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Schema Ninja


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You have probably seen some type of schema ratings in Google search results. I’m sure that your attention was instantly pulled to those search results. Schema ratings give search engines a better understanding of what your content means. This better understanding will encourage search engines to show your site to more people.

The result of that is better exposure, more traffic, more clicks, higher conversion, and more sales. The benefit of using a schema rating is that trust increases. It’s an emotional trigger, which leads the buyer to trust the product that has the high rating.

Schema Ninja is a rich snippet plugin which enriches your content using recommendation modules. It ensures that the right markup for your blog is used and lists it out in search results ensuring higher click through rates and better conversions.

Schema Ninja is an excellent choice for WordPress website owners and anyone doing product reviews or promoting products or affiliate offers.


Schema Ninja Review

Schema Ninja is WordPress plugin designed to help bloggers write reviews and increase their affiliate marketing income. It improves CTR (click through rates) and includes extra SEO features such as rich snippets.

It lets you add SEO-friendly reviews with affiliate links to a WordPress website by adding custom post types where you create reviews and recommendations.

Plugin in its free version is available to download from WordPress plugin repository, and for more features, you can purchase PRO version.

Once you’ve added reviews and recommendations, the plugins offers a choice of eye-catching ways to display these on your site posts and pages.

With Schema Ninja, reviews are displayed differently from other WordPress affiliate and review plugins. Reviews are displayed on the website with rating circles, with different colors for each rating value.

They also can have advantages and disadvantages of the product, its specifications, short review, price, rating and affiliate link. As well as the ability to add reviews, the plugin comes with a Recommendation custom post type (I call it modules).

You can add as many recommendations as you like. The plugin settings page lets you control how recommendations are displayed on your website. This includes the name of the product, image, features, pros and cons and affiliate link.

You can show a recommendation either at the end of all your blog posts or at the end of a particular post. There’s also an option to display popup suggestions.

The Schema Ninja plugin comes with shortcodes that let you insert recommendations anywhere on your website. This makes it easier as you’re not restricted to specific templates.

You can add a recommendation or set of recommendations to the end of each blog post.

Create a ‘top 10 recommendations’ list and embed it anywhere in the post content. Or you can use a recommendation with a limited time promotion in a notification bar (similar to hello bar).

Whenever you recommend a product to your blog readers, it’s a good idea to include a coupon code that will save them money.

The plugin lets you add a coupon to add more value to your reviews. Visitors have to click on your affiliate link to reveal the coupon code.


Schema Ninja Features

Here are features which come with Schema Ninja plugin and which can help you increase your website CTR and promote posts, content, coupons, deals, products, etc. by using schema markup:

#1. Review Recommendation – If your pages are marked correctly, search engines may show rich snippets information in search engine results page.

#2. Content Recommendation – You can create specific recommendations for any content type on your blogs and get high conversion.

#3. Hellobar Recommendation – Show hello bar recommendation to users once they land on your page.

#4. Popup Recommendation – Show exit and entry popup based recommendation to your visitors.


schema ninja popup recommendation


#5. Sidebar Recommendation – Show the recommended products on the sidebar of your website/blog and get user attention.

#6. Top 10 Recommendation – Show the top ten products recommended for your visitors and tell them which products are better with basic and advanced features.

#7. Footer Recommendation – You can create footer based recommendation in your site pages or posts.

#8. Compare Recommendation – Compare the products and show which are best for your readers. You can create different call to action buttons with different features.


schema ninja compare recommendation


#9. Coupon Recommendation – Show best coupon for particular product anywhere on the website to increase conversions.

#10. Expert Recommendation – Compare the advantages and disadvantages of any product while showing price and best features of the product.

#11. Offer Recommendation – Special offers for products on post/page. Using shortcode it can be implemented anywhere on your website.


schema ninja offer recommendation


#12. Analytic Dashboard – Analytic report for every click and views of each feature of Schema Ninja. You can track daily impression and store it in your history.


Schema Ninja Recommendations Explained

Once you have bought the plugin and have received your API key then head over to your WordPress dashboard to install and activate Schema Ninja in order to start using.

Head over SchemaNinja. On the dashboard section enable modules you wish to use. Then for each module open its settings and fill as you need. I will not go into describing every module as options and principle are same for all. Below you can see some modules and its settings.


Review Recommendation

The review section is visible on every single post and page editor. You can show custom reviews for every different post that you have with varying options for all of them. Tick the option “Show Review, ” and this would open up the whole editing box for the review.

Then you select the position for the review box. It can be on top of the content or at the bottom. After that choose the title to showcase in the review box.

You can also select the currency, add the pricing, give an overall rating to the product as well as ratings to different characteristics of the product like “battery”, “camera” etc.

In PROS and CONS section you can add short bullet points which inform your readers about the product top highlights or issues. In the link option you can add the affiliate URL, and in summary, you can give a brief short description of the product.

This will give readers a quick insight into whether the product is good enough or not. Once you’re done doing this all you need to do is publish your post to see the final output box. If you leave any entry blank, it will not show up in the output box.


schema ninja review recommendation


Content Recommendation

To create content recommendations go to the “Recommendations” tab on the left-hand side menu of the WordPress admin dashboard and click on “Add new” to create a new recommendation.

Once you are inside the editing area for the content recommendations, you can add a custom title as well as pros and cons.

You also have the option to add your affiliate URL to make people buy from your affiliate link. The good thing about this feature is that it will show below or above every post on your website.


schema ninja content recommendation


Sidebar Recommendation

Schema Ninja plugin also allows its users to have custom recommendations in the sidebar section. There is no limit on the amount of recommendations you can put in the sidebar.


schema ninja sidebar recommendation


Schema Ninja Review Final Words

Schema Ninja has three pricing plans which can be purchased on yearly or monthly basis. Price for this plugin is lower if you decide to take one of the annual plans which are cheaper than monthly.

Pricing plans are Basic, Pro, and Ultimate. Each pricing plan comes with all recommendation modules. The only difference is in a number of sites on which you can activate license and premium support which is only available in Ultimate pricing plan.

All other plans have email support only. With Ultimate plan you can use plugin on unlimited number of sites while Pro plan provides license for 5 sites and Basic comes with single site license. If you don’t like Schema Ninja, in a period of 14 days, from purchase, you can ask for a refund.

This is a really interesting plugin with great options. Recommendation features indeed offer various ways to promote content and to offer readers valuable information.

All recommendation modules are eye catching and instantly draw attention. The only thing I would like to see is some kind of live preview while editing reccommendations. As alternative option, Schema Pro is great choice. For more info you can check my Schema Pro review.

Overall, this is a quality product, and for the price, it is worth a try. If you have used Schema Ninja or have a similar plugin in mind that provides same options let me know in comments below.

DISCLOSURE: Posts may contain affiliate links. If you buy something through one of those links, I might get a small commission, without any extra cost to you. Read more about it here.

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  1. The free version of the plugin has not been updated from last 2 years. It is not even working. Pure Garbage. I did not expect this type of plugin from the well-known person like Jitendra Goswami.

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