Go Pricing vs ARPrice vs Plugmatter Pricing – Best WordPress Responsive Table Plugin?

I have already written about WordPress responsive table plugins. In my posts I have tested and made reviews about paid options like Go Pricing table plugin and Plugmatter WordPress pricing table plugin.

As we know, WordPress is powerful and most popular CMS system. It is constantly updated and enrich with new features. But even after so many years of development and updates, WordPress still has no built-in table creation function.

Thanks to huge WordPress’s plugin repository, and WordPress developers, you don’t have to look far to find perfectly adequate table-creating solutions.

Whether you’re selling a WordPress plugin with various license options, web hosting with multiple pricing plans, or any other product or service that has more than one pricing plan, you’ve probably needed or created some form of pricing table.

They come in different layouts and styles. Some offer more features and some lack basic ones. Good WordPress responsive table plugin is a must if you have site which you use to sell products or provide service.

This way you can quickly demonstrate all benefits of using your product in eye-catching way. It is also proven to boost sales.

Therefore it’s important to find good WordPress responsive table plugin which will look great and grab attention no matter if visitor is checking your site via desktop computer or handheld device.

There are many pricing table plugins available and it is easy to get lost and pick the right one. Below this post you can find comparison table where I have compared three paid WordPress responsive table plugins which I personally tested. They are Go Pricing, ARPrice and Plugmatter Pricing table.

As I already wrote reviews about Plugmatter pricing table plugin and Go Pricing, for those reviews please check below links:

In this post I will dissect ARPrice – Ultimate Compare Pricing table plugin which can be purchased for $27 (at the time of writing) on Codecanyon.


Which Is Best WordPress Pricing Table Plugin?

After testing Plugmatter solution for creating pricing tables, Go Pricing responsive table plugin and ARPrice comparison plugin, I have my personal favorite.

Be noted I have only tried those mentioned so don’t know and can’t say how good are other paid or free various pricing tables available. I personally prefer and use Go pricing table plugin.

By my opinion and needs so far, Go Pricing has all features you will ever need to create beautiful looking comparison or pricing tables. Support for plugin is great and updates are more often than for ARPrice (still in version 1.1 which was last updated on February 25, 2015.).

Go Pricing is probably most sold and used pricing table plugin. ARPrice plugin has most features (if I am not mistaken) as Go Pricing and also ability to add animations which I didn’t see in any other pricing table plugin.

But I find using Go Pricing simpler than other two candidates. Plugmatter on the other hand lacks in some basic features and is not very user-friendly.


Go Pricing vs ARPrice vs Plugmatter Pricing

  • Plugin
  • Pre-made templates
  • Responsive
  • Highlight Feature
  • Ability to use Custom CSS
  • Ability to re-order rows and columns
  • Ability to change templates without losing data
  • WYSIWYG Editor
  • Fonts
  • Font Awesome Icons
  • Ability to add Tooltips
  • Customizable Buttons
  • Bold, Italicize,Underline etc. Text
  • Add Links
  • Shortcodes
    Pricing tables are placed using shortcodes
  • Integration with Google Events Tracking System
  • Advance Split-testing Campaigns
  • Change Size of Tables
  • Create Pricing Table from Scratch
    Without using pre-made templates
  • Number of Columns
    How much columns can you add per table
  • Number of Rows
    How many rows can you add per table
  • Option to add Images
  • Option to add Videos
  • Option to add Google Maps
  • Option to add Audio
  • Animated Pricing Tables
  • Option to Duplicate Row
  • Import/Export Feature
  • Ribbons
  • Live Preview
    Preview button to see how pricing table would look on different devices (desktop,tablet,mobile)
  • Pricing Table Analytics
    Detailed Analytics for Pricing Table Views
  • Support
  • Updates
  • Price
Go Pricing 3 review WordPress Table Plugin Review
  • 250+
  • Over 650
  • 10
  • Unlimited
  • Free for 6 months
    $6 if you want to extend support to 12 months
  • Lifetime
  • Price for single site is $20
  • 170+
  • 400+
  • It seems as much as you want
  • Unlimited
  • Free for 6 months
    $5.40 if you want to extend support to 12 months
  • Lifetime
  • Price for single site is $18
Plugmatter WordPress pricing table plugin
    Only in Professional and Developer pricing plan
  • 10
    Only in Professional and Developer pricing plan
  • Over 650
  • 6
  • Unlimited
  • You can add images but only in header. You are not able to add images into rows. Image size is fixed at 120 x 120 px.
  • 1 year of support
    You need to renew license every year to be able to use support option
  • 1 year of updates
    You need to renew license after a year if you want to continue receiving updates
  • Basic plan costs $47


ARPrice WordPress Responsive Table Plugin Review

ARPrice is a fully featured WordPress pricing table plugin which you can use in any type of website. It’s very powerful and flexible enough to look great on any modern WordPress theme.

Some features make it unique among other pricing table plugins while others can be mostly found in other pricing plugins. After activating the plugin, you will have option to activate your license for support and automatic upgrades.

It is only way to use pricing table Analytics Feature. A license key can only be used for one installation of WordPress at a time.

With ARPrice table plugin, you have a choice of over 170 ready-made templates to start from. This is less than Go Pricing which offers more than 250 but more than Plugmatter which offers only max 10.

It offers a fully featured admin panel from where you can drag and drop columns around and resize them as needed. This is pretty basic feature and any decent pricing table WordPress plugin should have that.

Each column has three main areas of focus that you can edit. Columns provide ability to include images, videos, audio, Google maps or add animations. These are features not seen in every comparison/pricing plugin.




ARPrice provides you with a number of different ribbon types and colours. These are based on CSS and you can modify them per needs.

Most interesting feature in this WordPress responsive table plugin is option to create animated pricing tables. This I didn’t seen on any pricing table plugin for WP.

Some of the other features include Font Awesome and Custom Icon support, over 400 custom Google fonts, the ability to import and export templates, external script integration with WooCommerce, PayPal, Visual Composer….

If you decide to insert videos, plugin supports YouTube, Vimeo, Screenr, DailyMotion and Metacafe, while audio supports Soundcloud, Beatport and Mixcloud.

By clicking on “ARPrice” tab in WordPress left menu, you will get a list of all the pricing tables. Select your favorite template from list of templates. You can see all thumbnails of each pricing table template.

This option helps when choosing right pricing/comparison table and is also present in Plugmatter plugin, but unfortunately not in Go Pricing newer templates.




You can either edit existing template or create clone of existing template. By Editing template, all the changes will be saved in original template. By choosing to create a new clone template of existing template, all changes will be saved into clone template. Your original template will stay as is.

So it is recommended to clone existing template and then make any changes. It seems there is no option to create table from scratch like in Go Pricing. You need to edit provided ready-made templates.

The Admin Panel is fully featured so you can customize the pricing table part by part or as a whole. The Realtime Template Editor has the Drag & Drop option as well as the Resizable Columns option.

If you wish, you can upload audio, videos, Google maps and images. The ARPrice WordPress pricing table plugin supports Video integration (Metacafe, Screenr, DailyMotion, Vimeo and YouTube), audio (Beatport, Mixcloud and SoundCloud) and HTML5 video and audio.




From Editor you can do any changes related to template and all changes you have set will be applied to your template right away.

You can rearrange columns by Drag & Drop according to your needs. ARPrice provides ability to resize column per requirement. You just have to select column and resize it.

You can also use ribbons. This is nothing revolutionary. Every better WordPress responsive table comparison plugin has that ability. Ribbons are totally based on CSS. You can set ribbon text, ribbon background color, text color, its position, etc.

Not only the Ribbons, but also the Button, Body, Pricing and Header Fonts have unlimited colours that will make pricing tables look sharp.

The background and the Tooltip text has the same option of unlimited colors. Each of the Buttons, Pricing, Body and Header settings can be changed separately on each section.

You can choose from the Default Fonts of the browser or the Google Fonts. You also have Font Awesome support. ARPrice WordPress pricing table allows you to add any script, shortcode of any plugin or any third-party script to pricing table button.

It supports WooCommerce, s2Member, ARForms, PayPal Forms , and any script or shortcode which will return button, link, form, etc. It also supports WPBakery Page Builder (check WPBakery review) and it is WPML ready (see WPML review).

With the Live Preview you can see how your pricing table will look like on a mobile, tablet or a desktop. This will help you see if you need to modify pricing table to look best on any device.




Creating Your First Pricing Table

Each pricing table has it’s own ID to be used in the post or page as shortcode. You can pick between regular or animated templates. Once you’ve made your choice, simply select it and your pricing table is created for you. Now it’s up to you to edit it per your wishes.

By clicking on each column’s header, content, description and button, you can modify every part. Clicking on the entire column will give you the options to duplicate, remove column, change width and height, hide or add a custom ribbon to it.

As in every decent comparison pricing table, there is possibility of changing font family, size, colour, style, or even adding images, videos, audio, etc.

The price settings allow you to set different settings for the price itself and for the price interval. That means you can set the dollar value to a particular size, colour and font, then make the “per year” text look completely different.




Each descriptive line also gives you the option to duplicate it. This is ideal for keeping the styling constant throughout the pricing table. You can add and remove rows as necessary, and add a tooltip where you feel it’s necessary.

The button offers some size options, the possibility to include an image, and the space to enter the button link and button script, such as a PayPal code.




ARPrice makes possible to display pricing table in your pages or posts by using shortcodes. You just need to place shortcode from ARPrice template and put it where you want to display pricing table.


ARPrice Table Settings and Options

Apart from the options to edit the looks of the individual columns, ARPrice also has general settings that you can set from the menu up top.

First up is the Column Options from where you can set column spacing, width and responsiveness. ARPrice pricing table also provides option to set Opacity of your pricing table.

Next to that is the Effects settings. You can set an active column effect so that, for example, a shadow appears behind the column when user is hovering over. Or any other effects that can make your table stand out.

You can set how many columns will be displayed at a time, set how many columns to be rotated, pagination settings of column, scroll effect, etc.


general settings

The Tooltips settings is where you can set everything needed for the tooltip like background colour, text colour, styles, positions and fonts. Lastly, you have a Custom CSS tab for any custom changes that you’d like to make if you’re familiar with CSS.

If you want to add your css to pricing table or overwrite any default css then you can do that from this section. Just pick up any class of pricing table where you want to do changes and put it in Custom CSS block and save pricing table.

If you want to overwrite default css with your css, you need default class of pricing table. For that ARPrice provides CSS class info.


general settings 2


There are also some other valuable and important features provided. By clicking on the preview button you can check out your pricing table with its current settings and styling on three different displays; a computer monitor, a tablet, or a mobile device.

Import/Export allows you to import and export any templates. Settings is where you can set global settings for custom CSS and the responsive settings for the maximum sizes of the various device views.




The ARPrice developer offers a demo where you can see how this WordPress pricing table plugin works. Just visit official sales page on Codecanyon and click Live Preview.

From there you will be able to login to demo WP dashboard in order to test the plugin.


ARPrice WordPress Responsive Pricing Table Features

  • Fully featured admin panel
  • Responsive pricing tables design
  • Unlimited columns support
  • Realtime pricing table editor
  • Customizable tooltip support
  • Column rotation with lots of options
  • Live preview for all devices
  • Separate Settings for header, body, pricing and buttons
  • 170+ ready-made templates
  • Customizable ribbons support
  • CSS class information for advanced user
  • Support browser default fonts and google fonts
  • Font awesome support
  • Support for Visual Composer
  • Support for PayPal script and other shortcodes
  • Supports videos( YouTube, Vimeo, Screenr, HTML5, DailyMotion, Metacafe)
  • Supports audio( HTML5, Soundcloud, Mixcloud, Beatport)
  • Supports Google map
  • Supports Woo-Commerce Add To Cart shortcode
  • Supports S2member, ARForms and other third-party shortcodes/scripts
Column Options:

  • Allow space between columns
  • Change the space between columns
  • Column width
  • Responsiveness
  • Column width
  • Opacity
Animation Effects:

  • Hoover effect, shadow effect or none
  • Column rotation
  • Set how many columns are visible
  • How many columns to scroll
  • Transition Speed
  • Autoplay
  • Navigation/ Pagination button
  • Navigation effect


Tooltip Settings:

  • Change the Background Color
  • Change the Text Color
  • Set the Animation Style (e.g. grow)
  • Tooltip Position (e.g. top)
  • Tooltip Style
  • Font Settings (Font Family, Size, Color and Style).


ARPrice WordPress Responsive Pricing Table Conclusion

Having tried out the demo and on working site, I can say that ARPrice is a very intuitive plugin that any WordPress user can use without much problems or complications.

The choice of templates is solid and allows you to create various eye-catching pricing or comparison tables in your WordPress site. Your imagination is your only obstacle.




Possibility to create animated pricing tables is certainly a big plus and that is feature that makes this plugin stand out. It is great for anyone looking to have something different and unique for their site.

The drag-and-drop interface, the easily accessible settings, the customization options and the integration possibilities certainly make this a serious contender for your choice of pricing comparison table plugins.


Best Free WordPress Pricing Table Plugins

Free pricing table plugins have come a long way in WordPress. It wasn’t that long ago that you had to go only premium in order to get a nice-looking pricing table.

There are a number of free plugins on the market that would be suitable for many people.


1. Easy Pricing Tables

The Easy Pricing Tables plugin is responsive plugin,easy to use, which lets you add unlimited number of rows and columns. Although it doesn’t come with different templates, it does let you control some of the design for each table you make.

While you can control borders, font sizes, and button colors, you can’t change the overall main color or headings of the tables themselves.


2. Responsive Pricing Table

This plugin adds a “Pricing Tables” tab in the admin panel which allows you to create pricing tables for your website very simple. You can quickly add features to your different plans, choose a color (as well as many other options) and display your pricing table anywhere using shortcode.


3. PricingTable

This plugin generates pure HTML and CSS3 grid to display pricing table data. Can be used to create hosting style pricing table grid, flat grid or display blank field with cross icon.


Other Paid WordPress Comparison/Pricing Table Plugins

If you are ready to invest to have more features and options in creating tables in WordPress, here are others paid plugins to consider:


1. WP Table Manager 

Table Manager is plugin for your WordPress site that makes possible creating tables in spreadsheet interface, like in Excel. Spreadsheet interface makes it easy to create and modify tables which can then be inserted into pages/posts  with a click of a button.

It is very easy to use. The interface is intuitive, friendly and simple. Another feature that differs this table management plugin from others is ability to create charts from data in your tables.

You can then insert that charts in your posts as pages with just one click. Read WP Table Manager full review for more info.


2. Easy Pricing Tables WordPress Plugin

The Easy Pricing Table Plugin includes predefined themes, colors and ready to use elements. With this plugin you can build your pricing table with few clickable actions.


3. HeroWP Premium Pricing Tables


4. WordPress Pricing Table Plugin Pro

WordPress Pricing Table Pro Plugin is drag and drop way to build pricing tables, comparison tables or feature tables for your WordPress site. This plugin offers you the easiest way to build any pricing table with 50+ integrated table templates and unlimited color schemes.


Best WordPress Responsive Table Plugin Final Words

To get a successful blog or website, you need to make things look real. And the best way to do that is by adding statistics of related data.  Pricing table plugins are simple way of showing data. Whether it is showing specs, features, reviews, pricing or comparison.

And now over to you. Do you have favorite pricing/comparison WordPress plugin? Let me know in comments below!

DISCLOSURE: Posts may contain affiliate links. If you buy something through one of those links, I might get a small commission, without any extra cost to you. Read more about it here.

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