How To Find WordPress Page ID Without Plugin?

While working on your site, you may come across situations where you will need WordPress page ID. Or even post ID, category ID, tag ID, etc. Have you ever installed a theme, plugin or widget that asks for a post, page or category ID?

It might be a setting to exclude a category from your blog archive. Or if you are using Simple Sitemap plugin, you will need ID to exclude certain parts from showing in the sitemap.

Maybe you are using Go Pricing plugin and decide to enable plugin restriction in settings. To include/exclude loading plugin assets on particular posts/pages, you will need to insert IDs.

An ID is a unique number which identifies that particular item in your WordPress database. In WordPress, everything has an ID. Pages, tags, categories, menus, etc. All have IDs which is how they are referenced and saved in the database.

There are also plugins that will help you find that little bugger called ID but do you really want to add a plugin for something you may only need once or twice and what is so easy to find?

In this post, I will show you how to locate the post, category, tag, comments or user ID on your website without a plugin. If you still want to use a plugin for finding WordPress page ID then check out the Reveal IDs plugin.


How to Find WordPress Page ID?

Login to your WordPress website and click on Pages menu. Once you are there find page title for which you need ID and simply hover over that page. You will be able to see the page ID at the bottom of your browser window as URL.


wordpress get page id


The same method can be used if you want to find WordPress post ID. The only difference would be that you have to go to the Posts menu instead of Pages. Just scroll over the post name you want the number of, and you will be able to see post ID in the bottom.

ID number can be one digit, two digits, or several. It depends on several factors and nothing you need to concern about. You can also find page or post ID by clicking on the post you want, to open up the WordPress editor.


get page id wordpress


When done this way, the post ID is in the address bar on top. As in the previous example, ID will again be sandwiched between the “post=” and the “&.”


How to Find WordPress Category ID?

Finding a category ID, tag ID or another custom taxonomy ID in WordPress is similar to finding a post ID. To locate the ID of a category, go to Posts » Categories and hover or click on the category name and you will be able to see the category ID in your browser’s address bar.

If you hover over category title, the category ID will be at the bottom or if you click on category name it will be in browser address bar on top.


How to Find WordPress Comments ID?

To find a comment’s ID go to the Comments section in your WordPress admin. Then click Edit under the desired comment or hover over Edit.

If you click on Edit WordPress will open the comment in an editor, and you will be able to see the comment ID in your browser’s address bar at the top. If you only hover over Edit, it will be at the bottom. Same as in the case of posts and pages.


wordpress get post id


How to Find WordPress User ID?

Similar to other items discussed above, a user ID can also be found by editing a user. Go to Users » All users and click on the username. WordPress will open the user’s profile, and you can get the user ID from browser’s address bar.

To find your own user ID, click on the number of posts you have written, and you will be redirected to a page listing all posts written by you. You will get the user id from browser’s address bar where it will be displayed as an author.


WordPress Page ID Without Plugin

If you’re struggling to configure a theme or use a plugin because you can’t find a WordPress page ID, I hope this short tutorial has helped you. Although it’s really easy to do, most WordPress users won’t know how to find the ID in WordPress.

If you have any questions about finding WordPress IDs let me know in comments below.

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  1. I wish they add a feature of getting ID just like name in many places on dashboard, heavy to load then? too may calls?

    I’m trying to find a user id, this is what my url looks like when I’m editing the user.


    Can’t see anything in there that might be a user id!

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