Freelancer & Upwork Like WordPress Theme – SiteMile Project Theme Review

SiteMile Project Theme


Easy to use






Overall quality



  • Monetization options
  • Wallet feature
  • Private messaging
  • Extensive number of settings
  • Zip/postcode radius search
  • Escrow option
  • Various extensions available


  • No theme documentation
  • Little pricey if you go with option with all extensions
  • Admin theme settings visualization could be improved

Are you looking to create marketplace for freelancers but at budget that wont cost too much? Maybe a site like Fiver, Freelancer or Upwork where you can give a extensive platform for freelancers to offer their services.

SiteMile Project WordPress Theme is Freelancer and Upwork like WordPress theme. You can create a freelancer marketplace that will help them showcase their experience and talents and  connect with potential employers.

Using Project Theme doesn’t require developing or designing websites knowledge and it offers plenty of monetization options, features and plugins to make your site run smoothly. It can help your site maximize its revenue and business capabilities. In this SiteMile Project Theme review I will show you what it offers, as well as its pros and cons.


Upwork Like WordPress Theme

There are plenty of convenient features included in this theme. You can get started right away and you don’t have touse the theme to create Upwork like site, Fiver or other similar site.

You can use the theme to create a “handyman” type of site where customers can list the services that they’re looking for. The system will then use the service category or precise location to link service providers with service requests.


Upwork like WordPress theme.


Service providers can be charged certain fees like to view contact information of a person searching for a specific service or to contact the person directly who’s looking for a service. Let’s dive deeper and see what this theme offers.


SiteMile Project Theme Review

The SiteMile Project Theme is a perfect tool for constructing freelancer sites. Its monetization resources, user experience and other functions can improve overall look even before you start accepting business or assigning tasks.

The theme is fully compatible with Divi (check Divi vs Elementor), Elementor (see Elementor free vs pro), WPBakery (check Visual Composer vs WPBakery) and other popular page builders.

Theme comes with two user types – for project owners and freelancers (or contractors).


Each user type has its own separate account area.
Each user type has its own separate account area.


The user types can be combined or separated for each user as needed. Every account role has its own financial, earnings management, project posting, and other task resources.

There are no limits to the back-end settings that can be configured. Freelancers and employers will each have their own custom dashboard with back-end controls. Their earnings, payment history, listing status, job history, active jobs and profile can be found there.


Freelancer WordPress theme offers easy to use user dashboard.


You can effectively manage everything from the admin dashboard. No coding experience or knowledge is necessary. Every admin will have their admin panel. Once they log in to the website through their security credentials, they will get to this admin panel.


SiteMile Project theme setting options. Project Theme admin features.

Even without extensions installed SiteMile Project Bidding theme is packed with features .


1. Fully Responsive Layout

All current media devices work well with this theme. Sites constructed with this theme can be easily viewed on tablets, desktop computers, laptops and smartphones. Any device can be used to coordinate schedules with employers and freelancers, update profile information or find the most recent tasks and jobs.


2. Freelancer User Profiles

All freelancers get a user profile where they can input bank information, address, contact details, name and other data. Freelancers can include their professional life overview, photos, achievements and skills to make profiles unique.


Project theme freelancer profile options.


Freelancers will get feedback according to their work history. This information can be shown next to their activity details on their profile page. It’s a convenient function that can help freelancers acquire more assignments and jobs.


3. Multiple Payment Gateways

Having multiple payment gateways is always a plus. Various payment gateways are integrated in the Project Bidding theme (with the Pro version). Country-specific payment gateways (such as for South Africa and India, for example) and common gateways are available. You can either buy all payment gateways with the Pro plan or purchase the individual payment gateways that you need.


Project Bidding theme payment gateways.
The theme comes by default with Paypal, Skrill, and bank transfer payment options. You can add more using extensions.


The available payment gateways that can be used are PayPal, Skrill, Payza, CCAvenue, Stripe (simple or marketplace), Pesapal, Quickpay, Braintree, Bitcoins, , MangoPay, Paystack, Sagepay, Voguepay (Nigeria market), Payfast(for South Africa market), iDeal Mollie, iDeal Sisow (for the Dutch market), Instamojo, Flutterwave (payment gateway for African countries), etc.

Other payment gateways can also be integrated as custom work. This service costs from $65 to $150 (or more in certain circumstances).

Bitcoin, Dogecoin, Etherium and other cryptocurrencies are also supported. Additional cryptocurrencies can be integrated with the proper payment gateways (such as Coinbase, for example). To accomodate the cryptocurrency support, the theme is configured to use eight to ten decimals.


4. Email Notifications

Users can be informed by email when they receive private messages, receive new proposals on projects, bid or get outbid. Freelancers can also receive email updates when they’ve been paid for completed projects.


Project Theme email settings options.

Bidding theme email notifications.

Freelance theme customize emails.
You can customize emails for almost any site action as well as disable ones you don’t want to use.


Specific categories are available for freelancers to sign up. They can receive email updates when a particular project in their area of interest is available.


5. Monetization Tools

Different monetization options are offered. You can charge for monthly memberships, listing fees and featured listing fees. You can also set fee per categories.


Project theme pricing settings.
You can set various fees for monetization.


Commissions for each sale can also be deducted when projects are completed. The admin side will have a complete log of all transactions.


6. Multi-Language Support

Multiple language support is included in the SiteMile Project WordPress Theme.

The GNU get text WordPress localization framework is used by the theme. This is done using the POEDIT tool. This handy resource allows you to translate predetermined English files into whatever language you want to conduct business in. Or you can use plugin like WPML or Weglot. For more info about them you can check WPML review and Weglot review.


7. Private Messaging

Employers and freelancers can take advantage of the private message option to talk to each other. They don’t need to worry about sensitive information being leaked or having to rely on a third party for communication.

As an administrator, you have complete control over messages. You can moderate those messages and monitor site activity.


8. Searching Freelancers

Find the best freelancers out there to work on your project and hire them as you like is easy. You can even use filter options to find freelancers based on location, skills, price, categories, etc.


You can filter freelancers based on specific criteria.


9. Digital Goods

Project Bidding Theme Freelance Marketplace also lets you move JPEGs, PDFs and other downloadable digital files. This can set you apart from other bidding and business listing sites.

This is a very convenient feature for the information technology industry. Zip, rar, vector and other popular file formats are supported.


10. Credit System

Users can purchase virtual money. This currency can then be used to list new tasks and projects, submit project proposals and pay for projects. Those funds can be selected by users to pay for tasks. Earnings can also be withdrawn by paid members. Users will each have their own e-wallet accounts. Backend controls allow admins to manage everything.


10. Zip/Postcode Radius Search

Users can enter zip/post code and address information to find items. They can also search for things in a specified radius (in miles or kilometers). Google’s geographic information is used by this function. A map will appear in the search page with the results. This feature lets you have a freelancer marketplace site that’s location-based.

You can use specified postal codes or zip codes to find projects and freelancers within a certain radius (in kilometers or miles) with the connected Google Maps location service. You can find this feature in the theme’s pro version or as an extension. Markers will be displayed on the map for each all projects that were located.


11. Post Projects

Users who need freelancer servicve can post a new project and describe needs. After that, all the interested freelancers will be matched with your project. Wait for freelancers to post their project proposals and then choose one you like. You can sort freelancers by ratings, price, etc.

After you pick freelancer with which you want to work, project can start. You can always be in constant touch with the freelancer on the platform. After the project has been finished and delivered, you can pay the freelancer.


12. Feedback and Rating System

After a project has ended, customers and freelancers can rate each other. Users have a general rating that can be viewed by other users. These ratings will be shown next to a person’s user name. There will be small rating icons that go up to five stars. Bidding tables and user profiles will also show rating information.


13. Escrow System

The Project Theme includes an Escrow function with the credit system. An Escrow account will be created for project owners to place virtual currency. This currency can be withdrawn by bid winners after the particular project has been finished.


Prject Bidding theme Escrow feature.


The bid winner can then ask the site admin to release those funds to them. The fund withdrawal system is also connected. You can use the admin section to activate or deactivate these features as you see fit.


14. RTL Support

The RTL language type is supported by this theme. No additional modifications or extra work is required to accomodate the Arabic and Hebrew languages. You can access this function when you purchase separate extension or with the theme’s Pro edition. Your Hebrew and Arabic customer bases now have more reasons to work with you.


Theme Extensions

These are the extensions available for the freelancer marketplace theme and they are included in the Pro and above plans. You can also purchase each extension individually.

  1. Stripe payment gateway – Stripe can be added as a site payment gateway. Major credit cards aresupported.
  2. Payoneer payment gateway – You can allow freelancers to take out funds via the Payoneer payment gateway.
  3. Project disputes – If projects weren’t completed by freelancers, project owners can open dispute.
  4. Affiliate features – Your site can have affiliate features. Users can promote your site and earn a small commission for every sale that they brought in.
  5. Payfast payment gateway – Payfast can be integrated as a payment gateway. The gateway supports major credit cards.
  6. Project milestones – Milestones can be used to separate project payments.
  7. Map radius search – Maps are given that allow users to look for projects in a certain radius (in either miles or kilometers) by postcode or zip codes.
  8. E-wallet Escrow – The e-wallet/credit system can be used to deal with Escrow accounts for projects.
  9. Live chat – The live chat function can be added within the theme/website.
  10. Voguepay payment gateway – Voguepay can be added as a Nigerian market payment gateway. Nigerian naira (NGN) will be added as currency.
  11. Freelancer user approve – You can review and approve each freelancer profile manually. This step must be taken before freelancers can place bids or proposals on your site.
  12. Payumoney payment gateway – This payment gateway can be added for Indian markets.
  13. Braintree payment gateway – The Braintree payment gateway can be added to website.
  14. Mollie payment gateway – Add Sisow, iDeal and iDeal Mollie as payment options.
  15. Quickpay payment gateway – You can add the Quickpay payment gateway to site.
  16. Mangopay payment gateway – The Mangopay payment gateway can be integrated.
  17. Paystack payment gateway – You can implement the Paystack payment gateway as an option.
  18. Pesapal payment gateway – African countries payment gateway.
  19. CCAvenue payment gateway – The CCAvenue payment gateway can be added.
  20. Memberships – You can let your users sign up for memberships.
  21. RTL language – You can use the project theme for RTL orientation in Arabic or Hebrew.
  22. Rave payment gateway – Flutterwave’s Rave payment gateway for African nations and supports multiple currencies.
  23. User switch – Users can go to their account section to switch between buyer and freelancer.
  24. Contests module system – Contests can be added by employers. Freelancers can then submit their work or designs before bidding on different projects.
  25. Stripe connect marketplace – Your project freelancer theme can be integrated with the Stripe connect module.
  26. Twilio SMS notification – Twilio’s API will be added. This allows users to receive both the default email notifications and notifications via SMS.
  27. Services/Jobs module – Allow users to post all of their available jobs or services.
  28. Invoice system – Generate project invoices for tax reasons. Clients can download the invoices from their accounts.
  29. 2checkout payment gateway – Incorporate the 2checkout payment gateway.
  30. User notifications – Message and chat notifications can be displayed to users. Your users will see information that is similar to Facebook types of message notifications.
  31. Paystack payment gateway – The Paystack gateway can be added as a payment option.
  32. Paytabs payment gateway – This payment gateway for Middle Eastern countries can be integrated with your site.
  33. Razorpay payment gateway – You can add the India market payment gateway.


Project Theme Pricing

The Project Theme comes under several different pricing plans with the Basic version starting from just $99. You can use it in unlimited number of websites. It also offers support and free updates for 6 months. However, the base version does not offer access to any extensions.

In the Pro version, which is $279, you get everything as in Basic plan with difference that you get 12 months of support and updates instead of 6, and you get access to all theme extensions. Be noted that you can also purchase any extension separately.

Pro Custom plan ($1379) comes with everything from Pro plan + 15 hrs of custom work. One of programmers will be assigned to you, and you will be in close contact via email, phone, Whatsapp or Skype (or any way that you want) and they will personally assist you for anything.

Each plan costs $19 for renewal each year if you wish to continue receiving updates and access to support. If you don’t renew, you don’t get access to support nor new theme versions. But you can renew whenever you want and just continue using. No penalty if you don’t renew on time.

If you want to connect your theme with a third party plugin (for example, WooCommerce), custom work can be useful. Buying the Pro custom package can guarantee that your custom integration will be made.

You’ll receive the Android and iOS applications by buying the Entrepreneur Plus or Entrepreneur plan. These native apps integratet with Android or Apple phone. SiteMile team will also help you you publish apps on Google Play Store and Apple AppStore.

You can also upgrade later plans if needed. You just pay the difference. For most users Pro plan will be great choice and everything they need.

There is also an option to get all SiteMile themes as part of SiteMile Club. By joining the SiteMile Membership Club, you get access to everything they offer. Its a better option than buying each theme individually because its much cheaper.

In SiteMile Club there are two plans. Those are Basic and Professional. The only difference is that Professional comes with all extensions. Both plans offer all SiteMile themes, unlimited sites, lifetime license, and 12 months of updates and support.

After one year, you can pay an optional $19 USD fee to get access to more updates for another 12 months, and so on. Again this fee is optional if you still want new updates. For more info about all SiteMile themes, you can check my SiteMile Themes review.


SiteMile Project Theme Review Conclusion

There are plenty of useful features in the Project Bidding theme. Theme can help site owners grow their business, concentrate on retaining customers by providing useful set of features.

The tools that are included can be used to create a fully functional project bidding, task, chore or freelancer site. No additional tool is required to establish or operate website. It’s a valuable resource for anyone who needs a new theme or is starting a new business.

Project theme is great Upwork like WordPress theme. Freelance market website owners are the Project Bidding theme target audience. You can easily create your own chore or project bidding site. You can see everything as it’s being added or altered from the back-end options panel. No coding knowledge is needed to add new jobs, set price plans and effectively manage your site.

As alternative to Project Theme from SiteMile, you can use ExpertHive theme and HivePress plugin combination.

DISCLOSURE: Posts may contain affiliate links. If you buy something through one of those links, I might get a small commission, without any extra cost to you. Read more about it here.

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