Kontent Machine Review PROS and CONS (2023) | Should You Buy This Article Creator?

Kontent Machine


Easy to use






Overall quality



  • Affordable
  • Integration with many third-party tools
  • Easy to use interface
  • Great for link building
  • Blueprints feature
  • Adds relevant images and videos
  • 30 day money back gurantee


  • For heavy usage you will need to purchase proxies
  • Software is not updated often (no major changes)
  • Articles generated in most cases are not good quality
  • No trial

Writing and completing articles and blogs can take a lot of time. After that, you also need to come up with a good link building strategy for them. Content generator software (article creator) eliminates the need for creating all of your content from scratch.

It’s software that allows you to enter a keyword or phrase in the search bar to generate articles based on articles that it finds online.

The software visits article directories to find articles that are related to the keywords entered. More advanced content generators use templates to integrate new content into content that already exists. This kind of tool even lets you add links, images, and videos to content. All this can make your content unique.

Kontent Machine is an article creator tool that builds content associated with the keywords that you enter. It creates articles and adds related pictures, videos, and contextual links to them.

Another popular article creator tools include Article Forge and SEO Content Machine. In this Kontent Machine review, I will show you what this tool offers and compare it with Article Forge and SEO Content Machine.

Kontent Machine 3 is the most recently updated version of the software. It has more features, options, and settings. It even allows you to export content for any campaign that you establish.


Article Creator – Kontent Machine Review

Kontent Machine is software that allows you to generate unique and relevant content quickly. You can then use that generated content as part of your link building strategy to improve your search engine result rankings or publish it on your site.

Kontent Machine works with some of the most popular link building tools on the market, and because of that, it became a very popular choice for backlink strategies.

You can use this software to generate articles for your link building campaigns. The content that’s created can be added to your private blog network or different websites, including Web 2.0 properties. Each article will contain links that lead back to your site.


kontent machine advantages


The software creates unique content by scraping articles that it finds online. That content is then either rewritten or spun into a brand new article. Kontent Machine will combine the articles that it creates so that they appear to search engines as unique.

Kontent Machine also pulls videos and images into the content that it creates automatically. This makes those articles even more unique.

Any software that says it can create unique content and include related videos and images might seem like hype. Let’s take a look at how Kontent Machine works to see if it lives up to its claims.


Kontent Machine 3 Features

Kontent Machine set the standard for content creation and search engine optimization software. It’s used by thousands of search engine optimization experts around the world. It does much more than just create unique articles. It also creates plenty of niche-associated bookmark descriptions, categories, PDFs, resource boxes, summaries, tags, and titles.


– Top tier content: Kontent Machine parses and reviews content for quality. The software will attempt to automatically correct the content it receives if necessary. The content has to pass multiple validation procedures to ensure that search engines will see it as something that humans can read. All of this is done while the content is still unspun.

– Designed for link building using tiers: Kontent Machine can create content for each of your link pyramid tiers in tier 1, tier 2, and tier 3+.

– Smart, automatic algorithm created for niche relevancy: The content creation portion of the software’s built-in functionality ensures that the content it creates has LSI keywords and is relevant for your needs.

– Content template builder: Kontent Machine allows you to create your own customized content templates. It’s incredibly easy to export the results that the software generates into any format that you want.

Kontent Machine 3 is ideal for any Internet marketing resource that you plan on using your content for. Its pre-defined templates can be used for Article Kevo, Article Marketing Robot, GSA Search Engine Ranker, Magic Submitter, SEnuke, Sick Submitter, TurborRanker, and Ultimate Demon.

– Relevant content and tags are generated automatically: The software’s built-in mechanisms creates targeted tags and categories when it’s creating your article content.

– Engaging titles, resource boxes, and summaries: Kontent Machine ensures that it has the correct resource boxes, summaries, and titles based on the keywords that you’ve entered.

– Relevant videos and images: The software will also use your keywords to find the best videos and images that match your content. It will then insert them so that they align with your text perfectly.

– Impressive nested spintax: Kontent Machine uses nested spintax instead of normal spintax. This lets the article creator to create all kinds of diverse, unique articles.

– Well-placed contextual links: Contextual link building is essential for search engine optimization. Kontent Machine places links near content that’s most relevant to the particular topic. It places links in random areas of your content so that there won’t be any footprints for search engines to discover.

The software also supports anchor images, co-citation, custom tokens, naked URLs, and resource box links. It can also locate and insert links to third-party resources that are considered experts in the specified subject.

– Easy to use auto-blogger: The software can automatically schedule and insert content to your blogs. You can use it to post to any private blog networks that you may have built using Rankwyz or other popular link-building software programs.


Article Forge vs SEO Content Machine vs Kontent Machine

  • NAME
    How many words can it write for article
    Post created articles automatically on added sites from tool dashboard
    Do you get spintax version of article
    Scraping content from other sources and not just Google
    Does tool comes with integrated free spinner
    Does it support integration with other SEO tools and spinners
    customizable templates for link building programs
    Scrap Google search results in any region/language
    Build your own thesaurus
    Special junk filter box that you can use to make sure that content contains a keyword -or- that content doesn’t contain a spam word
article forge vs kontent machine
  • Maximum is 750 words
    Article length can be set to 50, 200, 500 or 750 words
  • Export options include plain text, HTML formatted and PDF format
  • you can create 200000 words between API, Bulk Generator, and WordPress Post Scheduler each month.After that, the cost of using these services is 25¢ per 1000 words.
  • Not before scraping process
  • Excpept WordAI and CopyScape there is no other supported external tools integrated
  • 5-day trial
  • You can also use the money back guarantee within 30 days if you used Article Forge to create less than ten articles.
  • Monthly $47 or Annual $297
seo content machine vs article forge
  • It seems no max limit
    Though I pressume you cant go to some insane long articles
  • Bing or Google translate can be used
  • Content can come from online web sources (ezinearticles, articlebase, etc), articles on your hard drive, Article Builder or Big Content Search.
  • SEO Content Machine comes with a free spinner called soft spin
  • Autofill Magic, Bookmarks, FCS Network, GSA SER, HTML Article, Licorne AIO, Magic Submitter, No Hands SEO, Ranker X, SENuke, TurboWeb2.0 Submitter, Ultimate Demon, Chimp ReWriter, Spinner Chief, SpinRewriter, The Best Spinner, Article Builder, X-Spinner, Imgur, SpinnerBr, SistemaSpinnerBr, ArticleSpinnerFr, ESpinner, etc
  • SEO Content Machine can automatically solve simple reCaptcha events. The process is automatic, all it requires is that you have pre-purchased captcha breaking credits.
  • SCM is a multi-language content scraper and generator. It can scrap Google search results in any region/language and extract content from those listings. You have a choice of 48 different language choices.
  • The article creator has a special junk filter box that you can use to make sure that content contains a keyword -or- that content doesn’t contain a spam word
  • 5-day trial
  • You can use the money back guarantee within 30 days
  • Monthly $27, Quarterly $57, Annual $120, Perpetual $197
kontent machine vs seo content machine vs article forge
  • It seems no max limit
    Though I pressume you cant go to some insane long articles
  • Content can come from online web sources (ezinearticles, articlebase, etc), articles on your hard drive, Article Builder or Big Content Search.
  • Includes integration with The Best Spinner, Spin Rewriter, Spin Chimp, Spinner Chief and WordAI. Also comes with its own spinning tool and option to manually spin content.
  • Article Kevo, Article Marketing Robot, GSA Search Engine Ranker, Magic Submitter, SEnuke, Sick Submitter, TurborRanker and Ultimate Demon.
  • 30 day money back gurantee
  • Lifetime $217 or $37/month

You can even use Anyword, 10Web AI Assistant or Jasper AI. Those two are copywriting tools that use artificial intelligence to generate content. For more info, you can check Anyword review and Jasper AI review.


NOTE: The information stated in the comparison table may be inaccurate because, as time goes by, tools get changes and updates. For the most accurate information, check official sites.

Also, in comparison tables, not all features that each tool offers are mentioned. One or more tools might offer far more options than mentioned in the comparison table.


Kontent Machine Interface

Kontent Machine is software. After purchase, you install it on your computer. Kontent Machine’s 3.0 user interface has been entirely reworked. The new version is more straightforward and intuitive. The interface gives you more control over the content that is created and spun.


kontent machine article generator
Kontent Machine user interface, which you show when you start the software.


The six options that you can select from are:

  1. New – This option will begin a new campaign.
  2. Saved – This option displays all of your current campaigns. You can choose to modify or delete them.
  3. Quick – This option lets you create a campaign with the fewest mandatory options. I suggest only using this option if you don’t need a lot of customization.
  4. Blueprints – This option can be used to create your preferences for each campaign. You could consider them as campaign templates because you can always go back later to create a new campaign but still use the same settings.
  5. Tools – Clicking on this choice will display a new panel containing all of the familiar tools from Kontent Machine 2. They can assist you with quick tasks like scraping entire articles, designing bookmarks, altering spun articles, creating “about me” content, unspinning text that’s in spintax, spinning based on character or word parameters, spinning an entire folder of files that you saved or publishing those files later to Rankwyz or any of the blogs that you host.
  6. Back – This option will return you to whatever you were working on before.


Create Campaign – New Tab

You can start a new campaign right away once you’ve loaded Kontent Machine for the first time. You can then decide where the content will be sourced after creating the campaign.


best article creator tool
Create Campaign options in the Kontent machine.


The four options for the content source are:

  • Built-In Article Scraper
  • Built-In Article Scraper + Local Files
  • Locally Saved Files
  • The Leading Articles

Selecting the “Scraper Settings” option will bring you to the settings for the content source that you selected. Possible settings include scraper timeout, scraper threads, and the option to enter your proxies (I used Kontent Machine without proxies and never encountered any issues).


automated article writing software
Kontent Machine scraper settings options.


Selecting the “Campaign Settings” option will bring up a window with options for altering your campaign settings. Here you can tweak settings such as “about me” variations, avoiding adult content, character spinning options, paragraph variations, and sentence variations.


content creation services
Kontent Machine campaign settings options.


I usually leave them at their standard default settings, except for certain custom campaigns that require either less or more content.

You can choose up to three different keywords that let the software know what topics to concentrate on. The first keyword will be used in most instances unless you already have saved articles on your computer that you intend to use in your campaigns.

You can use Kontent Machine’s recommended settings for content quality control, or you can change those settings if you’d like. You can select a quality tier 1, 2, or 3 for your content.


unique content generator
Content Quality options in Kontent Machine.


You can also edit the settings to create your own custom controls. This feature is especially helpful if you’re creating tiered backlinks. Most users will probably use tier 1 to ensure the highest quality content available.


website content writer
If you choose Custom Quality Settings option for Content Quality, then you will have additional available Settings.


Kontent Machine works with a variety of content auto spinning software, including The Best Spinner, Spin Rewriter, Spin Chimp, Spinner Chief, and WordAI. Clicking on the “Credentials” button will let you choose the spinning software that you want to integrate with.


kontent machine auto spinning feature


Kontent Machine also comes with its own spinning tool that you may want to use if you don’t have any of the services listed above. You can also manually spin content. Although this process is more time-consuming, it can result in just the best quality and unique content.

You can decide if you want video and images to be added when setting up your campaign. You can choose just images, just video, both options, or inserting videos and images at random.


kontent machine video settings


There is an Advanced setting option for images/videos feature if you wish to refine it further.


kontent machine image settings
You can use Random settings for image/video settings, or you can refine it per your needs.


If you look at the bottom of your screen, you’ll see three buttons. Those are Article Tweaks, Bookmark Tweaks, and Add Own Content.


kontent machine article tweaks add own content kontent machine


bookmark tweaks kontent machine


Clicking on any of them will open a window where you can tweak various properties of the articles and bookmarks to be generated, or add your own content. Some of the properties that you can change are the kind of word spinning that you want to use, article and bookmark tags, “about me” sections, paragraph count, and spacing. I usually leave those settings alone, unless there are concrete elements that need adjusting.

Click on the “Next” button once you’ve configured your campaign to your liking. Now you’re ready to add the links that will be inserted in the articles that will be generated. These links will direct readers back to your website and help it to rank higher in search engine result listings. The types of links that you can add are Contextual Links, Article Body Links, Resource Box Links, and Image Links.


adding links kontent machine


You can also specify how many links of each type of link you want to be included in your articles. Kontent Machine lets you add multiple anchor texts for every URL that you use. This helps to make the anchor text appear more relevant for the backlink profile. Keywords are spun so that new anchor text is used whenever a new link is published to your website.

You can also integrate naked URLs and branded anchor text and determine the percentage of how many times the Kontent Machine should use those elements as anchor text whenever links are added to the content. You can even decide whether or not you want those links to be tagged as no-follow.


how does kontent machine work


Another option is to add a list of other websites that you want to link to from the articles that are created. You could include Wikipedia entries, education sites, government sites, related products on Amazon, content from other websites that are considered to be authorities in your niche, or other blogs. This makes it less likely for your readers to assume the generated posts were only created to include links back to your website.

Underneath you’ll find four buttons:

  • Build Content – This option will manage your campaign and create a database content for it. You can pull original, high-quality articles from it that are highly spun.
  • Build & Export – This selection will create an impressive content database for you. Once complete, it will generate a specific build that will be sent to the location of your choice.
  • Build & Post – Another option that builds a content database for you. It also posts to the blogs from the window that will be displayed when the button is checked.
  • Send to Cloud – You can use this selection to upload your campaigns to the cloud. This will create a campaign ID, which can be copied to use the campaign’s content in GSA Search Engine Ranker, FCS Networker, and other third-party tools.

Content creation doesn’t take a lot of time. You can monitor the progress by watching the status bar that will appear in the background. You can preview the content to see how it looks once it’s finished. You can send the completed articles to a link building tool once you’ve previewed them if you didn’t select that option before.

Using the included spinner and tier 1 quality didn’t result in very readable content for me. You might have better luck using The Best Spinner or other advanced spinning tools.

It did integrate all of the images, links, and videos according to the settings, but it often couldn’t find related images and videos. Hence, I had to disable those for Kontent Machine to start generating content.

The content that’s created should be acceptable for sites that link to your own websites. You probably wouldn’t want to put content generated by Kontent Machine on any of your “real” sites.

You want to use the articles that are generated to create backlinks to the sites in a tiered link-building system that are of higher quality.

You can use additional functions according to the search engine optimization software that you select to integrate with your generated content. Those software-specific features give you complete control over the content that’s exported.

Select the “Build & Export” option when you want to generate your content files. This may include articles and anything else that the particular link building software uses to create links. You can save your settings after you’ve created your first content campaign.

Those settings can be used as the blueprint for future campaigns and save you time and effort from having to configure your settings later on manually.


Saved Tab

Here’s where you’ll find all of your saved campaigns. There will be a search input field on the top of your screen that you can use to find your campaigns by name. You can also use this menu to forward new campaigns to the cloud and copy their campaign IDs or delete old campaigns.


Quick Tab

This menu is comparable to the “New” menu. The main difference is that the Quick Tab menu won’t show a choice of the content source. Kontent Machine uses the built-in Article Scraper by default.

The menu will only let you enter one keyword. It also lacks some of the editing options for videos and images. Still, you can find editing options for the content quality of articles and bookmarks at the bottom of the menu.


quick menu kontent machine


The Quick menu options are limited for a reason. All you need to do is enter a keyword, choose your video and image combination, choose your content quality spinner, and you’re all set!


Blueprints Tab

Kontent Machine blueprints are very helpful in generating campaigns that are exactly the same. The blueprints are similar to campaign templates. You’ll see a window of your blueprints when you enter this menu.

You can make new blueprints or edit your existing ones. You can adjust the following options when you’re creating a new blueprint:

  • Content source
  • Content quality
  • Word spinner
  • Combination of images and videos and their properties
  • Article tweaks
  • Bookmark Tweaks
  • The numbers and types of links
  • Advanced link settings such as the ration between Dofollow and Nofollow links and the ration between naked URLs and exact match anchors

Then you can just save your blueprint, and when you are creating your next campaign, you can simply go to the “Blueprints” menu and double-click the blueprint of your choice.


Tools Tab

Kontent Machine’s primary priority is to create appealing content that you can publish online. The software also has other interesting tools and features that you can use.


kontent machine tools menu
Under the Tools menu, you can find additional available features.


You can insert links in your content, spin your current content, and add videos or images to your content before putting your articles online. Tools tab consists of Bookmarks, Article Getter, About Me, Word Spinner, Unspinner, Bulk Spinner, Publish Files, and Campaign.



This is a great feature for those who want to add bookmarks to their articles. You can choose how many bookmarks you want per keyword, your spintax format, your output format, and your spinner software.


bookmark creator kontent machine


2. Article Getter

This built-in tool can help you find unspun articles related to your topic or niche that you can edit later. Once you enter your keywords in the left-hand menu, you can then select your content spinning software, your spinner configuration, and save your article in the desired format and location.


article getter kontent machine


You can decide to include titles in your output files. Doing this is not only more organized, but it’s also efficient because most popular internet marketing link building tools automatically think that the first line of an article is the title.


3. About Me/Bio Generator

This option allows you to have links inserted in your “about me” content. You can also specify your content spinner and your variations. You’ll see the results in the text area that’s underneath the input fields. You can then copy and paste your “about me” information and import it directly into your favorite SEO software.


4. Word Spinner

Use this option for any content that you want to spin. The options that you can choose from are:

  • The play button that starts the spinning process.
  • The second button will open a browse window where you can choose the file that you want to spin.
  • The third button will search in the content.
  • The recycle button clears the content.

You can then select and configure your spinner. Choose your spinner options from the right-hand settings icon and click on the “play” button when you’re ready.


5. Unspinner

This is a beneficial function that has the following fields:

  • A text area for spun content, and
  • A text area for the unspun content created by Kontent Machine.

Selecting the unspin button at the bottom of the “Unspinner” page lets you keep creating content. The content that will be generated is derived from the spun content that was entered.


6. Bulk Spinner

This option allows you to select the folder of article files that you want to spin. You can also simultaneously add images and videos to the content that will be created.


bulk spinner kontent machine


7. Publish Files

This option lets you publish your articles on different sites. Once you’ve chosen the articles that you want to publish, you can have Kontent Machine select your tags and titles, or you can select them yourself. All you need to do is to select your categories and your tags.

You can also add individual WordPress blogs or extract them in bulk from a CSV file. You can also add your RankWYZ account. This allows you to send your content automatically to various Web 2.0 platforms, bookmarks, and websites.


Kontent Machine PROS and CONS

Here are the advantages and disadvantages of using the Kontent Machine.


  • Affordable price.
  • Great integration with many third-party tools.
  • Easy to use interface and many available options.
  • Great for link building strategies with lots of settings.
  • Useful blueprints option.
  • Adds relevant images and videos to content.
  • It is easy to create campaigns and generated articles with various available options.
  • Money-back guarantee (30 days).



  • No inbuilt proxy harvester, so you will have to buy premium proxies to make it work smoothly.
  • No significant updates and changes. Checking reviews 4 or 5 years ago, and I can see not much has changed in look or features.
  • Articles generated are not exactly material for your money-making sites.
  • It comes with its own integrated spinning tool, but it doesn’t perform well.
  • No trial option.


Kontent Machine Pricing

Kontent Machine is available with as a one-time lifetime fee or a monthly subscription package:

  • Kontent Machine Lifetime $217
  • Kontent Machine $37/month

If you plan on using this software for more than six months, then the lifetime option is the better value choice. There is no trial option, but there is a 30-day money-back guarantee, so in case you didn’t like Kontent Machine, you can ask for a refund.


Kontent Machine Review Conclusion

Kontent Machine can help you build backlinks that help improve your site’s search engine ranking results. The software helps you fully optimize link building tools like SENuke XCr and GSA Search Engine Ranker. The best part of this is that you don’t need to hire a content writer or create your content manually.

The content that is created might not be ideal for your main site, but it should be acceptable enough for use on secondary websites.

Using stable proxies or a dedicated top rated VPN service is recommended if you want to create multiple campaigns every day. If you don’t, you face the risk of having your IP address banned by various article directories and search engines, which could prevent you from being able to download any new content for a while.

Update your public proxy list regularly so that you don’t have to worry about them being banned. If you’re only running a few campaigns a day, you don’t need to use proxies.

DISCLOSURE: Posts may contain affiliate links. If you buy something through one of those links, I might get a small commission, without any extra cost to you. Read more about it here.

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