How To Handle Increasing Students On LearnDash The Smart Way?

The increasing number of students on your LearnDash LMS is always good news (or is it?) Sure, you can celebrate the growth and even pop that champagne. But when you wake up in the morning, know that there’ll be something greater looming over your head apart from your hangover.

The rise in student numbers calls for a greater sense of managerial responsibilities and work.

While I don’t doubt that you must be great at handling things on your own right from selling courses, creating courses to managing students, but to grow your business successfully, you must find smarter ways to handle the ever-increasing students.

That’s exactly what I’ll be covering in this article. So, read on further to find out more about the efficient techniques of effortlessly managing the increasing students on your LearnDash LMS.


Increasing Students On LearnDash

As a business owner, I understand that your LMS platform is your baby, and it is your responsibility to nurture and grow it.

Presently, you’re probably a one-man show going head-on with the responsibility of creating course content, updating it, and evaluating students who’ve enrolled in it.

However, as the number of student enrollments increase, it’ll eventually become difficult to handle everything on your own and remember, there’s much more to your business than just course creation and student management.

Seeking support during this time is an obvious decision for any business during the growth process. Hence, to ensure the smooth and consistent functioning of your LMS, you will need to consider having some support to ease your burden.


Instructors To The Rescue

When it comes to helping, Instructors or teachers on your LearnDash LMS can be a total relief!

Having multiple Instructors on your platform and allowing them to build their own courses (lessons, topics, quizzes, etc.), manage them and administer the students enrolling in their courses is exactly the kind of magic potion you need right now.


learndash adding instructors


Delegating course creation and student management tasks to instructors is a stepping stone towards building a scalable business. All it takes is a little bit of trust.

Instructors can help you with a lot more than course creation, such as:

  • Assignment reviews – Your instructors will be able to review their students’ assignments, notify them regarding any changes, conduct quizzes, answer their doubts, etc. without involving you.
  • Monitor student progress – Instructors can monitor the students who’ve enrolled in their courses, check their progress, and even contact them through email to solve their queries or doubts, thereby saving you tons of time and effort.

This gives you the flexibility to:

  • Focus on important activities – As an owner, this gives you an opportunity and time to focus on other important aspects of your business like marketing of the courses, financing, expansion, etc. leading to further growth.
  • Grow your opportunities – Plus, having multiple instructors allows you to offer several new courses on your platform, which will help in attracting more students.

With multiple instructors onboard, you can smoothly increase your abilities of handling and managing the increasing number of students on your LMS without having to compromise on your admin privileges.

Isn’t that cool?! Imagine yourself to be the dean and your Instructors as professors. Together, you can steer your LMS to unimaginable heights of success.


Adding Instructors on LearnDash

You can enable multiple instructors on your LearnDash LMS (check also best LearnDash addons) with WISDM’s Instructor Role plugin. With this plugin, Instructors have their own dedicated dashboard making it super convenient and easy for them to operate without having to go through the backend complexities.

This means subject matter experts don’t have to be burdened with understanding LearnDash, and you can choose to work with Instructors who are new to WordPress as well.

I recommend you to try out the live demo to explore and check out the Instructor Role plugin for LearnDash functionalities.

While Instructors cover a lot of ground, allow me to gauge your attention towards another smart technique that’s worth considering when it comes to student management.


Combatting LearnDash Groups With Convenience

As you’re already aware, LearnDash comes with this amazing feature that allows you to create groups for the courses you’re offering, assign group leaders, and add students to that group.


learndash group management


To organize things in a better fashion, you can use these LearnDash groups to manage students who belong to a particular course by putting them in a single group.

Keep in mind that LearnDash groups are not restricted just to the educational setting but are applicable in the corporate training space as well.


More Students = More Groups

However, there is a flip side to using LearnDash groups. As the number of students and the courses increases on your LMS, it’ll become cumbersome for you to create multiple groups, enroll hundreds of students into them and assign a leader to each group to monitor and track students’ progress.

E.g., If you’re offering Biology, Chemistry, Physics, and plenty of other courses, then creating groups for each of these courses, assigning group leaders, and adding students to each one of them on your own will become a huge task.

Imagine the kind of effort and time you’ll end up wasting. To avoid this and make things simpler and effortless, you must incorporate a convenient technique of enabling Group Registrations on your LearnDash LMS.


Automating Bulk Enrollments And Group Creation

By integrating the Group Registration functionality with LearnDash, you can allow automatic creation of a group, when a user purchases a course in bulk and set that user as the group leader.


learndash bulk enrollment


Group registration is extremely useful because it takes care of:

  • Bulk enrollment – This enables the group leader to access the group registration page, and bulk enroll students/trainers into the group instead of adding them individually and repeating the entire purchase process.

E.g., A manager of a company can purchase your communication course in bulk to train his team of 50 people making it more efficient and convenient.

  • Time and effort savings – This systematic management approach leaves you with more time in your hands that can be used to focus and improve other areas of your business.

This little trick will relieve you from the responsibilities of creating groups, assigning group leaders, or adding students to that group. In hindsight, you’ll still have access to all the groups.

You can use this technique to efficiently organize the rising number of students on your LearnDash LMS and can easily access this feature through WISDM’s LearnDash Group Registration (LDGR) plugin.

While both these techniques (Instructors and Group Registration) individually help in handling student management, the folks at WisdmLabs have one more technique that is a fusion of the Instructor Role and the Group Registration plugin.


Instructors With Group Leader Capabilities

Essentially, Group Leaders and Instructors are different user roles, but this combination empowers your Instructors to create groups and become group leaders themselves.

With this technique, your instructors will be able to access the Group Registration page and add students who are part of their course into the group.


learndash group leader


The instructor can either purchase the group course product, become the group leader & access the registration page or they can directly create a group from their dashboard, make themselves the group leader, and access the group registration page.

Here’s how this combination will help:

  • Group leader capabilities – This will make it easier for instructors to bulk enroll students, manage them, track their progress, and all other activities through the group itself.
  • Smooth student management – They don’t have to continually rely on you anymore, which reduces efforts on your end and thereby, smoothens the entire student management process.
  • Eliminate different user roles – There’s no need to employ two different users on your LMS. Instead, you can have one user who can be the Instructor as well as the Group Leader.

This solid fusion of Instructors with Group leader capabilities paves the way for a well-organized student management system on your LearnDash LMS.


Making The Smart Choice

The rise in the number of students in your LearnDash LMS is a positive sign of growth in your business.

To sustain and maintain this growth trajectory, adopting smarter ways of tackling the growing students in your LearnDash LMS is the need of the hour, and asking for help in this process is a natural course for any business.

Hence, the only way forward is to build a team, delegate course creation, and student management responsibilities with an element of trust leading to a rock-solid organization.


WisdmLabs is an open-source solutions provider for WordPress (majorly WooCommerce and LearnDash), and Moodle. We believe in creating ground-breaking plugins that have genuinely useful functionalities, time and again and help the businesses to grow.

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