Can You Improve Google Rankings With PandaBot Network?

Getting visitors to newly created site is not easy. You need to improve Google rankings of website to start receiving nice amount of traffic.

I will not go into various methods to improve business ranking, link building techniques, “how to” and other guides found on Internet. In this post I will write about Panda Bot Network. A free way to improve Google rankings for website, hopefully.

Pandabot is a traffic network who’s goal is to improve search engine ranking by improving web sites usage metrics and boosting social presence via Facebook, YouTube, Google+, Twitter and other social networks.

It is done by allowing to create tasks within the Panda Bot system. Tasks are carried out automatically by other users running the Pandabot Smart Browser. It is an easy way to get some traffic flowing through your site.


PandaBot Review

I have stumble upon Panda Bot somewhere in the beginning of 2014 but never actually gave it a try. I did install it but so many options needed to be configured that I just lost interest. By options needed to be set I mean campaigns for your site.

There is just so many text and instructions everywhere and I am very lazy. So I left it like that. Then somewhere in March I gave it another try. Setting up campaign for site took a good portion of time. When all was ready I started Panda Smart Browser. But nothing happened. It didn’t work.




Needless to say I was very pissed as I lost good portion of the day in setting up something that doesn’t work. It was strange as there are no special requirements except latest .NET framework to be installed. It was strike number two.

In May, I gave it another go. I started program, changing nothing (at least nothing I remember). This time it worked. The program started browsing other people’s websites while doing traffic campaigns for mine.


How Does Panda Bot Improve Google Rankings?

Panda Bot Network increases your site usage metrics which is important to Google when showing search results. Usage metrics is time spent on site, bounce rates, browse rates, various keywords search, direct traffic, social sharing, comments, etc.

Panda Bot is free to use system. It and can be used to improve ranking of website or YouTube videos. The system works on time credits.




You can either buy time to have your tasks completed or earn time by running the Panda browser on your own computer. You start by installing it and configuring traffic or/and social campaigns via Panda Bot Network Interface for your site.

Then other users with installed Panda Smart Browser will search your keywords, click your links, browse your website, like, share content, leave comments etc depending on your set campaigns.

But you will also need to let Panda Browser work in background in order to receive credits which are spent on others doing your traffic campaign tasks.

Some of tasks Panda Bot does in order to improve Google rankings for your website or videos:

  • Click on competitors links and quickly click back to the search engine results page giving them a negative bounce rate
  • Share, follow, re-post and like on Facebook, LinkedIn, Tumblr and Pinterest, Tweet, re-tweet and follow on Twitter
  • Watch your videos, like and subscribe to your channel on YouTube
  • AdSense safe, guaranteed organic search engine traffic
  • Traffic is seen as completely organic, not a bot or crawler
  • Create unique automated browsing patters to hit all of your internal pages

You may be worried is it safe to use it. If we are to believe official site, the Panda Smart Browser is virus and spyware free. They claim to only accept quality sites that are not infected with any malware or deliver any “inappropriate” content (Porn of any kind, violence, etc.).

They also claim to check every site at the start of each campaign with online antivirus software. That may be true. I personally didn’t have any problems. The sites browsed by Panda Browser look OK. Didnt had any encounters with “fishy” sites for now.

But you can’t be sure. When setting up your traffic tasks you have the option to hide your tasks. That makes many sites hidden. That way you cant see visited sites every time.

In that case, when task is processed it shows a white screen on the remote browsers window with a message saying that you have chosen to keep that task hidden. The task gets completed and a new one starts.




Key Features of Panda Bot Network

  • Offers lifetime free membership
  • Allows unlimited websites and unlimited campaigns per member
  • Accepts only quality websites that are clean out of any malware and that have appropriate content
  • Allows website owners to create unlimited different browsing patterns (campaigns) with up to 20 pages/website/visitor
  • Allows website owners to set the visit (session) time of Panda Smart Browsers for each page, up to 30 minutes/page
  • Does not allow members to run their Panda Smart Browsers via proxies
  • The system is based on the visit (session) “time”
  • Members earn “time” as they run their Panda Smart Browsers on their computers. Their “time” is spent when other members browse their websites
  • Search engine traffic from any Google country variants (com. uk. de. etc.)  + Bing and traffic from Facebook pages + other Social Networks + Social Bookmarks + Web 2.0s + Web Directories + more


Key Features of Panda Smart Browser

  • Is a “browser” with additional codes that make it smart
  • Runs on the members’ computers. After start, it does not require human intervention
  • Performs as Chrome, Firefox or Safari randomly
  • Accomplishes the browsing tasks that are assigned to it from Panda Bot Network
  • Does not fake the referer, it actually clicks the links on the SERPs or at other URLs, then browses the members websites
  • Improves the search engine rankings
  • Traffic will show up in web analytics as regular traffic, not as crawler/bot
  • Browses websites based on the custom patterns created by the website owner
  • Every task that is carried out by Panda Smart Browser is unique
  • Is totally clean software


Installing and Configuring Panda Bot

Visit Panda Bot site and choose to sign up. Basic membership is free. You can upgrade membership type if you want. Confirm email and visit you Panda Bot account.

Now it is time todownload Panda Smart Browser by clicking link in Active Resources on your account Main Page. When installed you can run Smart Browser even without configuring your campaign.




You can set it later and ,for now, let Panda Smart Browser work in background in order to get some credits. I leave it on all the time when my computer is working. Configuring campaign takes some time, especially if you want to set it for more than one site/video. But once configured it doesn’t require more work.

When you are ready to go improving Google ranking, set up campaigns. That is done by clicking Panda Bot Network Back Office link (above link you clicked to download Panda Smart Browser).

Now starts the boring part. Setting up campaigns. I will not write about it as all is explained great on site. It may be confusing at the start but take time and done it as intended.


PandaBot Review Summary

As I just started using it for one of my sites as test, I still can’t say how well does it help improving site/videos rankings in the eye of the Google. The idea is great. Real users browse your site so in Google eyes it should look completely normal.

Panda Bot works great once everything is set. If you are lazy like me, then setting campaigns will be pain in the ass as it can be time-consuming.

Panda Browser can be left to work in background but there is no option to mute YouTube videos. So you will need to turn volume down if you don’t want to listen when Panda browses videos.

From time to time Panda Smart Browser will also freeze. I don’t know is it just me or others have the same problem. Then you need to close it and start again.

That makes questionable “Set and Forget” feature. Luckily, that doesn’t happen very often. Panda Bot also needs more users. There is decent number active but it needs lot more. I see many videos and sites repeated everyday on my Browser.

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19 thoughts on “Can You Improve Google Rankings With PandaBot Network?”

  1. It seems like the facebook and social media options are gone in the settings area of the back office. Anybody know if there is something I am missing as a free member with 70+ time credits ? Thanks.. hope it is still availabe.

  2. Pandabot works great. I’ve been using pandaB for nearly a year now for multiple sites. Setting it up correctly is the key, and you will start receiving traffic nearly right away once you setup the campaigns.

    If anyone needs any assistance setting it up let me know.

    Good article btw.

  3. I have tried using Panda Bot Network. It is free to try at least. I havent noticed and changes in my sites ranking but I only started using it.

    Will see how it goes.

  4. Well this pandabot tool looks great and i haven’t heard of it anywhere before, until i found this article, i am going to give it a try and then let see how this works thanks for the info…

  5. I am trying it right now, collected over 3 hours of credits and not a single second has been used to sent “traffic” to my website. Will try it for a week and will see how it works

    1. If you have set campaigns correctly traffic should start coming to your site. Users with more credits usually have priority. Just keep using it and see how it goes.

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