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Wisdm Games for WordPress


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  • Integration with LearnDash possible
  • Create an unlimited number of games of various genres
  • Create unlimited questions and answers to be used in any game
  • Set multiple difficulty levels for every game
  • Fix the number of attempts per question
  • Enable awarding of points for every correct answer
  • Insert games into pages with one-click

The idea of making e-learning fun is not new but was never seriously incorporated into courses. Wisdm Games for WordPress plugin is here to change that.

The Wisdm Games plugin has been created for WordPress websites with the intent of including engaging and challenging games for users to play in order to create a memorable and positive learning experience. It targets the competitive side of people, inducing them to learn while simultaneously adding a fun element.

The plugin comes in a form of three classic games. Hangman, Millionaire (where participants answer various questions, moving up levels as they go), and Crossword.

Built to be compatible with LearnDash, Wisdm Games for WordPress lets online course creators integrate the game of their choice into the curriculum.

Questions revolve around the syllabus, encouraging students to study so that they can move up levels. They can even be awarded points or rewards as a form of positive reinforcement to keep their interest levels consistent.


Wisdm Games for WordPress Review

The Wisdm Games for WordPress plugin encourages interaction between students and the course on a positive level.

The plugin can be used as a standalone plugin or integrated with LearnDash e-learning system as it is very easy for online course creators to integrate it with their course. LearnDash is very popular learning management system so if you decide to use it check best LearnDash addons, best LearnDash specific themes, and Instructor Role Plugin for Learndash.

Getting your course participants to actually study and implement what they learned is not an easy task. It is sometimes tougher if the course is online, mainly because the term ‘self-paced’ comes into play. If the motivation isn’t strong enough, then studying is ineffective and reinforces a negative connotation.

Participants who feel they didn’t learn anything, and even paid for course, may leave negative feedback which can hurt your website (course). Using games as a means of teaching is a technique that has proven to yield results.

WordPress offers hundreds of plugins for multiple functionalities, but one that allows e-Learning courses to add games to their syllabus is still rather new and unique.

The Wisdm Games for WordPress plugin does just this. It aims to alter traditional online course by letting course creators include games instead of ‘tests’ and ‘exams’ for more interactive learning.


What Features Wisdm Games for WordPress Offers?

Wisdm Games is completely compatible with LearnDash. If your website uses LearnDash, then you can integrate this plugin very easily. Wisdm Games plugin offers Crossword, Hangman, and Millionaire type of games.

You can include any or all of these games into your course and set up levels and rewards accordingly. The plugin also allows you to create limitless games within the main game. You can create as many levels and topics as you please. If you need, you can import or export the questions and answers created in a game, in a CSV format.

You can set a limit on game levels and the number of attempts, increase the difficulty, create a rewards system for progress, create categories and set multiple parameters for the games.

To add questions from the All Questions tab to the chosen game, the admin can select the questions, and drag them to that game. The same can be done for rearranging questions.

The overall plugin interface is easy to navigate and use. There are clear sections that are self-explanatory, and you don’t need to search through various menus to find what you need.

Questions can be deleted, added, moved to a game, or edited and creating games is easy using the games dashboard. The games dashboard is comprehensive and comes with a built-in shortcode for every game.

Other Features:

  • Create an unlimited number of games of various genres
  • Create unlimited questions and answers to be used in any game
  • Set multiple difficulty levels for every game
  • Fix the number of attempts per question
  • Add a variable number of questions in every level
  • Enable awarding of points for every correct answer
  • Display the game on any page of your website or add it to any lesson/topic in your course
  • Assign categories to questions for quick reference
  • Dynamically search for questions from game questions or all questions
  • Insert games into pages with one-click by copy-pasting an auto-generated shortcode
  • Add selected questions from all question to the game questions in a drag-and-drop manner


How to Use Wisdm Games for WordPress?

After you install, activate the plugin and insert license a new ‘Games’ tab is added to your Dashboard. The tab contains separate sections for all Games, all Questions, and New Game/Question.

To add a game hover on ‘Games’ on your dashboard and click on ‘Add New Game’. You will be taken to a page where you can create a new game. The plugin can create three types of games. All three are quiz based games.


gaming plugin for WordPress website

add mini games to wordpress posts


In order to add questions click on ‘All Questions’, and click on ‘Add New’. You will now be able to create questions and store the answers for it. To add questions to the particular game go to the created game. There find a section titled ‘Add Questions’.

The left side of the section consists of all questions that you have created and the right side would be empty. Drag and drop questions from the left to right box to add those questions to the game.


wordpress game plugin review


In order to add created game (games) to post or page, go to the page where you want to add the game. You will find a gamepad symbol on the default text editor. Click on this and a pop up with a dropdown to select game would appear.

Click on the drop-down and select the game to add. A game shortcode will be added to the page. You can now save the page.


wordpress gamification plugin


You can also import questions in bulk. Hover on ‘Games’, click on Import Export Questions, choose a file and upload.


Wisdm Games for WordPress Review Summary

Depending on your website, adding games can increase traffic and user retention. Especially if the games are regularly changed and refreshed. Wisdm Games for WordPress allows online course creators to add fun and challenging games throughout the course for participants to play.

This removes the reluctance that tests and exams induce. Through Wisdm Games, students can move up levels by answering questions correctly. Price for the plugin is $59 for a single site license for 1-year usage. If you wish to purchase lifetime license (one-time payment) then the price is $199.

Games are the best way to engage students (gamification). The feeling of winning something because of self-knowledge and intelligence is the ultimate incentive. Wisdm Games is one of the first plugins that bases its intention on this psychology.

If you know any other plugin which provides features like Wisdm Games for WordPress plugin or have used it, let me know in comments below.

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  1. Using games to improve your website experience is a great idea. It will make the user immersion much more profound. The only thing that must be considered is the speed of your site loading that could be spoiled because of games on the page.

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