Increase Organic Search Traffic With HitTail Using Long Tail Keywords

The question is do you want to increase organic search traffic coming to your website? Sure you do. Who wouldn’t like to get more visitors so that all hard work finally pays off.

HitTail is unique when it comes to keyword tools. Instead of giving you a search box to find new keywords like Google Keyword Planner, HitTail analyzes your existing website traffic and automatically suggests keywords it thinks you have a good chance at ranking for.

It even claims to be able to show you the “not provided” keywords hidden in Google Analytics. HitTail is a service that helps you dominate organic search results and thus boost visitors to your site.

It uses an algorithm to determine the keywords which are most likely to rank well in Google search engine and bring visitors to your site. It tells you, in real-time, the most promising organic keywords you should target based on your existing traffic.

Most of the time these will be long tail keywords that people are searching. HitTail does that by syncing up with your Google Webmaster Tools account and imports your keywords from there.

It then uses its proprietary algorithm to find the long tail searches with extremely low competition, that you should be able to rank for quite easily.

Anyone can signup for an trial account first. The data isn’t real-time unless you also have the HitTail tracking code installed. Imports from Google Webmaster Tools happen weekly.

UPDATE: HitTail has shutdown its service.


How To Increase Organic Search Traffic?

Increasing organic traffic is very difficult these days. Every niche has a lot of competition. Surviving in the competition is a big challenge in front of every webmaster.

Only long tail keywords can help you increase your website’s organic traffic without worrying about the competition. And HitTail is the best long tail keyword tool available out there.

If you try to target short keywords (1-3 words), the chances of you ranking higher are small because of the huge competition. Instead if you target long tail keywords (3 or more words), the competition is less and hence, the chances are very high that you will rank better.

The biggest benefit of going after long tail keywords is that you can start seeing immediate traffic increase because long tail keywords are usually less competitive.



Example keywords statistic provided by HitTail


Also would you rather a potential visitor find your site by typing the short keyword into Google or would you rather someone make it to your site who typed in a long tail keyword (keyword containing 3 or more words)?

Which one of these types of website visitors do you think is more likely to buy your product? Obviously the more specific of a keyword a visitor uses to get to your site, the farther down the sales funnel they are likely to be.

While it certainly is nice to have any traffic to your website, a visitor who is more qualified and primed to buy your product is much more desirable for a business owner.

All HitTail does is track all your incoming keywords to your site, stack them against each other in a bar graph and then identify which are the best long tail opportunities for you personally.

It’s magic is in a simple algorithm which identifies the keywords you should write more about based on the keywords that are driving traffic to your site. But not every long tail keyword is worth targeting. This is where HitTail comes into picture.

HitTail suggests you trustworthy long tail keywords, which guaranty high traffic as well as low competition. It also gives you new ideas to generate new contents on. It is a highly recommended tool for beginners as well as pro’s.

The only requirement for using HitTail is to have a Google Webmaster Tools account, and to have verified ownership of your website in Webmaster Tools. You can add unlimited number of sites to your HitTail.


How Does HitTail Increase Organic Search Traffic?

HitTail imports your keywords from Google Webmaster Tools and analyzes these phrases through complex algorithm to give you suggested topics based on the underperforming keywords that you can use to improve your results in search engines.

By using the suggestions in new website content, blog posts, or PPC campaigns you can cost effectively improve your search results to attract qualified visitors to your site.

First thing you need to do is sign up with HitTail. It is a paid service which starts at $9.95 per month. There plans are based on the amount of traffic you get, so for larger sites you have to pay accordingly.

Then you need to link HitTail with your Google Webmaster account for each site you want to get keyword suggestions. They also have the option where you can pay them $19 to write a 400 word article related to the keyword. But I personally think that is too much for an article especially when there are great cheaper sites specialized in that area.

You can also use long tail keyword suggestions as anchors in your internal links. If you don’t know already, internal linking is great for increasing page views. It also helps you fight content scrapers.



More stars (maximum 5) the bigger chance to rank on first page for that keyword


HitTail Review Summary

For the beginner, a common problem is not knowing what topic to write about next. HitTail makes it so much easier by providing a constant stream of keyword ideas.

If you want to increase organic search traffic, then you have to start working on your long-tail keyword strategy. Your audience is getting smarter every day, and they know how to search. Most users search for relevant things, and they want relevant results.

HitTail is a great tool for bloggers, internet marketers, SEOs, and anyone who want to grow their organic search traffic. It’s also useful for owners of big sites since you can take a clearer look at your content and write new articles that might be related to ones you already have.

You can never run out of post ideas if you are using HitTail. As alternatives you can use KWfinder (check KWFinder review) or Keyword Revealer (check Keyword Revealer review).

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