Best WooCommerce Lottery Plugin – How To Add Lotteries To WordPress Site?

Lotteries have been gaining attention for years, so why not to include WooCommerce lottery plugin on your WordPress website to increase traffic and engagement.

More and more lottery games are being played as bigger jackpots are announced. The odds of winning it all are small, but that doesn’t stop people from playing.

The possibility of winning big is what entices many lottery players. They don’t have to spend a lot, and could possibly end up winning enough to be financially secure for the rest of their lives.

Even if they don’t win, they still enjoy playing because of the thrill of the chase and the fact that they haven’t invested much on taking a chance. That’s why lottery games continue to grow in popularity.

You can integrate lotteries to your WordPress website. Your lottery doesn’t have to be a standard lotto, either. It can be a lottery for various digital or physical products.

It’s a good way of generating interest about your company and attracting more customers to your website.


Best WooCommerce Lottery Plugin

I have not found many lottery plugins for WordPress. There are many plugins for raffles, but not a lottery.

1. WooCommerce Lottery – WordPress Competitions and Lotteries – $23
I purchased this plugin three years ago for one project, and I got to say that plugin is regularly updated and new features added. WooCommerce Lottery extends popular WooCommerce plugin with lottery/competition/ lucky draw features.


lottery plugin wordpress


This plugin adds a Lottery product type to WooCommerce that you can use to sell tickets for lotteries, raffles and prize drawings.


For each lottery, you can:

— Choose a start time and end time for the lottery.

— Select the minimum and a maximum number of tickets that need to be purchased for a lottery to be valid.

— Set a limit for the maximum number of tickets that a person can buy.

— Decide how many people can win a particular lottery. You can choose to have multiple winners or just have one grand prize winner.

— Determine if a person can only win once, or if they can win multiple times after buying multiple tickets for the same lottery. This condition only applies if you allow multiple winners in your game in the first place.

Automatically refund payments if either the maximum number of tickets were met or if the minimum number of tickets to be sold wasn’t met.

Refunds can only be distributed using payment gateways such as Stripe and PayPal that already accept this feature (see payment gateways comparison).


You can add a My Lotteries page by using shortcodes. This page will show visitors all the active lotteries that they’re currently participating in when they’re logged in to your website.

Beyond that, you get plenty of notification emails for both admins and customers to keep people up-to-date with what’s happening in the lottery.

Once you’ve activated WooCommerce Lottery, you’ll see a new area for this feature. You can access this menu by going into the regular WooCommerce settings menu and clicking on tab Lottery.


wordpress lottery game plugin
WooCommerce Lottery – WordPress Competitions and Lotteries plugin settings


This is where you can set up rules for how your lottery games work. You can also choose to add different products that you’re currently selling in with your lottery games here if you’d like.

Lottery settings will give you additional options in other areas of the WooCommerce settings. For example, you can use the Emails tab to set up emails dedicated to the lottery. You can also create an archive page for your lottery games.

Other options, such as setting payment gateways for ticket purchases, will require you to use your regular WooCommerce settings to set up and modify as you see fit.

When you want to create a new lottery product, all you have to do is create a new WooCommerce product by going into the “Products” menu and selecting “Add New.”


how to add lottery to wordpress
To create lottery you go to Products -> Add New and then choose Lottery from Product data.


Here you’ll enter information for the new lottery product like description, name, etc. Once you’ve done that, you should see a new product type called “Lottery” in the Product Databox.

Select this feature so you can determine the following parameters for your lottery:

  • Lottery start and end times
  • Price per ticket
  • Minimum and maximum tickets to be sold
  • How many people can win
  • The maximum number of tickets that can be purchased per person (and if a person can win multiple times in the same game)

Once you’ve selected the “Publish” option, your lottery will go live. From there, WooCommerce will provide you with additional widgets and shortcodes that will help you feature your lotteries, add lottery-specific content to your site, and help players navigate their ways around different lotteries that are offered.


2. Lottery for WooCommerce – $79

Lottery for WooCommerce is a lottery/lucky draw plugin for WooCommerce which you can use to run lotteries, contests, giveaways, raffles, etc.

Lottery for WooCommerce supports two types of lotteries:

  • Automatic ticket generation lotteries
  • User ticket selection lotteries

Once configured, logged-in customers can purchase lottery tickets on the product page. After purchasing the lottery ticket, customer can monitor the lottery from their lottery dashboard.


best Lottery for WooCommerce plugin


Customers will be notified by email when they purchase lottery ticket, when the lottery ends, and to announce the winner. When lottery ends, winners will be selected based on the winner selection method set in product settings.

Once the winner is choosen, an order with the gift product will be automatically created on behalf of the winner.


  • Setup and run lotteries.
  • You can require registration before participating in the lottery.
  • Set a price for a lottery ticket or offer it for free.
  • Separate dashboard for the admin and customers to manage their lotteries.
  • Set start/end date for any lottery from the dashboard.
  • You can end the lottery when tickets are sold out even before the assigned end time.
  • Decide whether lottery tickets should be automatically created or allow the user to select the ticket number.
  • You can decide whether the lottery winners should be automatically or manually selected.
  • Email notifications for both admin and customers are available.


3. myCRED Lottery Add-on – $69

myCRED is a free WordPress plugin used for points management. There’s are no license fees or premium versions of this plugin. You can download it for free from the WordPress repository.

This plugin is perfect for adding gaming options to WordPress site or creating your own customer loyalty program. It’s easy to set up and install in a matter of minutes.

myCRED works with many third party software systems, and there are also many appealing premium addons at affordable prices that can make your loyalty program stand out above the rest.


myCRED Lottery Add-on review


myCRED was designed to help you reward customers for loyalty. It’s up to you to determine your points or rating system to thank repeat clients for their business.

The myCRED “Hooks” feature allows you to assign points to consumers for simple tasks like visiting your site every day, filling out a Gravity form or placing an online order. You can also create badges or a ranking system for active users as a way of rewarding loyalty.

myCRED also makes it incredibly easy to expand on your loyalty rewards program when adding lottery games such as a “spin to win,” raffle or other types of games. All you need to do is use the myCRED Lottery Addon, which allows customers to use their loyalty points towards your lottery.


add lottery to woocommerce


If you’re running a raffle, you can decide how many winners you want to have. Each player can buy “entries” to the game and receive a unique ticket number for every entry.

Once the raffle has closed, a certain number of winning tickets will be drawn at random. Raffle winners can be rewarded either with a certain number of pre-determined points or points based on a formula.


  • Access to lottery management via an admin area.
  • The option of setting a maximum or minimum balance requirement to be able to enter the lottery.
  • Options for running lotteries daily, weekly or monthly, as well as being able to run lotteries manually.
  • The ability to send a custom email notification to lottery winners.
  • The option to exclude particular site users based on ID or rule from lotteries.
  • The ability to refund entries if necessary.
  • The random number generator cant be customized.
  • Administrators cant pick a winning person or lottery number. Those selections are done at random.
  • Lottery entries cant be changed in any way. They can only be refunded or deleted if issues occur.
  • Lottery entries can only be refunded or deleted once a particular lottery has begun. No further changes can be made once a winning number or winning person(s) have been selected.


4.  LOTOSELL – Lottery Ticket Sale WordPress Theme – $79

If you would rather use theme made explicitly for lotteries, Lotosell is an excellent choice. Lottery Ticket Sale WordPress Theme will help you create a website with lottery tickets selling features.

The theme is responsive and looks great on handheld devices so your site visitors can always easily purchase lottery tickets.


best wordpress lottery theme


Lottery Ticket Sale WordPress Theme comes with an inbuilt shop page template, which will allow you to create a page where you can show tickets of different lottery events along with the price and picture.

There is no limit in how many tickets you can add via the admin panel of the theme. LotoSell has a separate section where you can share lottery winners feedback.


WordPress Lottery Plugin Summary

Thanks to plugins you can make your own lottery ticket selling website very easily. Be noted that depending on where you live and what kind of lotteries you intend to add, check your country or state rules regarding the online lottery.

So if your country, or region where you are living in, has a separate set of rules for online lottery, then you need to take care of that. If there is any set of permissions needed to be obtained, read all rules, and acquire them.

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  1. can you tell me what plugins are needed to go with the woocommerce code canyon lottery raffle plugin I need to add this to a hosting page then build the website or add more plugins before i can get it working. I looking at building online raffle with a competition question to allow customers to purchase raffle tickets to win the price in each competition many thanks.

  2. Hi,

    Here in the Uk, you need a licence to set up a lottery site or any competition determined by chance. However, incorporating a question into it and turning into a case of skill means you don’t require a licence.

    Do any of these plugins give you the option to add a question before being able to purchase a ticket? Those who enter the correct answer are then entered into the draw.


    1. Hi Alex,

      This is interesting question, but honestly I don’t know. I think that mentioned plugins don’t offer that or similar option. You could go and contact support for each to get definite answer.

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