Best WordPress Webinar Plugin? WebinarPress vs EasyWebinar vs WebinarIgnition

If you want to run a webinar on your WordPress site, you will need excellent WordPress webinar plugin. Webinars provide an interactive way to reach your users, share experience, and grow a business.

Webinars are very popular lately. A webinar allows multiple users to join in a video stream. The organizer and participants can all interact, share content, chat, and conference simultaneously.

Webinars are an efficient method of building rapport with an audience and selling a training or education service online. They are easy to organize, efficient, affordable and save you time and money (no need to travel as you can do it from home).

The well-executed webinar will generate you marketing leads, leave a lasting impression on your clients, and improve your business. In webinars, it is all about the ability to exchange and discuss valuable information.

If presented in the right way, webinars can be a far more effective than traditional sales letters or hosted videos. They add an extra aura of professionalism.

By engaging with your attendees for a longer time, you can build a trusted relationship which leads to a much higher success rate with sales, particularly with higher priced products.

You are also able to respond directly to any questions raised by viewers in a directly relevant way to that potential customer. This is far better than traditional sales techniques such as ‘BUY NOW’ promotions.

But the problem is to find all in one solution that has all features need, and it is made for any type of webinars/events to bring in more engaged leads and consistent sales.


What Are Benefits of Using WordPress Webinar Plugin?

More and more businesses are seeing potential which organizing webinars can bring. What are those benefits and why should you consider going down the webinar route?

Here are some PROS of using webinars in business model:

#1 Interact with your audience – A webinar is an excellent way to get close and personal with your audience. Using webinars, you can communicate and connect with the people and get an understanding of what they think and want. This will help you get better insights on your target audience.


#2 Sell your products – Whether you sell courses, membership for a site, product or service, a webinar is an effective way to promote your business model. Instead of just listing your goods on your website and hoping people will be interested enough to purchase, get your visitors to sign up for a webinar.

Through webinar, you can demonstrate your product, show it in action and all advantages it provides, explain how it can solve the problem, answer any questions and ultimately sell.


#3 Grow your email list – to stay in contact with your audience, mailing list a way to go, and webinars are a great way of growing them. When you start a webinar, you will gather email addresses as people sign up.

These email addresses can then be added to your mailing list (providing you get permission during the sign-up process) and used to promote further webinars alongside the promotion of new content and products.


#4 Add webinar content to your site – Once finished, webinars can be archived and published on your site, providing useful information presented in a different way. For example, you could make a transcript of the webinar in text format.


#5 Using what you learned from the webinar – Webinars can be extremely helpful in you struggle to come up with interesting and relevant blog post title ideas. It is often hard to write articles which will help people in your niche if you don’t know what is the main issue for people.

Use the chat in webinars at the end or even during, and see what are people asking often and what problems they experience. You can then use these questions to form blog posts as well as future webinar topics.


#6 Save time – A webinar is a very efficient way to save time and deal with multiple customer queries all at once instead answering one by one email daily. By interacting with your audience, you are making yourself available, engaging with your clients, and dealing with their problems.


#7 Charge for webinars – Webinars are usually organized to be entry free and to provide valuable information or market your product during the webinar. If you are going to charge for a webinar, you need to offer good value for money.


#8 Webinars for membership site – Another way you could use webinars is to provide them as part of your membership site. By adding monthly webinars as premium content, members will feel that they are getting their money’s worth.

This will keep people interested and encourage them to continue paying for a monthly subscription. Again the webinars can be archived and made into a resource, adding to the volume of content you offer.


#9 Client acquisition – If you provide a service, webinars are a great way to get even more customers. You can organize webinar teaching your audience to do service you offer themselves.

For example, if you offer service of setting up WordPress website from the domain and hosting purchase, installing plugins and themes, adding content and overall WordPress usage guide.

At the end of the webinar, many will be able to build their own websites and do all maintenance. But some will still have troubles and be confused.

This is when you can offer your services on, for example, monthly payment basis doing speed optimization (see how to speed up WordPress site), maintenance on their site, backups (see best free WordPress backup plugins compared), security checks, WordPress SEO optimization or whatever.


WP WebinarSystem vs EasyWebinar vs WebinarIgnition

  • Name
  • Create Live Events
  • Create Automated/Pre-Recorded Events
  • Pre-Recorded Events Stream In Real Time
  • Unlimited Attendees
  • Unlimited Events
  • Events Streamed In Your Attendee's TimeZone
  • Analytic System
  • Autoresponder Integration
  • Built In Notifications
  • Responsive and Customizable Event Pages
  • Editable In Any Language
  • Social Share Incentive
  • Timed Events and Offers
  • Scarcity Countdown Feature
  • Hybrid Events
    Start Live-switch to automated-back to live
  • Built-In Chatbox
  • ThirdParty Chat
  • Cloud Hosted Version
  • Webinar Reminder E-mails
  • WooCommerce Integration
  • Private Questions
    Let your webinar attendees ask private questions, and receive them in real-time without delay
  • Webinar Widgets
  • WordPress Multisite
  • Integration With Payment Gateways
  • Price
WordPress webinar plugins comparison
  • $197/yr
    Free version, single site license $197 and unlimited sites license $497
wpwebinar system vs webinar ignition vs easy webinar
  • LiveFyre, ChatRoll, Facebook and Twitter
  • $497/yr
    Install on unlimited number of sites
webinar ignition vs wpwebinar vs eay webinar
  • $97 one time fee
    $97 single site license, $197 three sites license and unlimited personal sites $297. All plans are one time payment.


Which Is Best WordPress Webinar Plugin?

With the increasing need to conduct webinar and online presentation comes the need to find the best webinar platform that will suit your business. There are various webinar services available in the form of WordPress webinar plugin to standalone and software options.

Each provides various features and different pricing for their service. Which one should you use for your business? It all depends on your business needs, the purpose of your webinar, the number of your webinar participants, and of course, your budget.

Here is a list of some worth WordPress plugins for the webinar and standalone tools without the need for WordPress integration. And if you need Zoom integration, check how to add Zoom to WordPress site.


1. WP WebinarSystem (now WebinarPress)

WP Webinar System (now WebinarPress) is automated webinar WordPress plugin. It is a combination of the landing page for registration, countdown page and actual realization of the webinar together with an e-mail system that sends the reminder / notifications. 

The webinars are based on Google Hangouts on Air, or another RTMP stream. The nice thing about Google Hangouts on Air (HOA) is that the amount of participants is almost unlimited and Google has not charged any fees for HOA. The same is true for recording a webinar that is available free of charge as a YouTube video.

WP WebinarSystem is available in 3 pricing plans: Lite for $ 0, Single site license for $197/year and Agency (unlimited websites) for $497/year. With WP WebinarSystem you can organize live and automated webinars from within your WordPress website dashboard without any technical skills.

You can use the powerful live stream feature of Google Hangouts on air, or any other prerecorded video from Youtube or Vimeo. You can also interact with your attendees by letting them ask questions.


automated webinar wordpress plugin


All the webinar pages are responsive so that visitors can attend a webinar using any handheld device. You can collect a visitor’s credentials and export it as a CSV or excel file.

You can run ‘Recurring webinars, by choosing the day and time occurrence. This will make the whole webinar process run automatically without you even being present.

If you want to cash in on your webinars, WP WebinarSystem offers WooCommerce integration as well as integration with several payment gateways.  You can create paid webinars for a live webinar or automated webinar.

During your webinar, it’s possible to give away an incentive to your attendees. Reward them for showing up live, or for staying until the end. What the incentive will be is up to you. You can activate the incentive box manually anytime you wish during the webinar.

You can add a call to action buttons for your live and automated webinars. Call to action buttons can be styled as you desire and you can add text and links. Redirect your attendees to an affiliate offer, add to cart or checkout link.

You can configure for your CTA to appear automatically or manually. Automatically is extremely useful for times when you are having automated webinar, so you don’t have to be there to show your call to action.

Webinar attendees can ask private questions, and you will receive them in real-time. Participants can ask questions through the ‘question box’ or in the live chat using the ‘private’ mode.

If someone asks a private question during your webinar, you can configure to forward this message to your e-mail inbox. This is great when running automated webinars.


best wordpress webinar plugin


All incoming messages are located in the message center. It is only visible to the webinar host and other webinar moderators. The questions which are asked through the question box and the questions which are asked in private mode during a live chat can be accessed in the message center.

After (or during) the webinar you can see a log of all the private questions asked. If you want to contact an attendee who interacted with you during the webinar, just click on his/her name and your e-mail program will be opened to send the attendee an e-mail.

When you are using the Pro version, you can make use of the live chat functionality which lets you interact with your attendees. You can show or hide the live chat in real-time.

Your attendees have access to a switch which lets them choose to send a message in public or to send it in private which only you as a webinar host will receive.

The live chat is integrated into the WP WebinarSystem plugin which means you don’t need any third party software. You can adjust the colors of the chat box and configure if you want the live chat to show timestamps.

You can send automated e-mail reminders, so your attendees won’t forget your upcoming webinar. Remind them the day before, an hour before and when the webinar starts. You can also send them an automated reminder that the replay is available.

Lowest price for WP Webinar system WordPress webinar plugin is $197. There is also a Lite version which is free but very limited with features. Need free WordPress webinar plugin? Then check WP Webinar System free version.


2. EasyWebinar

EasyWebinar is a popular WordPress live webinar plugin. It is Cloud Based hosted, and WordPress integrated webinar platform. EasyWebinar harnesses the power of YouTube Live and Google Hangouts making it extremely reliable.

You can stream to an unlimited number of viewers, create as many events as you like, and offer private or public sittings. It also provides a broad range of marketing tools. EasyWebinar doesn’t come cheap, but it does provide an impressive service for the price.

One of the key features is the ability to create both live and automated events. This has become standard as many marketers discovered that webinars also work great even when they are pre-recorded.

You can then schedule the time for broadcast, or allow viewers to watch whenever they wish. EasyWebinar also allows you to schedule repeats of webinars you have already broadcast.


automated webinar wordpress plugin


EasyWebinar comes with a decent library of templates that you can use to create the pages of your webinar. Thanks to this you can make your broadcasts look unique without having to spend too much time designing it all. You can customize your event pages by changing colors, text, and images. If you don’t want to do any work, simply use our default settings.

EasyWebinar will make registration pages, count-down pages, thank you pages, event pages, replay pages, email templates and much more for you. Thanks to analytics system you can track your registrant through the entire event process and find out your most engaged users.


wordpress live webinar plugin


See who your best prospects are and then download that information and put it in your own Customer relationship management system. EasyWebinar comes with its own chat system, but it permits also chat options for LiveFyre, Twitter, Facebook, Chatroll and much more.

If you want to increase social shares of your webinar page and get more exposure, there is Social Share Incentive function.

It is a chance to bring in more viral leads by rewarding visitors with a gift as a reward when sharing. Stats have shown that more than 50% of registrants share news of the event.

Scarcity function is one of the features you can find in EasyWebinar WordPress webinar plugin. It is a unique delayed event that can send out bonuses over a certain period which will help you to add a level of urgency to your viewers.


easywebinar review


You can make one webinar and then clone it again and again so that you do not need to setup a new webinar funnel from scratch anytime.

This are just some of the features EasyWebinar plugin provides. Price is $497/year, and you can use it on a unlimited number of sites. Currently, there is no cheaper plan for a single site license.


3. WebinarIgnition

WebinarIgnition is a professional webinar solution which integrates with WordPress. Available as a plugin, WebinarIgnition integrates easily with any WordPress theme and is simple to set up.

Using WebinarIgnition, you can create live and automated webinars with all the tools you would expect in WordPress webinar software. You can integrate any video stream (like Google Hangouts or LiveStream) into your Live or Automated Webinar Page.

All regarding webinars is managed using Live Console Hub. Using Hub you can monitor the number of attendees on your webinar in real-time, total sales/revenue, questions and more.

The interface is easy to use. You can walk through each tab and complete the fields or turn off sections on the pages. If you miss a field, placeholder text is displayed that saves you from embarrassing mistakes.

WebinarIgnition integrates with any email auto-responder including top providers like GetResponse, Aweber, iContact, SendReach, and MailChimp.

With plugin comes few professionally designed templates for your webinar pages.  Each template can be fully customized with branding options, color options, show/hide elements, and lots more.

The webinar registration pages that come with WebinarIgnition are not the greatest. They’re pretty standard along the lines of many registration pages you’ve seen before. However, this plugin integrates with other popular landing page solutions like Optimize Press and Leadpages.


best wordpress webinar plugin


Once the user has registered for your webinar, they can add the event to their Google Calendar, iCal or Outlook with the push of a button.

If you like, you can add a viral sharing feature on the confirmation page that will encourage your registrants to share your webinar on Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and/or Google+. As an incentive, you can offer each registrant a gift for those who share on one of the social networks.

Manage everything you need to know about your webinar registrants, including vital insights like if they attended your live event, watched your replay and if they purchased.

If you want, you can even export the “Hot Leads” of people who attended and watched your replay, who are most inclined to buy.

WebinarIgnition WordPress webinar plugin has the ability use both live as well as automated webinar. This has become standard with webinar tools so it would be strange if it didn’t come with automated webinars option.

You can monitor and reply to questions as they come in during your live webinar. The “On-Air Message” feature allows you to push any Call to Action onto your live webinar page when you are ready. Perfect for when you are pitching your product. Push a CTA button or push any HTML that you would like.

This webinar plugin for WordPress also comes with e-mail and text notifications. Use WebinarIgnition email and text notification system to dramatically increase your attendee rate for your webinar.

Schedule your email notifications at specific times, along with all of their important webinar details. Email notification system integrates with any SMTP service while text message system integrates with Twilio.


webinar ignition review wordpress webinar plugin


You can have either a Questions box or Live Chat area on your live webinar page. Depending on the type of webinar you are hosting, you may find that one or the other will suite your goals better.

If using Questions box, users name and email will be automatically filled into the box, making it easy to identify who is asking each question. If using the Live Chat feature, it can integrate with any live chat service like LiveFyre.

Using countdown timer feature, you can create scarcity for your webinar replay by adding a countdown timer at the top. If you want to charge a fee for webinar entry, WebinarIgnition comes with the ability to integrate with most popular payment gateways like Stripe and PayPal.

Price for WebinarIgnition is $97 for a single site license, and unlike many other WordPress webinar plugins, this one is one-time payment. Which means no need to pay renewal each year. This makes it a great option for those wanting a professional webinar solution on a budget.


Other Paid WordPress Webinar Plugins

Here are some more webinar plugins for WordPress if above mentioned are not what you rae looking for:


WP Webinar Plugin

WPWebinar allows you to use your existing WordPress theme without the need for changing anything and at the same time utilize webinar settings. Every aspect of WPWebinar is fully customizable.

You can set the size of your video with the built-in video player to blend in your design so that it doesn’t look weird. WPWebinar comes with graphic with dynamic text which means you can change the text on buttons and headers.

You can integrate most autoresponders with WPWebinar. All you have to do is copy and paste your autoresponder code into WPWebinar. The system will do the rest. WPWebinar integrates with FaceBook, Google, LinkedIn, and Twitter.

You can create a one-time or a recurring webinar. For selling products, there is a call to action feature. You can set time when you want your offer/s to show. When the webinar hits that exact time, your call to action will appear.

One of the advanced features included is an automatic follow-up system. It is a reminder and follow-up system to make sure attendees watch your webinar. Price for single site license is $197, and it is one-time payment fee. No additional or recurring payments needed.


Non-WordPress Webinar Solutions

The webinar is an excellent way to communicate for various purposes like online training, seminar or one-way meetings with limited communication.

The need to regularly schedule, manage, and perform successful webinar is becoming even more important now when companies and businesses are using the power of the internet to leverage and spread out the word about their products and services.

Webinars are not only useful for marketing purposes, but it is also useful to provide insider information for staff, create outstanding business presentations for clients, provide tips and information regarding products, and much more.


#1 WebinarJam

WebinarJam is, at its most basic level, an add-on for Google Hangouts, but with some very impressive and worthwhile marketing features.

WebinarJam Studio offers a webinar platform which provides the ability to host unlimited webinars, with unlimited attendees and multiple presenters at no additional cost.

You can schedule your own webinars and allow your audience to sign up for it via your website or via the link within the WebinarJam Studio domain.

The registration process is easy for visitors, and they can use any email address to be able to join your webinar later. You can schedule reminders to be sent to your attendees via text messages and emails when the time of webinar approaches.


WebinarJam review


Each webinar is integrated with popular social media platforms. Your attendees can easily share your webinar link via their social media accounts.

Not only that, but it is also fully integrated with all available email marketing platforms. Those who sign up for your webinar will automatically become your email subscribers.

WebinarJam Studio is also integrated with various payment gateways so you can charge money for each webinar that you create.

You can also sell your products within your webinar with the same payment integration feature.

WebinarJam Studio makes possible for your attendees to post their questions live. You can also answer their questions live. Also, the platform provides a real-time chat conversation tool if needed.

Tracker feature is available for each webinar session that you have created and comes with various useful metrics.

The parameters include each attendee information, traffic analytic, sales conversion, sign up rate, show up rate, live attendees, replay participants, unique visitors, the number of registrations, gross revenue, and so on.

If you want, there is an ability to insert an interactive call to action. This is not just a button that invites people to click to buy. You can put a timer on your call to action and show the number of units you have left to offer participants, which turns up the need to act.

During your webinar, you can display critical questions from attendees, social proof that you receive, and answers that you give. This is shown to everyone, and it makes your webinar even more interactive.


webinarjam studio review


One of the noticable features is Replica Replay. A webinar replay can take away from the excitement that the live webinar has.

This feature allows you to display the webinar as if it is already happening by including feedback, questions, video injection, live alerts, and the active offer. Even chat is synced up to look like the webinar did when it was live.

If you really want that your attendees feel like they are part of a group instead of just a number, you can allow any attendee to become a guest, host, or presenter in the webinar.

They can speak or even appear live to all the other attendees and share their input. The number of ways you can use this is endless, and it is powerful for your credibility.

If you are looking for a complete webinar platform that is designed to boost your sales and improve your online marketing result, WebinarJam Studio is a good platform for you to choose.

With yearly pricing plan, unlimited attendees, unlimited webinars, and a complete set of marketing features, you will be able to supercharge your online marketing presentation without having to spend too much money on a webinar service.


#2 Webinar Jeo Software

Webinar Jeo is a live based webinar platform which is built on Amazon’s scalable S3 technology. It means that it’s unlimited in the number of the events and unlimited in the number of attendees that can join your events.

As mentioned, this platform doesn’t use Google Hangouts like most webinar software which rely on it. No time delays between the actual presenting and the time your visitors view your webinar.

Webinars are automatically recorded and hosted on cloud servers (Amazon S3). You can use Webinar JEO for both live and prerecorded webinars to run unlimited webinars and get unlimited attendees.

Because webinars are hosted via Amazon s3 cloud servers, all webinars (form different admin users) will run on a separate server and the necessary bandwidth is based upon the number of subscribers.

Webinar JEO comes with all necessary features like professionally designed webinar page templates, Visual Modes (Camera, Whiteboard and Screen), Live Public/Private Chat Boxes (with canned responses), Live Push Notifications and Media Elements (Clickable buttons, Surveys and Polls), Multiple Presenters/Operators and much more.


webinar jeo review


The main distinctive feature with other webinar platform services is that Webinar JEO doesn’t use Google Hangouts as the recording/streaming service. Webinar JEO comes with its own new built webinar recording system like GoToWebinar does.

It has an interface that is intuitive and easy to use so even beginners can use the software without many problems. All you need to is launch the interface, and then choose from the tabs and menu items.

The time and date tab lets you choose time zones and formats. Record Feature allows you to save your webinar and show it to your next guests or participants.

You can also schedule the recorded seminars at a particular time. You can use the countdown to build anticipation and help participants keep track of the time when the web seminar will start.

Though software comes with pre-customized templates, you can customize each one. The Whiteboard Feature allows you to make illustrations or write a summary of information to help participants better understand your presentation.

The Chat tab helps you to interact with your attendees and answer their questions. You can opt to have the chats with the group or privately.

Another interactive feature is the media tab where you can add buy buttons or Q&A buttons on your webinars. You can even ask some of the participants to make a presentation.

Webinar JEO also includes a ‘pre-recorded mode’ for prerecorded webinars. That means all videos, call to actions, the chat box will load ‘as if’ it were being run like a live webinar.


automated webinar software


Webinar replays generate more sales, but running them is time-consuming. Webinar JEO grows your profits by automatically recording your webinars and sending out automated replay sequences to engage no-shows, fence-sitters and people who couldn’t attend the first time around.

You can increase audience engagement with interactive quizzes or interactive surveys. Drop in simple questionnaires to instantly transform passive listeners into active attendees or survey attendees to find what exactly do they want, like and don’t like.

If want you can even share your screen, your PowerPoint or Keynote, webcam, desktop, any file or presentation. Webinar JEO integrates with all the major email service providers. Price for Webinar Jeo is $57 per month or $497 per year.


Other Webinar Software Alternatives

1. Webinars OnAir – The platform is integrated with the Google+ Hangouts service which means that you get the features provided in regular Google+ Hangouts platform, along with added features available from Webinars OnAir.

2. ClickMetting – Provides great services and reliability that helps you create high quality and professional webinars for your business.

3. GoToWebinar – Aimed toward simplicity all the complicated steps associated with webinar creation and presentation are being simplified in this platform. With three different pricing plans, you can organize high quality and professional webinars according to your business needs.

4. omNovia – Comes with complete presentation tools that you can use without the need to install any software. You can use this service anywhere, on any device. The features are geared toward enterprise users to allow them to create engaging and interactive multimedia presentations for up to 5,000 attendees.


What to Take Into Consideration When Choosing Webinar Service?

Before choosing webinar service, you should take few things into consideration in order to ensure that you get the best value for your investment. Here are the aspects that you need to consider when looking for a good WordPress webinar plugin or software.

#1 Maximum Number of Attendees

Some webinar services provide differentiated pricing plans based on the number of attendees that can participate in your webinar. Most allow you to create an unlimited number of sessions, but if the number of participants is being limited, it might not be an ideal for your business.

Some services provide a fixed price that allows you to create unlimited webinars with unlimited attendees. Depending on the number of participants, you need to pick the service that suits your needs best.


#2 Pricing Plans

Depending on service, pricing may be one-time fee or recurring which means paying on monthly or yearly basis.

Also, pricing plans may be for a single site license or for a unlimited number of sites on which you can use Webinar plugin if working with WordPress or number of computers if using webinar software.


#3 Re-branding Features

If you want to retain the professionalism of your business, company, or brand within webinars, you need to pick the service that allows you to make a full customization for your webinars.

This includes re-branding features that allow you to put your company logo, banner, and graphics within the presentation and registration page.

Many platforms don’t provide this feature, so if you want to keep your own company brand with your webinars, you should pick the one that allows full customization for your webinars.


#4 Tracking Analysis

You may consider service with the ability to track the performance of each webinar. You can use the tracking report to improve webinar presentation. Choose a service that allows you to get the full tracking analysis including the information about each attendee, show up rate, feedback, and so on.


#5 Essential Webinar Features

An excellent webinar service provides complete features that you can use to improve your presentation quality. If you intend to use the platform for promotional purposes, you need to choose the service that allows you to charge people for joining your webinar or to sell your product within the live session.


WordPress Webinar Plugin Final Thoughts

You could say that webinars are online seminars. They allow a large number of people around the world to connect to the same broadcast where the host walks the ‘attendees’ through a presentation on whatever subject they are focusing on.

Webinars are a great marketing tool. You can sell really expensive products far more successfully than you could using an old-school sales letter.

The fact that you have your attendees attention for such a long time means that you can really bond with them in a way that is not very likely using conventional promoting strategies.

You can tell them your story, share case studies, give valuable content, answer questions in real time, and explain why the product or service you are offering is the solution for their needs.

Because it is a live event, there are a lot of psychological factors that you can use to get them to buy instantly, rather than waiting and thinking it over. Whether you run an eCommerce store, a membership site, or a blog, webinars offer many benefits for every type of business.

With the ability to show slides, videos, web pages and pretty much whatever the host wants, webinars can be a great tool to get information across to lots of people at once.

But when choosing best WordPress webinar plugin or software, it is important to remember that you cannot just pick any service that you find online. You need to consider many aspects that define an excellent webinar service. Think about your business needs. For what do you intend to use webinars.

It’s best to keep things simple and not to overextend yourself. The most important part of the webinar is the content. That’s what the majority of your time should be going towards. Once you have chosen the webinar solution, identify what you want to gain from your webinars and tailor each event accordingly.

Do you offer webinars on your site? What webinar solution do you use and what tips would you give to someone just starting off in the webinar game? Let me know in comments below.

DISCLOSURE: Posts may contain affiliate links. If you buy something through one of those links, I might get a small commission, without any extra cost to you. Read more about it here.

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