12 Best Sites Like Fiverr PROS & CONS – Best Fiverr Alternatives (2024)

Fiverr is an online marketplace that allows people from various industries to buy and sell their services. It’s free to register and start selling. Fiverr doesn’t make money until you do. But what if Fiverr doesn’t suit you? What are the best Fiverr alternatives and sites like Fiverr?

As the name would indicate, each service offered on Fiverr has an initial price of $5. Interested parties can find services through “gigs.” Fiverr receives 20% from each sale ($1 out of every $5).

Although it is famous for the $5 price tag, the kinds of services offered on Fiverr have expanded beyond the starting $5 price. There are now jobs offered ranging from $5 to $1,000.

Music/video/podcast editing, voiceovers, graphic design, copywriting, videos, and web design are just some of the many services offered. On Fiverr, you can find services for almost anything.

Fiverr offers a lot of freedom and flexibility in fulfilling in-house needs with work performed by freelancers. There are tiered levels of service, ranging from novices to industry experts in many fields. You can find the right freelancers that meet your needs without having to exceed your project budgets.

That’s one reason why the company continues to add extra services for buyers and sellers and update their site regularly.

As impressive as Fiverr is, it has its cons. There are a few that you should know before using their site. First, Fiverr doesn’t have a clearly defined vetting procedure. Almost any freelancer can join. Second, their dispute process is vague. It can be difficult to find reasonable solutions to problems when they arise.

You may decide to look for Fiverr alternatives if Fiverr ends up not being up to your standards when offering or purchasing services. What are the best sites like Fiverr? In this article, I will discuss  Fiverr competitors and sites similar to Fiverr, which you can use.


Sites Like Fiverr

Fiverr is a popular destination for companies and freelancers because of its inexpensive labor and its growing talent community. There are plenty of options for people looking to hire and for those looking to get extra work.

Some of the Fiverr competitors are more specialized platforms that offer additional flexibility, security, and better quality. The right platform for you will depend on your individual needs.


1. Upwork

Upwork is usually one of the first websites similar to Fiverr that people go to when they’re looking for something that Fiverr can’t offer. Upwork marketplace has an excellent reputation for connecting freelancers with talent.

They have a vast range of services, along with professional standards and safety regulations. Upwork will come up with suggested experts once you’ve given them enough information about the kind of project that you intend to hire someone for.


fiverr clone


You can then select the candidate that you want after reviewing their profiles. You’ll also receive your own virtual teamwork workspace. Upwork’s team handles payments so that you don’t have to worry about scams or other potential problems.


  • There are lots of services to choose from. Web design and social media management are just a few of the hundreds of available job categories.
  • You can reach more clients than ever, thanks to Upwork’s extensive network.
  • If the client likes your job, you could receive a full-time contract with them.
  • Upwork takes 10% of the money that freelancers make, which is less than Fiverr.


  • To get more work, you usually need to accumulate a lot of positive reviews. This process can take some time.

The bidding system is the most noticeable difference between Fiverr and Upwork. Fiverr freelancers list their prices so that others can find the right fit for their budget. In Upwork, freelancers bid on jobs that others have posted.

In some cases, you may get design work for cheaper than elsewhere. However, don’t expect freelancers to undercut themselves too much. Quality freelancers don’t need to get into a bidding war.

You can use TaskHive theme, ExpertHive theme or SiteMile Project theme, if you want to create site similar to Fiverr, Freelancer and Upwork on WordPress.


2. Freelancer

Freelancer is known as a central hub that connects businesses and freelancers. You will be able to find just what you’re looking for. There are over 40 million freelancers in over 1,300 niches active on their site.

Freelancer has over 29 million active users, and that number continues to grow. Web development, translation, and copywriting are just some of the many job categories that you’ll find.


fiverr competitors


Freelancer guarantees that job seekers will find the ideal jobs that best meet their experience and interests.


  • You can find every kind of job listing imaginable. Their selection is nearly endless.
  • Freelancers can choose their own working times. This allows for greater flexibility and freedom in selecting assignments.
  • They also have an app that you can download to track your time spent working. Just take a screenshot of your working hours so that employers will know when and how long you’ve worked.


  • It can be difficult for newcomers to secure jobs. Many companies prefer to hire freelancers with more experience.
  • Some projects can take longer than the project description’s assigned timeframe. This can hamper freelancer’s productivity, as they may feel rushed to complete projects in time.

Freelancer focuses on forming long-term working relationships between businesses and freelancers, instead of individual, one-time assignments.

The payment structure allows for partial payment or hourly payments once certain project milestones have been achieved. This is ideal for difficult or more long-term assignments. Fiverr usually has a quicker turnaround, which gives it a slight advantage over Freelancer for short term or one-time projects.


3. PeoplePerHour

PeoplePerHour provides the best product quality. Each freelancer is required to pass a quality test before they can be accepted on the site. Here people with better qualifications earn more money.


site like fiverr


The site concentrates on jobs in the promotion, design, and content creation industries. It was created with employers who prefer to pay freelancers hourly.


  • There’s complete transparency between employers and freelancers. PeoplePerHour’s dashboard lets you examine the entire hiring process from start to finish.
  • It’s a very budget-friendly hiring platform. Freelancers and companies can significantly reduce their operation costs.


  • Their interface isn’t as easy to use as it should be. Communication can be more difficult than freelancers and companies are accustomed to.

PeoplePerHour is probably the only Fiverr alternative that’s most similar to Fiverr’s business model. Neither platform specializes in a particular industry or service category.

Security is what sets PeoplePerHour apart. It carefully reviews each freelancer before they’re added to the site. This is something that Fiverr doesn’t offer. PeoplePerHour provides security against scams.

It’s a more secure option for people who like Fiverr’s pricing, structure, and ease of use but want more security when using.


4. Guru

Guru’s platform can assist users in finding jobs that best meet their interests and needs. Service is available free of charge. It’s not surprising that Guru has quickly become one of the most used freelance online marketplaces, particularly in America.


sites similar to fiverr


Guru focuses on connecting freelancers with businesses in need of professional services. On Fiverr, you can find everything from lawn mowing to logo designers. Guru’s focus is much more specialized. Jobs for design work and other business-related positions are what you’ll commonly find.


  • It’s an ideal resource for posting tasks that one person can do. Small businesses can benefit from this. Its simplicity can help to reduce project closing times.
  • There’s a messaging service that’s available in a browser for both Android and Windows. This makes it easier for businesses and freelancers to communicate with each other.


  • It may not be ideal for bigger businesses.

Upwork and Guru’s security and professional service strengths are almost identical. Fiverr’s indifferent security policies have left their site vulnerable to scammers, hackers, and con artists. Although Fiverr may be cheaper, they can’t match Guru’s safety precautions for both buyers and sellers. Guru, as a site like Fiverr and alternative, is a great choice.


5. SolidGigs

SolidGigs is a good Fiverr alternative for people who don’t have a lot of time to spend finding top talent. Once you sign up, you’ll start getting emails about only the highest quality jobs on their website.

Each job is selected by the site’s freelancers and the SolidGigs team. The site also has over 120 different courses, lessons, templates, tools, videos, and other solutions for advancing in your career and enhancing your skills.


  • Daily job alerts can be huge time-savers! No more spending hours or days to find the perfect job.
  • SolidGig’s learning resources are designed to help you succeed and add upon your existing talents.


  • You’ll need to pay a $19 per month subscription to access SolidGigs membership.


6. Truelancer

Truelancer is one of the newer freelance sites and Fiverr competitors. It’s also one of the least expensive. The majority of Truelancer’s talent comes from areas with lower living costs so they can afford to charge less for their services.

This might not be an excellent choice for local freelancers, but it could be a good option for foreign businesses and freelancers who are looking to save money on project and employment costs.


websites like fiverr


There are hundreds of jobs on Truelancer’s website. Opportunities in accounting, administration, content and design, information technology and programming, search engine optimization, marketing, finance, and many more categories can be found there. You can scan through the available listings to find jobs or opportunities that best meet your needs.


  • There are plenty of jobs to choose from. You can sort results by the city to find jobs closest to where you live.


  • TrueLancer charges 8-10% fee to freelancers depending on their membership plan.
  • TrueLancer also takes an additional 5% from your project’s total value if the client refunds your work after 30 days from the project date.

Truelancer and Fiverr are evenly matched. Both companies place lower rates ahead of quality, and they both offer projects in varying skill levels and service types.

Customized service is the primary difference between the two. Fiverr tends to be more concrete about available projects. Truelancer allows for more unique, personalized workflows.


7. Envato Studio

Envato Studio talent pool specializes in web development, digital design, and many other specialty services. Users can hire freelance talent quickly and easily using this platform.

Envato Studio is part of the Envato site where you can also buy WordPress themes (check Themeforest buying guide) and WordPress plugins (Codecanyon), among many other things.


fiverr competition


Creating a job posting only takes a few minutes. From there, Envato Studio personally selects the candidates that they feel are the best fit for your project. They also have a convenient messaging tool that allows companies and freelancers to transmit files and communicate back and forth with each other.

Being able to provide feedback consistently often leads to better results.


8. FlexJobs

FlexJobs simplifies the job search. There are plenty of job opportunities to match your skills and experience. You won’t find scams, broken links, duplicate job postings, or be inundated with annoying ads. It’s one of the safest websites similar to Fiverr.


  • FlexJobs is one of the best resources for locating personally screened, reliable part-time jobs. Over 5,000 companies currently use FlexJobs to post over 25,000 career opportunities.
  • It’s easier to find higher-quality jobs because each listing has been hand-screened.
  • There are 50 different job categories to search. Global, local, full-time, and part-time jobs are listed for you to review to see if you’re a good match.


  • FlexJobs isn’t free, unlike other sites similar to Fiverr. In this case, quality has a price.


9. FreeUp

FreeUp is another site like Fivver that’s highly regarded by freelancers. Companies and businesses looking to hire don’t have to worry about finding quality candidates. FreeUp thoroughly screens each freelancer before they can be added to their site.

Businesses and people looking for work can find matches in all kinds of categories. Amazon and e-commerce specialists, web designs, and advertising specialists are just some of the many specialized services that you can expect to find.


  • It is free to signup
  • You get paid every week automatically


  • It is oriented more towards agencies looking to hire


10. Toptal

Toptal takes their name from “top talent.” Their community only consists of the top 3% of available talent in various industries. They offer high-quality talent that comes at a premium price.

What differentiates Toptal from Fiverr and other similar companies? In Toptal, only 3% of freelancers who sign up to this platform can get the project.

If you’re selected for a project and complete it successfully, there’s a very good chance that you’ll start receiving work from customers paying higher rates regularly.


fiver alternatives


Many popular start-ups and established businesses have been using Toptal for years. They trust them because of their dedicated screening process for freelancers.


  • Toptal’s top-notch screening process. Toptal eliminates 97% of the competition if you make it to the exclusive 3%. Selected people will have excellent opportunities to take on assignments that pay well.


  • Eliminating most of the competition can be a good thing. However, this can also make it more difficult for new Toptal users to get started.

Toptal is one of the most expensive websites like Fiverr. Fiverr usually helps companies find low-cost freelancers. Toptal assists businesses in finding freelancers that are the cream of the crop, but this comes at a steep price.

Their screening procedures ensure that you won’t have low-quality work or run into possible scams. You’re paying a higher price for quality, but that quality also comes with security and the best possible candidates in your particular industry.


11. GigBucks

GigBucks is a good option for people who are looking for more short-term assignments. Gigs can be uploaded that range in price from $5 to $50. You can also approach buyers directly.

Site users can post an unlimited amount of gigs. Just make sure that you don’t keep posting the same gigs repeatedly, as that could result in the suspension of your GigBucks account.


  • Sellers and buyers can post gigs for free at any time. You can post as many gigs as you want, especially if you feel like doing so will improve your chances of receiving job offers.
  • GigBucks has a unique review and levels system. This system allows you to receive more and higher-paying assignments. As long as you’re one of the top performers, your profile will remain on the top of the page so that you’re more visible to clients.
  • Gigbucks also has great customer service. Their service staff has a very rapid response and turnaround times.


  • You can’t be paid more than $50 for a particular gig.
  • New users have to wait 14 days until they can take out money earned from assignments. This changes once a freelancer reaches level 3 on GigBucks’ website.


12. Outsourcely

Outsourcely doesn’t use the term “freelancers.” They prefer to refer to their talent as “remote workers” instead. Outsourcely is a staffing network. They supply remote workers to assist startup businesses, as opposed to having companies recruit freelancers for one-time assignments.

They’ve established special features for remote workers and are concentrated on lower costs of hiring global talent. Those attributes set Outsourcely apart from other popular sites like Fiverr.


fiverr vs outsourcely


Outsourcely is a great resource for those who are looking to establish long-term working relationships. People who are more focused on short-term arrangements are probably better off using Fiverr or some of the other alternatives.

Fiver is preferable for one-off projects and brief assignments. Outsourcely is a good choice for companies looking to fill part-time or full-time positions with remote staff.


Fiverr Alternatives Conclusion

Fiverr is good at what it does. It helps freelancers get the word out about the services that they offer, and it helps people in need of services to easily and affordably find them.

However, considering that certain business logos are usually sold for hundreds or even thousands of dollars, you may find yourself questioning the same type of service that’s being offered for $5 on Fiverr.

There are no regulations or safety protocols put in place on Fiverr, so you may have reasons to worry before deciding to submit payment. It’s good to know that there are other options out there that can also meet your needs.

And if you need only graphic design services, then better option would be Kimp or Penji, and if you would rather try design yourself, then RelayThat is amazing tool.

DISCLOSURE: Posts may contain affiliate links. If you buy something through one of those links, I might get a small commission, without any extra cost to you. Read more about it here.

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