show outdated information for your site visitors.

The product information such as name, description or current price is retrieved automatically via the Amazon Product Advertising API. You can decide how often the data is updated. This means no manually updating prices or descriptions. Be noted that if you get RequestThrottled error, you have most likely hit you API usage limit.

The plugin lets you create simple text links for products, product boxes with image and information, best seller lists and comparison tables. You can place products using the shortcode system or the included widget.

The affiliate links are generated automatically and already contain your tracking ID. Tracking ID once set in plugin settings will be automatically used in the generation of all affiliate links.

Per shortcode you can specifically override the tracking ID in case you want to perform any A / B testing. The following Amazon locales are supported and can be selected through the plugin settings: Germany, USA, UK, France, Japan, Italy, Canada, Spain, India, and Brazil.


Amazon Affiliate for WordPress Plugin Features

  • Automatic update of product prices from Amazon
  • Automatic generation of affiliate links with included Amazon tracking ID which you set in plugin settings
  • Use data fields to show or leave out the product information you wish
  • Display single or multiple product boxes for an Amazon product with a shortcode
  • To reduce loading times, the plugin comes along with its caching functionality (everything except images). The caching duration can be adjusted via the plugin settings.
  • Display product from Amazon in a single post or page. With one shortcode you can easily display one or more product boxes. Features included in the product boxes are for example: title, description, current availability and prices, discounts and call-to-action buttons.
  • Create bestseller lists by listing the best-selling products to a particular product group or keyword.
  • Create new Releases lists to attract your visitor’s attention towards the latest products within a specific product group.
  • Using “Fields” you can place individual product information like the title, description, current price or buy button anywhere in your posts / pages.
  • To integrate items into your sidebar, there are widgets available.
  • You can choose between different styles: Standard, Light, and Dark.
  • You can limit the number of characters appearing in the product title or determine the title itself.
  • The output of the star rating and the total number of submitted reviews can be enabled/disabled via the plugin settings.
  • The sales price and available price reductions can be hidden via the plugin configuration. With the price reduction, you have a choice to display the values as a percentage or in EUR/USD, etc..
  • For products which can be ordered as part of the Amazon Prime service, the Prime icon is displayed next to the selling price. This feature allows you to improve conversion and increase your commissions for new prime signups.
  • The appearance of the “Buy on Amazon” button can be customized. To the standard buy button, you can add a second button,“ Detail Button” which can be used to place custom links for reviews, internal/external URLs etc.


Setting Up Amazon Affiliate WordPress Plugin

After installing Amazon Affiliate for WordPress, the first thing you need to do is go to the first tab and activate the license key that came with the plugin. After validating the plugin license, go to the next tab and integrate the Amazon Product Advertising API into your site.

After entering your API Key and your API Secret code, click the Save Changes button. The Status display should change to “Connected”. Once your account is connected, you can choose which country you would like to use from the drop-down box, and enter your associate’s ID. Your ID is automatically added to all affiliate links created using this Amazon WordPress plugin.


best Amazon affiliate plugin for WordPress


Once your account is connected, visit the “General” tab where you can configure some options for the plugin. Choose the shortcode you want to use for your product displays. You can choose either [amazon] or [aawp] as the beginning base for your shortcodes.

Set the cache duration for speeding up your displays. The plugin allows you to cache all data except for the images. You can adjust the cache between one hour and one week, with several choices in-between.

Choose the default text link format, either standard or a shortened version. AAWP has a cloaked option coming in the future. You then have the option to enable SSL support, AMP support (to speed up your pages on mobile displays) and choose a last update format.

If you wish to include some inline info which will be added when you place the shortcode, there is a text editor to do so.


amazon affiliate wordpress plugin amazon affiliates wordpress plugin


If you want, you can set custom disclaimer information as required by Amazon’s API License Agreement to provide info to site visitors letting them know that the links are affiliate links.

You can also disable this if you want. The fourth tab over is where you specify the Output settings for things like product titles, descriptions, pricing, ratings, buttons, and custom CSS.

The “Output” tab is where you can configure all the options relating to how the Amazon links will look on the front end of your site. You can set things like Title Length, Description list points, HTML formatting, Star Ratings, Pricing format, etc.


wordpress amazon plugin

buy wordpress amazon plugin for affiliates


You can also choose to display the Amazon prime logo next to a product if it’s available.

Output tab settings:

  • Option to put a character limit on your product title length.
  • Add custom text to the end of every product title
  • Choose the number of bullet points to show in your description
  • Choose whether or not you want HTML formatting for your description
  • Select to show or hide rating stars, along with different size options for the stars
  • Decide to show or hide the number of product reviews
  • Show or hide advertised pricing for products
  • Show price reductions as a total amount, percentage, or not display any cost reductions.
  • Select to show the Amazon Prime logo, and you can receive commissions for referrals
  • Choose the color, style, and text label for the Amazon Buy and Details buttons
  • Use custom CSS to make any style changes

In the Functions tab, you can specify settings for things like product links, product boxes, bestseller lists, and new releases. You have the option of whether or not to show an Amazon or cart icon after the product link.

For product box displays, bestseller displays, and new release displays, you have the option to use the standard template, a table template (useful for product comparisons), or your own custom template.


import amazon products wp plugin


Amazon Affiliate WordPress plugin comes with three styles: Standard, Light, or Dark. You can also customize your own style with CSS. It also comes with PHP templating abilities to help you customize the display of your Amazon products for boxes, lists, and widgets.

The Support tab gives you feedback about the plugin and your WordPress site to make sure everything is working properly and to help you diagnose any problems.


How Amazon Affiliate for WordPress Plugin Works?

With Amazon Affiliate WordPress plugin, you can create single (or multiple) products and lists by using shortcodes with the WordPress editor.

To add Amazon products to a WordPress page or post, you need one of the plugin’s shortcodes and the article number (ASIN for products or ISBN for books) from Amazon.

Any shortcode can be enhanced by adding any of the available attributes to it. With your Amazon Associates account active, search for the product you wish to display on your site.

After locating the product on Amazon, copy its product number from the URL. In your WordPress editor, use a shortcode from the AAWP documentation along with the ASIN number to display the product. You could use AMZ Table Assistant Chrome extension to make easier working with AAWP shortcodes.

If you want to add a best seller list of products, you can do so using keywords or Browse nodes. Browse nodes are better so you can get the exact category to use. You can find a list of these online here.


create bestseller list wordpress amazon affiliate plugin


If you want to list new releases from different categories, you can do that also using the shortcode. You can also use widgets to place content. Just drag the AAWP widget to your desired location, choose which type you would like to display and enter the ID.

You can also use the “Fields” option of the plugin to pull in the exact data you need. Such as title, price, features and so on so you can build product comparison tables.


create amazon product comparison tables wordpress plugin


Shortcodes can be customized with many different attributes.


Amazon Affiliate for WordPress Plugin Price

Pricing for Amazon Affiliate WordPress plugin starts at 39 EUR (which is about $44) for the standard license. The standard license is valid for one domain and includes one year of support and updates.

The Business plan is 99 EUR for three domains and includes multi-site usage. The Developer plan (199 EUR) is for unlimited domains and plugin is allowed to be used in client projects.

All plans are valid for one year of support and updates. After this period, you can extend your license at a special price (50% discount).

The plugin will be usable even if you don’t renew the license. But you will not receive support in case of any problems nor will you receive new updates for the plugin.

You can upgrade a license at any time. Updates to the plugin are handled automatically through WordPress. AAWP comes with a 30-day money back guarantee.


WordPress Amazon Affiliate Plugin PROS & CONS


  • No Amazon stores localization/GEO targeting (You can use Amazon OneLink)
  • No automatically importing Amazon products – You need to find product on Amazon and manually add shortcode
  • No AAWP icon in post/page editor for easier implementing of shortcodes – You need to have shortcodes written somewhere for more accessible copy paste
  • No bulk import
  • Plugin has only basic features
  • Plugin relies on shortcodes


  • Support for AMP (Accelerated mobile pages)
  • Bestseller and new releases list
  • Nice product button and style designs
  • Easy to configure


Should You Buy Amazon Affiliate for WordPress Plugin?

This is a very polished and well-made plugin. As I could see while testing, everything operates as it should. The plugin is easy to configure with basic customization options. The resulting output of product boxes and buttons looks good and fits well with any theme.

Less experienced users to WordPress and Amazon affiliate will find options and features which plugin provides well for their needs.

More experienced users of Amazon Associates program will appreciate the functionality and features but will notice that plugin lacks many options other competitors have.


VERDICT: As a long time Amazon affiliate participant, I have used and tested many WordPress Amazon affiliate oriented themes and plugins.

There are far better plugins and options available for importing Amazon products to your WordPress site to earn affiliate commission.

This plugin relies on manually searching for a product on Amazon, finding appropriate shortcode (you will need to visit plugin documentation to find it) and adding to your post or page.

Then why purchasing plugin? I can manually go to Amazon and add product as a link or text + image. Ok, the plugin adds some additional styles, boxes in which you can present products.

Most significant pros by my opinion are the option to create bestseller list, comparison list and support for AMP (didn’t test if it works).

If you want to cut down time when adding Amazon products to your WP blog/website then search for plugin or theme which makes possible to insert links from Amazon right from WordPress site dashboard. There are many available, and you can find some in comparison table above.

DISCLOSURE: Posts may contain affiliate links. If you buy something through one of those links, I might get a small commission, without any extra cost to you. Read more about it here.

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  1. So which Amazon Affiliate plugin do you use? From your comparison, WP Zon Builder is the best for multiple sites. Amazon eStore Affiliates is best if you want a Facebook Store front.

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